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2008-11-26 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/tmpl/section-general.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-triples.sgml:
sgml docs
* tests/turtle/ more workarounds for noisy gnu make
* tests/turtle/ workaround gnu make being noisy
* tests/, tests/ex-62.rdf, tests/turtle/,
tests/turtle/ex-62.rdf: Moved remaining turtle tests to
*, tests/, tests/all-escape.nt,
tests/all-escape.rdf, tests/bad-00.nt, tests/bad-01.nt,
tests/bad-02.nt, tests/bad-03.nt, tests/bad-04.nt,
tests/bad-05.nt, tests/bad-06.nt, tests/ntriples,
tests/ntriples/, tests/ntriples/all-escape.nt,
tests/ntriples/all-escape.rdf, tests/ntriples/bad-00.nt,
tests/ntriples/bad-01.nt, tests/ntriples/bad-02.nt,
tests/ntriples/bad-03.nt, tests/ntriples/bad-04.nt,
tests/ntriples/bad-05.nt, tests/ntriples/bad-06.nt,
tests/ntriples/test.nt, tests/ntriples/test.out, tests/test.nt,
tests/test.out: Moved ntriples tests to tests/ntriples
* tests/ Removed unused OWL URLs
*, tests/ex*rdf, tests/ex*out, tests/bad*rdf,
tests/warn*rdf, tests/warn*out, tests/wine*: Moved rdf/xml parsing
and serializing tests to tests/rdfxml
* src/raptor_nfc.c:
(raptor_nfc_check): Invert check for
raptor_nfc_check_combiners "check 3" to make legal Unicode
sequence U+006b U+0061 U+0304 U+0062 U+006f U+006c
as UTF-8 encoded bytes:
0x6b 0x61 0xcc 0x84 0x62 0x6f 0x6c
work. Causes additional raptor_nfc_test failures but they are
probably(?) not correct. raptor_nfc_test is not currently part of
the normal test suite (make check)
Fixes Issue#0000259
2008-11-22 Dave Beckett <>
* src/turtle_common.c:
(raptor_stringbuffer_append_turtle_string): Calculate new string
size correctly.
* src/turtle_parser.y:
(turtle_parse): Take a length arg and save a strlen inside lexer
by using turtle_lexer__scan_bytes
2008-11-18 Dave Beckett <>
* librdfa/rdfa.c: GIT commit
The bug appears whenever there is a subject and predicate
specified on an element, but no child nodes for the object literal.
Fixes Issue#0000289
2008-11-12 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_sax2.c:
(raptor_sax2_parse_chunk): Fixed raptor_log_error_to_handlers()
calls when built with expat. Fixes issue #287
2008-11-07 Dave Beckett <>
* handle empty LEX in test
2008-10-13 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_sax2.c:
(raptor_sax2_init, raptor_sax2_finish): (revert r14679, reapply
r14459): Reintroduce sax2_initialized counter. This time to work
around issues cleaning up libxml2 in case it was never initialized
due to a failure earlier in raptor initialization.
2008-10-09 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_grddl.c:
(raptor_terminate_parser_grddl_common): Zero raptor_xslt_sec
variable after xsltFreeSecurityPrefs() to prevent double deletions
with multiple raptor instances in the same process.
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_sax2.c:
(raptor_sax2_init, raptor_sax2_finish): (Revert r14459) Removed
sax2_initialized counter from raptor_world. Does not serve its
purpose if multiple raptor_worlds used.
2008-10-08 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_internal.h:
Revert r14677 as unnecessary
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_internal.h:
(raptor_world_instance): Internal function turned to an API
function for legacy support.
2008-10-07 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor.h: Wrap raptor_world declaration to
RAPTOR_WORLD_DECLARED preprocessor guards.
* src/raptor_general.c: docs
2008-10-06 Dave Beckett <>
2008-10-06 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_set.c: Refactored raptor_set_test to use raptor v2
* src/raptor_avltree.c: Refactored raptor_avltree_test to use
raptor v2 functions.
* src/raptor_turtle_writer.c: Refactored raptor_turtle_writer_test
to use raptor v2 functions.
* src/raptor_xml_writer.c: Refactored raptor_xml_writer_test to
use raptor v2 functions.
* src/raptor_www_test.c: Refactored raptor_www_test to use raptor
v2 functions.
* src/raptor_namespace.c: Refactored raptor_namespace_test to use
raptor v2 functions.
* src/raptor_uri.c: Refactored raptor_uri_test to use raptor v2
* src/raptor_parse.c: Refactored raptor_parse_test to use raptor
v2 functions.
* utils/rdfdiff.c: Refactored rdfdiff to use raptor v2 APIs +
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_statement.c: Reorganized
internal raptor_statement functions.
(raptor_statement_copy): Require raptor_world param, replace
earlier raptor_statement_copy_common() static function.
(raptor_free_statement): Require raptor_world param, replace
earlier raptor_free_statement_common() static function. Loses
(raptor_print_statement_v1): Pulled static function to library
* utils/rapper.c: Refactored rapper to use raptor v2 API.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c, src/raptor_serialize_rss.c,
(raptor_uri_to_relative_uri_string_v2): New v2 API
function. raptor_uri_to_relative_uri_string() depends on V1
functions and cannot be used with RAPTOR_DISABLE_V1 or without
* src/raptor_internal.h: Fixed flipped flag
* src/raptor_general.c:
(raptor_world_open): Fixed return type
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_www.c: Refactored raptor_www init/finish to support v2
raptor_world_instance. Retain source/binary compatibility with old
(raptor_www_init_v2, raptor_www_finish_v2,
raptor_www_no_www_library_init_finish_v2): New API functions that
work with raptor_world objects.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_internal.h:
Decouple raptor_world allocation and initialization to allow
setting flags etc. before init.
(raptor_world_open): New API function.
(raptor_world_s): Internal struct gains opened field.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_parse.c,
(raptor_parser_get_world, raptor_serializer_get_world): Added two
new API functions to access raptor_world from a parser/serializer
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_feature.c, src/raptor_general.c,
src/raptor_identifier.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_iostream.c, src/raptor_locator.c,
src/raptor_namespace.c, src/raptor_parse.c, src/raptor_qname.c,
src/raptor_sequence.c, src/raptor_serialize.c,
src/raptor_serialize_ntriples.c, src/raptor_statement.c,
src/raptor_uri.c, src/raptor_www.c, src/raptor_xml_writer.c: Added
Flagged v1 functions replaced with v2 variants with RAPTOR_V1 -
easy to deprecate later.
Wrapped v1 functions replaced with v2 variabrs in #ifndef
RAPTOR_DISABLE_V1 - easy to remove old implementations if needed.
* src/fix-bison: Keep #line references up to date
* src/fix-bison, src/n3_parser.y, src/turtle_parser.y: HACK: Use
fix-bison to pass in pure bison parser param (rdf_parser*) to
%destructor - raptor_world required for raptor_free_uri_v2().
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_serialize_ntriples.c: Refactored
raptor_serialize_ntriples internals to use v2 raptor_world APIs.
(raptor_iostream_write_statement_ntriples_v2): New API function
that takes in a raptor_world param.
2008-10-03 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_grddl.c: Refactored raptor_grddl internals to use v2
raptor_world APIs.
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: Debug prints to use v2 APIs.
* src/raptor_serialize.c:
(raptor_serializer_register_factory): Fixed compiler warning in
debug print.
* src/raptor_namespace.c, src/raptor_qname.c, src/turtle_parser.y:
Debug prints to use v2 APIs.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_sequence.c:
(raptor_new_sequence_with_handler_context): New API function that
supports passing context data (e.g. raptor_world) to free_handler,
(raptor_sequence_set_print_handler_v2): New API function.
raptor_sequence_print_handler_v2): New API callback function
typedefs for raptor_new_sequence_with_handler_context(),
(raptor_sequence_print_uri): Deprecated API function, should use
raptor_uri_print(), raptor_uri_print_v2() instead.
(raptor_free_sequence, raptor_sequence_set_at,
raptor_sequence_push, raptor_sequence_shift): Support
(raptor_sequence_print): Support print_handler_v2.
* src/raptor_expat.c:
(raptor_expat_init): v2 APIs
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_iostream.c,
src/raptor_serialize_simple.c: Refactored raptor_iostream
internals to use v2 raptor_world APIs.
(raptor_iostream_write_uri_v2): New API function that takes in a
raptor_world param.
(raptor_simple_serialize_statement): Use
raptor_iostream_write_uri_v2() instead of
* utils/rdfdiff.c:
(long_options,title_format_string): Use const qualifier for
constant data.
* utils/rapper.c:
(long_options,title_format_string): Use const qualifier for
constant data.
* src/raptor_www.c: Changed raptor_www_do_www_init_finish to its
inverse raptor_www_skip_www_init_finish to make the flag default
to 0 -> moved from writable .data chunk to .bss.
* librdfa/curie.c:
(g_property_reserver_words,g_relrev_reserver_words): Use const
qualifier for constant data.
2008-10-02 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_statement.c:
(raptor_statement_compare_v2): Fixed args to
* src/raptor_statement.c:
(raptor_print_statement_as_ntriples_common): Added const qualifier
to helper prototype
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_abbrev.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_rss_common.c, src/raptor_serialize_json.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rss.c, src/raptor_statement.c: Refactored
raptor_statement internals to use v2 raptor_world APIs.
(raptor_statement_v2): New API struct for wrapping
raptor_statement with raptor_world without breaking source/binary
(raptor_print_statement_v2, raptor_print_statement_as_ntriples_v2,
raptor_statement_compare_v2): New API function variants that work
on raptor_statement_v2 objects.
raptor_statement_part_as_string_v2): New API function variants
that take in raptor_world object.
(raptor_statement_copy_v2, raptor_statement_copy_v2_from_v1,
raptor_free_statement_v2): New internal raptor_statement_v2
lifecycle functions.
(raptor_print_abbrev_po): Use
(raptor_new_rss_item, raptor_rss10_serialize_init,
raptor_rss10_store_statement, raptor_rss10_serialize_statement,
raptor_rss10_build_items, raptor_rss10_emit_rdfxml_item_triples,
raptor_rss10_serialize_end): triples sequences are now sequences
of raptor_statement_v2.
(raptor_json_serialize_start, raptor_json_serialize_statement):
context->avltree is now a tree of raptor_statement_v2.
(raptor_statement_copy_common): (Pulled from
raptor_statement_copy.) Now also checks for OOM.
* librdfa/curie.c, librdfa/rdfa.c: Refactored librdfa raptor
integration internals to use v2 raptor_world APIs.
2008-09-23 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_www_libfetch.c, src/raptor_www_libxml.c: Refactored
raptor_www_lib{fetch,xml} internals to use v2 raptor_world APIs.
* src/raptor_www_curl.c: Refactored raptor_www_curl internals to
use v2 raptor_world APIs.
2008-09-22 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_abbrev.c, src/raptor_namespace.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rss.c, src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c,
src/raptor_xml.c: Use
raptor_new_qname_from_namespace_local_name_v2() instead of
2008-09-20 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_sequence.c:
(raptor_sequence_set_at): Maintain sequence design contract:
"size" consecutive items in "sequence" starting from "start" when
setting items more than +1 offset beyond the end of sequence.
Fixes Issue#000276
2008-09-19 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
(raptor_rss_group_map): Internal struct gains world field, cannot
trust item to be valid to use item->world.
(raptor_free_group_map, raptor_rss_group_map_compare,
raptor_rss10_set_item_group): Use/init group_map's raptor_world.
(raptor_rss10_get_group_item): Init world field on search group
map allocated on stack.
* src/raptor_rss_common.c:
(raptor_new_rss_item): Init as well
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_qname.c:
(raptor_new_qname_from_namespace_local_name_v2): New API function
that takes in a raptor_world param. Passed in raptor_namespace*
may be NULL -> cannot use ns->world.
(raptor_qname_copy): Copy qname->world as well.
* src/raptor_serialize_json.c: Refactored raptor_serialize_json
internals to use v2 raptor_world APIs.
* src/raptor_serialize_dot.c: Refactored raptor_serialize_dot
internals to use v2 raptor_world APIs.
