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2010-12-30 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_expr_strings.c: Count number of Unicode characters
not byte length
(rasqal_unicode_utf8_strlen): Added to count number of UTF-8
encoded characters in a string.
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_strlen): Use above to return strlen
* tests/sparql/check-sparql: Handle vars mentioned in select
expresssions, partially
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c, src/rasqal_expr_strings.c: Use
rasqal_expression_evaluate_str_prefix_suffix() to implement
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c, src/rasqal_expr_strings.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h: Implement SPARQL 1.1 STRSTARTS() and
(rasqal_literals_sparql11_compatible): Added to check literal
compatibility for matching according to SPARQL 1.1 draft string
matching rules.
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_str_prefix_suffix): Added to implement
prefix and suffix matching if the literals are compatible.
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c, src/rasqal_expr_strings.c,
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_set_case): Added implementing UCASE()
and LCASE() for ASCII
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c, src/rasqal_expr_strings.c,
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_strlen): Added implementing STRLEN()
* src/, src/rasqal_expr.c, src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c,
src/rasqal_query_write.c, src/sparql_lexer.l, src/sparql_parser.y:
Added tokens and parsing for 7 more SPARQL 1.1 string functions
RASQAL_EXPR_ENCODE_FOR_URI Added SPARQL parsing support for above
builtin functions.
(rasqal_expression_write, rasqal_expression_print,
rasqal_expression_is_constant, rasqal_expression_compare,
rasqal_query_write_sparql_expression, sparql_token_print): Add
support (rasqal_expression_evaluate): Add cases to switch with
ENCODE_FOR_URI): Added terminal tokens.
(SPARQL grammar token StringExpression): Added token
* src/rasqal_format_rdf.c:
(rasqal_query_results_rdf_init): Only declare raptor_world_ptr for
Raptor V2
* src/rasqal_format_rdf.c:
(rasqal_query_results_rdf_init): For unknown name, set write
format to NULL.
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c: remove unused var s
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c: Remove regex headers
* src/, src/rasqal_expr_datetimes.c,
src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c, src/rasqal_internal.h: Split date and
time expression evaluations out into rasqal_expr_datetimes.c
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c, src/rasqal_expr_strings.c,
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_langmatches): Added
* src/, src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c,
src/rasqal_expr_strings.c, src/rasqal_internal.h: Split string
expression evaluations out into rasqal_expr_strings.c
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c: Code style
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate): Report eror failure for executing
aggregate expressions.
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate): Remove unused i
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_bnode_constructor): Added and make it
tidy up.
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_uri_constructor): Added.
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c: Handle IN and NOT_IN with one
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_in_set): Renamed from
rasqal_expression_evaluate_in and invert result for NOT_IN.
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_in): Added.
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_sameterm): Added.
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_datatype): Added
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_lang): Added
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_str): Added
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_coalesce): Added.
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_if): Added
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_bound): Added.
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_istype): Added for checking term types
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_strlang): Added and may even work now.
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_strdt): Copy lang string
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_strdt): Added.
* src/rasqal_literal.c:
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_concat): Added. Preserves literal
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_datetime_part): Free literal
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_datetime_part): Added Also make
TIMEZONE() report an error and fail rather than abort()
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_from_unixtime): Added
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_to_unixtime): Added
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c: #ws
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_now): Added
* src/, src/rasqal_expr.c, src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c:
Move expression evaluate code to new file rasqal_expr_evaluate.c
2010-12-29 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_expr.c: code style - newline after case break; remove
* src/rasqal_result_formats.c:
(rasqal_get_query_results_formatter_factory): Fix searching by uri
* utils/roqet.c: Compile when built with Raptor V1 for now.
* src/, src/rasqal_format_html.c,
src/rasqal_format_json.c, src/rasqal_format_rdf.c,
src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c, src/rasqal_format_sv.c,
src/rasqal_format_table.c, src/rasqal_general.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_result_formats.c,
src/rdql_parser.y, src/sparql_parser.y: Update factories to use
raptor V2 1.9.2+ or internal syntax description
* Raptor V2 min version is now 1.9.2 for syntax
description changes.
2010-12-28 Dave Beckett <>
* utils/srxread.c: Use
rasqal_world_get_query_results_format_description() and print all
mime types.
* utils/roqet.c: Use
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_result_formats.c: Set query
results format flags in registration
(rasqal_world_register_query_results_format_factory): Set
desc.flags based on presence/absence of factory methods. Tidy
code and rename arg to be register_factory
* src/rasqal_format_rdf.c: Copy mime type information from raptor
syntax descriptions for Raptor V2
Added to copy mime type static info for RDF query result formats.
* src/, src/rasqal_result_formats.c: Added method to
get syntax description for query results formats
(rasqal_world_get_query_results_format_description): Added,
deprecating rasqal_query_results_formats_enumerate() and
* src/rasqal_format_rdf.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_result_formats.c: Add finish cleanup method for query
results formatter context
rasqal_query_results_finish_func added for finish method.
rasqal_query_results_format_factory gains finish factory method.
(rasqal_free_query_results_formatter): Call finish method if present
before cleaning up context.
rasqal_query_results_format_rdf gains static URIs used for reading
(rasqal_query_results_rdf_init, rasqal_query_results_rdf_finish):
Allocate and free static URIs.
(rasqal_query_results_rdf_write): Use static URIs rather than
allocate each time. Use rasqal_query_results_rdf_finish in rdfxml
and turtle format cleanup factory methods.
* src/, src/rasqal_format_rdf.c,
src/rasqal_format_turtle.c: Provide read/write for turtle query
results using RDF formatter for reading
rasqal_query_results_format_rdf gains read and write format name
(rasqal_query_results_rdf_init): Init read and write format name
fields based on formatter name used.
(rasqal_query_results_rdf_write): Renamed from
rasqal_query_results_write_rdf. Use write_format_name from
formatter context.
(rasqal_rowsource_rdf_process): use read_format_name from
formatter context.
(rasqal_query_results_rdf_get_rowsource): Renamed from
(rasqal_query_results_rdfxml_register_factory): Updated for
renames above.
(rasqal_query_results_turtle_write): Merge turtle writer function
into the rdf formatter code. Still preserved since prettier than
what raptor does for rdf query results in turtle.
(rasqal_query_results_turtle_register_factory): Merged into rdf
formatter code and uses rasqal_query_results_rdf_get_rowsource to
read turtle query results.
2010-12-27 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_format_html.c, src/rasqal_format_json.c,
src/rasqal_format_rdf.c, src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c,
src/rasqal_format_sv.c, src/rasqal_format_table.c,
src/rasqal_format_turtle.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_result_formats.c: Query result formatter gains init
method, optional context and pass in formatter
Following raptor_parser factory pattern allow each formatter to have
some saved state on construction that can be used.
Adjust the factory methods to pass in formatter arg to get at
rasqal_query_results_init_func typedef added for init function.
rasqal_query_results_format_factory gains context_length field and
init function. Loses mime_type field that is now handled by
factory syntax description.
rasqal_query_results_formatter gains context field.
(rasqal_new_query_results_formatter2): Allocate context field if
needed and call init function if present.
(rasqal_free_query_results_formatter): Free context if present.
(rasqal_query_results_formatter_get_mime_type): use first mime
type string from factory syntax description.
rasqal_query_results_formatter_read): Pass in formatter arg to
factory methods.
(rasqal_query_results_rdf_init): Added as init function for rdf
* src/rasqal_format_html.c, src/rasqal_format_json.c,
src/rasqal_format_rdf.c, src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c,
src/rasqal_format_sv.c, src/rasqal_format_table.c,
src/rasqal_format_turtle.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_result_formats.c: Remove unused
rasqal_query_results_format_factory method reader; rename writer
to write
* src/rasqal_format_html.c, src/rasqal_format_json.c,
src/rasqal_format_rdf.c, src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c,
src/rasqal_format_sv.c, src/rasqal_format_table.c,
src/rasqal_format_turtle.c: Switch query result formats to use
static rasqal_query_results_format_factory initialisation
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_result_formats.c: Switch
rasqal_query_results_format_factory to use a
* utils/srxread.c: Show format mime type
2010-12-26 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_dataset.c:
(rasqal_dataset_load_graph_iostream): Handle being called multiple
* utils/roqet.c, utils/srxread.c:
Remove bogus use of feature count
for query results format enumeration.
* utils/srxwrite.c:
Remove SRX branding
* utils/srxread.c:
Usage message, remove SRX branding
* src/rasqal_result_formats.c:
(rasqal_query_results_formats_enumerate): set reader flag if
get_rowsource is there.
2010-12-26 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_raptor.c: Make
rasqal_raptor_error_handler static again
* src/rasqal_dataset.c: rasqal_dataset_raptor_error_handler is
* src/rasqal_dataset.c:
(rasqal_dataset_raptor_error_handler): Added for Raptor V1
* src/rasqal_dataset.c: Handle base URI in triple match (if
* utils/.gitignore: ignore less
* src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c: crash fix when called on non
sparql XML
* src/rasqal_format_rdf.c: code tidy
* src/rasqal_format_rdf.c: Move RDF formatter to rasqal_dataset
internal API
* src/ Add rasqal_dataset internal API
* src/rasqal_dataset.c, src/rasqal_internal.h: Add rasqal_dataset
internal API
* src/rasqal_data_graph.c: # code style
2010-12-25 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_format_rdf.c: Do not build
rasqal_query_results_write_rdf for raptor V1
* src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c, src/rasqal_literal.c: Allow
* src/rasqal_format_rdf.c: Fix rs:resultVariable URI. Serialize
* src/rasqal_format_rdf.c: message
* src/rasqal_format_rdf.c: Free resource
* src/rasqal_format_rdf.c:
(rasqal_query_results_write_rdf): Implement writing rdfxml
* utils/, utils/rdfr_read.c: Remove rdfr_read example;
srxread.c can do it
* src/rasqal_format_rdf.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_raptor.c: Export rasqal_raptor_error_handler()
* src/, src/rasqal_format_rdf.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_raptor.c, src/rasqal_result_formats.c: Add RDF Query
Results format reading
* utils/rdfr_read.c: uri allocation tidy
* utils/rdfr_read.c: ws
* utils/rdfr_read.c: Add binding iterator. Add
get_source/get_target helpers
* utils/rdfr_read.c: code tidy
* utils/rdfr_read.c: Added (sigh) yet another iterator class.
* utils/rdfr_read.c: Added simple iterator
* utils/.gitignore, utils/, utils/rdfr_read.c: Add
skeleton of code for reading rdf serialized query results
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_raptor.c: Make
raptor_statement_as_rasqal_triple() available to internal code.
2010-12-22 Dave Beckett <>
* src/sparql_parser.y: Start state is Sparql with Query or Update
* src/sparql_common.h, src/sparql_parser.y: Split SPARQL 1.1 into
sparql11-query, sparql11-update and sparql11 languages
struct rasqal_sparql_query_language_s gains flags for sparql_query
and sparql11_query plus some comments.
Updated SPARQL query grammar tokens to check for sparql_query flag
and return error.
Updated SPARQL update grammar tokens to reword error message to
mention update.
rasqal_sparql11_update_language_register_factory): Added to
register the sparql11-query and sparql11-update names with
different descriptions and URIs.
2010-12-20 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_decimal.c: Restrict decimal as double range to
DBL_DIG digits
* src/rasqal_decimal.c: Fix XSD decimal formatting to match
canonical lexical format.
(rasqal_xsd_decimal_as_string): Use appropriate library snprintf
and then prune trailing 0s
* src/rasqal_decimal.c: Canonical XSD decimal 0 is 0.0 not 0.0E0
* src/rasqal_xsd_datatypes.c:
(rasqal_xsd_format_double): Canonical xsd:double uses capital E.
* src/rasqal_rowsource_having.c:
(rasqal_having_rowsource_read_row): Do not rebind row.
2010-12-20 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c:
(rasqal_builtin_agg_expression_execute_step): Fixed debug
2010-12-19 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_decimal.c:
(rasqal_xsd_decimal_as_string): Round to precision digits for
* src/rasqal_decimal.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c: MPFR
operation return code is rounding not an error code - ignore. Add
debugging for agg step values
* tests/sparql/check-sparql: Handle SPARQL 1.1 test namespace,
sparql11 language and new update types.
* tests/sparql/check-sparql: Use GIT
* src/rasqal_literal.c: Fix promotion of numerics to decimal
(rasqal_new_literal_from_promotion): Promote to decimal via double
rather than string values which is both better and more accurate.
* src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c:
(rasqal_builtin_agg_expression_execute_step): Set error if result
is NULL.
2010-12-18 Dave Beckett <>
* src/, src/rasqal_expr.c, src/rasqal_query_write.c,
src/sparql_lexer.l, src/sparql_parser.y: Added SPARQL 1.1 CONCAT()
rasqal_op gains RASQAL_EXPR_CONCAT
(rasqal_new_expr_seq_expression): Added, replacing deprecated
(rasqal_new_coalesce_expression): Deprecated for above.
