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2003-10-14 Dave Beckett <>
* rdql_parser.y:
Add free handlers to all the rasqal_new_sequence calls.
(main): use dynamic request/free for rasqal_query so the sequences
get freed.
* rasqal.h: rasqal_parse_query, rdql_parse gain length argument
* rdql_parser.y (rdql_parse):
Updated with length argument. Use the *scan_bytes method.
(main): Update test code for rdql_parse taking query length
* rasqal_query.c: Updates for rdql_parse taking query length
* rdql_lexer.l (rdql_token_free):
Free string (part of union) only when the token
type indicates a string is present.
(main): close fh, save memory.
Use raw free for raptor-returned memory when debugging.
Gave up and machine-edit rdql_lexer.c output to put an if() around
a free with a NULL arg.
* rdql_parser.y, rdql_lexer.l:
(main) Use raptor to turn filename into a URI string
* Make librasqal depend on RASQAL_INTERNAL_LIBS
Prune MEM lines
Make tests use not LIBS
* Split internal use of and external use of
the output of raptor-config --libs
* Tidy exec_prefix.
Make libs work right
* added --libtool-libs
* Add --with-raptor=internal/system using raptor-config.
Handle working inside redland source tree; not tested.
* rdql_parser.y (rdql_parse): Add uri_string arg.
Added fake yy_init_globals to stop compiler warning; rdql_lexer.h
wrongly declares a prototype to a static function.
(rdql_query_error, rdql_syntax_error, rdql_syntax_warning): Use
uri_string, line fields from rdql_parser.
(main): Update test code to match changes.
* rdql_lexer.l:
Remove global filename; use uri_string field of rdql_parser
(main) Update test code to match.
* rdql_common.h: rdql_parser_s gains uri_string, line, column.
* rasqal_query.c:
(rasqal_parse_query) Add uri_string arg for base URI and/or error
* rasqal.h:
rasqal_aprse_query and rdql_parse now take a uri_string for base URI
and/or error reporting.
* rdql_lexer.l: fix standalone error/warning reporting
2003-10-13 Dave Beckett <>
* rdql_lexer.l, rdql_parser.y: Add stdarg.h
* example_at_7.rdql: fix old rdql syntax
* rdql_lexer.l: Add debugging rdql_syntax_warning
* back to automake 1.6
* Add rdql_common.h
* Automake 1.7
* rasqal_internal.h: Add more rdql internal prototypes
* rdql_parser.y, rdql_lexer.l:
Now re-entrant / shared lexer and parsers
* rdql_common.h: RDQL lexer/parser shared internals
* rdql_parser.y: Added (regex) flags to lval.
Removed bit operators.
Removed gramamr rules for bit operators: InclusiveOrExpression,
ExclusiveOrExpression, AndExpression no longer used.
* rdql_lexer.l:
Updates for pattern literal and identifier recognition from context.
Kill all bit operators.
(copy_regex_token): Added for handling regexes and flags. Not quite
working yet.
Removed like token.
2003-09-21 Dave Beckett <>
* rdql_parser.y: Tidy up after lexing, delete buffers
* rdql_parser.y: Add PATTERN_LITERAL
Kill END (use EOF)
* rdql_lexer.l:
PATTERN_LITERAL now returned using lexer state <PATTERN>
Handle some \-escapes in the patterns - guessing
* rdql_parser.y: Removed term, merged into expression - added pattern.
Removed URI from expression, only use as literal uri.
Use specific rasql_new_expression* functions.
* rasqal_general.c:
Removed term, merged into expression - added pattern.
Remove the 1 use of URI from expression, only use as literal uri.
(rasqal_new_1op_expression, rasqal_new_2op_expression,
rasqal_new_string_op_expression, rasqal_new_literal_expression,
rasqal_new_variable_expression): Added.
* rasqal.h: Removed term, merged into expression
* rasqal_general.c:
Added start of expression evaluation; committing in order to redo it.