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: Refactored raptor_serialize_rss
internals to use v2 raptor_world APIs.
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c: Refactored
raptor_serializer_turtle internals to use v2 raptor_world APIs.
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c: Refactored
raptor_serializer_rdfxmla internals to use v2 raptor_world APIs.
* src/raptor_avltree.c:
(raptor_new_avltree): Bugfix: set world
field to passed in value.
* src/raptor_abbrev.c, src/raptor_avltree.c,
src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_serialize_json.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c, src/raptor_serialize_rss.c,
src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c, src/raptor_set.c: Refactored
raptor_abbrev, raptor_avltree internals to use v2 raptor_world
(raptor_new_abbrev_node, raptor_new_avltree): Internal functions
changed to take in raptor_world.
(raptor_avltree_s): Moved internal struct definition to
raptor_internal.h. Gains world field.
(raptor_abbrev_node): Internal struct gains world field.
* src/raptor_serialize_json.c:
Fixed accidentally deleted base_uri declaration
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_json_writer.c,
src/raptor_serialize_json.c: Refactored raptor_json_writer
internals to use v2 raptor_world APIs.
(raptor_new_json_writer): Internal function prototype
changed. Require raptor_world, do not take uri handlers anymore.
* src/raptor_serialize.c, src/raptor_serialize_ntriples.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_turtle_writer.c: Further
internals refactoring to use v2 raptor_uri functions.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_rdfxml.c,
src/raptor_statement.c, src/raptor_uri.c: Further refactored
raptor_uri internals to use v2 raptor_world APIs.
raptor_uri_print_v2, raptor_uri_to_counted_string_v2,
raptor_uri_to_string_v2): New API functions that take in a
raptor_world param.
(raptor_new_uri_from_rdf_ordinal): Changed internal function to
take in raptor_world.
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c: Refactored
raptor_serialize_rdfxml internals to use v2 raptor_world APIs.
2008-09-18 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_librdfa.c: Refactored raptor_librdfa internals to use
v2 raptor_world APIs.
* src/raptor_guess.c: Refactored raptor_guess internals to use v2
raptor_world APIs.
* src/raptor_rss.c, src/raptor_rss.h, src/raptor_rss_common.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: Refactored raptor_rss internals to use
v2 raptor_world APIs.
(raptor_rss_field_s, raptor_rss_item_s, raptor_rss_model,
raptor_rss_element_s): Internal structs gain world field.
(raptor_new_rss_item, raptor_rss_new_field): Internal functions
gain world param.
* src/ntriples_parse.c: Refactored ntriples_parse internals to use
v2 raptor_world APIs.
* src/n3_lexer.l, src/n3_parser.y: Refactored n3_parser/n3_lexer
internals to use v2 raptor_world APIs.
FIXME: Figure out a way to pass custom args (raptor_world) to
2008-09-12 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/turtle_parser.y: Refactored turtle_parser internals to use
v2 raptor_world APIs.
FIXME: Figure out a way to pass custom args (raptor_world) to
* src/turtle_lexer.l: Refactored turtle_lexer internals to use v2
raptor_world APIs.
* src/n3_parser.y:
(FLOATING_LITERAL): missing cast
* src/raptor_sax2.c: Refactored raptor_sax2 internals to use v2
raptor_world APIs.
* src/raptor_www.c:
(raptor_www_fetch): Use raptor_new_uri_for_retrieval_v2()
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_uri.c:
(raptor_new_uri_for_xmlbase_v2, raptor_new_uri_for_retrieval_v2):
Added new v2 API functions to replace old ones. Refactored
internals to use raptor v2 raptor_world APIs.
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: Refactored raptor_rdfxml internals to use
v2 raptor_world APIs.
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: Refactored raptor_rdfxml internals to use
v2 raptor_world APIs.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_uri.c:
(raptor_new_uri_from_id_v2): Added new API function to replace
raptor_new_uri_from_id(). Refactored internals to use raptor v2
raptor_world APIs.
* src/n3_parser.y, src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_xsd.c:
Refactored raptor_xsd internals to use v2 raptor_world APIs.
(raptor_new_identifier_from_double): Internal function prototype
* src/raptor_turtle_writer.c:
(main): Use raptor_world_instance() in test code temporarily to
make tests compile
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c,
src/raptor_turtle_writer.c: Refactored raptor_turtle_writer
internals to use v2 raptor_world APIs.
(raptor_new_turtle_writer): Internal function prototype changed.
* src/raptor_set.c:
(main): Use raptor_world_instance() in test code temporarily to
make tests compile
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_set.c:
Refactored raptor_set internals to use v2 raptor_world APIs.
(raptor_new_id_set): Internal function changed to require
raptor_world param.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_xml_writer.c: Refactored
raptor_xml_writer internals to use v2 raptor_world APIs.
(raptor_new_xml_writer_v2): New API function that takes in a
raptor_world param.
2008-09-10 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/libraptor.3: extra b
2008-09-10 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_rss.h:
(raptor_rss_namespace_info): Fix const member missing constructor
warning in c++ mode.
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_sax2.c:
(raptor_world_s, raptor_sax2_init, raptor_sax2_finish): Store
raptor_sax2 init counter in raptor_world. Works around resiliency
issues in some xml parser implementations where xmlCleanupParser()
crashes if xmlInitParser() has not been run.
2008-09-08 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_internal.h: Moved EXTERN_C definitions
to internal header - no need to expose in API.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_iostream.c, src/raptor_parse.c,
src/raptor_sequence.c, src/raptor_serialize.c, src/raptor_www.c:
Workaround for an armcc c++ mode issue regarding function pointers
as arguments: Need explicit extern "C" to get C linkage for C
function pointers.
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c:
(rdf_syntax_terms_info,rdf_content_type_info): Fixed c++ mode
warnings about missing const member initializers. Array data is
already const by the outermost const.
* src/n3_lexer.l, src/turtle_lexer.l: casts for c++
2008-09-05 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_libxml.c:
(raptor_libxml_xmlStructuredErrorFunc): Use fputs when there is no
error handler.
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
(raptor_rss10_ensure_atom_field_zero_one): do not assign same
variable field while initing it.
* librdfa/rdfa.c, src/raptor_rss_common.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: Fixes for g++ from
2008-09-04 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_rss.c, src/raptor_rss.h,
raptor_rss_new_enclosure): Bugfix: Initialize world fields in
composed raptor_identifiers.
* src/raptor_xml.c: Refactored raptor_xml internals to use v2
raptor_world APIs.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_identifier.c: Refactored
raptor_identifier internals to use v2 raptor_world functions.
(raptor_new_identifier_v2): New API function that takes in
raptor_world param.
(raptor_identifier): API struct gains world field. BINARY
COMPATIBILITY BREAK: sizeof(raptor_identifier) changed. Source
compatibility not broken.
2008-09-03 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_parse.c:
(raptor_parse_uri_with_connection): Use
raptor_www v2 functions
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_www.c:
Refactored raptor_www internals to use v2 raptor_world functions.
(raptor_www_new_v2, raptor_www_new_with_connection_v2): New API
functions that take in raptor_world param.
(raptor_www_s): Internal struct gains world param.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_grddl.c,
src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_libxml.c, src/raptor_parse.c,
src/raptor_sax2.c, src/raptor_www.c: Refactored raptor logging to
use v2 raptor_world functions. Store world pointer to raptor_sax2,
(raptor_error_handlers): API struct gains world field. BINARY
COMPATIBILITY BREAK: struct size and layout changed. (Source
compatibility not broken.)
(raptor_error_handlers_init_v2): New API function that takes in
raptor_world param.
(raptor_log_error_to_handlers, raptor_log_error_varargs,
raptor_log_error): Internal logging functions now require a
raptor_world param (may be NULL).
(raptor_sax2_s): Internal struct gains world field.
* src/raptor_rss_common.c:
raptor_rss_fields_info): Fixed gcc warnings about missing
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_qname.c:
raptor_qname_copy, raptor_new_qname,
raptor_new_qname_from_namespace_local_name): Bugfix: qname nspace
field may be NULL. Store world pointer in qname struct and use it
instead of indirecting nspace->nstack->world.
(raptor_qname_s): Internal struct gains world field.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_feature.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_parse.c, src/raptor_serialize.c,
src/raptor_turtle_writer.c, src/raptor_xml_writer.c: Refactored
raptor_feature internals to use v2 raptor_world functions.
raptor_xml_writer_features_enumerate_v2): New API functions that
take in raptor_world param.
raptor_turtle_writer_features_enumerate): Internal functions
changed to take in raptor_world param.
* src/raptor_qname.c: Refactored raptor_qname internals to use v2
raptor_world functions.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_namespace.c:
Refactored raptor_namespace internals to use v2 raptor_world
(raptor_new_namespaces_v2, raptor_namespaces_init_v2): New API
functions that take in raptor_world param and use the uri handlers
defined in it.
(raptor_namespace_stack_s): Internal struct gains world field,
loses uri_handler, uri_context fields.
2008-09-02 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_nfc_test.c: Update what is being ntested
2008-09-02 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_serialize.c:
raptor_serializer_warning_varargs): Use locator v2 functions
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_locator.c: Refactored raptor_locator
internals to use v2 raptor_world functions.
(raptor_print_locator_v2, raptor_format_locator_v2,
raptor_locator_uri_v2): New API functions that take in a
raptor_world param.
* src/raptor_uri.c:
(raptor_uri_init): Use raptor_world* as
default uri handler context.
(raptor_default_new_uri): Refactored internals to use v2
raptor_world functions.
* src/raptor_serialize.c:
raptor_serialize_start_to_file_handle, raptor_free_serializer,
raptor_serializer_set_feature_string): Refactored raptor_serialize
internals to use v2 raptor_world functions.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_parse.c: Refactored raptor_parse
internals to use v2 raptor_world functions.
(raptor_new_parser_for_content_v2): New API function that takes in
a raptor_world param.
(raptor_parser_register_factory, raptor_parser_factory_add_alias,
raptor_guess_parser_name_v2): Use RAPTOR_DEBUG instead of
RAPTOR_FATAL for error messaging and let caller handle the
error. These error conditions are really tests for
development-time assumptions and should surface in maintainer
mode (debug messages enabled).
(raptor_start_parse, raptor_free_parser, raptor_parse_file,
raptor_parse_file_no_net_filter, raptor_parse_uri_with_connection,
raptor_guess_parser_name_v2): Refactored to use v2 raptor_world
* src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_www.c:
raptor_free_world, raptor_init, raptor_finish): Moved raptor_www
init/finish calls to new_world/free_world.
Added a FIXME note to raptor_www to re-engineer the init/finish API.
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_rss.c, src/raptor_rss.h,
src/raptor_rss_common.c, src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: Made
raptor_rss_{namespaces,types,fields}_info arrays const and moved
non-const uris/qnames to raptor_world.
(raptor_rss_namespace_info): Internal struct loses uri field.
(raptor_rss_info): Internal struct oses uri,qname fields.
(raptor_world_s): Internal struct gains
rss_common_initialised (from raptor_rss_common_initialised static
in raptor_rss_common.c); rss_namespaces_info_uris,
rss_types_info_uris, rss_types_info_qnames, rss_fields_info_uris,
rss_fields_info_qnames from
raptor_rss_{namespaces,types,fields}_info arrays.
(raptor_rss_item_s): Internal struct gains node_typei field for
indexing to uris/qnames in raptor_world.
(raptor_rss10_serializer_context): Internal struct gains world
(raptor_rss_common_init): Require raptor_world param. Return int
return code. Allocate and init uri arrays in raptor_world.
(raptor_rss_common_terminate): Require raptor_world param. Free
allocs by raptor_rss_common_init().
(raptor_rss10_build_xml_names): Allocate and init qname arrays in
raptor_world. Store item type index for uri/qname access. Access
uris/qnames in raptor_world.
(raptor_rss10_serialize_terminate): Free qname arrays in
(raptor_rss_model_init): Require raptor_world param.
(raptor_rss_parse_init, raptor_rss_start_element_handler,
raptor_rss_emit_enclosure, raptor_rss_emit_item, raptor_rss_emit,
raptor_rss10_move_statements, raptor_rss10_store_statement,
raptor_rss10_emit_atom_triples_map, raptor_rss10_emit_rss_items):
Access uris/qnames in raptor_world.