Add init/free/print code for CONCAT()
Execute concat by evaluating values as strings and building a plain
literal. Not clear if it is allowed to work on URIs or what to do
with errors; right now it stringify URIs and stops at an expression
in the arg with an error.
(CoalesceExpression): Use rasqal_new_expr_seq_expression
(BuiltInCall): Added CONCAT() support using
2010-12-16 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_expr.c: Add new laqrs keywords to rasqal_op_labels
* docs/tmpl/section-expression.sgml: Update doc tmpls
2010-12-15 Dave Beckett <>
* src/, src/rasqal_expr.c, src/rasqal_query_results.c,
src/rasqal_query_write.c, src/sparql_lexer.l, src/sparql_parser.y:
TO_UNIXTIME() builtin functions
Added builtins enabled by use of the 'laqrs' query language.
NOW()/CURRENT_DATETIME() are synonyms to return an XSD datetime for
the current datetime. At the first execution/preparation of the
query, the value is set as a constant throughout the life of the
query execution.
FROM_UNIXTIME() turns an integer value into an XSD DateTime
TO_UNIXTIME() turns an XSD DateTime into an integer value.
These functions are likely not opposites since they do not take into
consideration leap seconds or daylight saving time changes.
LAQRS (SPARQL) grammar gains new terminals NOW, CURRENT_DATETIME,
(DatetimeExtensions) Added to grammar, only allowing the terms
when query language is LAQRS.
(BuiltInCall): Call above.
rasqal_op gains new expressions RASQAL_EXPR_CURRENT_DATETIME,
(rasqal_expression_clear, rasqal_expression_write,
rasqal_expression_print, rasqal_expression_is_constant,
rasqal_query_write_sparql_expression): Updated all expression
functions to handle new expressions operations.
(rasqal_expression_evaluate): Execute new operations.
* src/rasqal_general.c, src/rasqal_internal.h: Add methods to
world class for getting current datetime timeval.
(rasqal_world_reset_now): Invalidate any cached current datetime
(rasqal_world_get_now_timeval): Get current datetime as a timeval.
rasqal_world_s gains a struct timeval now field and a bit flag to
know when it is set.
* src/, src/rasqal_datetime.c:
(rasqal_new_xsd_datetime_from_timeval): Added to make a new
datetime from struct timeval*
* src/, src/rasqal_literal.c:
(rasqal_new_datetime_literal_from_datetime): Added to make a
datetime literal
* src/, src/rasqal_datetime.c:
(rasqal_new_xsd_datetime_from_unixtime): Added to create a
datetime from a unix time int
2010-12-14 Dave Beckett <>
* src/ autodocs
*, src/rasqal_datetime.c: Define HAVE_TM_GMTOFF and
use to detect this non-portable field of struct tm
2010-12-14 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/rasqal_datetime.c:
(rasqal_xsd_datetime_set_from_timeval): Fix compilation errors
systems where time_t and struct timeval tv_sec are of different
types (e.g. long, int)
* src/rasqal_expr.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate): Init vars.i in any case to keep some
optimizing compilers happy
2010-12-13 Dave Beckett <>
*, src/, src/rasqal_datetime.c: Add
datetime to/from unix times and timevals
rasqal_xsd_datetime_get_as_timeval): Added.
Added automake substitutions so that sys/time.h and/or time.h get
include in rasqal.h in order to get the timeval and time_t
* src/, src/rasqal_datetime.c: Store full timezone
minutes offset in rasqal_xsd_datetime
rasqal_xsd_datetime gains timezone_minutes field with sentinel
value RASQAL_XSD_DATETIME_NO_TZ when there is no timezone.
(rasqal_xsd_datetime_normalize): Normalize timezone to Zulu here.
(rasqal_xsd_datetime_parse): Save but do not normalize timezone.
(rasqal_xsd_datetime_to_counted_string): Generate none, Zulu or
timezone offset setings.
2010-12-12 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_datetime.c:
Fix datetime equals method
(rasqal_xsd_datetime_equals): Compare field by field since memcmp
fails due to padding bytes.
* src/rasqal_datetime.c: Fix rasqal_xsd_datetime_compare
comparison order
(rasqal_xsd_datetime_compare): Datetime comparison should be
negative for dt1 earlier than dt2.
* src/rasqal_literal.c:
(rasqal_literal_compare): break after datetime compare
2010-12-07 Dave Beckett <>
* src/, src/rasqal_datetime.c, src/rasqal_expr.c:
(rasqal_xsd_datetime_get_seconds_as_decimal): Added
* src/rasqal_expr.c: Add "isnumeric" to rasqal_op_labels
* src/rasqal_expr.c: Make SECONDS() return decimal correctly
* src/sparql_parser.y: Accept datetime accessor builtins
(DatetimeBuiltinAccessors): Added
(BuiltInCall): Use above as an alternative
* src/rasqal_expr.c:
Add labels for datetime accessors
* src/sparql_parser.y:
(BuiltInCall): Initialize isnumeric expression properly. Now works.
* src/, src/rasqal_expr.c, src/rasqal_literal.c,
src/rasqal_query_write.c, src/rasqal_xsd_datatypes.c,
src/sparql_lexer.l, src/sparql_parser.y: Added datetime accessor
builtin functions: YEAR, MONTH, DAY, HOURS, MINUTES, SECONDS and
(rasqal_expression_clear, rasqal_expression_visit,
rasqal_expression_write, rasqal_expression_print,
rasqal_expression_is_constant, rasqal_expression_compare,
rasqal_query_write_sparql_expression): Added handling for datetime
accessor builtins.
(rasqal_expression_evaluate): Evaluate datetime accessor builtins
mostly returning integer, seconds returns decimal and timezone
rasqal_sparql_op_labels: Add labels for the builtins.
tokens to SPARQL grammar
* src/, src/rasqal_datetime.c, src/rasqal_internal.h:
rasqal_xsd_datetime functions take/return const char* strings
* src/ rasqal_data_graph format_type and format_name
fields are not const.
* src/rasqal_data_graph.c:
(rasqal_new_data_graph_common): Replace strncpy with memcpy.
* src/, src/rasqal_datetime.c, src/rasqal_literal.c:
Added equals and compare methods for XSD datetime
(rasqal_xsd_datetime_equals, rasqal_xsd_datetime_compare): Added.
(rasqal_literal_compare): Use rasqal_xsd_datetime_compare.
(rasqal_literal_equals_flags): Use rasqal_xsd_datetime_equals.
* src/, src/rasqal_literal.c: Add datetime to rasqal
literal union
Now xsd:dateTime objects use the rasqal_xsd_datetime class and get a
new literal union value.
(rasqal_literal_set_typed_value): Set value.datetime as well as
the string field when a datetime is found.
(rasqal_free_literal): Free datetime.
* src/, src/rasqal_datetime.c:
(rasqal_xsd_datetime_to_counted_string): Added.
(rasqal_xsd_datetime_to_string): Edit to wrap above
* src/rasqal_datetime.c: Split datetime parsing and normalizing
(rasqal_xsd_datetime_parse): Renamed from
rasqal_xsd_datetime_parse_and_normalize_common and remove call to
rasqal_xsd_datetime_normalize() at end.
rasqal_xsd_date_parse_and_normalize, rasqal_new_xsd_datetime):
Update callers to call rasqal_xsd_datetime_parse() and
rasqal_xsd_datetime_normalize() in order.
* src/, src/rasqal_datetime.c: XSD datetime holds
microseconds now
rasqal_xsd_decimal gains int microseconds field replacing
second_frac string.
(rasqal_xsd_datetime_parse_and_normalize_common): Fill microseconds
(rasqal_xsd_datetime_to_string): Format microseconds in
(main): Adjust tests to allow 4th digit of decimal digits to work.
2010-12-06 Dave Beckett <>
* src/, src/rasqal_datetime.c: Added XSD DateTime class
to public API
Made rasqal_xsd_datetime struct public with public
(rasqal_new_xsd_datetime, rasqal_free_xsd_datetime): Added
constructor and destructor.
(rasqal_xsd_datetime_to_string): Added method to get datetime as
canonical string format.
* NEWS.html, RELEASE.html,
Bumped version to 0.9.22
2010-12-05 Dave Beckett <>
* NEWS.html: 0.9.21 add release notes pointer
2010-12-04 Dave Beckett <>
* Snapshotted rasqal_0_9_21 for 0.9.21 release (GIT
* INSTALL.html, README.html: update notes encouraging use of
release tarballs, more using rasqal sections
* docs/tmpl/section-service.sgml:
Add section-service descriptions
* utils/
Update for moved fix script
* docs/.gitignore:
Ignore rasqal-fake.i
* docs/tmpl/section-data.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-expression.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-literal.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-prefix.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-variable.sgml: Update tmpls
*,, docs/, fix-groff-xhtml,
scripts/, scripts/fix-bison, scripts/fix-flex,
scripts/fix-groff-xhtml, scripts/,
src/, src/fix-bison, src/fix-flex: Add scripts dir,
move fix* scripts there and fixup gtkdoc-header with fake
mechanism like raptor
2010-12-03 Dave Beckett <>
* src/, src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_raptor.c,
src/rasqal_triples_source.c: Rename rasqal_triple_source_feature
to rasqal_triples_source_feature to match other names
* src/ autodocs
* src/
Add RASQAL_API for rasqal_expression_compare
* src/rasqal_literal.c: rasqal_literal_sequence_equals debug print
* src/ Declare RASQAL_RAPTOR_VERSION to record what
version of raptor was built with.
* Save raptor version that rasqal was built with in
2010-12-02 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_datetime.c: internal docs
* src/rasqal_datetime.c: code style
* tests/sparql/aggregate/ Add group-concat-4 files to
* tests/sparql/aggregate/,
tests/sparql/aggregate/manifest.n3: Add group-concat-4* test for
* src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c: Initialise group DISTINCT at
start/end of each group
(rasqal_aggregation_rowsource_init): Remove init of distinct map
(rasqal_aggregation_rowsource_read_row): Destroy/create a distinct
map at the group boundaries.
* tests/sparql/aggregate/group-concat-2.rq: Test GROUP_CONCAT()
with default separator
*, tests/algebra/,
tests/engine/, tests/laqrs/syntax/,
tests/rdql/, tests/rdql/testsuite/,
tests/sparql/Expr1/, tests/sparql/Expr2/,
tests/sparql/bound/, tests/sparql/bugs/,
tests/sparql/part1/, tests/sparql/regex/,
tests/sparql/simple/, tests/sparql/sort/,
tests/sparql/survey/, tests/sparql/syntax/,
tests/sparql/update/ Use local echo subst vars RECHO*
and real echo program
* src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c: Add DISTINCTing of aggregate
expression results in aggregate expressions.
Remove literal_seq from expr_data
(rasqal_aggregation_rowsource_read_row): Use
rasqal_expression_sequence_evaluate() to make a new sequence of
literals each time. If a duplicate is found, do not evaluate a
* src/rasqal_expr.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_rowsource_groupby.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_having.c:
Make rasqal_expression_sequence_evaluate() return a new seq of
literal each time
(rasqal_expression_sequence_evaluate): Lose literals_seq argument
This was an unused and confusing approach. A new list each time
is easier to deal with. Update all callers to
* src/rasqal_literal.c: Add tests for literal sequence sort map
2010-11-27 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_map.c:
(rasqal_free_map_node): Free key / value only if there is a free
* src/rasqal_map.c:
(rasqal_free_map_node): Free value properly
* src/rasqal_internal.h: Fixes for building with raptor V1
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_literal.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c: Added literal sequence sorting
(rasqal_literal_sequence_sort_map_add_literal_sequence): Added.
* src/rasqal_literal.c:
(rasqal_literal_sequence_equals): Added
* src/, src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_literal.c:
Add rasqal_literal_test
2010-11-25 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_engine_sort.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_map.c: Alter rasqal_map
signature to take separate key/value free methods
Add new typedef for raptor V1 for raptor_data_print_handler.
(rasqal_new_map): Replaces rasqal_kv_free_fn free_fn arg with
raptor_data_free_handler free_key_fn and free_value_fn. Remove
prototype ifdef for raptor V1/V2.
Update all callers of rasqal_new_map().
(rasqal_free_map_node): Pass in map arg down when freeing tree.
2010-11-19 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_engine_sort.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_literal.c: Move literal array equals/compare functions
to literal module
(rasqal_literal_array_compare): Renamed from
rasqal_engine_rowsort_compare_literals_sequence - takes two arrays
not sequences.
(rasqal_literal_array_equals): Renamed from
rasqal_engine_rowsort_literal_sequence_equals() - takes two arrays
not sequences.
* src/, src/rasqal_algebra.c,
src/rasqal_engine_algebra.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_rowsource_having.c, tests/sparql/aggregate/agg-1.ttl,
tests/sparql/aggregate/group-concat-3.ttl: Add support for SPARQL
1.1 query HAVING
rasqal_algebra_node_operator gains new algebra operator
rasqal_algebra_node updated field notes for having to use seq of
(rasqal_new_having_algebra_node): Added.