* rdql_lexer.l: Update notes after those for n3_lexer.l in raptor
2003-08-22 Dave Beckett <>
* rdql_lexer.l (skip_cpp_comment): Added
* rdql_parser.y:
Add optional COMMA in lists of vars, triples, inside triples.
* Tidy link flags
* rasqal.h: Added rasqal_compare_strings and rasqal_sequence_sort
* rasqal_sequence.c (rasqal_sequence_ensure): Set min size to 8.
(rasqal_sequence_grow): Just double, ensure will make sure
it's minimum size is sensible.
(rasqal_sequence_set_at): idx+1 is new size.
(rasqal_compare_strings): Helper for:
(rasqal_sequence_sort): Sort sequences.
(main): Add sorting to tests.
* rasqal_query.c (rasqal_query_print):
Update for rasqal_sequence_print calls without
print_handler arg.
* rasqal.h, rdql_parser.y:
Update for rasqal_new_sequence calls with print_handler arg.
* rasqal_sequence.c (rasqal_new_sequence):
Lose capacity. Call now takes free and print
(rasqal_sequence_print_string): Helper, added.
(rasqal_sequence_print): Lose print_handler.
* Remove -o from $(LINK) lines
* Added memory debugging flags
flex/yacc output now compile without warnings.
* rdql_lexer.l: Added missing prototypes not generated by flex.
* rdql_lexer.l: Tidy and document options. No more interactive.
Fix boolean, null return values.
* rdql_parser.y: Move C code to section at end of file
* rdql_parser.y: Prototypes.
* rasqal_internal.h: Add dmalloc
* rasqal_query.c: Prototypes.
If optional last arg is missing or '-', read from stdin
* rasqal_query.c: note rdql uri
* clean stuff
lex -oout
* rdql_parser.y, rasqal_query.c, rasqal_internal.h,
rasqal_general.c, rasqal.h, Parse tree is now built
for RDQL in terms of rasqal sequences, terms, expressions,
variables and literals.
* rasqal_sequence.c:
Added rasqal_sequence_print taking a callback method to print the
2003-08-21 Dave Beckett <>
* rasqal_sequence.c: Added test suite and corrected.
Constructor gains a free_handler.
2003-08-14 Dave Beckett <>
* rdql_parser.y, rdql_lexer.l, rasqal_internal.h,
Change to rely on flex features - AT&T lex is just too feature light,
and the distribution will ship with the generated files anyway. Flex
is pretty widespread.
Change to use prefix setting for names inside the lexer
and the generated filenames. Update the calling code to match.
* rdql_parser.y: Note where shift/reduce conflicts are
2003-08-13 Dave Beckett <>
* Added example5.rdql
* example5.rdql: Initial import
* rdql_parser.y: +stdio
* rasqal.h: Added outline rasqal query and sequence API prototypes.
* Added rasqal_query.c rasqal_sequence.
* rasqal_query.c, rasqal_sequence.c: Initial import
2003-08-12 Dave Beckett <>
* Bump version to 1.1
* Snapshotted rasqal_1_0 for 1.0 release
* rdql_lexer.l: Add <string.h>
*, fixes for RPMs
* Not meant to be in CVS
* fix-groff-xhtml: Import from raptor CVS
* MPL.html, AUTHORS, INSTALL.html, LICENSE.html: Initial import
Added README.html, NEWS.html, LICENSE.html, INSTALL.html and
* NEWS.html, README.html, Initial import
* words
*,, example1.rdql, example2.rdql,
example3.rdql, example4.rdql, example_at_1.rdql,
example_at_2.rdql, example_at_3.rdql, example_at_4.rdql,
example_at_5.rdql, example_at_6.rdql, example_at_7.rdql,
librasqal.3, rasqal-config.1,,, rasqal.h,,,, rasqal_general.c, rasqal_internal.h,
rdql_lexer.l, rdql_parser.y, win32_config.h: Initial import