(raptor_rss_insert_identifiers): Store item type index for
uri/qname access.
(raptor_rss10_emit_item): Store item type index for uri/qname
access. Access uris/qnames in raptor_world.
2008-09-01 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_nfc_test.c: format
* src/raptor_nfc_test.c: Make test take file as argument. Add
where it can be found
* librdfa/curie.c: Merge to GIT
2008-09-01 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
(raptor_sax2_init, raptor_sax2_finish, raptor_init, raptor_finish,
raptor_new_world, raptor_free_world): Changed raptor_sax2
init/finish code to the raptor_world model. Take in (unused)
raptor_world param.
* src/raptor_grddl.c:
(raptor_init_parser_grddl_common): Fixed signature to match prototype
* src/n3_parser.y, src/raptor.h, src/raptor_general.c,
src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_namespace.c, src/raptor_uri.c,
src/raptor_www_test.c, src/turtle_parser.y: Moved uri_handler and
uri_handler_context to raptor_world.
(raptor_new_uri_v2, raptor_new_uri_from_uri_local_name_v2,
raptor_new_uri_for_rdf_concept_v2, raptor_free_uri_v2,
raptor_uri_equals_v2, raptor_uri_compare_v2, raptor_uri_copy_v2,
raptor_uri_as_string_v2, raptor_uri_as_counted_string_v2,
raptor_uri_set_handler_v2, raptor_uri_get_handler_v2): New API
functions that take in a raptor_world object.
(raptor_uri_init,main): Changed internal function to take in
raptor_world param. Changed test code callers to use full
raptor_init()/raptor_finish() instead so that the world is
properly set up.
FIXME: Refactor the raptor_uri opaque abstraction so that it can
store raptor_world* - no need to pass in world as an argument to
calls that take raptor_uris.
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_serialize.c, src/raptor_serialize_dot.c,
src/raptor_serialize_json.c, src/raptor_serialize_ntriples.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rss.c, src/raptor_serialize_simple.c,
src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c: Moved serializers sequence to
raptor_serializer_syntax_name_check_v2, raptor_new_serializer_v2):
New API function variants that accept a raptor_world object.
(raptor_serializer_s, raptor_seriazlizer_factory_s): Internal
structs gain world field.
(raptor_serializer_register_factory, raptor_serializers_init,
raptor_serializers_finish, raptor_init_serializer_*): Internal
functions changed to require raptor_world param.
(raptor_delete_serializer_factories): Removed unnecessary prototype.
* src/n3_parser.y, src/ntriples_parse.c, src/raptor.h,
src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_grddl.c, src/raptor_guess.c,
src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_librdfa.c, src/raptor_parse.c,
src/raptor_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_rss.c, src/turtle_parser.y:
Introduced a raptor_world object for storing library-wide data
instead of static variables.
Moved parsers sequence to raptor_world.
(raptor_new_world, raptor_free_world): New API functions,
eventually to replace raptor_init() and raptor_finish().
(raptor_parsers_enumerate_v2, raptor_syntaxes_enumerate_v2,
raptor_syntax_name_check_v2, raptor_guess_parser_name_v2,
raptor_new_parser_v2): New API function variants that accept a
raptor_world object.
(raptor_parser_s, raptor_parser_factory_s): Internal structs gain
world field.
(raptor_parser_register_factory, raptor_parser_factory,
raptor_parser_get_accept_header_all, raptor_parsers_init,
raptor_parsers_finish, raptor_init_parser_*): Internal functions
changed to require raptor_world param.
(raptor_world_instance): New accessor for a static pointer to a
raptor_world instance created by raptor_init(). Required for
supporting non-v2 API functions (where v2 variants exist).
2008-08-29 Dave Beckett <>
* src/turtle_parser.y:
raptor_trig_parse_recognise_syntax): Use raptor_memstr to compare
a string against a buffer that may not be NUL terminated.
Part of fix for
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c:
(raptor_rdfxml_parse_recognise_syntax): Use
raptor_memstr to compare a string against a buffer that may not be
NUL terminated.
Part of fix for
* src/raptor_librdfa.c:
Use raptor_memstr to compare a string against a buffer that may
not be NUL terminated.
Part of fix for
* src/, src/raptor_memnstr.c, src/raptor_memstr.c (from
/raptor/trunk/src/raptor_memnstr.c:14406): Renamed
raptor_memnstr.c to raptor_memnstr.c
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_memnstr.c:
Renamed from raptor_memnstr
2008-08-27 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_memnstr.c: comment
* src/raptor_memnstr.c: includes
* src/raptor_memnstr.c: internal
* src/raptor_internal.h: Added raptor_memnstr()
* src/ Added raptor_memnstr.c
* src/raptor_memnstr.c: Added raptor_memnstr
2008-08-25 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/fix-flex: Removed additional OOM checks added to
flex-generated ensure_buffer_stack(). flex versions 2.5.34 and
later generate the OOM checking code themselves.
2008-08-24 Dave Beckett <>
* utils/rapper.c:
(main): Make printing triples count at least
potentially localizable.
* src/raptor_uri.c: Added tests for
which pass.
2008-08-20 Lauri Aalto <>
* tests/rdfa/ Run tests inside set +e ... set -e
2008-07-10 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/ntriples_parse.c:
(raptor_ntriples_generate_statement): Cast
to eliminate compiler printf-like format arg warning.
2008-07-04 Dave Beckett <>
2008-07-04 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_turtle_writer.c:
Validate XSD integer, decimal and double literal output. Emit
special short forms only if the whole literal value is consumed by
strtol() (for integers) or strtod() (for decimals and
doubles). Otherwise produce a warning and emit literal in the
normal "value"^^<datatype_uri> format.
Fixes Issue #0000263
2008-07-03 Dave Beckett <>
* NEWS.html, RELEASE.html,,
src/win32_raptor_config.h: Bumped version to 1.4.19
* docs: props
2008-07-02 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/libraptor.3: 2008
2008-07-02 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/ntriples_parse.c:
Produce error messages when raptor_new_uri() fails.
Fixes Issue #0000262
2008-06-29 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/feeds/Makefile: fix
* tests/feeds/Makefile, tests/feeds/atom.rnc,
tests/feeds/atom.rng, tests/feeds/test01.atom,
tests/feeds/test01.rss, tests/feeds/test02.atom,
tests/feeds/test02.rss, tests/feeds/test03.atom,
tests/feeds/test03.rss: Feed examples
* tests/feeds: Add feeds
2008-06-25 Dave Beckett <>
* Snapshotted raptor_1_4_18 for 1.4.18 release (SVN 14104)
2008-06-23 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/, utils/ Use $(PERL) not perl
2008-06-20 Dave Beckett <>
* README.html, RELEASE.html, docs/raptor-parsers.xml,
utils/rapper.1: Update RDFa pointers to caniddate rec
* src/raptor_sequence.c:
(raptor_sequence_set_at): Correct
counting when there is old data but no free handler.
* tests/rdfa/0011.out, tests/rdfa/0092.out, tests/rdfa/0094.out,
tests/rdfa/0099.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0100.out, tests/rdfa/0100.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0101.out, tests/rdfa/0101.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0102.out,
tests/rdfa/0102.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0103.out, tests/rdfa/0103.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0104.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0105.out, tests/rdfa/0105.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0106.out, tests/rdfa/0106.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0107.out,
tests/rdfa/0107.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0110.out, tests/rdfa/0110.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0111.out, tests/rdfa/0111.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0112.out,
tests/rdfa/0112.xhtml, tests/rdfa/ Update approved
tests from as
of now
2008-06-19 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/libraptor.3: Added raptor_serialize_start_to_iostream for
* docs/raptor-tutorial-serializing.xml: xml
* docs/raptor-tutorial-serializing.xml: Explain
raptor_serialize_start and raptor_serialize_start_to_iostream,
recommending the latter.
* docs/ Call gtkdoc-scan with
* src/ntriples_parse.c, src/raptor.h, src/raptor_iostream.c,
src/raptor_statement.c, src/raptor_turtle_writer.c,
src/raptor_uri.c: Use RAPTOR_DISABLE_DEPRECATED macro to wrap
disabling deprecated functions and prototypes
* docs/tmpl/section-feature.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-serializer.sgml: docs tmp
* src/raptor_iostream.c: typo
* docs/raptor-sections.txt: Added raptor_serialize_start_to_iostream
* src/raptor_serialize.c:
(raptor_serialize_set_namespace): Allow
"" as a synonym for NULL prefix.
2008-06-18 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
(raptor_rss10_emit_item): Use
_:author for atom author bnode always since atom:author may not be
a valid bnode ID.
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
(raptor_rss10_ensure_atom_field_zero_one): Added.
(raptor_rss10_ensure_atom_feed_valid): Use
raptor_rss10_ensure_atom_field_zero_one to ensure that fields
appear 0 or 1 times for atom feed and entry.
2008-06-15 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/rdfserialize.c: Casts for C++
* librdfa/rdfa.c: GIT commit 8892f4056d9486d7bdd0cc89fe12b3a863a4d418
(rdfa_free_context): rewrite
rdfa_free_list(context->context_stack) call to look and do a
proper rdfa_free_context() on each returned item that is not
ourself. Still leaks one malloc but does not crash parser on error.
* src/raptor_librdfa.c:
(raptor_librdfa_parse_start): Init librdfa
context->error_handlers from static field in raptor_parser
structure so that error handlers are passed correctly to librdfa
and raptor_sax2
* librdfa/rdfa.c, librdfa/rdfa.h: GIT commit
1a4f7d0352017cf6d55ecbcf7d355badb0c777f9. Do not make a new
error_handlers structure for the rdfa context, use the one passed
in from the top-level rdfacontext, set by raptor as error_handlers
static in the raptor_parser structure
* src/raptor_serialize_dot.c:
Return NULL [sparse]
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c:
(raptor_rdfxml_start_element_grammar): Call
raptor_rdfxml_process_property_attributes with NULL not 0 [sparse]
* src/raptor_grddl.c: match_table: Use NULL for pointer in
sentinal. [sparse]
* src/raptor_abbrev.c:
(raptor_new_abbrev_node): Return NULL [sparse]
* src/raptor_rss.h: raptor_rss_field bitfields should be
unsigned [sparse]
* src/raptor_sax2.c: #ifdef RAPTOR_XML_EXPAT
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c: #ifdef RAPTOR_DEBUG_VERBOSE
* src/raptor_nfc_test.c: casts
*, src/raptor_nfc.h: Use autoconf 2.5.x
AC_CHECK_TYPES for u8 and u16
2008-06-14 Dave Beckett <>
* utils/rapper.c: fix comment
* utils/rapper.c: Fix HELP_ARG_BOTH quoting as used in help message.
2008-06-13 Dave Beckett <>
* examples/raptor_abort.c, examples/rdfserialize.c: Casts for C++
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: Casts to remove warnings when
compiling with C++
* librdfa/curie.c, librdfa/rdfa.c, librdfa/rdfa_utils.c,
librdfa/triple.c: GIT commit
librdfa casts to remove warnings when compiling with C++
* src/n3_common.h, src/ntriples_parse.c, src/raptor_expat.c,
src/raptor_grddl.c, src/raptor_guess.c, src/raptor_librdfa.c,
src/raptor_libxml.c, src/raptor_locator.c, src/raptor_nfc.c,
src/raptor_nfc.h, src/raptor_nfc_test.c, src/raptor_rfc2396.c,
src/raptor_serialize_dot.c, src/raptor_serialize_json.c,
src/raptor_serialize_ntriples.c, src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c,
src/raptor_serialize_simple.c, src/raptor_utf8.c,
src/raptor_win32.c, src/raptor_www.c, src/raptor_www_curl.c,
src/raptor_www_libfetch.c, src/raptor_www_libxml.c,
src/raptor_www_test.c, src/raptor_xsd.c, src/turtle_common.c,
src/turtle_common.h: 2008
* utils/rapper.c: Tidy variables into parser, serializer, other
blocks. Output <stdin> in error, info messages when filename is
* src/raptor_sequence.c:
(raptor_sequence_set_at): Tidy tortured test.