(rasqal_algebra_query_add_having): Added to add a having algebra
node to the tree of algebra nodes
(rasqal_algebra_having_algebra_node_to_rowsource): Added to turn a
having algebra node into a having rowsource.
(rasqal_algebra_node_to_rowsource): Call above for
* src/rasqal_rowsource_groupby.c:
(rasqal_groupby_rowsource_read_row): Bind result row to variables.
* docs/tmpl/section-variable.sgml: update tmpls
2010-11-17 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_engine_algebra.c:
(rasqal_query_engine_algebra_execute_init): Project before Order By
* src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c: Support COUNT(*) and
COUNT(expr list)
* src/ rasqal_variable gains usage field.
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_bindings.c, src/rasqal_query.c,
src/rasqal_query_transform.c, src/rasqal_row.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_project.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_triples.c,
src/rasqal_variable.c, src/rdql_parser.y, src/sparql_parser.y:
Switch rasqal_variable to sane reference counting model
2010-11-16 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_format_turtle.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_literal.c: Improve turtle query results output
(rasqal_literal_write_turtle): Added Turtle results format
registration uses turtle mime type, no URI Only support variable
bindings for Turtle Code style and tidy.
* tests/sparql/check-sparql: More carefully make @vars_order from
roqet debug output
* tests/sparql/aggregate/ Add CLEANFILES
* tests/sparql/aggregate/ Add SPARQL_TEST_FILES to
* tests/sparql/aggregate/,
tests/sparql/aggregate/manifest.n3: Add aggregate query execution
* tests/sparql/check-sparql:
Fix detecting variables order with
bind-variables. Also add some debug prints
* src/, src/rasqal_format_turtle.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_result_formats.c: Add turtle
results format
* tests/sparql/check-sparql: Add -i QUERY-LANGUAGE support
* src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c:
(rasqal_aggregation_rowsource_read_row): Handle doing nothing if
input rowsource is empty
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c: Remove
all uses of rasqal_new_variable_from_variable for now until
variable reference counting is sane
* src/rasqal_algebra.c:
(rasqal_algebra_query_add_modifiers): Do nothing if there are no
* src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c:
(rasqal_aggregation_rowsource_read_row): Bind agg value results to
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_engine_algebra.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h: Apply GROUP BY algebra node before
aggregation, separate from other modifiers
(rasqal_algebra_query_add_group_by): Added, pulled out of
(rasqal_query_engine_algebra_execute_init): Call above before
aggregation node is added.
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_query_transform.c: Build variable use data and rebuild
if query adds a variable in planning
(rasqal_query_build_variables_use): Added.
(rasqal_query_prepare_common): Call above
(rasqal_algebra_query_prepare_aggregates): Call above when
aggregate variables are added.
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c:
(rasqal_query_build_bound_in): Handle being called 2+ times
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c:
(rasqal_query_build_variables_use_map): Handle being called 2+
2010-11-15 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_engine_algebra.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_query.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_triples.c: Remove
bound_in use from triples rowsource
(rasqal_new_triples_rowsource): Lose bound_in and size args.
(rasqal_algebra_basic_algebra_node_to_rowsource): Do not
construct/copy bound_in from query variables.
(rasqal_query_get_bound_in_column_for_variable): Added
rasqal_rowsoruce_Triples_context loses bound_in and bound_in_size
(rasqal_triples_rowsource_init): Do not use above fields but call
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_engine_algebra.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h: Revert
7038b5a52a555fa19d9cf07ff97a2981a3f5b68e and make tests pass again
2010-11-14 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_engine_algebra.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h: Move bound_in calculation outside algebra
(rasqal_algebra_basic_algebra_node_to_rowsource): Remove creation
of bound_in to
(rasqal_algebra_make_bound_in_for_gp): Added containing calculaton
for a graph pattern, taking into consideration variable use.
(rasqal_algebra_make_bound_in_for_all_query_variables): Added
providing old approach of assuming all selected variables are
bound in triples. Wrong. rasqal_algebra_node gains bound_in and
bound_in_size fields.
(rasqal_new_triples_algebra_node): Add bound_in and bound_in_size
(rasqal_algebra_basic_graph_pattern_to_algebra): Calculate
bound_in for basic graph pattern before constructing triples
algebra node.
(rasqal_algebra_basic_graph_pattern_to_algebra): Free bound_in
(main): Update test to create test bound_in.
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c: Declare a variable bound in a
triple only if unbound.
(rasqal_query_triples_build_bound_in_internal): Assign column only
if not already bound in a triple using test for BOUND_IN_UNBOUND.
2010-11-13 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_rowsource.c: more debug prints
* src/rasqal_internal.h:
Use unsigned 1 bit flags in structs rasqal_algebra_aggregate field
adding_new_vars_is_error is unsigned
1 bit flag rasqal_rowsource fields finished and generate_group are
now unsigned 1 bit flags.
* src/rasqal_algebra.c:
(rasqal_algebra_extract_aggregate_expression_visit): Ignore
non-agg exprs
* src/rasqal_algebra.c:
(rasqal_algebra_query_add_aggregation): Added
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_internal.h:
(rasqal_algebra_extract_aggregate_expressions): Add agg_vars_seq
to store variables during aggregation preparation
* src/rasqal_algebra.c: debug print
* src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c:
(rasqal_new_aggregation_rowsource): Copy args exprs_seq and
* src/rasqal_engine_algebra.c:
(rasqal_query_engine_algebra_execute_init): Tidy if
rasqal_algebra_query_add_aggregation fails.
* src/rasqal_rowsource_project.c:
(rasqal_new_project_rowsource): copy input projection sequence.
* src/rasqal_variable.c:
(rasqal_variable_copy_variable_sequence): Do not free variables in
* src/rasqal_rowsource_join.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_triples.c,
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_engine_sort.c,
src/rasqal_expr.c, src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_query_write.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_groupby.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_rowsequence.c:
Code style: use exprs_seq and vars_seq for sequences of expressions
and variables
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_variable.c:
(rasqal_variable_copy_variable_sequence): Added
* src/rasqal_internal.h:
* src/rasqal_rowsource_assignment.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_distinct.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_empty.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_filter.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_graph.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_groupby.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_project.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_sort.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_triples.c:
2010-11-12 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_algebra.c:
(rasqal_algebra_extract_aggregate_expression_visit): Add key:exp,
* src/rasqal_algebra.c:
(rasqal_algebra_query_prepare_aggregates): Tidy on failures Free
ae with rasqal_free_algebra_aggregate if things fail.
* src/rasqal_expr.c:
(rasqal_expression_convert_aggregate_to_variable): Malloc right
* src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c: Pass through/sample scalar
variable values to output row rasqal_aggregation_rowsource_context
gains a sequence of input_values, a counter and a step counter to
know when to sample input rows for scalars.
rasqal_aggregation_rowsource_finish): Init and free the new
sequence. Reset the step count.
(rasqal_aggregation_rowsource_ensure_variables): Copy in all input
variables and record the count/offset in input_values_count for
use later.
(rasqal_aggregation_rowsource_read_row): If at first row of group,
copy in all values into input_values sequence for use in
generating the output row. When generating output row, use those.
(main): Update tests to expect input vars/values in output rows
2010-11-11 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c:
(rasqal_query_build_variables_use_map): use row offsets correctly.
2010-11-08 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c:
(rasqal_builtin_agg_expression_execute_step): fixed warning:
result may be used before being set
2010-11-07 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_engine_algebra.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h: Return rasqal_algebra_aggregate to engine
(rasqal_algebra_query_prepare_aggregates): return
(rasqal_free_algebra_aggregate): Export internally.
(rasqal_query_engine_algebra_execute_init): Update
call to above and free returned structure.
* src/rasqal_algebra.c: When looking for aggregate expressions,
preserve scalar ones
(rasqal_algebra_extract_aggregate_expression_visit): Add scalar
exprs to agg_exprs list.
(rasqal_algebra_query_prepare_aggregates): Debug message when no
agg exprs found.
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_engine_algebra.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h: Store sequence of expr + vars in algebra
node for aggregation
(rasqal_new_aggregation_algebra_node): Change params to be two
sequences of expressions and variables.
rasqal_algebra_node update docs for AGGREGATION using of sequence
2010-11-06 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c: docs
* src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c:
(rasqal_aggregation_rowsource_finish): code style
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c:
Aggregate rowsource now operates on seq of input expr/output vars
rasqal_aggregation_rowsource_context gains sequence of expression
input and sequence of output variables.
(rasqal_aggregation_rowsource_finish): Free new seqs.
(rasqal_new_aggregation_rowsource): Args now are the two sequences
of expressions and variables.
* src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c: code style
* src/rasqal_engine_algebra.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c: Remove func arg/field from
aggregation rowsource and rasqal_algebra_node
* src/rasqal_expr.c, src/rasqal_internal.h:
(rasqal_expression_mentions_aggregate): Added
2010-11-05 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c: Rename builtin_agg
struct/methods to rasqal_builtin_agg_expression_execute*
* src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c:
(rasqal_aggregation_rowsource_init): Request grouping.
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_rowsource.c:
Allow rowsource users to request groups
rasqal_rowsource gains bit flag for marking request. Turn
finished flag into bitflag too while here.
(rasqal_rowsource_request_grouping): Added to set flag.
(rasqal_rowsource_read_row): Synthesise group if not in output row
(rasqal_rowsource_read_rows): If seq is returned, check for group
ID in first row and if missing, add to rest of rows. If no seq is
returned, filter each returned row and set a group ID if missing.
* src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c: Add rasqal_agg_expr_data for
per-agg expr execution data.
rasqal_agg_expr_data added with all data that is per-aggregate
expression incuding input: expr, expr_seq (args) and output:
variable to write to, sequence of literals and the per-execution
data agg_user_data.
rasqal_aggregation_rowsource_context loses a bunch of fields to
above. Refactor remaining code to add loops around per-expr data,
only supporting 1-arg initialising at this time.
* src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c: Added
rasqal_builtin_aggregation_reset to reset state to avoid
finish/init pair
2010-11-04 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_expr.c:
(rasqal_expression_clear): Do not try to clear name field for
* src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c:
(rasqal_aggregation_rowsource_read_row): Free builtin_agg data
after result.
* docs/tmpl/section-data.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-expression.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-triples_source.sgml, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_rowsource_groupby.c: Fixes for building with raptor V1
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_engine_algebra.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c: Alter
rowsource aggregation calling convention to take an expression
(rasqal_new_aggregation_rowsource): Take an expression; ditch op,
parameters, flags. Parameters will return later but is not used
now for GROUP_CONCAT()
rasqal_algebra_node loses unused/not used used fields op,
parameters, flags.
(rasqal_new_aggregation_algebra_node): Take an expression; ditch
op, paramaters and flags. Parameters will return later but is not
used now for GROUP_CONCAT(). Creates or initialises an expression
sequence based on the expression passed in.
rasqal_aggregation_rowsource_context loses expr_seq_size, op, func
and parameters fields. Gains expr field. builtin_agg gains expr
(rasqal_builtin_aggregation_init): expr param replaces expr_seq,
op, parameters. Parameters will return later.
(rasqal_aggregation_rowsource_finish): Destroy expr field.
Updated test code to make/use an expression for agg testing.
(rasqal_algebra_aggregation_algebra_node_to_rowsource): Update
calling convention for aggregation rowsource.
2010-11-02 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c:
Made GROUP_CONCAT work with fixed ' ' separator.
builtin_agg gains stringbuffer and separator
(rasqal_builtin_aggregation_init): Init above for group concat.
(rasqal_builtin_aggregation_finish): Free stringbuffer.
(rasqal_builtin_aggregation_step): At each step, concat the
literal string and put a separator before it if not first literal.
(rasqal_builtin_aggregation_result): Compute result from
(main): Add group concat test
* src/rasqal_engine_algebra.c:
(rasqal_query_engine_algebra_execute_init): code tidy
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_engine_algebra.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h: Pull out more algebra transformations and
all take/return nodes
(rasqal_algebra_query_add_modifiers): Take and return a node so
that the algebra node tree gets modified.
(rasqal_algebra_query_add_projection): Added to add projection
node to algebra node tree.
(rasqal_algebra_query_add_distinct): Added to add distinct node to
algebra node tree.
(rasqal_query_engine_algebra_execute_init): Call new functions
above to transform algebra node tree.
* tests/algebra/convert_graph_pattern.c:
(main): Add new pulled-out query transforms. code style
* src/rasqal_internal.h: rasqal_algebra_aggregate gains error
* src/rasqal_algebra.c:
(rasqal_algebra_replace_aggregate_expressions): Added to transform
expression sequences with aggregages.
