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2001-12-10 Dave Beckett <>
* Added dc.rdf to dist
* dc.rdf: RDF/XML example file
* tests/ex-20.rdf: use rdf:ID
2001-10-10 Dave Beckett <>
Check for xmlParseFile in xml or xml2
2001-10-08 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/
Allow tests with empty correct results file
* rdfdump.c:
Check that only file: URIs are used
2001-09-21 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/ex-19.rdf:
Check omitted rdf:RDF works
* tests/ex-20.rdf:
Check rdf:ID generates right URI
* tests/
Added ex-19, ex-20
Generate N-Triples output with fixed base URI
Updated for use of libtool
Remove XML_OBJS, use LIBS for xml parser dependencies
Create dynamic, static library using libtool
Reorganised rdfdump compile.
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_make_uri_from_id):
Take base_uri and use it to create
absolute URI from id.
Update uses of above function to match changed interface.
2001-09-20 Dave Beckett <>
* rdfdump.c:
If quiet, don't even report number of statements
* rdfdump.c: Fix help
2001-09-13 Dave Beckett <>
* ntriples_parse.c (raptor_ntriples_string):
A little optimising of switch cases
* tests/test.nt:
Added \u and \U test cases
* ntriples_parse.c:
Added \U and \U escapes
* ntriples_parse.c (raptor_ntriples_unicode_char_to_utf8):
(raptor_ntriples_string): Tidy up, in preparation for adding new
* ntriples_parse.c (raptor_ntriples_unicode_char_to_utf8):
based on librdf_unicode_char_to_utf8
(raptor_ntriples_string): Added, for handling \ escapes for both
"strings" and <uri-ref>
* tests/
Automate test checks, diffs. Not doing proper model checks yet.
* tests/
Add raw output files to dist
Moved tests into tests directory
* tests/
automakefile for tests
Moved tests into tests directory
2001-09-10 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor.h:
Added comments for raptor_identifier_type
2001-08-21 Dave Beckett <>
Handle libxml v1 (xml-config) and v2 (xml2-config)
Report libxml version found in configuring and status
Bumped version to 0.9.4
* Snapshotted raptor_0_9_3 for 0.9.3 release
When choosing xml parsers, end when one found.
* INSTALL.html:
Updated for xml parser choosing changes
Added N-Triples test
Choose an xml parser from any available, --with-xml-parser selects one specifically.
Use -n for invoking ntriples output; --ntriples only works when GNU
getopt_long is around.
* rdfdump.c:
Add ntriples to short getopt string
Update CPPFLAGS from xml-config when it exists and testing for
* NEWS.html:
Updated for 0.9.3 release
2001-08-17 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_xml_set_document_locator):
Capture SAX document locator
(raptor_xml_update_document_locator): Update raptor locator with that
Update gnome xml/libxml error and warning functions to use the above.
2001-08-15 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_generate_statement):
Handle generating reified statements
with IDs as well as URIs etc.
* Added tests/ex-18.rdf
* tests/ex-18.rdf:
test rdf:Description as document element
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_xml_start_element_handler):
Process rdf: attributes on
document element.
(raptor_start_element_grammar): Handle <rdf:Description> at top level
when <rdf:RDF> not present.
* raptor_parse.c: Fix it again
* raptor_parse.c:
Fix things triggered by previous typo fix!
* raptor_parse.c: Typo
Bumped version to 0.9.3
* TODO.html: Record more fixes
Started adding test answer files with tests/ex-13.nt
* tests/ex-13.nt:
N-Triples output for tests/ex-13.rdf
* raptor.h:
different from RAPTOR_URI_SOURCE_NOT_URI to catch uninitialisation
* raptor_parse.c:
(raptor_print_statement_detailed): Added some debug-only tests
(raptor_copy_identifier): Oops, copy all fields in identifier.
Remove some void* casts no longer needed.
When copying DAML collection URI to parent, set type, uri_source too
* ntriples_parse.c:
Fix for debug output - calculate length of generated terms correctly.
* raptor.h:
added raptor_identifier for holding (URI, ID, types etc.)
raptor_identifier_type enum now union of raptor_subject,predicate,object_type
Added prototypes for raptor_identifier functions
* rdfdump.c, ntriples_parse.c:
Updates for change with introduction of raptor_identifier
* tests/ex-13.rdf:
Note results are in tests/ex-13.nt
* raptor_parse.c:
Major update with pervasive changes
Added skipping state to just ignore XML content (not used yet)
Removed seq, bag, alt, container parser FSM states.
Added rdf:type, rdf:value support when used as attributes.
Replaced loads of (URI, ID, literal, type) with raptor_identifier
- still more to do
Removed feature interpret_containers_as_typedNode - now default.
Removed support for 'bare' XML elements - now illegal.
Minor bug fixes found from above changes.
(raptor_new_identifier): Added
(raptor_init_identifier): Added
(raptor_copy_identifier): Added
(raptor_free_identifier): Added
(raptor_process_property_attributes): Lots of updates to handle
rdf:type, rdf:value and rdf:_n.