* src/raptor_sequence.c:
(raptor_sequence_set_at): Update size
when not over-writing an existing item.
2008-06-12 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
(raptor_rss10_move_leftover_statements): Added to move any
remaining triples after initial serialize_statement scan, to items
or channel.
(raptor_rss10_serialize_end): Call
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
Use correct URI for rss:items with new macro
* src/raptor_rss_common.c:
(raptor_rss_model_init): Init
RAPTOR_RSS_RSS_items_URI against rss:
(rss 1.0) namespace, not
* src/raptor_rss.h: RAPTOR_RSS_RDF_items_URI renamed to
RAPTOR_RSS_RSS_items_URI since it is in the rss:
(rss 1.0)
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
Use raptor_serialize_start_to_iostream() with no destroying
iostream instead of raptor_serialize_start().
* src/raptor.h: Added raptor_serialize_start_to_iostream prototype
* src/raptor_serialize.c:
Added to have the new semantics of not owning and destroying the
passed-in iostream
* tests/rdfa/ 0094.xhtml fails now
* librdfa/rdfa.c: GIT commit
(rdfa_parse_end): Ensure rdfa_pop_item() is called when in raptor
* librdfa/rdfa.c: GIT commit
(start_element): Sort namespaces by prefix and hide overriden ones
2008-06-10 Dave Beckett <>
* librdfa/rdfa.c, librdfa/rdfa.h: Merge to GIT
* librdfa/curie.c, librdfa/rdfa.c, librdfa/rdfa.h,
librdfa/rdfa_utils.c, librdfa/rdfa_utils.h, librdfa/triple.c:
Merge to GIT a119a5ea0f215ec6036e79de30bb1131d9ca5647
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
correct docs
* src/raptor_avltree.c:
(main): Do not call an internal debug
function raptor_avltree_print() in unit testing.
* src/raptor_sequence.c:
(main): Remove test for preventing
raptor_sequence_set_at() at size+1; this is now allowed.
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
Ignore any triple with predicate rss:items as it can be infered
later for RSS 1.0 and ignore for Atom 1.0
* src/raptor_rss.h, src/raptor_rss_common.c: Added rss:items to
raptor_rss_model concepts with macro RAPTOR_RSS_RDF_items_URI
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
(raptor_rss10_build_items): Skip
triples that have no URI value.
* src/raptor_sequence.c:
(raptor_sequence_set_at): Handle
extending the sequence beyond capacity+1
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
Handled anonymous triples twice and the handled flag did not help
- removed. Improved the logic to clearly 'continue' loop when a
triple is handled; added comments to say why. Changed signature
to return number of triples used, not presently used by callers.
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
(raptor_rss10_build_xml_names): Off
by 1 in declaring user namespaces.
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c:
(raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_set_xml_writer): Free any namespaces
declared on the old stack, before freeing the stack.
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
Free all allocated namespaces now it doesn't crash things.
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: Ensure namespaces are freed before
the stack they are associated with, so that URI destructor handler
calls work.
(raptor_rss10_serialize_init, raptor_rss10_serialize_terminate):
Add raptor_free_namespace to user_namespaces sequence and call it
(raptor_rss10_serialize_end): Do not free namespace stack here, as
it refers to namespaces that are still alive.
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
(raptor_rss10_build_items): Make a
fake triple subject URI for comparison with seq node ID.
2008-06-09 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/raptor-parsers.xml: Added RDFa parser
* docs/raptor-serializers.xml: rss 1.0 and atom 1.0 serializer notes
2008-06-05 Dave Beckett <>
* utils/rapper.c: update the parser/serializer name length to 14
for 'rss-tag-soup' & 'json-triples' which are at the previous max
* enable atom serializer for everyone
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
raptor_rss10_emit_atom_feed): Adjust
raptor_rss10_emit_atom_triples_map calling convention to add
element name and code tidy.
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
Added, pulled out of raptor_rss10_emit_atom_feed. Skip maps that
do not apply to feed element.
(raptor_rss10_emit_atom_feed): Call above twice, to generate
at:feedmap and at:entrymap.
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
raptor_rss10_store_statement): Set is_xml field when field is
(raptor_rss10_emit_item): Select rdf:parseType="Literal" for rss
output with XML valued literals but prefer CDATA block for
2008-06-04 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c:
Make rdfxml and rdfxml-abbrev serializers respect feature
* src/raptor_feature.c: Adjust RAPTOR_FEATURE_WRITE_BASE_URI description
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
Respect feature writeBaseURI
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: raptor_rss10_serializer_context
gains xml_literal_dt URI field.
(raptor_rss10_serialize_init, raptor_rss10_serialize_terminate):
Free xml_literal_dt field.
(raptor_rss10_move_statements, raptor_rss10_store_statement): Set
is_xml field when an XML literal.
(raptor_rss10_emit_atom_feed, raptor_rss10_emit_rss_items): Emit
relative URIs.
(raptor_rss10_ensure_atom_feed_valid): Set atom:id if not present,
to item URI.
(raptor_rss10_emit_item): Emit relative URIs except for atom:id
For atom:content with a URI value, write <atom:content src="{uri
value}" type="{type}" /> and take the type from at:contentType
When writing a literal value and it is xml, write an atom type='xhtml'.
* src/raptor_rss.h, src/raptor_rss_common.c: raptor_rss_field
gains is_xml field. Added at:contentType /
* src/raptor_uri.c:
Add support for a base URI with scheme and authority but no path,
so the result can be a relative URI starting with '/'.
(main): Add a test for the above
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
(raptor_rss10_build_xml_names): Tidy
is_atom/not code.
2008-06-04 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: Fixed warnings.
(raptor_rss10_emit_rdfxml_item_triples, raptor_rss10_serialize_end):
Init variables to NULL for some optimizing compilers that warn
about possible use-before-init.
(raptor_rss10_emit_item): Cast int to enum.
2008-06-04 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
(raptor_rss10_build_xml_names): Add
is_entry flag and use it to decide root name atom:feed or
atom:entry for atom serializer.
(raptor_rss10_serialize_end): When a feature atom_entry_uri is
set, look for a matching item and if found, emit just that as an
atom entry document.
2008-06-03 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_rss_common.c:
(raptor_rss_set_date_field): cast
2008-06-02 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_feature.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_parse.c, src/raptor_sax2.c, src/raptor_serialize.c,
src/raptor_turtle_writer.c, src/raptor_xml_writer.c: Added
RAPTOR_FEATURE_ATOM_ENTRY_URI to set the Atom Entry document URI
for the atom serializer
2008-05-29 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
(raptor_rss10_emit_rdfxml_item_triples): Remove rdf-xml
atom:content for; it's not used.
Check for 0 triples and end if nothing to emit.
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
(raptor_rss10_ensure_atom_feed_valid): !
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
(raptor_rss10_ensure_atom_feed_valid): Remove any atom:content or
atom:summary in feed
* src/raptor_rss_common.c: raptor_atom_to_rss: rss:description
maps to atom:summary
* tests/rdfa/ 0058 now passes and the others pass if
you re-order the xml namespaces
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: ws
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
Added to check and correct atom id, title, updated and link OR
(raptor_rss10_emit_item): Handle atom:link being written as
<atom:link href="{uri}" rel="alternate"> - no choice for now on
(raptor_rss10_serialize_end): Call
* src/raptor_xml_writer.c:
Renamed from raptor_iostream_write_xml_element_start. Add
indenting of xml namespace declaration attributes when auto
indenting is on and there are more than 1.
(raptor_xml_writer_end_element_common): Renamed from
(raptor_xml_writer_empty_element, raptor_xml_writer_start_element,
raptor_xml_writer_end_element): Update to use new names.
* src/raptor_xml_writer.c:
Remove all args that can be found in xml_writer.
raptor_xml_writer_start_element): Update to use new
* src/raptor_rss.h, src/raptor_rss_common.c: Added
raptor_rss_format_iso_date and raptor_rss_set_date_field.
(raptor_rss_date_uplift): Use above
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
(raptor_rss10_emit_item): Generate
bnode for author if not present.
* librdfa/rdfa.c, librdfa/subject.c: Merge with GIT
8adf69fff952d069e4f6da472d9d8e0acf8fea28 that fixes test case
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: Get atom author blank node ID from
atom:author string value.
2008-05-28 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_rss.h: Re-order atom fields so that required ones are
generated first when going in sequential field order.
* src/raptor_rss_common.c, src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: Re-order
atom fields so that required ones are generated first when going
in sequential field order.
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
Comment out raptor_free_namespace calls - crashes worse than leaks
for now.
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
(raptor_rss10_emit_atom_feed): Use
atom_namespace not default for 'link'.
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
use at:md not atom:md
* docs/tmpl/section-xml-qname.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-xml.sgml:
added raptor_xml_writer_flush raptor_xml_writer_newline to
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
(raptor_rss10_serialize_init): Init
namespaces with error reporting.
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
Fix root_qname double free
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
(raptor_rss10_emit_rss_items): Set
(raptor_rss10_emit_rdfxml_item_triples): Added, pulled rdf/xml
block writing out of raptor_rss10_emit_item. Validate you can only
use rdf-xml with rss-1.0 serializer and atom-triples with atom
(raptor_rss10_emit_item): Call raptor_rss10_emit_rdfxml_item_triples
* src/raptor_rss_common.c: Turn dc:date into atom:updated
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
(raptor_rss10_emit_atom_feed): Add
<link href="{uri}" rel="self" />
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
Added, pulled RSS 1.0-specific channel XML out of raptor_rss10_emit_item
(raptor_rss10_emit_item): Call raptor_rss10_emit_rss_items for RSS
1.0 rdf:Seq and rss:items
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
Added, pulled atom-specific entry fields out of raptor_rss10_emit_item
(raptor_rss10_emit_item): Call raptor_rss10_emit_item for atom and
channel: atom feed.
* src/raptor_xml.c:
(raptor_xml_element_set_attributes): note
@attributes become owned
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: RSS 1.0 / Atom serializers now
support user namespace declarations
raptor_rss10_serializer_context gains user_namespaces
(raptor_rss10_serialize_init): Init user_namespaces
raptor_rss10_serialize_declare_namespace_from_namespace): Added.
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
(raptor_rss10_emit_item): Added
at:entrymap and at:map in the atom fee when
2008-05-27 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_rss.h: Update ATOMTRIPLES_NAMESPACE_URI
* librdfa/curie.c:
(rdfa_resolve_curie): Protect strtok_r with
NULL string from using a NULL wcptr.
2008-05-26 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/raptor-sections.txt: Added raptor_qname_to_counted_name,
raptor_xml_writer_flush and raptor_xml_writer_newline
* tests/rdfa/ Update failures to remove those now passing:
+ 0092: expected XML result corrected
+ 0094: expected XML result corrected
* tests/rdfa/0011.out, tests/rdfa/0092.out, tests/rdfa/0094.out,
tests/rdfa/0100.out, tests/rdfa/0101.out, tests/rdfa/0102.out,
tests/rdfa/0103.out, tests/rdfa/ update xml results
* librdfa/rdfa.c:
(start_element): Reverse raptor stack namespace
order to match that which librdfa uses. GIT
* tests/rdfa/ Update failures to remove those now passing:
+ 0042: no triples is correct; expected result corrected
+ 0052: expected result corrected
+ 0053: expected result corrected
+ 0091: fixed
0058 still wrong; sparql test case is inadequate
* src/raptor.h: Added prototype for raptor_qname_to_counted_name
* src/raptor_qname.c:
(raptor_qname_to_counted_name): Added.
* librdfa/rdfa.c:
(start_element): Walk raptor namespace stack to
figure out xml literal ns declarations.