* src/rasqal_algebra.c:
(rasqal_algebra_query_prepare_aggregates): Print agg expressions
in debugging
* src/rasqal_internal.h: rasqal_algebra_aggregate renames
project_exprs field to agg_exprs and values are rasqal_expression
* src/rasqal_algebra.c: Store aggregate expression in
agg_exprs seq rasqal_algebra_aggregate renames project_exprs field
to agg_exprs and values are rasqal_expression
(rasqal_algebra_extract_aggregate_expressions): Alter
raptor_new_sequence args.
* src/rasqal_internal.h: docs
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_internal.h: Introduce internal
(rasqal_free_algebra_aggregate): Added.
(rasqal_algebra_query_prepare_aggregates): Dynamically create the
rasqal_algebra_aggregate* and free with above.
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_engine_algebra.c,
(rasqal_algebra_query_prepare_aggregates): Added pulled out of
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_engine_algebra.c,
(rasqal_algebra_query_add_modifiers): Pulled out of
2010-11-02 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/rasqal_algebra.c:
(rasqal_algebra_query_to_algebra): don't attempt to debugprint
query->selects for construct queries
2010-11-01 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_algebra.c: Add initial code for transforming project
expression to handle aggregates
struct agg_extract added for handling state during walk of select
expression trees.
(rasqal_agg_expr_var_compare, rasqal_free_agg_expr_var): Added for
support a rasqal_map of k:expression, v:variable when scanning for
aggregate expressions.
(rasqal_algebra_extract_aggregate_expression_visit): Added as a
rasqal_expression tree visit function to do an in-line change of
aggregate expressions to new internal variables.
(rasqal_algebra_extract_aggregate_expressions): Added to wrap
above transformation.
(rasqal_algebra_query_to_algebra): Call above with initialised
working state and print out result. Free working state.
* src/rasqal_expr.c, src/rasqal_internal.h:
(rasqal_expression_convert_aggregate_to_variable): Added to do an
inplace edit of an expression to replace an aggregate. This feels
like a hack but at least it's in one place
* src/rasqal_expr.c, src/rasqal_internal.h:
(rasqal_expression_is_aggregate): Added
* src/, src/rasqal_expr.c:
(rasqal_expression_compare): Added
* src/rasqal_expr.c, src/rasqal_literal.c: Move
rasqal_literal_sequence_compare to rasqal_literal.c
2010-10-31 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/sparql/aggregate/data-2.ttl: make ex:year data integer for
later numeric testing
* src/rasqal_algebra.c: code style
* tests/sparql/aggregate/,
Add agg-3.rq GROUP BY test with SAMPLE (lexes, parses, does not
execute correctly)
* src/sparql_lexer.l: Add SAMPLE
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_map.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c: Switch aggregation parameters
from sequence to map
Switch raptor_sequence* parameters to rasqal_map* parameters in
aggregation rowsource and algebra node structures and functions.
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_engine_algebra.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h: Start adding algebra nodes for grouping and
rasqal_algebra_node_operator gains RASQAL_ALGEBRA_OPERATOR_GROUP
rasqal_algebra_node gains fields for aggregation: expr_op, func,
parameters and flags. group reuses seq.
rasqal_new_aggregation_algebra_node): Added.
rasqal_algebra_node_operator_labels gains labels for two new
algebra operators.
rasqal_algebra_aggregation_algebra_node_to_rowsource): Added.
(rasqal_algebra_query_to_algebra): Use
rasqal_new_groupby_algebra_node() when group conditions expression
is present to make a group algebra node. (Does not yet do
(rasqal_algebra_node_to_rowsource): Use
rasqal_algebra_group_algebra_node_to_rowsource() and
* src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c: docs
* src/rasqal_map.c: code style
* src/ Fix rasqal_literal_type arg in source header
* src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c:
(rasqal_builtin_aggregation_step): Fix max/min compare
(main): Add tests for final row outputs of aggregations
* src/rasqal_literal.c: Fix rasqal_literal_write_type
* src/, src/rasqal_literal.c:
(rasqal_literal_type_label): Added and used for debug prints
2010-10-30 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c:
(rasqal_aggregation_rowsource_read_row): Create output row
connected to rowsource.
* src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c: Add MIN, SUM, AVG, SAMPLE to
* src/rasqal_row.c:
(rasqal_new_row_sequence): Make integer literals from things that
strtol() likes i.e. match ^[0-9]$
* src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c: Implement SAMPLE and AVG
* src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c: Aggregation works over
multiple group inputs
rasqal_aggregation_rowsource_context gains last_group_id to know
boundaries, saved_row to store a row when a boundary change
happens and offset to mark output rows correctly.
(rasqal_aggregation_rowsource_init): Move agg init into read_row
factory method. Init last_group_id and offset.
(rasqal_aggregation_rowsource_finish): Tidy up saved_row if left.
(rasqal_aggregation_rowsource_read_row): Restructured to recognize
start/end of group boundaries and end of input to know when to
init/finish aggregation. Otherwise, read input rows.
(main): Make test expect 2 row results as it should be.
* src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c: Move literal_seq to a field
of rasqal_aggregation_rowsource_context for reuse across groups.
* src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c:
(rasqal_aggregation_rowsource_read_row): Evaluate expressions to
form list of literals for aggregations step.
* src/, src/rasqal_expr.c:
(rasqal_expression_op_label): Added public function
(rasqal_expression_write_op, rasqal_expression_print_op): Internal
functions just call above.
* src/rasqal_internal.h:
(rasqal_new_aggregation_rowsource): Add flags arg.
* src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c:
(rasqal_new_aggregation_rowsource): Add flags arg.
2010-10-28 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c:
Initial aggregation rowsource executes
There are many issues to fix primarily in the execution steps to
use the expression sequence and the issue of what to name the
result variable, which the execution engine needs to decide.
* src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_groupby.c: Implement get_inner_rowsource
rowsource method for groupby and aggregation rowsources
* src/, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c: Add skeleton aggregation
rowsource with test that just copies rows through (cat rowsource)
* src/rasqal_literal.c: less verbose when debugging
* src/rasqal_rowsource_groupby.c: aargh
* src/rasqal_format_table.c:
(rasqal_query_results_write_table_bindings): Fix for raptor V2
* src/rasqal_rowsource_groupby.c: Make group ID orders work for
avltree ordering and raptor V1 sequence ordering
* src/rasqal_rowsource_groupby.c:
(raptor_avltree_search): compare correctly for raptor
* src/rasqal_format_table.c:
(rasqal_query_results_write_table_bindings): Remove unused world var
2010-10-28 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/rasqal_query_results.c:
(rasqal_query_results_update_bindings): Do not access row values
beyond row size
2010-10-27 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_rowsource_groupby.c:
(main): Check number of groups returned is as expected
* src/rasqal_rowsource_groupby.c: Add US Senators data test #3
with 2 group by vars, many groups
* src/rasqal_expr.c:
(rasqal_literal_sequence_compare): Make less debug verbose
* src/rasqal_row.c:
(rasqal_new_row_sequence): Remove local reference to new literal.
* src/rasqal_rowsource_groupby.c: Fix variable ownership and
cleanup in tests
* src/rasqal_rowsource_groupby.c: Fix groupby rowsource row
returning to always return a new row
(rasqal_groupby_rowsource_process): Do not copy row, let sequence
own it.
(rasqal_groupby_rowsource_read_row): Delete row from sequence so
reference is passed back.
* src/rasqal_rowsource_groupby.c:
(Fake raptor_avltree_print): Return int on error
* src/rasqal_rowsource_rowsequence.c:
(rasqal_rowsequence_rowsource_finish): Free owned vars_seq
* src/rasqal_rowsource_groupby.c: Memory
(rasqal_groupby_rowsource_finish): Ensure avltree iterator is
(rasqal_groupby_rowsource_process): Copy/take reference to row
before saving.
* src/rasqal_rowsource_groupby.c: Refactor tests to be data driven
* src/rasqal_rowsource_groupby.c: Print out grouping when computed
and debugging
2010-10-26 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_rowsource_groupby.c: Add a fake rasqal_avltree to
make groups work for Raptor V1
2010-10-25 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_internal.h: Added rasqal_row_bind_variables and fixed
* src/rasqal_row.c:
(rasqal_row_bind_variables): Added.
* src/rasqal_rowsource_groupby.c: GROUP BY rowsource passes unit
tests for no grouping / grouping
(rasqal_groupby_rowsource_process): Using processed flag to know
when to do no work so that when there are no expressions, the
group ID is setup. Use rasqal_row_bind_variables() to bind
variables from the row into the variables table. Add the node
containing rows to the avltree in order to group them.
(rasqal_groupby_rowsource_read_row): Handle no expression case as
well as avltree/expression list case.
(rasqal_new_groupby_rowsource): Add rowsource arg and save it.
Tidy error cleanup path.
(main): Add test case for no group by expression and one from
SPARQL 1.1 query draft
* src/rasqal_row.c: Set/show group IDs in rows
(rasqal_new_row_common): Set default row group_id to
-1 (rasqal_row_print): Print group_id if in range >= 0
* src/rasqal_expr.c:
(rasqal_expression_sequence_evaluate): Save a copy/free literal.
* src/rasqal_expr.c:
(rasqal_expression_sequence_evaluate): Do ignore errors when
ignore_errors arg is set.
(rasqal_literal_sequence_compare): Docs
* src/rasqal_rowsource_groupby.c: Update groupby rowsource to use
raptor_avltree for grouping
Added typedef rasqal_groupby_tree_node to use as nodes in avltree.
rasqal_free_groupby_tree_print_node): Added.
(rasqal_rowsource_groupby_literal_sequence_compare): Added to
compare a sequence of literals in an avltree comparison.
(rasqal_groupby_rowsource_init): Init group_id and row offset.
(rasqal_groupby_rowsource_finish): Destry input rowsource, avltree
if set.
(rasqal_groupby_rowsource_ensure_variables): Call input rowsource.
(rasqal_groupby_rowsource_process): Added to do the grouping logic
- read all input rows, add them to the avltree if new, extend
sequence of rows. Initilise an avltree iterator and sequence
(rasqal_groupby_rowsource_read_row): Call above to ensure group
data is there then deliver rows from store using the avltree
iterator and sequence index.
(rasqal_groupby_new_map): Deleted.
* src/rasqal_expr.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
(rasqal_expression_sequence_evaluate): Put OUT parameters at end.
* src/rasqal_rowsource_groupby.c: Group by rowsource gains map for
grouping and map factory method. Added but looks like a
raptor_avltree would be better since it allows lookups.
(rasqal_groupby_new_map): Added to make a map for grouping.
* src/rasqal_expr.c, src/rasqal_internal.h:
rasqal_expression_sequence_evaluate): Added.
* src/, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_rowsource_groupby.c: Added skeleton of groupby
(rasqal_new_groupby_rowsource): Added taking sequence of
expressions. Need to add HAVING conditions and possibly other
* src/rasqal_expr.c, src/rasqal_internal.h:
(rasqal_expression_copy_expression_sequence): Added
2010-10-21 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/strcasecmp.c:
(rasqal_strcasecmp,rasqal_strncasecmp): Fixed gcc "array subscript
has type ‘char’" warnings
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c: #ws
2010-10-20 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_engine.c,
src/rasqal_engine_sort.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_query.c, src/rasqal_query_results.c,
src/rasqal_query_transform.c, src/rasqal_query_write.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_sort.c, src/sparql_parser.y: Move solution
modifiers in query from fields to rasqal_modifier fields.
rasqal_query loses fields limit, offset,
order_conditions_sequence, group_conditions_sequence and
(rasqal_new_query, rasqal_free_query): Do not init/free fields.
(rasqal_query_get_limit, rasqal_query_set_limit,
rasqal_query_get_offset, rasqal_query_set_offset,
rasqal_query_get_having_condition, rasqal_query_print): Update for
field changes and do not access modifier if it is NULL. Adjust
docs to note cannot set limit or offset until query is prepared,
ie after parsing.
(rasqal_algebra_query_to_algebra, rasqal_engine_make_rowsource,
rasqal_query_write_sparql_20060406, rasqal_sort_rowsource_init):
Use query methods to get limit, offset fields rather than direct
(SPARQL parser WhereClauseOpt): Return solution modifier and do not
write to query fields.
2010-10-19 Dave Beckett <>
* utils/roqet.c:
Make dryrun be success (exit 0)
* utils/roqet.c:
(roqet_init_query): Do not free data graphs here, let main() do it
* src/rasqal_service.c: Cleanup allocations
(rasqal_free_service): Free object
(rasqal_service_content_type_handler): Only check content
type for ; or ' ' if not NULL. Code tidy
* src/, src/rasqal_service.c, utils/roqet.c:
rasqal_new_service now takes an optional list of data graphs
(rasqal_new_service): Add new raptor_sequence* data_graphs arg.
(rasqal_service_execute): Use data graphs to add default-graph-uri
and named-graph-uri parameters to the sparql protocol service URI
that is resolved. Update roqet to pass in data graphs from command line.
* src/, src/rasqal_data_graph.c: Add usage counting and
copy constructor for rasqal_data_graph
rasqal_data_graph gains new int usage field.