* Added tests/ex-17.rdf
* tests/ex-17.rdf:
test empty propertyElt off a node
* tests/ex-01.rdf:
Added the two empty element XML forms
* Added tests/ex-16.rdf
* tests/ex-16.rdf:
test rdf:value as an attribute
* Added tests/ex-15.rdf
* tests/ex-15.rdf:
test rdf:type as an attribute
* tests/ex-07.rdf:
Strictly, Literal not literal
2001-07-26 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_parse.c:
Don't peek at current_element before it is constructed.
For elements inside parsetype literal, pass on state to potential
child elements.
2001-07-24 Dave Beckett <>
* README.html:
Move quality warning from alpha->beta
2001-07-23 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_parse.c:
Updates to get daml:collection stuff working inside Redland
2001-07-22 Dave Beckett <>
* rdfdump.c:
Added --output=simple | ntriples to use raptor_print_statement_as_ntriples
* raptor.h:
Added raptor_print_statement_as_ntriples
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_print_statement_as_ntriples):
(raptor_make_uri_from_id): No longer uses base_uri. Probably need
to do this differently later.
Throughout - always store uri_source in parent when copying uris up.
Fix some mistakes in uri_source tracking.
* ntriples_parse.c:
Make _:name not include _: in name
* ntriples_parse.c (raptor_ntriples_generate_statement):
Handle _:name object stored
as strings, not URIs.
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_print_statement_detailed):
Handle _:name subject, object
stored as strings, not URIs.
* ntriples_parse.c (raptor_ntriples_generate_statement):
Handle _:name subject stored
as strings, not URIs.
* tests/test.nt:
Added tests for all end of lines: CR and CR LF (other lines are all LF)
Changed all subject resource names so easier to see missing results.
* ntriples_parse.c:
Added CR | LF | CR LF handling.
Handle space before/after trailing .
Various bits of tidying
2001-07-21 Dave Beckett <>
* Added tests/ex-14.rdf
* tests/ex-14.rdf: Test that was crashing
* raptor_parse.c:
Store propertyElt/rdf:li resource/ID in object, not subject.
Added win32 dir to dist
* win32/raptor.dsw, win32/raptor.plg, win32/raptortest.cpp,
win32/raptortest.dsp, win32/, win32/raptor.dsp:
win32 files
* TODO.html:
Updated from recent fixes, improvements.
Added RDF/XML test 11-13
* tests/ex-11.rdf, tests/ex-12.rdf, tests/ex-13.rdf:
tests for parseType literal, resource
* raptor.h:
Updated after patch from Aaron Michal to provide Win32 and
daml:collection support
* raptor_parse.c:
Added patch from Aaron Michal including
1) Win32 support
2) daml:collection support
3) fixes to parseType literal and the raptor_format_element function
4) Fixed passing on varargs in error, warning handlse.
5) Various s/int i/unsigned int i/
I also:
Added memory cleanup for daml:collection URIs
Fixed some fencepost errors in parseType literal string management
* raptor_parse.c:
Update comment to match new rdf:value
* raptor_parse.c:
Added rdf:value property to list of rdf_attr_names
2001-07-21 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_parse.c:
Update comment to match new rdf:value
* raptor_parse.c:
Added rdf:value property to list of rdf_attr_names
2001-07-16 Dave Beckett <>
* README.html:
Updated for ntriples parser.
* raptor.h:
Make URI function prototypes public
* ntriples_parse.c:
Handle anonymous nodes passed back properly.
2001-07-13 Dave Beckett <>
* ntriples_parse.c:
Tidied some comments
Added ntriples parser files, test file
* rdfdump.c:
Added ntriples support, --ntriples arg to invoke it.
* raptor_parse.c:
Moved raptor_uri stuff to raptor.h
Made some uri functions public for ntriples
* raptor.h:
Define, use raptor_uri typedef here.
Add prototypes for raptor_uri functions
* ntriples.h, ntriples_parse.c:
N-Triples parser
* tests/test.nt: N-Triples test cases
2001-07-02 Dave Beckett <>
* NEWS.html: HTML tweak
* raptor_parse.c,, raptor.h:
Now called raptor
* Snapshotted raptor_0_9_2 for 0.9.2 release
* NEWS.html:
Updated for 0.9.2 release
* raptor_parse.c,, raptor.h, rdfdump.c,,, acconfig.h, TODO.html, README.html,
NEWS.html,, LICENSE.html, INSTALL.html:
Now called raptor
2001-06-06 Dave Beckett <>
* README.html:
Point to TODO.html, NEWS.html, ChangeLog earlier on.
Bumped version to 0.9.2
* NEWS.html:
Updated for 0.9.1 release
* Snapshotted rapier_0_9_1 for 0.9.1 release
2001-06-04 Dave Beckett <>
* rapier_parse.c:
Generate properties connecting parent nodes to contained resources
for all parent node types
* Fix test typo2
* Fix test typo
* Renamed test files
* tests/ex-05.rdf, tests/ex-06.rdf, tests/ex-07.rdf,
tests/ex-08.rdf, tests/ex-09.rdf, ex-10.rdf, tests/ex-00.rdf,
tests/ex-01.rdf, tests/ex-02.rdf, tests/ex-03.rdf,
tests/ex-04.rdf: Test RDf/XML files
* rapier_parse.c:
Fixed some missing frees for IDs, bagIDs
Containers now return resource to parent properties.