(raptor_rdfa_start_element, raptor_rdfa_end_element): Pass in
qname string. GIT c1313ac3de0dee9903e7b132cb4626708f3df257
* tests/rdfa/0053.out: Update test result for 0053 to correct
subject for first triple
* tests/rdfa/0083.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0102.xhtml: Update inputs for
tests 0083 0102
* tests/rdfa/0052.out: Update test result for 0052 to correct
* tests/rdfa/0042.out: Update test result for 0042 to expect no
* tests/rdfa/0011.out, tests/rdfa/0092.out, tests/rdfa/0094.out:
Update test results for 0011 0092 0094 to use xmlns with double
* librdfa/rdfa.c:
(start_element): set xml_lang variable when
inside raptor GIT aeac34493258ecf53374b6cbda5eec03f10b841e
* librdfa/triple.c:
(rdfa_free_triple): Free triple. GIT
2008-05-25 Dave Beckett <>
* librdfa/curie.c, librdfa/rdfa.c, librdfa/rdfa.h,
librdfa/rdfa_utils.c, librdfa/rdfa_utils.h, librdfa/triple.c:
Merge to GIT f82c0941956254847e8d51654759b2b45dc00088
* tests/rdfa/ Update expected test failures to add new
approved & failing tests:
0042.xhtml 0088.xhtml 0091.xhtml 0092.xhtml 0093.xhtml 0094.xhtml
0100.xhtml 0101.xhtml 0102.xhtml 0103.xhtml
Add triple counts to failure message
* tests/rdfa/0017.out, tests/rdfa/0017.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0039.out,
tests/rdfa/0039.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0040.out, tests/rdfa/0040.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0042.out, tests/rdfa/0042.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0085.out,
tests/rdfa/0085.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0088.out, tests/rdfa/0088.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0091.out, tests/rdfa/0091.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0092.out,
tests/rdfa/0092.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0093.out, tests/rdfa/0093.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0094.out, tests/rdfa/0094.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0099.out,
tests/rdfa/0099.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0100.out, tests/rdfa/0100.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0101.out, tests/rdfa/0101.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0102.out,
tests/rdfa/0102.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0103.out, tests/rdfa/0103.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0104.out, tests/rdfa/0104.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0107.out,
tests/rdfa/0107.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0108.out, tests/rdfa/0108.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0109.out, tests/rdfa/0109.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/ Added RDFa approved tests
0017 0039 0040 0042 0085 0088 0091 0092 0093 0094 0099 0100 0101 0102
0103 0104 0107 0108 0109
where approved tests are given by the SPARQL:
SELECT ?test
FROM <rdfa-xhtml1-test-manifest.rdf>
WHERE { ?test :reviewStatus :approved }
Last-Modified: Mon, 19 May 2008 10:47:38 GMT
2008-05-24 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/tmpl/section-feature.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-triples.sgml:
update docs
* librdfa/rdfa.c:
(rdfa_free_context): Revert change in GIT
d0f2401a9b914f70fff262be602fe92cf5a2e93e. Memory leak remains
* src/raptor_librdfa.c:
(raptor_librdfa_parse_start): Free any old
(raptor_librdfa_parse_terminate): Free context.
* librdfa/rdfa.c: Declare rdfa_init_context as static since it is
only used in rdfa.c. GIT 71dd65d38f70120a205abf73e0cf8fd0bf6f0f27
* librdfa/rdfa.c:
(rdfa_free_context): Free context_stack and
remove TODO. GIT d0f2401a9b914f70fff262be602fe92cf5a2e93e
* librdfa/triple.c:
(rdfa_free_triple): free triple. GIT
* src/raptor_librdfa.c: include rdfa_utils.h
* src/raptor_librdfa.c:
(raptor_librdfa_generate_statement): free
incoming triple
2008-05-22 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/n3_lexer.l, src/turtle_lexer.l: Fixed n3/turtle lexer error
handling. Do not report OOM for failed function calls that can
fail for other reasons besides OOM, e.g. qname expansion fails due
to undeclared prefix.
2008-05-21 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c, src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: Use
raptor_xml_writer_flush for xml writer
* src/raptor.h: Added prototypes for raptor_xml_writer_newline
and raptor_xml_writer_flush
* src/raptor_xml_writer.c: raptor_xml_writer gains pending_newline
(raptor_xml_writer_indent): Handle pending_newline feature as well
as indenting.
(raptor_xml_writer_empty_element, raptor_xml_writer_start_element,
raptor_xml_writer_end_element): Call indent if pending_newline.
(raptor_xml_writer_newline): Added.
(raptor_xml_writer_flush): Added to tidy up at the end of an XML
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
raptor_rss10_store_statement, ): Set is_mapped when going from rss
to atom fields.
raptor_rss10_remove_mapped_fields): Added to delete field values
that were mapped when there is an non-mapped value.
(raptor_rss10_serialize_end): Call
raptor_rss10_remove_mapped_fields for atom.
* src/raptor_rss.c:
(raptor_rss_uplift_fields): Set is_mapped when
* src/raptor_rss.h: raptor_rss_field gains is_mapped field
2008-05-19 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_rss.h,
src/raptor_rss_common.c, src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: Added grouping of triples by
key (uri/fakeuri(bnode)) to item using an avltree of
(raptor_free_group_map, raptor_rss_group_map_compare,
raptor_rss10_get_group_item, raptor_rss10_set_item_group): Added.
(raptor_rss10_serialize_init, raptor_rss10_serialize_terminate):
init / free group_map avl tree
(raptor_rss10_move_statements): If a statement object is
anonymous, move it to the item triples, do not search for a field.
Do not move any other fields with anonymous objects.
(raptor_rss10_move_anonymous_statements): Added to move blank node
closure triples to their item.
(raptor_rss10_store_statement): Use avl tree to find an item for a
(raptor_rss10_serialize_statement): Do not discard blank nodes on
input. Set blank node/URI to item mapping.
(raptor_rss10_emit_item): Emit different triple block elements,
attributes only for atom;content
(raptor_rss10_serialize_end): Call
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_feature.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c, src/raptor_turtle_writer.c: 2008
* src/raptor_feature.c: RAPTOR_FEATURE_RSS_TRIPLES label shorter
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: raptor_rss10_serializer_context
gains rss_triples_mode
(raptor_rss10_serialize_start): Added to set rss_triples_mode from
feature_rss_triples. 1 is "rdf-xml" value, 2 is "atom-triples"
(raptor_rss10_emit_item): Emit triples when enabled by feature
Remove node elements, typed nodes and emit a single node for rss
triples mode 2
(raptor_rss10_serializer_register_factory): Init
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c: raptor_rdfxmla_context gains
fields single_node, write_node_elements, write_typed_nodes
(raptor_rdfxmla_emit_resource_uri): Added.
(raptor_rdfxmla_emit_resource): Use
(raptor_rdfxmla_emit_subject_properties): Use write_typed_nodes
flag to write rdf:type <subject node type URI> property element.
(raptor_rdfxmla_emit_subject): Handle write_typed_nodes to skip
typed node element. Handle write_node_elements flag.
(raptor_rdfxmla_emit): Do not emit any top-level blank nodes if
single_node is set.
(raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_init): Init defaults for
write_node_elements and write_typed_nodes: true/1.
raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_set_xml_writer): autodocs
raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_set_write_typed_nodes): Added to set
internal flags.
(raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_end): Free single node URI if present.
* src/raptor_internal.h: raptor_serializer_s gains feature_rss_triples
Added prototypes for raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_set_single_node,
raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_set_write_node_elements and
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_feature.c, src/raptor_parse.c,
src/raptor_sax2.c, src/raptor_serialize.c,
src/raptor_turtle_writer.c, src/raptor_xml_writer.c: Added feature
rss_triples (RAPTOR_FEATURE_RSS_TRIPLES) for rss-1.0/atom serializers
2008-05-18 Lauri Aalto <>
* tests/rdfa: props
2008-05-17 Dave Beckett <>
* librdfa/rdfa.c, librdfa/rdfa_utils.h, librdfa/subject.c: Update
to GIT 402f883bfc2d7157eb6f13018ad141450ed47944
2008-05-15 Dave Beckett <>
* librdfa/rdfa.h: Remove uri_mappings field if LIBRDFA_IN_RAPTOR is defined
* docs/tmpl/section-sequence.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-triples.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-xml.sgml: gtk docs
* src/raptor_xml_writer.c: autodocs
* src/raptor_avltree.c: de-autodoc internal functions
* docs/raptor-sections.txt: Added raptor_sequence_delete_at and
* librdfa/rdfa.c: Do not call rdfa_update_uri_mappings with
* tests/rdfa/0060.out, tests/rdfa/ Fix 0060.out to
make 4 tests expected to fail
* tests/rdfa/ annotate expected test failures
* tests/rdfa/ Expect failures: 0011.xhtml 0052.xhtml
0053.xhtml 0058.xhtml 0060.xhtml
*, tests/, tests/rdfa,
tests/rdfa/0001.out, tests/rdfa/0001.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0006.out,
tests/rdfa/0006.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0007.out, tests/rdfa/0007.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0008.out, tests/rdfa/0008.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0009.out,
tests/rdfa/0009.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0010.out, tests/rdfa/0010.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0011.out, tests/rdfa/0011.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0012.out,
tests/rdfa/0012.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0013.out, tests/rdfa/0013.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0014.out, tests/rdfa/0014.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0015.out,
tests/rdfa/0015.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0018.out, tests/rdfa/0018.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0019.out, tests/rdfa/0019.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0020.out,
tests/rdfa/0020.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0021.out, tests/rdfa/0021.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0023.out, tests/rdfa/0023.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0025.out,
tests/rdfa/0025.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0026.out, tests/rdfa/0026.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0027.out, tests/rdfa/0027.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0029.out,
tests/rdfa/0029.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0030.out, tests/rdfa/0030.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0031.out, tests/rdfa/0031.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0032.out,
tests/rdfa/0032.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0033.out, tests/rdfa/0033.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0034.out, tests/rdfa/0034.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0035.out,
tests/rdfa/0035.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0036.out, tests/rdfa/0036.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0037.out, tests/rdfa/0037.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0038.out,
tests/rdfa/0038.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0041.out, tests/rdfa/0041.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0046.out, tests/rdfa/0046.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0047.out,
tests/rdfa/0047.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0048.out, tests/rdfa/0048.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0049.out, tests/rdfa/0049.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0050.out,
tests/rdfa/0050.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0051.out, tests/rdfa/0051.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0052.out, tests/rdfa/0052.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0053.out,
tests/rdfa/0053.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0054.out, tests/rdfa/0054.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0055.out, tests/rdfa/0055.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0056.out,
tests/rdfa/0056.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0057.out, tests/rdfa/0057.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0058.out, tests/rdfa/0058.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0059.out,
tests/rdfa/0059.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0060.out, tests/rdfa/0060.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0061.out, tests/rdfa/0061.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0062.out,
tests/rdfa/0062.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0063.out, tests/rdfa/0063.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0064.out, tests/rdfa/0064.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0065.out,
tests/rdfa/0065.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0066.out, tests/rdfa/0066.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0067.out, tests/rdfa/0067.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0068.out,
tests/rdfa/0068.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0069.out, tests/rdfa/0069.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0070.out, tests/rdfa/0070.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0071.out,
tests/rdfa/0071.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0072.out, tests/rdfa/0072.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0073.out, tests/rdfa/0073.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0074.out,
tests/rdfa/0074.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0075.out, tests/rdfa/0075.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0076.out, tests/rdfa/0076.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0077.out,
tests/rdfa/0077.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0078.out, tests/rdfa/0078.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0079.out, tests/rdfa/0079.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0080.out,
tests/rdfa/0080.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0081.out, tests/rdfa/0081.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0082.out, tests/rdfa/0082.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0083.out,
tests/rdfa/0083.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0084.out, tests/rdfa/0084.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0086.out, tests/rdfa/0086.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0087.out,
tests/rdfa/0087.xhtml, tests/rdfa/0089.out, tests/rdfa/0089.xhtml,
tests/rdfa/0090.out, tests/rdfa/0090.xhtml, tests/rdfa/1001.out,
tests/rdfa/1001.xhtml, tests/rdfa/ Added RDFA test
cases from
* librdfa/curie.c:
(rdfa_resolve_curie): Handle undefined
namespaces prefix
* src/raptor_librdfa.c:
Generate correct bnodes
*,, librdfa, librdfa/,
librdfa/curie.c, librdfa/language.c, librdfa/rdfa.c,
librdfa/rdfa.h, librdfa/rdfa_utils.c, librdfa/rdfa_utils.h,
librdfa/subject.c, librdfa/triple.c, src/,
src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_librdfa.c, src/raptor_parse.c:
Added RDFA support via a copy of librdfa linked inside Raptor
librdfa/ directory contains a copy of (part of) librdfa by Manu Sporny
"librdfa is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1
(or newer), GNU General Public License v2.0 (or newer), or the Apache
2.0 License (or newer). Each license is an alternative, and if you
select one license, that one alone applies."