(rasqal_new_data_graph_from_data_graph): Added
(rasqal_new_data_graph_common, rasqal_free_data_graph): Handle
usage counts.
* utils/roqet.c:
# code style
2010-10-18 Dave Beckett <>
* utils/roqet.c: docs
* src/rasqal_service.c: Tidy some service function args
(rasqal_new_service): Allow NULL query_string.
(rasqal_free_service): autodocs
(rasqal_service_set_www): autodocs for NULL www
(rasqal_service_set_format): autodocs for NULL format
* src/rasqal_service.c: Restore local
* utils/roqet.c: Switch to using rasqal_service to execute sparql
protocol service
* src/rasqal_service.c: Make rasqal_service_execute use correct
(rasqal_service_execute): Fix aliasing of www var with svc->www.
Rename sb to uri_sb for clarity since there is a local and svc
stringbuffer in use.
* src/, src/, src/rasqal_service.c: Added
rasqal_service class for executing remote queries
Added public rasqal_service
Internal typedef rasqal_service_s
(rasqal_new_service, rasqal_free_service): Added constructor and
destructor. Args will change since no data graphs are passed in
(rasqal_service_set_www): Added to set WWW object
(rasqal_service_set_format): Added to set request Accept header.
(rasqal_service_execute): Added to execute remote query and get
back a result set. May need to be changed to use a rowsource for
internal execution inside a query for a SPARQL 1.1 SERVICE.
* utils/roqet.c: Remove raptor_world* from
* utils/roqet.c: Also conditionally define
*, utils/roqet.c: Use
raptor_stringbuffer_append_uri_escaped_counted_string() when
(raptor_stringbuffer_append_uri_escaped_counted_string): Defined
here if not available in raptor2.
to not use internal version.
* Add configure test for
raptor_stringbuffer_append_hexadecimal() defining
* src/, src/rasqal_query_transform.c,
src/rasqal_variable.c, src/rdql_parser.y, src/sparql_parser.y:
Deprecate rasqal_new_variable() and rasqal_new_variable_typed()
for rasqal_variables_table_add()
(rasqal_new_variable, rasqal_new_variable_typed): Already were
calling rasqal_variables_table_add() but add deprecated docs and
flag to prototype. Update all callers to use
* utils/roqet.c: Use and allow -p URI and -e QUERY for protocol
* utils/roqet.1: Document -p
2010-10-18 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/rasqal_projection.c: #filename in boilerplate
* src/rasqal_query.c:
(rasqal_query_add_data_graph): docs: Clarify ownership of passed
in data_graphs.
2010-10-17 Dave Beckett <>
* utils/roqet.c: One more raptor_www_free() for Raptor V1
* utils/roqet.c: Use raptor_www_free() for Raptor V1
* utils/roqet.c: Use Raptor V1 or V2
raptor_new_iostream_from_string() call
* src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c:
(rasqal_query_results_write_sparql_xml): One more
rasqal_world_simple_error needed
* src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c:
(rasqal_query_results_write_sparql_xml): use
rasqal_world_simple_error() for error reporting with Raptor V1
* src/rasqal_general.c, src/rasqal_internal.h: Add
rasqal_world_simple_error() to help building with raptor1 and
passing errors up without a query
* utils/roqet.c: Roqet is a sparql protocol client
(roqet_stringbuffer_append_hexadecimal): Added.
(roqet_stringbuffer_append_uri_escaped_string): Added to escape a
URI string for a query parameter, using above.
(roqet_call_sparql_service): Uses above to correctly form the
sparql query parameter with encoding. Does not send default or
named graph parameters.
(main): Fix some cleanups
* utils/roqet.c: FIXME note that this isn't calling using sparql
protocol yet
* utils/roqet.c: Add support for reading from SPARQL protocol
Added -p/--protocol SERVICE-URI
Added internal struct roqet_results_write_state
(roqet_results_write_bytes, roqet_results_content_type_handler):
(roqet_call_sparql_service): Added to call a SPARQL protocol with a
query string (optional - not yet used here) against a service URI.
(main): Validate that -e and -p are not used together
Move -r validation to after result format has been chosen. (I
thought I did that already)
Add help message and verbose message for sparql protocol -p uses.
* src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c, src/rasqal_format_table.c: Do
not assume a query_results has a query in formatting.
rasqal_query_results_write_sparql_xml): Use
rasqal_query_results_get_world() to get rasqal world.
* src/sparql_parser.y:
(BindingsRowList): Set row offset
* utils/roqet.c: Add bindings block to query walk using API
* src/, src/rasqal_query.c: Added API access to
bindings variables and rows
rasqal_query_get_bindings_row): Added.
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_query_write.c: Elimiate graph
pattern field where and use existing graph_patterns
* src/rasqal_graph_pattern.c:
(rasqal_graph_pattern_get_service): Add again
* utils/roqet.c:
(roqet_graph_pattern_walk): Print LET variable, GRAPH and SERVICE
literals using rasqal public APIs Code tidy: reorder options
* src/, src/rasqal_graph_pattern.c:
(rasqal_graph_pattern_get_service): Added
2010-10-16 Dave Beckett <>
* src/, src/rasqal_algebra.c,
src/rasqal_graph_pattern.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_query_transform.c, src/rasqal_query_write.c,
src/sparql_parser.y: Added SPARQL SERVICE and MINUS syntax and
graph pattern support
rasqal_graph_pattern_operator gains
(rasqal_new_single_graph_pattern): Added. Added service and minus
to rasqal_graph_pattern_operator_labels.
rasqal_graph_pattern: Document use of origin for service literal
and where for MINUS graph pattern.
(ServiceGraphPattern, MinusGraphPattern): use
rasqal_new_single_graph_pattern() to store service and minus graph
* src/rasqal_bindings.c, src/rasqal_projection.c,
src/rasqal_solution_modifier.c: Code style - allow NULL free
pointer for destructors
(rasqal_free_projection, rasqal_free_solution_modifier,
rasqal_free_bindings): Do nothing with NULL reference
* src/rasqal_bindings.c:
remove unused functions
* src/rasqal_bindings.c:
rasqal bindings added
*, src/, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_query.c, src/rasqal_query_write.c, src/sparql_parser.y,
tests/sparql/, tests/sparql/federated/,
tests/sparql/federated/service-2.rq: Add SPARQL BINDINGS federated
query data structures
Added (internal) rasqal_bindings datatype.
rasqal_query gains bindings structure.
(rasqal_free_query, rasqal_query_print): Handle bindings
(rasqal_new_bindings, rasqal_free_bindings,
rasqal_bindings_print): Added.
(rasqal_query_write_sparql_bindings, rasqal_write_sparql_row):
Added for writing bindings.
(rasqal_query_write_sparql_20060406): Add SPARQL formatting for
BINDINGS Updated SPARQL grammar for full BINDINGS support.
(BindingsClauseOpt): Now is a rasqal_bindings type and stores
fields properly.
(SelectQuery): Store bindings.
(VarList): Fixed to not free variables and fix error handling
(MinusGraphPattern): Fix comment.
Added syntax tests from draft in
* src/rasqal_raptor.c:
* src/rasqal_raptor.c:
* src/, src/rasqal_graph_pattern.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_projection.c,
src/rasqal_query_write.c, src/sparql_parser.y: Add select
projection class
Added internal class rasqal_projection to wrap SELECT variables,
wildcard flag, distinct/reduced mode.
(rasqal_new_projection, rasqal_free_projection,
rasqal_projection_get_variables_sequence): Added.
rasqal_graph_pattern replace select variables field with a
(rasqal_new_select_graph_pattern, rasqal_free_graph_pattern,
rasqal_graph_pattern_write_internal): Adjust to use
rasqal_projection rather than variable sequence.
(rasqal_query_write_sparql_graph_pattern): Adjust to use
rasqal_projection_get_variables_sequence() to get select variables
for sub SELECT. SPARQL grammar: Add projection to token union
(SelectClause, SelectExpressionList): Now return projection.
(SelectQuery): Use returned projection object to write old fields
in query object. At this point there is very little, if any,
writing direct to fields of the query object deep in the SPARQL
parse tree, it is mostly to objects passed back.
* src/sparql_parser.y:
(SolutionModifier): Do not pass in sequences to solution_modifier
for now.
* src/sparql_parser.y: Remove grammar checks for ASK verb that can
never happen
(GroupClauseOpt, HavingClauseOpt, LimitOffsetClausesOpt,
OrderCondition, LimitClause): Remove checks for group by, having,
limit, offset with ASK that will never happen due to the grammar
not allowing it.
* src/sparql_parser.y: Make limit and offsets pass data up to
higher level structures
Add limit_offset integer pair and integer int to token union
(GroupClauseOpt, HavingClauseOpt, OrderClauseOpt): now return
sequences or NULL rather than write to query object.
(LimitOffsetClausesOpt): Now returns an int pair in (limit,
(LimitClause. OffsetClause): Now return int rather than write to
query object.
(SolutionModifier): Write group, having, order, limit and offset
to query structure.
* src/, src/rasqal_graph_pattern.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_query.c,
src/rasqal_solution_modifier.c, src/sparql_parser.y: Add solution
modifier class and use for sub SELECT parsing
Add private structure rasqal_solution_modifier with fields for
order, group, having, limit and offset for modifying a solution.
(rasqal_new_select_graph_pattern): Change last arg to
rasqal_solution_modifier* pointer.
(rasqal_free_graph_pattern): Free modifier.
rasqal_graph_pattern now points to a modifier for sub-SELECT.
rasqal_query gains a filed pointing to a modifier (not used yet).
(rasqal_free_query): Destroy above.
(rasqal_new_solution_modifier, rasqal_free_solution_modifier): Added
constructor and destructor for new class.
SPARQL parsing token union gains a modifier field.
(SolutionModifier): returns a modifier.
(SelectQuery, ConstructQuery, DescribeQuery): Store modifier in
query modifier field.
(SubSelect): Pass modifier to select graph pattern.
(SolutionModifier): Construct a modifier object from empty fields
for now.
* src/sparql_parser.y:
(BuiltInCall): FIXME is done - RASQAL_EXPR_ISNUMERIC exists
* src/sparql_parser.y: Add support for BINDINGS variables and
lists of rows
Extended parser token to contain a rasqal_row
(BindingsRowList, BindingsRowListOpt): Added as sequences of
(BindingValueList): Added as sequence of rasqal_literals
(BindingsRow): Added as a rasqal_row
(VarList): Added as a sequence of variables
(BindingsClause): Rewritten to follow SPARQL 1.1 grammar and
construct a sequence of variables and sequence of rows. All are
discarded rather than stored for now.
* src/sparql_parser.y: Fix BindingsClause defn
2010-10-15 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/sparql/sparql11/,
tests/sparql/sparql11/subquery-1.ttl: Add subquery - sub SELECT
from SPARQL 1.1 Query 2010-10-14 WD
* src/rasqal_query_write.c:
(rasqal_query_write_sparql_graph_pattern): Write sub-SELECT except
* src/rasqal_graph_pattern.c:
(rasqal_graph_pattern_print_indent): Improve SELECT GP printing
* src/, src/rasqal_algebra.c,
src/rasqal_graph_pattern.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_query_transform.c, src/sparql_parser.y: Add start of
SELECT graph pattern support
rasqal_graph_pattern_operator gains
rasqal_graph_pattern gains internal fields for variables and where
along with temporary void* for modifiers, yet to be implemented.
(rasqal_new_select_graph_pattern): Added with new fields for
variables and where graph pattern.
(rasqal_free_graph_pattern): Free new fields.
rasqal_query_select_build_variables_use_map_in_internal): Added
skeleton algebra supports - fail with error.
rasqal_graph_pattern_operator_labels gains select label
(rasqal_graph_pattern_write_internal): Code style.
SPARQL grammar: store select graph pattern for sub SELECT.
(rasqal_graph_pattern_write_internal): Print new fields.
* src/, src/rasqal_query.c, src/sparql_parser.y: Use
rasqal_data_graph inside SPARQL parser.
(rasqal_query_add_data_graphs): Added to add a list of data graphs
in a raptor_sequence
Add data_graph to SPARQL token union.
(DatasetClauseList, DatasetClauseListOpt): Now raptor_sequence of
(DatasetClause): Added, taking a rasqal_data_graph type.