Fix XML_SetNamespaceDeclHandler detection when using expat sources
One more return(0); added to AC_TRY_RUN
Updated configure for better expat, libxml detection
* TODO.html: More todo.
* Run ./rdfdump
* rdfdump.c: Count the statements
* rapier.h: Added rapier_uri_source
* rapier_parse.c:
Changed qname to local_name throughout.
(rapier_process_property_attributes): Pass in the element with the
attributes and the element that contains the resource
Added FIXMEs about ID attribute on empty propertyElt.
2001-03-29 Dave Beckett <>
* rapier_parse.c:
Replaced internal fields with more evocative names (subject_uri,
predicate_uri, object_uri)
Added rapier_uri_source for every URI so can follow URI provenance.
Pass the URI provenance to the generation of statements
Lots of bug squashing for tests ms_4.1_1.rdf (too many statements)
and ms_7.4_2.rdf (too few, parseType resource)
2001-03-22 Dave Beckett <>
* rapier_parse.c:
Added a cast for c++
2001-02-22 Dave Beckett <>
* rapier_parse.c:
More parseType literal buffer length overruns fixed.
2001-02-21 Dave Beckett <>
* rapier.h:
Added librdf_world support when inside Redland
* rapier_parse.c:
Added librdf_world support when inside Redland
(rapier_format_element): Count length of literal XML better -
2001-02-18 Dave Beckett <>
* rapier_parse.c (rapier_parse_file):
Catch more conditional filename deallocs
* rapier_parse.c:
Split RAPIER_URI_AS_FILENAME into _TO_FILENAME versions, dealloc
resulting string when using _TO_ version.
2001-02-09 Dave Beckett <>
* README.html:
Moved bugs to separate page.
* TODO.html: Rapier todo/bugs
2001-02-04 Dave Beckett <>
* LICENSE.html:
Specify particular versions of licenses.
* Many files:
Change license boilerplate
2001-01-25 Dave Beckett <>
* rapier.h:
Prototype changes to use Redland URI objects (when available) for
public functions and locators.
* rapier_parse.c:
Changes to use Redland URI objects (when available) for public
functions and locators.
* rapier.h:
Updated for new prototypes.
* rapier_parse.c (rapier_new):
No args
(rapier_parse_file): Take rapier_uri pointers.
* rdfdump.c:
Fixed base URI handling, updated to new rapier_new api
Added -r, --replace-newlines for replacing newlines with spaces in literals
Added -q, --quiet for less messages.
* rapier_parse.c:
Add child_uri field to pass down to child nodes and use it when
rdf:resource used on propertyElts (not rdf:li)
inc rdf_attr_count for non RDF M&S attribtues
When ID seen on propertyElt, refify. But what to do with bagID then?
Fill in many missing bag_uri references when generating statements
2001-01-24 Dave Beckett <>
* rapier_parse.c:
Fixes for integration with Redland
2001-01-23 Dave Beckett <>
* rdfdump.c,, acconfig.h:
Added test for needing optind declaration (portability)
* rapier_parse.c:
s/namespace/nspace/ to make compilable with c++
Added qname_length and value_length to rapier_ns_name and use them to
reduce number of strlen()s.
Added some more casts for c++, especially near LIBRDF_MALLOC
Bumped version to 0.9.1
2001-01-22 Dave Beckett <>
* Snapshotted rapier_0_9_0 for 0.9.0 release
Try to detect and use old and new installed expat libs
Try a better way to get correct expat headers
* rdfdump.c: Use HAVE_GETOPT_H
Test for getopt.h (for rdfdump)
Test for expat.h, xmlparse.h - expat options.
* rapier_parse.c:
Added fatal error if no XML parser found.
Add to dist
* RPM spec
Made first version 0.9.0
* rdfdump.c: Tidy comment.
* NEWS.html, LICENSE.html, INSTALL.html:
Updated style, preparing for release
* README.html:
Updated features, todo, preparing for release.
* rapier_parse.c: Tidy comments.
* rapier.h:
Changed prototype of container test function
* rdfdump.c:
Fix error message formatting.
* rapier_parse.c:
Major updates from 2001-01-21:
parseType literal works mostly.
Added reification.
Fixed some compile-with-Redland problems
Made use of more Redland URI concepts
(rapier_generate_property): Removed - now use
rapier_generate_statement or:
(rapier_generate_named_statement): Added - handles statements with
predicates that can be either XML names or namespaced names.
2001-01-19 Dave Beckett <>
* Tidy cflags
Made version a lot bigger; alpha quality.
Added configurable expat/libxml choice
Tidy cflags
* Shouldn't be in CVS
* NEWS.html, LICENSE.html, INSTALL.html, README.html:
First version.
* rapier_parse.c:
Mostly working except for - reification (ignored),
rdf:li as propertyType doesn't work,
parseType literal not supported.
Little testing.
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