(same license as raptor)
The sources were taken from GIT at
and patched to work inside raptor.
src/raptor_librdfa.c: New raptor parser 'rdfa'
* src/raptor_grddl.c:
(raptor_grddl_parse_recognise_syntax): Lower
scores for xhtml since the mime type gets added in too
* src/raptor_grddl.c:
(raptor_grddl_parse_recognise_syntax): Do
not guess using "xhtml" suffix twice
2008-05-15 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c:
Resiliency fix. Check raptor_new_avltree_iterator() return value.
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c:
(raptor_turtle_emit_subject_properties): Free avltree iterator
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c:
(raptor_rdfxmla_emit_subject_properties): Resiliency fix: do not
leak iterator on OOM.
2008-05-14 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_abbrev.c, src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c,
src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c: Switch raptor_avltree_cursor_*
functions to use raptor_avltree_iterator
* tests/ check-rdfxmla, check-turtle-serialize: check
status from rapper & rdfdiff
* src/raptor_avltree.c:
raptor_avltree_cursor_last): Return failure/finished if tree was
* src/raptor_avltree.c:
(raptor_avltree_iterator_get): finished if
no current node
* tests/turtle/ check-turtle-serialize: check status
from rapper & rdfdiff
* src/raptor_avltree.c:
(raptor_new_avltree): Zap cursor_iterator
* src/raptor_internal.h: Added raptor_avltree_iterator typedef.
for raptor_new_avltree_iterator, raptor_free_avltree_iterator,
raptor_avltree_iterator_end, raptor_avltree_iterator_next and
* src/raptor_avltree.c: Autodocs for (still internal) AVL Tree
functions Some whitespace/indenting fixes.
(raptor_avltree_add, raptor_avltree_sprout): Will either replace or
ignore updates to a duplicate - equivalent - item depending on the
new raptor_new_avltree constructor flags arg value
(raptor_avltree_node_leftmost, raptor_avltree_node_rightmost):
Accept a range argument to use for searching in a range.
raptor_avltree_node_search_left): Added for searching for a node
in a direction in a range.
(raptor_avltree_node_prev, raptor_avltree_node_next): Handle
moving with ranges.
(raptor_new_avltree_iterator): Added iterator constructor with
direction arg to indicate prev/next direction of iteration,
optionally in a range.
(raptor_free_avltree_iterator): Added iterator destructor.
(raptor_avltree_iterator_end): Added iterator done check method.
(raptor_avltree_iterator_next): Added iterator move method.
(raptor_avltree_iterator_get): Added iterator get current method.
(raptor_avltree_cursor_first, raptor_avltree_cursor_last,
raptor_avltree_cursor_prev, raptor_avltree_cursor_next,
raptor_avltree_cursor_get): Rewritten in terms of a
tree->cursor_iterator iterator.
(raptor_avltree_print): Rewritten using an iterator.
(raptor_avltree_check_internal, raptor_avltree_check): Use an
unsigned int count.
(main): Use iterator for going forward check.
2008-05-10 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_abbrev.c:
(raptor_abbrev_subject_add_property): Do
not lose reference count for inner nodes.
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c:
use raptor_abbrev_subject_add_property to ignore duplicate triples
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c:
(raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_statement): use
raptor_abbrev_subject_add_property to ignore duplicate triples
* src/raptor_abbrev.c:
(raptor_abbrev_node_cmp): Fix comparison to
properly return 0 when literals are truly equal
(raptor_abbrev_subject_add_property): Catch duplicates and do not
add them.
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c:
Revert bogus dup triple test.
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c:
Revert bogus dup triple test.
* tests/turtle/ check-turtle-serialize: do not break
on first error; still return failure
* src/raptor_turtle_writer.c:
(raptor_new_turtle_writer): Make
first @base be absolute since there is no base URI at that point.
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c:
(raptor_turtle_serialize_statement): Check whether no new subject,
predicate or object nodes were created, in which case this is a
duplicate statement that can be ignored.
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c:
(raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_statement): Check whether no new
subject, predicate or object nodes were created, in which case
this is a duplicate statement that can be ignored.
* src/raptor_abbrev.c:
raptor_abbrev_subject_lookup): Added a created_p output parameter
which is set to non-0 if a node was created.
* src/raptor_internal.h: raptor_abbrev_node_lookup and
raptor_abbrev_subject_lookup gain a created_p output parameter.
2008-05-01 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c:
(raptor_rss10_emit_item): Fix attrs
re-declared warning
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: Removed indent arg from
raptor_rss10_emit_item and comment out indent lines
(raptor_rss10_emit_item): Loose indent
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: With the atom serializer, write any
remaining triples for an item as an <atom:content
type="application/rdf+xml">...</> block using the rdf/xml-abbrev
serializer. Use auto-indenting XML writer, do not manage indent
here anymore.
(raptor_rss10_emit_item): Write atom:content block for atom
serializer and when triples present.
(raptor_rss10_serialize_end) Init auto indent and auto empty xml
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c: Added new flags to allow an
external xml_writer to be given, not write rdf:RDF, initialise the
starting xml writer depth and allow an external namespace stack.
raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_declare_namespace_from_namespace): Set
starting xml writer depth.
(raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_init_nstack): Added to separate out
stack initialising from raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_init.
(raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_init): Call
raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_init_nstack() and set rdf:RDF writing to
true by default.
(raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_terminate): Conditionalise freeing the
xml writer and namespaces stack.
(raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_set_write_rdf_RDF): Added
(raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_set_xml_writer): Added
(raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_start): Do not init local xml_writer if
one was passed in.
(raptor_rdfxmla_ensure_writen_header): Do not write rdf:RDF if not
* src/raptor_rss_common.c:
(raptor_new_rss_item): Added,
refactoring raptor_rss_model_add_item and
raptor_rss_model_add_common content and ensuring triples field is
always initialised.
* src/raptor_rss.h: Added raptor_new_rss_item prototype.
* src/raptor_qname.c:
(raptor_new_qname_from_namespace_local_name): Accept NULL
namespace to make a namespace-less qname.
* src/raptor_xml_writer.c:
(raptor_xml_writer_get_depth): Added.
* src/raptor_sequence.c:
(raptor_sequence_delete_at): Added
* src/raptor.h: Added raptor_sequence_delete_at and
* src/raptor_serialize.c:
(raptor_serialize_end): use
free_iostream_on_end field to free iostream only if it was
internal, not passed in
* src/raptor_internal.h: iostream gets free_iostream_on_end field
Added raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_set_write_rdf_RDF and
raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_set_xml_writer prototypes
2008-04-30 Dave Robillard <>
* src/raptor_turtle_writer.c:
raptor_turtle_writer_base): Set base URI even if not writing @base
directive, so relative URI writing works correctly when @base is
2008-04-26 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_uri.c:
(assert_uri_to_relative): Free base_uri if not NULL
2008-04-25 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_avltree.c, src/raptor_general.c,
src/raptor_identifier.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_iostream.c, src/raptor_json_writer.c,
src/raptor_namespace.c, src/raptor_parse.c, src/raptor_qname.c,
src/raptor_sax2.c, src/raptor_sequence.c, src/raptor_serialize.c,
src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c, src/raptor_set.c,
src/raptor_statement.c, src/raptor_stringbuffer.c,
src/raptor_uri.c, src/raptor_xml.c, src/raptor_xml_writer.c,
destructor object arg. Code comments 2008
2008-04-16 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c:
Reset context->written_header flag to enable serializer object
2008-04-14 Dave Beckett <>
* src/turtle_lexer.l: Rename fatal_error_longjmp_env to
* src/n3_lexer.l: Use setjmp/longjmp to return fatal error
messages to caller without abort()
(n3_lexer_fatal_error): Remove abort() call.
main code: setjmp before starting parse. Move code to inside %{
%} block.
* src/n3_common.h, src/n3_parser.y, src/turtle_common.h,
src/turtle_parser.y: Count errors in syntax parsing and do not
report errors after the first one. A workaround instead of adding
full bison error parser recovery.
*, src/turtle_lexer.l: Use setjmp/longjmp to return
fatal error messages to caller without abort()
(turtle_lexer_fatal_error): Remove abort() call.
main code: setjmp before starting parse. Move code to inside %{
%} block.
2008-04-14 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c:
Resiliency fixes: check raptor_parser_internal_generate_id()
return value
* src/raptor_libxml.c:
(raptor_libxml_free): Resiliency fix: make
sure myDoc is always freed.
* src/n3_lexer.l, src/turtle_lexer.l: Reverted from r13787 abort()
calls back to *_lexer_fatal_error() - it is assumed that these
functions never return.
* src/ntriples_parse.c:
raptor_ntriples_string_as_utf8_string): Resiliency fixes: check
for alloc failures.
2008-04-13 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_rss_common.c: 2008
* src/raptor_rss.h,
raptor_free_rss_item): Add triples, free it.
(raptor_clear_rss_item): Deleted, not used.
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: comments
(raptor_rss10_serialize_statement): pass on handled flag from
* src/raptor_guess.c:
(raptor_guess_parse_chunk):: Check for
raptor_parser_copy_user_state failure and pass on.
* src/raptor_grddl.c:
(raptor_grddl_ensure_internal_parser): Check
for raptor_parser_copy_user_state failure and pass on. Slightly
adjust nearby code to remove else.
* src/raptor_internal.h,
(raptor_parser_copy_user_state): Add a return
value on failure of allocs.
* src/raptor_parse.c:
(raptor_parser_copy_user_state): Copy
Cache-Control: header and User-Agent: header values to destination
* src/raptor_internal.h: Note about code changes needed when
adding user data to raptor_parser
* src/raptor_internal.h: Removed prototypes for removed functions:
raptor_parser_fatal_error_varargs, raptor_parser_warning_varargs
* src/n3_lexer.l, src/parsedate.y, src/raptor_parse.c,
src/raptor_rdfxml.c, src/turtle_lexer.l: Remove calls to abort()
in mainline code (some aborts still exist in test code for
consistency failures in avltree but they are only compiled in with
(raptor_parser_fatal_error): Set parsing failed flag on fatal error.
raptor_parser_warning_message_handler): Removed, no longer used.
Remove use of abort() for an ancient check for an object URI that can
be worked around.
remove use of abort() for unknown content types related to
daml/collections - it will fall through to a fatal error anyway.
With default content type, remove abort() and tidy the error
Parsing will still fail in this case.
(n3_lexer_fatal_error, turtle_lexer_fatal_error): Do not call abort.
(ToHour): Do not call abort, print message when debugging and return
invalid value.
2008-04-12 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_rss.c:
(raptor_rss_start_namespaces): Added, pulling
namespace scanning out of raptor_rss_parse_chunk.
(raptor_rss_parse_chunk): Call above.
* src/raptor_rss.c: Add a nspaces_seen[] array in raptor_rss and
track namespaces declared either in input (xmlns seen via SAX) or
output, when writing a field in RSS1.0 schema. Save them all up
and generate before emitting.
(raptor_rss_parse_start): Reset nspaces_seen array to none seen.
(raptor_rss_sax2_new_namespace_handler): Mark namespace seen, do
not pass on to rdf namespace handler just yet.
(raptor_rss_parse_chunk): On finish, scan all fields of all items
for namespaces and mark those that need declaring. Then call
raptor_parser_start_namespace() to start them for the client.
2008-04-11 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_rss.c:
(raptor_rss_sax2_new_namespace_handler): Added.
(raptor_rss_parse_init): Register
raptor_rss_sax2_new_namespace_handler to pass on SAX2 namespace
events to the rdf parser.
Fixes Issue #0000255
* docs/tmpl/section-triples.sgml: sgml docs
* src/raptor_serialize_rss.c: 2008
2008-04-11 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_general.c:
(raptor_init, raptor_finish): Changed
raptor_initialised flag to a reference count.