(DefaultGraphClause, NamedGraphClause): Now rasqal_data_graph
(SelectQuery, ConstructQuery, DescribeQuery, AskQuery,
DeleteQuery, InsertQuery, LoadQuery): Store data graphs in query
* tests/engine/rasqal_triples_test.c: Updated tests to use
* tests/engine/rasqal_graph_test.c: Updated tests to use
*, src/, src/rasqal_expr.c,
src/rasqal_query_write.c, src/sparql_lexer.l,
tests/sparql/, tests/sparql/sparql11/,
tests/sparql/sparql11/isnumeric-1.rq: Add SPARQL 1.1 isNUMERIC()
(rasqal_expression_clear, rasqal_expression_visit,
rasqal_expression_evaluate, rasqal_expression_write,
rasqal_expression_print, rasqal_expression_is_constant,
rasqal_query_write_sparql_expression): Added support for
RASQAL_EXPR_ISNUMERIC Added sparql11 tests dir with isnumeric-1.rq
2010-10-14 Dave Beckett <>
* src/sparql_lexer.l, src/sparql_parser.y: Update SPARQL grammar
for 1.1 2010-10-14 draft
Added new tokens: BINDINGS, UNDEF, SERVICE, MINUS, isNUMERIC (case
independent all)
Still not added: any property path tokens (SPARQL grammar tokens
Path to PathOneInPropertyClass)
(sparql_token_print): Print new tokens
(SelectQuery): Split into new SelectClause
(SubSelect): Added, to be implemented.
(BindingsCLauseOpt): Added, to be implemented.
(BindingValueList): Added for above.
(BindingValue): Added, UNDEF to be implemented maybe.
(GroupGraphPattern): Add SubSelect.
(GroupGraphPatternSub): Added with old GroupGraphPattern code.
(GraphPatternNotTriples): Add MinusGraphPattern and
(ServiceGraphPattern): Added, to be implemented.
(MinusGraphPattern): Added, to be implemented.
(BuiltInCall): Accept isNUMERIC, to be implemented in expression
* src/sparql_parser.y: Remove SPARQL grammar term numbers, keep
changing too much
2010-10-13 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/
(rasqal_graph_pattern_get_variable): Added RASQAL_API to public
API function
2010-10-11 Dave Beckett <>
* src/, src/rasqal_graph_pattern.c: Add
rasqal_graph_pattern_get_variable to get variable for LAQRS LET
graph patterns
2010-10-09 Dave Beckett <>
* utils/roqet.c: Replace internal data_graph with
rasqal_data_graph and functions
Save a list of rasqal_data_graph from the -s/-D/-G args using
rasqal_new_data_graph_from_iostream() and
rasqal_new_data_graph_from_uri() then later on use
* src/rasqal_raptor.c:
(rasqal_raptor_init_triples_source): Set parser base URI from
2010-10-08 Dave Beckett <>
* src/, src/rasqal_query.c, src/rdql_parser.y,
src/sparql_parser.y, utils/roqet.c: Replace
rasqal_query_add_data_graph_from_uri/iostream() with
(rasqal_query_add_data_graph2): Added just to append to sequence.
rasqal_query_add_data_graph_from_iostream): Removed Update rdql
and sparql parsers
* utils/roqet.c: Add base_uri to roqet data_graph and use for
* src/, src/rasqal_data_graph.c, src/rasqal_query.c:
Add base_uri to rasqal_data_graph and functions for iostream
The iostream functions for a data graph need a separate base URI.
rasqal_data_graph gains uri field
rasqal_new_data_graph_from_iostream, rasqal_new_data_graph_common,
rasqal_free_data_graph): Gain base_uri arg and use/store/free
(rasqal_data_graph_print): Print base URI
2010-10-07 Dave Beckett <>
* utils/roqet.c: Set fake base URI for now when reading from stdin
* src/rasqal_data_graph.c:
(rasqal_data_graph_print): Fix print fields
* src/rasqal_internal.h, utils/roqet.c: Add support for data graph
from stdin to roqet
Accept -D/-G/-s with '-' arg to mean use stdin as a source of a
data graph.
Use rasqal_query_add_data_graph_from_iostream() to set up the data
Add an internal data_graph struct to hold flags arg. This is a
stopgap, should be able to use rasqal_data_graph here.
* src/rasqal_raptor.c: Support data graphs from iostreams via a
(rasqal_raptor_parse_iostream): Added internal for raptor V1 to
support same feature as raptor V2 raptor_parser_parse_iostream()
(rasqal_raptor_init_triples_source): Support parsing from an
iostream with no URI using name_uri as base URI
* src/, src/rasqal_query.c: Added
rasqal_query_add_data_graph_from_iostream() wrapping
* src/rasqal_raptor.c:
(rasqal_raptor_support_feature): Declare support for
* src/, src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_raptor.c,
src/rasqal_triples_source.c: Add rasqal_triples_source_factory API
V2: support.
Added enum rasqal_triple_source_feature for factories to respond
rasqal_triples_source gains support_feature factory method for API
(rasqal_triples_source_support_feature): Added internal check
(rasqal_raptor_init_triples_source): Declare support for API V2
* src/ rasqal_data_graph autodocs
* src/rasqal_data_graph.c:
(rasqal_data_graph_print): Print fix
* src/rasqal_data_graph.c:
(rasqal_data_graph_print): Support iostream/uri data graphs
* src/, src/rasqal_data_graph.c: Added
rasqal_new_data_graph_from_iostream to get data graphs from
rasqal_data_graph gains raptor_iostream field.
(rasqal_new_data_graph_common): Added internal function to support
all data graph constructors.
(rasqal_new_data_graph_from_iostream): Added taking a
raptor_iostream arg (shared) using rasqal_new_data_graph_common()
(rasqal_new_data_graph_from_uri): Now using
* src/rasqal_triples_source.c:
(rasqal_new_triples_source): Only use init_triples_source if
factory API version >=2
2010-10-06 Dave Beckett <>
* src/, src/rasqal_data_graph.c, src/rasqal_query.c:
Rename rasqal_new_data_graph2() to
* utils/roqet.c: Rename rasqal_query_add_data_graph2() to
* src/, src/rasqal_query.c, src/rdql_parser.y,
src/sparql_parser.y: Rename rasqal_query_add_data_graph2() to
* src/ Lets assume OSX GCC precompiled headers are
working after many years
* src/rdql_parser.y, src/sparql_parser.y: Replace calls to
rasqal_query_add_data_graph() with rasqal_query_add_data_graph2()
* src/, src/rasqal_result_formats.c: Added
rasqal_query_results_formats_check2() allowing checking for a
readable and/or writable result format.
(rasqal_query_results_formats_check2): Added with new flags arg,
deprecating rasqal_query_results_formats_check.
(rasqal_query_results_formats_check): Calls above and deprecated.
* tests/laqrs/syntax/, tests/laqrs/syntax/let4.rq: Add
let4 example with a SELECT *
2010-10-04 Dave Beckett <>
* utils/srxread.c, utils/srxwrite.c: Newlines in error messages
* utils/srxread.c, utils/srxwrite.c: Provide raptor2 support in
example programs srxread.c and srxwrite.c
* src/rasqal_raptor.c:
(rasqal_raptor_init_triples_source): Fix raptor_world_ptr reference.
* utils/roqet.1: Document -F/--format
* utils/roqet.c: Re-order help args to be alphabetic
* utils/roqet.c: Document -F/--format
* src/rasqal_raptor.c:
(rasqal_raptor_init_triples_source): Support using parser name
* utils/roqet.c: Add -F NAME format arg for specifying data graph
(main): Add -F support and check it is a legal parser na,e. Use
rasqal_query_add_data_graph2() to pass in parser name as format.
* src/, src/rasqal_data_graph.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_query.c: Added data graph constructors/helpers that add
format args
(rasqal_query_add_data_graph2): Added with format args deprecating
(rasqal_query_add_data_graph): Deprecated for above.
(rasqal_new_data_graph2): Added with format args deprecating
(rasqal_new_data_graph): Deprecated for above.
* src/ Add new data graph format fields to
* src/rasqal_data_graph.c, src/rasqal_query_write.c: Add format
mime type, name and uri to rasqal_data_graph
(rasqal_free_data_graph): Free new fields.
(rasqal_data_graph_print): Print new fields
(rasqal_query_write_data_format_comment): Add to print new fields
to sparql query output as a comment.
(rasqal_query_write_sparql_20060406): Use above.
2010-10-03 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_raptor.c: Make raptor triples source provide new init
method init_triples_source
(rasqal_raptor_init_triples_source): Added to implement the new
triples source factory initialisation. Call the handler with
locator and message.
(rasqal_raptor_new_triples_source): Rewritten to call
rasqal_raptor_init_triples_source() with
rasqal_triples_source_error_handler as error handler.
(rasqal_raptor_register_triples_source_factory): Indicate this
supports triples source factory API v2
* src/rasqal_internal.h: Export
rasqal_triples_source_error_handler for internal use
* src/rasqal_triples_source.c: Support using new triples source
factory init method init_triples_source
(rasqal_triples_source_error_handler): Added.
(rasqal_new_triples_source): Use above to provide an error handler
when making a rasqal triples source. Keep generic error code for
V1 triples source factory init method (new_triples_source)
* src/ Add a way for a triples source factory to
return meaningful errors.
Added typedef rasqal_triples_error_handler for triples source
factory error callback.
rasqal_triples_source_factory bumps max API version to 2 and adds
new @init_triples_source factory method to replace
@new_triples_source allowing an error callback arg.
* src/sparql_parser.y:
(CoalesceExpression): COALESCE is in SPARQL 1.1
2010-10-02 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/sparql/update/ Switch to -i sparql11
* src/sparql_parser.y: Do not register sparql11 name twice
* src/rasqal_general.c, src/rasqal_internal.h, src/sparql_parser.y:
Separate SPARQL 1.0 and SPARQL 1.1 language names
(rasqal_sparql11_query_language_register_factory): Added to
register SPARQL 1.1
(rasqal_world_open): Register SPARQL 1.1 with
* src/sparql_parser.y: Use rasqal_language_name_check() to check
language and code tidy
* utils/roqet.c: code style
* src/sparql_common.h, src/sparql_parser.y: Add sparql query
language feature flags to separate sparql 1.0, 1.1 and experiments
in laqrs
rasqal_sparql_query_language_s gains bit flags to replace extended
field. Update grammar to use appropriate flags for family language
features. Alter some error messages to mention can only be used in
(rasqal_sparql_query_language_init): Initialise the query language
family flags.
* src/sparql_parser.y: Update SPARQL and LAQRS query language
registrations adding aliases
(rasqal_sparql_query_language_register_factory): Updated for new
registration model. Adds aliases sparql10 and sparql11 for
(rasqal_laqrs_query_language_register_factory): Added for new
registration model but calling same functions as
* src/rdql_parser.y:
(rasqal_rdql_query_language_register_factory): Updated for new
registration model.
* src/rasqal_query.c:
(rasqal_query_get_name, rasqal_query_get_label): Use syntax
description fields.
* src/rasqal_general.c: Initialise query languages using
raptor-style syntax description model
(rasqal_world_open): Initialise sequence and re-order initialisation
of languages since it's now default-first instead of default-last.
(rasqal_free_query_language_factory): Just free query languages
sequence now.
(rasqal_query_language_register_factory): Updated to just use a
callback function to do registration returning int status, and this
function returns the factory it makes. Alter logic based on Raptor
V2 raptor_world_register_parser_factory()
(rasqal_get_query_language_factory): Updated to use sequence and
logic based on Raptor V2 raptor_world_get_parser_factory()
(rasqal_languages_enumerate): Simplify using query languages
* src/rasqal_internal.h: Add a Raptor V2-style
raptor_syntax_description data model to rasqal.
For now this requires importing bits of Raptor V2
raptor_syntax_description public API if building with Raptor V1.
Specifically, import: typedef raptor_data_free_handler,
raptor_type_q and raptor_syntax_description from Raptor
rasqal_query_language_factory_s gains world arg and loses name,
label, alias, mime_type, uri_string fields. The latter replaced by
raptor_syntax_description static.
typedef rasqal_query_language_register_factory loses most args and
just uses a callback to (sic) call. Return value is the factory.
Callback returns an error int.
typedef rasqal_world replaces linked list of query languages with
a raptor_sequence
* src/rasqal_internal.h, utils/roqet.c: Add more Raptor V1
backward compatiblity defines for roqet.c
2010-09-30 Dave Beckett <>
* utils/roqet.c:
Set default graph format to "ntriples" again.
* utils/roqet.c:
(print_formatted_query_results): Move error reporting here
* utils/roqet.c:
(print_formatted_query_results): Create/destroy formatter here
* utils/roqet.c: Delay -r FORMAT checking until result type is
Fixes Issue#0000388
(print_graph_result): Move graph serializer format checking here.
(main): For each result type decide if simple or if formatted
* utils/roqet.c:
(print_formatted_query_results): Added making formatted query
results from code in main()
* utils/roqet.c:
(print_graph_result): Added making graph results from code in
* utils/roqet.c:
(print_boolean_result_simple): Added with simple boolean results
out of main()
* utils/roqet.c:
(print_bindings_result_simple): Added to refactor out huge main()
* NEWS.html,, src/ Bumped version to
2010-09-24 Dave Beckett <>
* Use AC_LANG_SOURCE for gcc flag test
2010-09-24 Dave Beckett <>
* Use AC_LANG_SOURCE for gcc flag test
2010-08-29 Dave Beckett <>
* LICENSE.html: or any newer versions
* utils/ Link srxread and srxwrite using
`@RAPTOR_CONFIG@ --libs` approach like roqet.
