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Redland Raptor RDF syntax library

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  <title>Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit</title>

<h1 style="text-align:center">Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit</h1>
<h2 style="text-align:center"><a href="">Dave Beckett</a><br /><a href="">Institute for Learning and Research Technology</a><br /><a href="">University of Bristol</a></h2>


<p><a href="">Raptor</a>
is a free software / Open Source C library that provides
a set of parsers and serializers that
generate Resource Description Framework (RDF) triples
by parsing syntaxes or serialize the triples into a syntax.
The supported parsing syntaxes are RDF/XML,
N-Triples, Turtle, RSS tag soup including Atom 0.3 and the
serializing syntaxes are RDF/XML and N-Triples.</p>

<p>Raptor was designed to work closely with the
<a href="">Redland RDF library</a>
(<b>R</b>DF <b>P</b>arser <b>T</b>oolkit f<b>o</b>r <b>R</b>edland)
but is entirely separate.  It is a portable library that works
across many POSIX systems (Unix, GNU/Linux, BSDs, OSX, cygwin,
win32).  Raptor has no memory leaks and is fast.

<p>This is a mature and stable library.
See the <a href="TODO.html">todo list</a>
for the current state information.  A summary
of the changes can be found in the <a href="NEWS.html">NEWS</a> file,
detailed API changes in the <a href="RELEASE.html">release notes</a>
and file-by-file changes in the CVS <a href="ChangeLog">ChangeLog</a>.</p>


<h3>RDF/XML Parser</h3>

<p>A Parser for the standard
<a href="">RDF/XML syntax</a>
as revised by the
<a href="">W3C RDF Core working group</a>.</p>

<li>Designed to integrate well with <a href="">Redland</a></li>
<li>Fully handles the <a href="">RDF/XML syntax updates</a> for <a href="">XML Base</a>, <code>xml:lang</code>, RDF datatyping and Collections.</li>
<li>Handles all RDF vocabularies such as <a href="">FOAF</a>, <a href="">RSS 1.0</a>, <a href="">Dublin Core</a>, <a href="">OWL</a>, <a href="">DOAP</a></li>
<li>Parses and generates <a href="">N-Triples</a> supporting XML literals, language tagging and datatypes</li>
<li>Parses content on the web if <a href="">libcurl</a>, <a href="">libxml2</a> or BSD libfetch is available.</li>
<li>Handles <code>rdf:resource</code> / <code>resource</code> attributes</li>
<li>Uses <a href="">expat</a> and/or (GNOME) <a href="">libxml</a> XML parsers as available or required</li>
<li>Optional features can be selected at run time.</li>
<li>C#, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Tcl interfaces when used via Redland</li>
<li>No memory leaks</li>
<li>Standalone <a href="rapper.html">rapper</a> RDF parser utility program</li>

<p>Known bugs and issues are recorded in the
<a href="TODO.html">to do list</a>.</p>

<h3>N-Triples Parser</h3>

<p>A parser for the
<a href="">N-Triples</a>
syntax as used by the 
<a href="">W3C RDF Core working group</a>
for the <a href="">RDF Test Cases</a>.

<h3>Turtle Parser</h3>

<p>A parser for the
<a href="">Turtle Terse RDF Triple Language</a>
syntax, designed as a useful subset of
<a href="">Notation 3</a>.

<h3>RSS "tag soup" parser</h3>

<p>A parser for the multiple XML RSS formats that use the elements
such as channel, item, title, description in different ways.
Attempts to turn the input into
<a href="">RSS 1.0</a>
RDF triples.  True <a href="">RSS 1.0</a>,
as a full RDF vocabulary, is best parsed by the RDF/XML parser.
It also generates triples for RSS enclosures.</p>

<p>This parser also handles the Atom 0.3 syndication format
currently being standardised by the
<a href="">IETF Atom Publishing Format and Protocol</a>
working group.


<h3>RDF/XML Serializer</h3>

<p>A serializer to the standard
<a href="">RDF/XML syntax</a>
as revised by the
<a href="">W3C RDF Core working group</a>.
This writes a statement-based RDF/XML serialization with
no optimisation or pretty-printing.</p>

<h3>N-Triples Serializer</h3>

<p>A serializer to the
<a href="">N-Triples</a>
syntax as used by the 
<a href="">W3C RDF Core working group</a>
for the <a href="">RDF Test Cases</a>.


<p>The public API is described in the
<a href="libraptor.html">libraptor.3</a> UNIX manual page.
It is demonstrated in the
<a href="rapper.html">rapper</a>
utility program which shows how to call the parser and write
the triples in a serialization.  When Raptor is used inside
<a href="">Redland</a>,
the Redland documentation explains
how to call the parser and contains several example programs.
There are also further examples in the <tt>example</tt> directory
of the distribution.</p>

<p>To install Raptor see the <a href="INSTALL.html">Installation document</a>.


<p>The packaged sources are available from
<a href=""></a> (master site) and also from the
<a href="">SourceForge site</a>.
There are 
<a href="">nightly snapshots</a> of the development version which can also be browsed via
<a href="">CVSweb</a>.


<p>This library is free software / open source software released
under the LGPL (GPL) or Apache 2.0 licenses.  See 
<a href="LICENSE.html">LICENSE.html</a> for full details.</p>

<h2>Mailing Lists</h2>

<a href="">Redland mailing lists</a>
discusses the development and use of Raptor and Redland as well as
future plans and announcement of releases.</p>

<hr />

<p>Copyright 2000-2004 <a href="">Dave Beckett</a>, <a href="">Institute for Learning and Research Technology</a>, <a href="">University of Bristol</a></p>

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