2008-04-05 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/raptor-serializers.xml: Add JSON serializers section
2008-04-03 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c:
Fixed crash when reusing serializer objects. Reset
context->written_header flag so that when
raptor_rdfxmla_ensure_writen_header() returns success,
context->rdf_RDF_element is always non-null.
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c:
Fixed rdfxml-xmp segfault. Make sure avltree cursor points to
something before trying to indirect it.
2008-04-01 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor-config.1: remove undefined macro .l other fixes
* NEWS.html, RELEASE.html, src/win32_raptor_config.h:
Bumped version to 1.4.18
2008-03-29 Dave Beckett <>
* Snapshotted raptor_1_4_17 for 1.4.17 release (SVN 13771)
* utils/rapper.c: adjust feature pops
* utils/rapper.c: free features
* utils/rapper.c: Allow multiple features to be set with
-f/--feature by storing them away in two raptor_sequence* lists,
one for parser and one for serializer.
Then such things like
rapper -q -o json -f jsonCallback=foo -f 'jsonExtraData="foo":"bar"' -f relativeURIs ...
can be called.
* src/raptor_serialize_json.c:
(raptor_json_serialize_init): Alter
default to serialize with absolute URIs for JSON.
(raptor_json_serialize_start): Use feature_relative_uris to decide
what base uri to send to JSON writer.
2008-03-27 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_serialize_json.c:
(raptor_json_serialize_start): Make
callback start with '(' again.
2008-03-26 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_sax2.c:
(raptor_sax2_unparsed_entity_decl): Do not
return error when there is no handler.
(raptor_sax2_external_entity_ref): Error out when there is no
handler as the XML cannot be parsed with unknown external entity
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_sax2.c:
raptor_sax2_external_entity_ref): Moved unparsed entity and
external entity reference error messages to sax2 class.
raptor_rdfxml_external_entity_ref_handler): Deleted.
(raptor_rdfxml_parse_init): Remove setting handlers
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c:
raptor_rdfxml_external_entity_ref_handler): Turn
fprintf(stderr...) calls into real raptor_parser_error calls
* src/raptor_sax2.c:
(raptor_sax2_external_entity_ref): Note
failure is happening with 'return 0'
* src/raptor.h: raptor_sax2_external_entity_ref_handler autodocs
2008-03-25 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_sax2.c, src/raptor_iostream.c: autodocs
* docs/libraptor.3: 1.4.17 and lots of formatting tidying
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_feature.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_parse.c, src/raptor_sax2.c, src/raptor_serialize.c,
src/raptor_serialize_json.c, src/raptor_turtle_writer.c,
src/raptor_xml_writer.c: Added RAPTOR_FEATURE_JSON_EXTRA_DATA name
jsonExtraData that allows adding data to the end of the top level
JSON object on output
2008-03-23 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/tmpl/section-feature.sgml: add json callback feature
2008-03-16 Dave Beckett <>
* fix check for needing to link with -lm
* src/raptor_sax2.c:
(raptor_sax2_parse_chunk): Fixes to calling
raptor_log_error_to_handlers when built with expat.
* src/raptor_parse.c:
(main): Only define program if RAPTOR_DEBUG
* src/raptor_avltree.c:
(check_string, main): Casts for C++
* src/raptor_turtle_writer.c:
(main): Cast for C++
* src/raptor_uri.c:
(main): Remove C99 initializer for C++
* src/raptor_abbrev.c:
(raptor_abbrev_node_lookup): Cast for C++
* src/raptor_set.c:
(raptor_id_set_add): Casts for C++
* src/raptor_turtle_writer.c:
(main): use raptor_iostream_tell
instead of deprecated raptor_iostream_get_bytes_written_count
* tests/turtle/test-28-out.ttl: Update expected exact turtle
serializer result due to AVLTree change in re-ordering the triples
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_feature.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_parse.c, src/raptor_sax2.c, src/raptor_serialize.c,
src/raptor_serialize_json.c, src/raptor_turtle_writer.c,
src/raptor_xml_writer.c: Added RAPTOR_FEATURE_JSON_CALLBACK
serializer feature for the JSON serializer to emit a callback
block like callback(...);
struct raptor_serializer_s gains feature_json_callback.
(raptor_free_serializer): Free all string features.
raptor_serializer_get_feature_string): Store/return JSON callback
in feature_json_callback.
raptor_features_list array gains new entry for
RAPTOR_FEATURE_JSON_CALLBACK with name "jsonCallback".
(raptor_json_serialize_start): Write callback before serialize start.
(raptor_json_serialize_end): Terminate callback after serialize end.
* src/raptor.h: Removed raptor_sax2_parse_handle_errors prototype
- no such function.
2008-02-25 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c:
raptor_rdfxml_end_element_grammar): Check for alloc failures.
* src/raptor_xml.c:
(raptor_new_xml_element): Check for cdata
stringbuffer alloc failure.
* src/raptor_sax2.c:
(raptor_sax2_start_element): Low-memory
cleanup fixes.
* src/raptor.h:
(raptor_error_handlers): Quick segfault fix:
statically allocate RAPTOR_LOG_LEVEL_LAST+1 error handler slots
* src/raptor.h:
(raptor_error_handlers): Portability fix: avoid
"type containing an unknown-size array is not allowed" errors on
some compilers.
2008-02-24 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_www.c:
(raptor_www_set_http_cache_control): +1 for
zero termination
2008-02-24 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_grddl.c,
src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_libxml.c, src/raptor_parse.c,
src/raptor_sax2.c, src/raptor_www.c, src/raptor_www_libxml.c:
Added struct raptor_message_handler_closure for user data plus an
error handler.
(raptor_log_error_simple): Removed, only used in raptor_sax2.c
(raptor_log_error_to_handlers): Added to log to an
raptor_error_handlers object.
(raptor_sax2_simple_error): Tidy error calling to use closure
(raptor_sax2_parse_chunk, raptor_log_error_to_handlers): Use
(raptor_www_set_error_handler, raptor_www_error): Update for
closure struct.
(raptor_grddl_fetch_uri, raptor_grddl_parse_chunk): Update for
closure struct. Tidy saving and restoring error handlers
(raptor_new_parser): Init last_log_level for error handlers.
(raptor_parse_uri_with_connection, raptor_parser_simple_error,
raptor_parser_error_varargs, raptor_parser_error_message_handler,
raptor_parser_warning, raptor_parser_warning_message_handler,
raptor_set_fatal_error_handler, raptor_set_error_handler,
raptor_set_warning_handler): Update for closure struct.
(raptor_libxml_warning, raptor_libxml_error_common,
raptor_libxml_xmlStructuredErrorFunc): Update for closure struct.
(raptor_www_libxml_init): Update for closure struct.
2008-02-24 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/ flex-generated header file does not need fixing
with fix-flex. It already has YY_NO_UNISTD_H guard and all other
fix-flex issues are for .c files only.
Fixes warnings due to multiple inclusion of raptor_config.h.
2008-02-23 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/tmpl/section-feature.sgml, src/raptor.h,
src/raptor_feature.c, src/raptor_grddl.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_parse.c, src/raptor_sax2.c, src/raptor_serialize.c,
src/raptor_turtle_writer.c, src/raptor_www.c,
src/raptor_www_curl.c, src/raptor_www_libxml.c,
src/raptor_xml_writer.c: Add RAPTOR_FEATURE_WWW_HTTP_CACHE_CONTROL
on in parsers to internal www. raptor_www struct gains
cache_control and user_agent fields.
(raptor_www_curl_fetch): Disable curl www Pragma: header always.
(raptor_www_set_http_cache_control): Added.
(raptor_www_set_user_agent, raptor_www_set_proxy): Error checking
on malloc failure.
Fixes Issue #0000252
2008-02-22 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c:
(raptor_rdfxml_cdata_grammar): Check for
null pointer before indirecting it.
* src/raptor_libxml.c: Removed writable static data from
2008-02-16 Dave Beckett <>
* autogen checks when env prog version is
empty. Update all packages to latest
2008-02-09 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_avltree.c, src/raptor_internal.h:
(raptor_avltree_remove): Added.
(raptor_avltree_delete): Rewritten in terms of
raptor_avltree_remove. (main): Add test with
2008-02-07 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_avltree.c:
(raptor_avltree_search_internal): Alter to
return the node. (raptor_avltree_search): Use
raptor_avltree_search_internal changed
2008-02-07 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c:
(raptor_rdfxmla_emit_subject_properties): Do not throw away return
value from raptor_rdfxmla_emit_subject_list_items().
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c:
(raptor_rdfxmla_emit_subject_properties): Check
raptor_avltree_cursor_first() return value. Fixes a NULL
indirection crash later on.
* src/raptor_avltree.c:
(raptor_new_avltree): Initialize print_fn
field to NULL.
2008-02-06 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c:
Ensure variable rv is initialized before use.
2008-02-02 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_abbrev.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c, src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c:
Switch raptor_avltree subject->properties from raptor_sequence to
raptor_avltree and use an AVL Tree cursor to iterate it. This
changes the exact ordering of the output from original order, to
sorted by raptor_abbrev_node comparison order.
* src/raptor_avltree.c: Export avltree cursor prototypes. Added
raptor_data_print_function field.
(raptor_avltree_set_print_handler, raptor_avltree_print): Added to
print an AVL Tree.
(raptor_avltree_sprout_right): Fix failure to set parent correctly
in RR rebalancing.
(raptor_avltree_dump_internal): Print node value if print_fn is
* src/raptor_internal.h: Added raptor_data_print_function typedef.
Added raptor_avltree_set_print_handler and raptor_avltree_print
prototypes. Added avltree cursor prototypes:
raptor_avltree_cursor_first, raptor_avltree_cursor_last,
raptor_avltree_cursor_prev, raptor_avltree_cursor_next and
* src/raptor_avltree.c:
(compare_strings): update sig
* src/raptor_avltree.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_serialize_json.c, src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c,
src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c, src/raptor_set.c: Change
raptor_avltree data from raptor_avltree_t typedef to void*.
excessive typedefs. Rename raptor_avltree_compare_function to
raptor_data_compare_function. Rename
raptor_avltree_delete_function to raptor_data_free_function
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_general.c, src/raptor_parse.c,
(raptor_error_handlers_init): Remove all args
except object pointer. Add docs. This is currently not called
internally so no need for extra arg soup. Use to init
error_handlers everywhere.
(raptor_new_parser, raptor_www_new_with_connection): Use
raptor_error_handlers_init rather than set magic directly.
* src/raptor_statement.c:
(raptor_statement_compare): Allow
subject, predicate or object to have NULL pointers which always
sort earlier than pointers with values.
2008-01-29 Lauri Aalto <>
* tests/grddl/ Run GRDDL tests only if GRDDL parser is
enabled in configuration.
2008-01-27 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_avltree.c:
(raptor_new_avltree): Init size and cursor
* src/raptor_avltree.c: struct raptor_avltree gains a cursor
(raptor_avltree_node_leftmost, raptor_avltree_node_rightmost):
Added for code clarity. Really this could be inlined or a macro.
(raptor_avltree_node_prev, raptor_avltree_node_next): Added for
moving around tree in order.
(raptor_avltree_cursor_first, raptor_avltree_cursor_last,
raptor_avltree_cursor_prev, raptor_avltree_cursor_next,
raptor_avltree_cursor_get): Added avltree cursor with new methods.
(main): Added tests for forwards and backwards cursoring.
* src/raptor_statement.c: code style
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c:
* src/raptor_serialize_json.c:
Use raptor_statement_compare.
* src/, src/raptor.h, src/raptor_general.c,
src/raptor_statement.c: Added raptor_statement.c for statement
(raptor_statement_compare): Added, based on
* src/raptor_turtle_writer.c:
(main): Use write_base_uri in test.
2008-01-23 Dave Robillard <>
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c:
(raptor_turtle_context): Fix
comment on written_header for Turtle (not XML).
Add feature to control writing @base directive to Turtle files.
(raptor_new_turtle_writer): Added write_base_uri parameter.
2008-01-22 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_avltree.c: Remove most internal checks as they do not
hold while sprouting and rebalancing
(raptor_avltree_add, raptor_avltree_delete): Check here
2008-01-21 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_avltree.c: Run raptor_avltree_check_node after only
if not rebalancing - node is still being moved.