* utils/
Link to raptor2 for utilities Updating approach used in for Raptor V2
2010-08-22 Dave Beckett <>
* Snapshotted rasqal_0_9_20 for 0.9.20 release (GIT
2010-08-22 Nicholas J Humfrey <>
* Updated repository section to new Git repository
on Github
* Normalised tabs into spaces #ws
2010-08-21 Dave Beckett <>
* README.html, RELEASE.html: Remove links to TODO.html
* README.html: words
* RELEASE.html: 0.9.20
* NEWS.html: 0.9.20
* src/rasqal_expr.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate): Return error failure not abort on
attempt to evaluate SAMPLE() and GROUP_CONCAT()
* TODO.html: Empty document and point at
* README.html: requires raptor 1.4.19
* README.html: words - jena RDQL links are all broken; comment
* LICENSE.html: Link to specific LGPL 2.1 version doc. Wording
and formatting
* INSTALL.html: words
* src/rasqal_general.c: Removed dmalloc support
*, src/rasqal_internal.h: Removed dmalloc support
* docs/rasqal-sections.txt, docs/tmpl/section-expression.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-query.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-unused.sgml:
Updated docbook tmpls and sections
* src/, src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_query.c,
src/rasqal_query_transform.c, src/rasqal_query_write.c,
src/sparql_parser.y, tests/sparql/aggregate/,
Add support for SPARQL 1.1 HAVING <list of Expression>
rasqal_query_get_having_condition): Added.
struct rasqal_query gains new internal field
(rasqal_free_query, rasqal_query_print,
rasqal_query_write_sparql_20060406): Handle new sequence of having
(rasqal_query_build_variables_use_map): Scan HAVING expr for
variable use. Removes a fixme.
(SPARQL parser token HavingClauseOpt): Store having conditions
sequence. Removes a fixme. Added teses for above.
* src/rasqal_expr.c:
(rasqal_new_group_concat_expression): Allow separator to be NULL
* src/
Add rasqal_new_group_concat_expression header
* src/rasqal_expr.c, src/rasqal_query_write.c, src/sparql_lexer.l,
src/sparql_parser.y, tests/sparql/aggregate/,
tests/sparql/aggregate/group-concat-1.rq: Add full GROUP_CONCAT()
syntax and representation support.
Added tests/sparql/aggregate/group-concat-1.rq (nothing in spec
(rasqal_new_group_concat_expression): Added taking distinct flag,
sequence of expressions and literal separator
(rasqal_expression_clear, rasqal_expression_write,
rasqal_expression_print, rasqal_expression_is_constant,
rasqal_query_write_sparql_expression): updated for above change.
Fix SPARQL lexer token to be GROUP_CONCAT not GROUPCONCAT. Oops -
that's why a test is needed.
(SeparatorOpt): Use EQ not '=' which never gets here.
(ExpressionList): added for a comma-separated list of
(GroupConcatAggregateExpression): Use ExpressionList and create
new expression from rasqal_new_group_concat_expression().
2010-08-20 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_engine_algebra.c:
Zero out freed node pointer
(rasqal_algebra_graph_algebra_node_to_rowsource): After "case #2"
when rasqal_free_algebra_node() is called, zap out the pointer.
Addresses Issue#0000378
* src/rasqal_rowsource_empty.c:
(rasqal_empty_rowsource_ensure_variables): Use to set row width to
2010-08-19 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/, src/ Do not ship rasqal.h in
tarball since it is system-dependent (raptor2 or not)
Add nodist_ before list of installed includes: rasqal.h must be
installed but not distributed.
Add docs dependency rule for rasqal.h for gtk-doc scanning.
* tests/sparql/bugs/353-result.ttl, tests/sparql/bugs/353.ttl: Add
bug353 ttl files
* tests/sparql/check-sparql: remove debug print
2010-08-18 Dave Beckett <>
* 000-README-GIT.txt: Remove 000-README-GIT.txt intended for old
* tests/sparql/bugs/353-result.ttl, tests/sparql/bugs/353.rq,
tests/sparql/bugs/, tests/sparql/bugs/manifest.ttl: Add
test for 353 - currently fails
* tests/sparql/check-sparql: Handle RDF graph results type as well
as bindings
* tests/sparql/check-sparql: debug messages when reading results
2010-08-18 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/rasqal_query_results.c:
(rasqal_query_results_update_bindings): Avoid using uninitialized
2010-08-17 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_algebra.c: Ensure CONSTRUCT sets up variables for
(rasqal_algebra_get_variables_mentioned_in): Added to get list of
variables mentioned in a construct.
(rasqal_algebra_query_to_algebra): For a CONSTRUCT, get the
mentioned vars and use those in the projection and free the
sequence after.
* AUTHORS: Added Lauri Aalto
* 000-README-GIT.txt: Moved to GitHub at
* README.html: Update for github
2010-08-05 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_result_formats.c:
(rasqal_query_results_formatter_write): document NULL base_uri is
2010-08-04 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_raptor.c: Update rasqal_raptor_generate_id_handler to
handle new raptor generate nodeid API
2010-07-27 Dave Beckett <>
* src/.gitignore: Ignore generated rasqal.h
* src/sparql_parser.y:
Add VarOrBadVarName state to track deprecated LAQRS .. AS varname ...
(SelectTerm): Use VarOrBadVarName for deprecated LAQRS SELECT
... AS varname, instead of the draft SPARQL 1.1 Query SELECT
... AS ?varname
(VarOrBadVarName): Added generating a warning for a bare varname.
* src/sparql_lexer.l: Restore SPID state after AS and return $, ?
and VarName tokens
* tests/laqrs/syntax/, tests/laqrs/syntax/group-by1.rq:
Remove group-by1.rq - syntax was never added to sparql 1.1 and this
was never in shipped rasqal release
* src/sparql_parser.y:
Added tokens HAVING and SEPARATOR
(SelectTerm): Use AS Var not VarName.
(SelectExpression): Deleted, SelectQuery uses Expression direct.
(AggregateExpression): Add annotations.
(SeparatorOpt): Added to handle ; SEPARATOR = "string" for
(GroupConcatAggregateExpression): Use SeparatorOpt but throw away
the string for now - FIXME.
(SolutionModifier): Add HavingClauseOpt
(GroupCondition): Use AS Var not VarName
(HavingCondition): Added, just alias for Constraint.
(HavingConditionList): Added as list of HavingCondiiton
(HavingClauseOpt): Added for HAVING. Throws away result for now -
(PrimaryExpression): Add AggregateExpression here; so you can put an
aggregate expression such as as SUM() etc. anywhere an expression
can go!
2010-07-26 Dave Beckett <>
* src/sparql_lexer.l: Added HAVING, GROUP_CONCAT, SEPARATOR tokens
*, tests/sparql/,
tests/sparql/aggregate/agg-1.rq, tests/sparql/aggregate/agg-2.rq,
tests/sparql/aggregate/bad-1.rq, tests/sparql/aggregate/data-1.ttl:
Add SPARQL 1.1 aggregate function tests
* src/sparql_lexer.l:
Accept ( Expr AS Var ) not ( Expr as VarName ) (AS): Return AS, do
not enter SPID state.
(SPID state): Deleted
* RELEASE.html: words
* RELEASE.html: words
* words and formatting
2010-07-25 Dave Beckett <>
* src/sparql_parser.y: Allow SPARQL 1.1 UPDATE 2010-06-01 CLEAR
* tests/sparql/update/clear-4.rq: CLEAR GRAPH DEFAULT
* tests/sparql/update/clear-1.rq: note CLEAR is not legal syntax
* tests/sparql/update/, tests/sparql/update/clear-1.rq,
tests/sparql/update/clear-2.rq, tests/sparql/update/clear-3.rq,
tests/sparql/update/create-1.rq, tests/sparql/update/create-2.rq,
tests/sparql/update/delete-1.rq, tests/sparql/update/delete-2.rq,
tests/sparql/update/drop-1.rq, tests/sparql/update/drop-2.rq,
tests/sparql/update/insert-1.rq, tests/sparql/update/insert-2.rq,
tests/sparql/update/load-1.rq, tests/sparql/update/load-2.rq:
Updated tests for
2010-05-17 Dave Beckett <>
* set have_raptor2_api boolean for rasqal pkgconfig
2010-05-16 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_engine.c,
src/rasqal_engine_sort.c, src/rasqal_expr.c,
src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c, src/rasqal_format_table.c,
src/rasqal_general.c, src/rasqal_graph_pattern.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_literal.c, src/rasqal_map.c,
src/rasqal_query.c, src/rasqal_query_results.c,
src/rasqal_query_transform.c, src/rasqal_query_write.c,
src/rasqal_raptor.c, src/rasqal_result_formats.c, src/rasqal_row.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_rowsequence.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_sort.c, src/rasqal_variable.c,
src/rdql_lexer.l, src/rdql_parser.y, src/sparql_lexer.l,
src/sparql_parser.y, utils/roqet.c:
Replace #ifdef RAPTOR_V2_AVAILABLE with #ifdef HAVE_RAPTOR2_API -
controlled by configure --enable-raptor2
* src/rasqal_general.c:
(rasqal_world_set_log_handler): Enable with HAVE_RAPTOR2_API
* src/rasqal_query.c: Stub out raptor1 error handler functions.
rasqal_query_set_error_handler, rasqal_query_set_warning_handler):
Declare as stubs
* src/ When HAVE_RAPTOR2_API, declare raptor1 APIs with
void* arg
*, src/rasqal.h, src/ Define
HAVE_RAPTOR2_API subst var and alter API depending on raptor2
* Add --enable-raptor configure arg
Raptor2 is only considered if --enable-raptor2 is given to
configure. When raptor2 is present and sufficient, #define
HAVE_RAPTOR2_API and add automakefile variable RAPTOR2
* src/rasqal_datetime.c, src/rasqal_decimal.c,
src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c, src/rasqal_format_table.c,
src/rasqal_general.c, src/rasqal_literal.c, src/rasqal_raptor.c,
src/rasqal_row.c, src/rasqal_variable.c,
src/rasqal_xsd_datatypes.c, src/rdql_lexer.l, src/sparql_lexer.l:
code style: replace strncpy with memcpy - never need strncpy
zero-checking/filling semantics.
* src/rasqal_raptor.c: Update to latest raptor_term blank field
2010-05-03 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_engine.c,
src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c, src/rasqal_format_table.c,
src/rasqal_graph_pattern.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_map.c, src/rasqal_query.c, src/rasqal_query_results.c,
src/rasqal_query_transform.c, src/rasqal_result_formats.c,
src/rasqal_row.c, src/rasqal_rowsource.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_rowsequence.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_sort.c,
src/rasqal_variable.c, src/rdql_parser.y, src/sparql_parser.y,
utils/roqet.c: Ported to raptor2 head - funcptr typedef changes
2010-04-24 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_data_graph.c, src/rasqal_decimal.c, src/rasqal_expr.c,
src/rasqal_general.c, src/rasqal_literal.c, src/rasqal_map.c,
src/rasqal_prefix.c, src/rasqal_query.c,
src/rasqal_query_results.c, src/rasqal_result_formats.c,
src/rasqal_row.c, src/rasqal_rowsource.c, src/rasqal_triple.c,
src/rasqal_variable.c: Make all rasqal destructors simply return
when given a NULL object pointer. They mostly did this already -
just remove macros to make it obvious.
* src/rasqal_graph.c: Mark autodocs as INTERNAL
2010-04-16 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_query_results.c, src/rasqal_result_formats.c: autodocs
noting that formatting query results drains them
2010-04-14 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/rasqal_format_table.c:
(rasqal_query_results_write_table_bindings): Made function compile
on raptor2 again.
2010-04-13 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/tmpl/section-expression.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-general.sgml:
Updated docbook tmpls
* src/rasqal.h: rasqal_expression_s autodocs
* src/rasqal.h: autodocs
* src/rasqal.h: autodocs
* src/rasqal.h: autodocs
* docs/rasqal-sections.txt: Added new funcs
* docs/rasqal-sections.txt, src/rasqal.h, src/rasqal_literal.c:
rasqal_literal_equals_flags is internal
* docs/rasqal-sections.txt: remove unused unused raptor world tokens
* docs/rasqal-sections.txt: Added rasqal_new_function_expression2
* src/rasqal.h: rasqal_compare_flags: autodocs do not refer to
internal funcs
* docs/rasqal-sections.txt: Add rasqal_literal_equals_flags
* docs/rasqal-sections.txt: Add new funcs
* src/rasqal_literal.c:
(rasqal_new_string_literal): autodocs do not link to internal
* src/rasqal_format_table.c:
(rasqal_query_results_write_table_bindings): Remove unused query
2010-04-12 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/rasqal_expr.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate): Pack local vars in union to save
some stack.
* src/rasqal_format_table.c: #ws
2010-04-11 Dave Beckett <>
* RELEASE.html: 0.9.20 notes
2010-04-11 Nicholas J Humfrey <>
* src/rasqal_format_table.c: Added boolean result support to the
Table results format.