* src/raptor_avltree.c: remove QUOTE_FN and flush stderr
* src/raptor_avltree.c: Remove other raptor_avltree_check_node before
* src/raptor_avltree.c:
(raptor_avltree_sprout): Do not run before
check, the node is not consistent while it is moving to the right
* src/raptor_turtle_writer.c:
(main) cast for strlen
* src/raptor_internal.h: Added prototypes for raptor_avltree_size,
raptor_avltree_dump and raptor_avltree_check
* src/raptor_avltree.c: raptor_avltree_node gains a parent field
raptor_avltree gains a size field
(raptor_avltree_sprout): Add a parent node arg for updating parent
field on sprouts.
(raptor_avltree_add): Call raptor_avltree_sprout with NULL parent.
(raptor_avltree_print_node): Added for debugging
(raptor_avltree_check_node): Added to check a node for validity of
(raptor_avltree_sprout_left, raptor_avltree_sprout_right,
raptor_avltree_sprout, raptor_avltree_balance_left,
raptor_avltree_balance_right): Update parent pointers and run
check functions afterwards.
(raptor_avltree_delete_internal): Run check functions
(raptor_avltree_size): Added to get tree size.
(raptor_avltree_dump_internal, raptor_avltree_dump,
raptor_avltree_check_internal, raptor_avltree_check): Added for
debugging tree and checking consistency.
(main): Added one more test item so tree is not balanced. Run
checks during adds and delete.
2008-01-21 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_rdfxml.c:
(raptor_rdfxml_parse_init): Check for
allocation failures and return error code if necessary.
(raptor_rdfxml_parse_terminate): Do not assume sax2, id_set are
2008-01-21 Dave Beckett <>
* utils/rdfdiff.c: Changed algorithm - read both files into
rdfdiff_file* structures with rdfdiff_collect_statements, removing
duplicates for each file then compare afterwards.
(rdfdiff_statement_equals): Edited to have one return.
(rdfdiff_statement_find): Added
(rdfdiff_statement_exists): Uses rdfdiff_statement_find.
(rdfdiff_compare_statements): Removed.
(main): Use rdfdiff_collect_statements and after both files are
read in, walk through and remove common statements from the
from_file list.
* tests/ show results from check-rdfdiff failing
* utils/rdfdiff.c:
(rdfdiff_statement_exists): Added.
(rdfdiff_collect_statements): Use rdfdiff_statement_exists to not
add duplicate statements.
* tests/ Set result=1 on errors
2008-01-20 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/turtle/rdf-schema.out, tests/turtle/rdf-schema.ttl: Remove
duplicate statements from rdf-schema* now that serializer discards
* src/raptor_abbrev.c:
(raptor_abbrev_subject_add_property): Do
not save duplicate statements.
Fixes Issue #0000245
* src/raptor_avltree.c:
(main): Add test for raptor_avltree_search
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_xml.c: autodocs
2008-01-17 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_serialize_json.c:
Change the test for name "json".
* src/raptor_serialize_json.c:
Change serializer name 'json-t' to 'json-triples'
* src/raptor_serialize_json.c:
(raptor_init_serializer_json): Set
JSON mime type to application/json. Change serializer name 'json'
to resource-centric one and add alias 'json-r'.
* src/raptor_xml_writer.c:
(main): Use raptor_iostream_tell rather
than deprecated raptor_iostream_get_bytes_written_count
* src/raptor_serialize_json.c:
(raptor_init_serializer_json): Cast
* src/raptor_json_writer.c: Added define
RAPTOR_JSON_WRITER_DATATYPES to remove unused fields and
initialising/freeing supporting commented-out function
*, src/, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_json_writer.c, src/raptor_serialize.c,
src/raptor_serialize_json.c: Added JSON serializing support.
raptor_json_writer class for formatting JSON. json-r and json-t
serializations based on
2008-01-16 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_turtle_writer.c:
Do not write too much raw UTF-8
* src/raptor_turtle_writer.c:
(raptor_iostream_write_string_python): Add Long Turtle mode 2,
shift JSON to 3.
(raptor_turtle_writer_quoted_counted_string): Use mode 2 for
triple-quoted long strings
* src/raptor_internal.h: Add
raptor_turtle_writer_quoted_counted_string replacing
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_serialize_ntriples.c,
Added renamed from raptor_iostream_write_string_turtle and
replacing raptor_iostream_write_string_ntriples. Handles writing
to an iostream with escapes in N-Triples, Turtle and JSON with
appropriate escapes which are all python like.
(raptor_iostream_write_string_turtle): Changed to use
(raptor_turtle_writer_quoted_counted_string): Renamed from
raptor_turtle_writer_quoted and taking a length
2008-01-14 Lauri Aalto <>
* Do not branch scripts but keep them
2008-01-12 Dave Beckett <>
* automake 1.10 research
2008-01-11 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/n3_parser.y, src/ntriples_parse.c, src/raptor_grddl.c,
src/raptor_guess.c, src/raptor_internal.h, src/raptor_parse.c,
src/raptor_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_rss.c, src/raptor_serialize.c,
src/raptor_serialize_dot.c, src/raptor_serialize_ntriples.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rss.c, src/raptor_serialize_simple.c,
src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c, src/turtle_parser.y:
raptor_*_parser_register_factory) Return error codes from parser
and serializer factory registration functions.
raptor_parser_register_factory) Check factory function return
raptor_parser_factory_add_uri) Added error code returns. Bubble up
OOM errors to caller.
* src/raptor_parse.c, src/raptor_serialize.c:
raptor_serializer_register_factory): Let raptor_init() handle
dying on OOM.
* src/n3_parser.y, src/ntriples_parse.c, src/raptor_general.c,
src/raptor_grddl.c, src/raptor_guess.c, src/raptor_internal.h,
src/raptor_parse.c, src/raptor_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_rss.c,
src/raptor_sax2.c, src/raptor_serialize.c,
src/raptor_serialize_dot.c, src/raptor_serialize_ntriples.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rdfxml.c, src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c,
src/raptor_serialize_rss.c, src/raptor_serialize_simple.c,
src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c, src/raptor_uri.c,
src/turtle_parser.y: Changed raptor internal init functions to
return error codes.
2008-01-07 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor.h: Add raptor_error_handlers_init and raptor_sax2
RAPTOR_API exports.
* src/raptor_rfc2396.c:
(raptor_uri_resolve_uri_reference): Cast
unsigned char -> char. Fixes compilation problems on non-gcc
2008-01-05 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_rfc2396.c: Update URI resolving for RFC3986 - some
abnormal examples have different results or have defined possible
(raptor_uri_resolve_uri_reference): Remove leading /../ and /./
(main): Update tests for RFC3986 changes
* src/raptor_general.c: 2008
2008-01-04 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c:
Do not assume context->turtle_writer is initialized.
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c:
Require non-NULL rdf:type abbrev node.
* src/raptor_abbrev.c:
Prevent low-memory double deletes - increment object reference
counts earlier.
* src/raptor_turtle_writer.c:
(raptor_turtle_writer_quoted): Check
for stringbuffer alloc failures.
2008-01-03 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor.h, src/raptor_qname.c: Added
2008-01-03 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c:
Return error if raptor_abbrev_node_lookup() or
raptor_abbrev_subject_add_property() calls fail.
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c:
Removed redundant conditional.
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c:
Check for qname alloc failure, do not pass NULL attributes to XML
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c:
Lowmem fixes. Return raptor_abbrev_subject_add_property() errors
to caller.
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c:
Added int return code.
(raptor_rdfxmla_serialize_end) Fixed low-memory crash: make sure
context->rdf_RDF_element is not used if NULL.
* src/raptor_abbrev.c:
(raptor_new_qname_from_resource): Fixed
low-memory leaks.
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c, src/raptor_serialize_turtle.c:
rdfxml-abbrev & turtle serializer error messages: Removed double
0x prefixes - %p already gives one.
* src/raptor_iostream.c: Changed raptor_iostream_handler2
initializers from gcc/c99 style to traditional C.
2008-01-02 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c:
Do not assume xml_writer or rdf_RDF_element are initialized.
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c:
Check for raptor_abbrev_node_lookup() errors.
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c:
Check for alloc failures.
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c:
Check for alloc failures.
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c:
(raptor_rdfxmla_emit_subject_properties): Check for alloc failures.
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c:
Check for qname attribute alloc failures.
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c:
Check for qname attribute alloc failure.
* src/raptor_serialize_rdfxmla.c:
(raptor_rdfxmla_emit_subject_list_items): Check for xml element
alloc failure.
* src/raptor_abbrev.c:
(raptor_new_qname_from_resource): Check for
alloc failure.
* src/raptor_abbrev.c:
(raptor_abbrev_node_lookup): Check for
lookup node allocation failures.
* src/raptor_abbrev.c:
(raptor_new_abbrev_node): Check for alloc
* src/turtle_parser.y:
(raptor_turtle_parse_chunk): Do not leave
turtle_parser->buffer a dangling pointer if realloc fails.
(raptor_turtle_parse_terminate) When freeing
turtle_parser->buffer, do not trust turtle_parser->buffer_length
to be in sync.
* src/raptor_iostream.c:
(raptor_new_iostream_to_filename): Close
file on alloc failure.
* src/raptor_iostream.c:
Close file on alloc failure.
* src/raptor_iostream.c:
raptor_iostream_check_handler, raptor_new_iostream_from_handler2):
Fix compiler error on some non-gcc compilers - illegal use of
2008-01-01 Dave Beckett <>
* src/raptor_iostream.c: code style
* src/raptor_iostream.c: docs
* src/raptor_iostream.c:
(raptor_iostream_calculate_modes): Use
handler2 version for calculations.
(raptor_iostream_check_handler): Check handler API versions.
raptor_new_iostream_to_file_handle, raptor_new_iostream_to_string,
raptor_new_iostream_from_file_handle): Set mode once.
* src/raptor_iostream.c: Check handler matches requested mode
(raptor_iostream_calculate_modes): Added.
(raptor_iostream_check_handler): Renamed from
(raptor_new_iostream_from_handler2, raptor_new_iostream_to_filename,
raptor_new_iostream_to_file_handle, raptor_new_iostream_to_string,
raptor_new_iostream_from_file_handle): Use
raptor_iostream_check_handler to check things and
raptor_iostream_calculate_modes to set mode.
* src/raptor_iostream.c: Merge read/write filename code Ensure
finish is called to fclose(handle)
* src/raptor_iostream.c:
(test_*): Replace uses of
raptor_iostream_get_bytes_written_count with raptor_iostream_tell
* src/raptor_iostream.c: Use unsigned long offset not bytes.
(raptor_iostream_get_bytes_written_count): Deprecated for
(raptor_iostream_tell): Added
* src/raptor.h: Deprecate raptor_iostream_get_bytes_written_count
for raptor_iostream_tell
* src/raptor_iostream.c:
(raptor_filename_iostream_finish): Added
to close filename file
handle. raptor_iostream_read_file_handle_handler struct added
(raptor_new_iostream_from_file_handle): Added.
(test_read_from_file_handle): Enabled.
* src/raptor_iostream.c: Put ended EOF into flags
* src/raptor_iostream.c: Merge read/write sinks
* src/raptor_iostream.c: Add private field to raptor_iostream_s
for handling freeing handler2
(raptor_new_iostream_from_handler2): Add const to hamdler2 arg.
* src/raptor.h: raptor_iostream_handler2 loses private field - it
can be part of internals of raptor_iostream Updated
raptor_new_iostream_from_handler2 to make handler2 arg
constant pointer to constant data.
* src/raptor.h: Added raptor_iostream_read_eof and typedef
raptor_iostream_read_eof_func to raptor_iostream_handler2
* src/raptor_iostream.c:
(raptor_iostream_read_eof): Added.
(main) More unit test refactoring and checking.
* src/raptor_iostream.c: Resource cleanup on test failures
* src/raptor_iostream.c: Refactor read tests to be units - one
function per test.
* src/raptor_iostream.c: Refactor write tests to be units - one
function per test.
* src/raptor_iostream.c:
(main): Tests for iostream reading
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