2010-04-06 Lauri Aalto <>
*, Proper pkg-config dependencies when
built with raptor2.
* Support configuring with raptor2. Prefer installed
raptor2 over raptor v1.
* utils/ Support linking with libraptor2
* utils/roqet.c: Ported to raptor2 git head. Support
2010-03-31 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_query_write.c: ,
* src/rasqal_query_write.c: write a, b not a ,b
* src/sparql_parser.y:
(RelationalExpression): Add IN and NOT IN
* src/rasqal.h, src/rasqal_expr.c:
(rasqal_new_set_expression): Added for expr IN/NOT-IN list ops
* tests/laqrs/syntax/, tests/laqrs/syntax/in1.rq: Add
IN test
* src/rasqal_format_sv.c: T is for TAB
* src/rasqal_query_write.c:
(rasqal_query_write_sparql_expression): Emit DISTINCT for func
* src/rasqal_query_write.c:
(rasqal_query_write_sparql_variable): Write ( expr AS var )
* tests/laqrs/syntax/count2.rq, tests/laqrs/syntax/count4.rq:
Update expr AS Var format
* src/rasqal_expr.c:
(rasqal_new_function_expression_common): Fix arg test
* fix raptor version test check
* src/rasqal_expr.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate): Implement executing of IN and NOT IN
* src/rasqal_expr.c, src/rasqal_query_write.c: Added expression
handling for IN and NOT IN - no executing yet.
(rasqal_expression_clear, rasqal_expression_evaluate,
rasqal_expression_write, rasqal_expression_print,
rasqal_query_write_sparql_expression): Added support for IN and
(rasqal_expression_visit): Added support for IN and NOT IN;
adjusted checking of result values for other forms to ensure visit
is truncated on a return value of non-0
* src/rasqal.h: Added expression enums for IN and NOT IN
expressions rasqal_op gains RASQAL_EXPR_IN and RASQAL_EXPR_NOT_IN
* src/sparql_lexer.l, src/sparql_parser.y: Add NOT and IN tokens
to sparql lexer and parser
2010-03-30 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/laqrs/syntax/explain.rq: Adjust to require () around
renamed vars
* src/sparql_parser.y: Accept ( Expr AS Var ) with required braces
in select and group by
(SelectTerm): SelectExpression does not include ()s
(SelectExpression): Remove optional ()s
(GroupCondition): Accept ( Expr AS Var ) and store expression in
var field expression. Not totally a good idea, should be a new
rename expression probably.
* tests/laqrs/syntax/avg1.rq, tests/laqrs/syntax/coalesce1.rq,
tests/laqrs/syntax/count1.rq, tests/laqrs/syntax/count3.rq,
tests/laqrs/syntax/coverage.rq, tests/laqrs/syntax/group-by1.rq,
tests/laqrs/syntax/max1.rq, tests/laqrs/syntax/min1.rq,
tests/laqrs/syntax/sum1.rq: Update rename expr as var syntax from
latest SPARQL 1.1 draft
* src/sparql_parser.y:
(GroupCondition): Do not free unused variable $3 - not owned here.
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c: Support finding mentioned
variables in GROUP BY
(rasqal_query_expression_build_variables_use_map): Renamed from
(rasqal_query_graph_pattern_build_variables_use_map): Rename as
above for FILTER expression.
(rasqal_query_expression_build_variables_use_map_row): Renamed
from rasqal_expression_expr_build_variables_use_map_row
(rasqal_query_build_expressions_sequence_use_map_row) Lose unused
query arg.
(rasqal_query_build_variables_use_map): Tidy code and implement
finding mentioned vars in list of GROUP BY expressions. Does not
yet find declared EXPR as Var since SPARQL parser doesn't store it
anywhere yet.
* tests/laqrs/syntax/, tests/laqrs/syntax/group-by1.rq:
Add group-by1.rq for group by conditions
* src/sparql_parser.y:
(GroupClauseOpt): Do not add group asc/desc to group conditions
* src/rasqal_expr.c:
(rasqal_new_0op_expression): Remove RASQAL_EXPR_GROUP_COND_ASC and
* src/rasqal.h: Mark RASQAL_EXPR_GROUP_COND_ASC and
* src/sparql_parser.y: Update for GroupCondition rules.
(GroupConditionList): Added list of GroupCondition.
(GroupCondition): Added. FIXME: what does Expression AS Var mean
(GroupClauseOpt): Now a list of GroupConditionList
* src/sparql_parser.y: Implement GROUP_CONCAT and SAMPLE and
update other builtin agg functions.
(AggregateExpression): Added group concat and sample.
(ExpressionOrStar): Added pulled out of CountAggregateExpression.
(CountAggregateExpression): Simplified duplicate code handling an
expression and * in one place. Use
rasqal_new_aggregate_function_expression() and set distinct flags.
(SumAggregateExpression, AvgAggregateExpression,
MinAggregateExpression, MaxAggregateExpression): Use
rasqal_new_aggregate_function_expression() and set distinct flags.
(GroupConcatAggregateExpression, SampleAggregateExpression): Added
using rasqal_new_aggregate_function_expression() and setting
distinct flags.
* src/rasqal.h, src/rasqal_expr.c: Add
rasqal_new_aggregate_function_expression() for built-in aggregate
(rasqal_new_function_expression_common): Added internal function
based on core of rasqal_new_function_expression2 and taking
optional arg1 rasqal_expression for internal aggregate functions.
(rasqal_new_function_expression2): Rewritten in terms of
Added. based on rasqal_new_function_expression_common.
* src/rasqal.h: autodocs
* src/sparql_lexer.l:
(sparql_token_print): Handle GROUP_CONCAT and SAMPLE tokens
* src/rasqal_expr.c, src/rasqal_query_write.c: Added expression
class suport for group_concat() and sample()
(rasqal_expression_clear, rasqal_expression_visit,
rasqal_expression_write, rasqal_expression_print,
rasqal_query_write_sparql_expression): Add support for
(rasqal_expression_evaluate): Add placeholders for group_concat()
and sample() evaluation. Do they have any meaning for
non-aggregate function evaluation?
* src/rasqal.h:
RASQAL_EXPR_SAMPLE for SPARQL 1.1 agg functions.
* src/sparql_parser.y: Added optional DISTINCT for built-in
aggregate functions, setting bitflags.
(%union): Added uninteger unsigned int for flags.
(DistinctOpt): Moved earlier
(CountAggregateExpression, SumAggregateExpression,
AvgAggregateExpression, MinAggregateExpression,
MaxAggregateExpression, FunctionCall): Add DistinctOpt and set
expression flags if present.
* src/rasqal.h: Added rasqal_expression_flags for
rasqal_expression bitflags
* src/rasqal_expr.c: #ws
* tests/laqrs/syntax/agg-function-1.rq,
tests/laqrs/syntax/agg-function1.rq: Rename test
* tests/laqrs/syntax/,
tests/laqrs/syntax/agg-function-1.rq: Test agg function with zero
* tests/laqrs/syntax/function-distinct1.rq: Update to latest draft
aggregate function syntax; note example is not real.
* src/sparql_parser.y: Start to handle latest draft aggregate
function style (DISTINCT + parameters)
2010-03-29 Dave Beckett <>
* src/sparql_parser.y:
(FunctionCall): Use rasqal_new_function_expression2
* src/rasqal.h, src/rasqal_expr.c: Added support for sparql 1.1
function parameters and flags.
(rasqal_new_function_expression2): Added.
(rasqal_new_function_expression): Deprecated for above
* src/sparql_parser.y: Add support for function with optional
(DistinctOpt): Added, returning boolean (integer) flag.
(FunctionCall): Add new clause for DISTINCT
* tests/laqrs/syntax/,
tests/laqrs/syntax/function-distinct1.rq: Added test for function
with DISTINCT for sparql 1.1
* src/sparql_parser.y: Add ArgList including braces, rename old
ArgList to ArgListNoBraces.
2010-03-28 Dave Beckett <>
* Updates based on fedora spec - not tested.
2010-03-24 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_format_html.c, src/rasqal_internal.h: Rewrite in
RAPTOR V2 API terms with raptor_xml_escape_string_write
Add raptor_xml_escape_string_write for Raptor V1 to older
* src/rasqal_format_html.c: code style
* src/, src/rasqal_format_html.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_result_formats.c: Add HTML Table
results format Applied patch from
* src/rasqal_expr.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate): Implement RASQAL_EXPR_IF
* tests/laqrs/syntax/if1.rq: turn into a constant IF expr that can
be evaluated at parse time
*, src/rasqal.h: Update minimum raptor to 1.4.19 so
that raptor_world typedef is always available
2010-03-23 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/rasqal.h: Use RAPTOR_V2_AVAILABLE instead of
RAPTOR_WORLD_DECLARED (no longer available) to decide whether to
declare raptor_world type
* src/rasqal_xsd_datatypes.c: Fixed gcc4 warnings about using a
char where an int is required
* src/sparql_parser.y:
(LoadQuery): Allow DEFAULT graphs i.e. NULL graph_uri.
* src/rasqal_expr.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate): Use raptor_world not rasqal_world
for raptor_new_uri()
2010-03-22 Dave Beckett <>
* src/sparql_parser.y:
(UpdateQuery): Handle WITH URI INSERT DATA
* src/rasqal.h: Record deprecated bnodeid functions.Adjust
rasqal_query_set_default_generate_bnodeid_parameters and
rasqal_query_set_generate_bnodeid_handler. If
RASQAL_DISABLE_DEPRECATED is defined, remove all deprecated
prototypes and typedefs.
* src/sparql_parser.y: Handle LOAD ... list of DocUris... (INTO
(IriRefList): Added to build a raptor_sequence of raptor_uri
(LoadQuery): Use IriRefList to iterate over doc uris and make an
update operation for each of them. This may not correspond to the
actual sparql update semantics, to be determined. If the list-load
is one operation, it will need a rasqal_update_operation API
* src/sparql_parser.y: Handle updated SPARQL 1.1 update draft
syntax removing GRAPH keyword in update operations, adding DEFAULT
* src/sparql_lexer.l: Added DEFAULT token
* src/rasqal_expr.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate): RASQAL_EXPR_BNODE fix for no arg.
* src/rasqal_expr.c: Handle BNODE() with NULL expression arg.
(rasqal_expression_clear, rasqal_expression_visit,
rasqal_expression_evaluate, rasqal_expression_write,
rasqal_expression_print, rasqal_expression_is_constant): Handle
optional arg1 for RASQAL_EXPR_BNODE.
* src/rasqal.h, src/rasqal_general.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_query.c: Move generate blank node ID functionality to
world class and deprecate query class methods
rasqal_generate_bnodeid_handler2 added handler typedef taking world
rasqal_world gains bnodeid generating parameter fields and
handler/user data fields.
rasqal_query loses the bnodeid generating parameter fields,
renamed to unused1-3.
rasqal_world_set_generate_bnodeid_handler): Added
(rasqal_query_set_default_generate_bnodeid_parameters): Deprecated
for rasqal_world_set_default_generate_bnodeid_parameters and now
is a wrapper for it.
(rasqal_query_set_generate_bnodeid_handler): Deprecated but still
has to be stored since handler signature is not the same as new
(rasqal_query_generate_bnodeid): Prefer world bnodeid handler,
then query handler, then world generate bnodeid functionality.
* src/rasqal_general.c: Renamed some internal functions
(rasqal_query_default_generate_bnodeid_handler): Renamed from
* src/rasqal_general.c: autodocs
* src/rasqal.h, src/rasqal_expr.c: Fix rasqal_expression_visit,
rasqal_graph_pattern_visit_fn and rasqal_expression_visit_fn docs
to match code
* src/sparql_parser.y:
(BuiltInCall): Handle BNODE() and BNODE(expr)
* tests/laqrs/syntax/, tests/laqrs/syntax/bnode2.rq:
Add test for BNODE() with no args
* tests/sparql/update/, tests/sparql/update/clear-4.rq,
tests/sparql/update/load-3.rq, tests/sparql/update/load-4.rq:
Added laqrs / SPARQL 1.1 update draft syntax examples from
* tests/laqrs/syntax/, tests/laqrs/syntax/bnode1.rq,
tests/laqrs/syntax/strdt1.rq, tests/laqrs/syntax/strdt2.rq: Update
laqrs tests for bnode() and strdt()
* src/rasqal_expr.c: Implement expression evaluation for IRI, URI,
(rasqal_expression_evaluate): Implement RASQAL_EXPR_IRI,
* tests/laqrs/syntax/, tests/laqrs/syntax/bnode1.rq,
tests/laqrs/syntax/if1.rq, tests/laqrs/syntax/iri1.rq,
tests/laqrs/syntax/strdt1.rq, tests/laqrs/syntax/strlang1.rq,
tests/laqrs/syntax/uri1.rq: Add LAQRS tests for new LAQRS (draft
SPARQL 1.1) expressions
* src/rasqal_expr.c, src/rasqal_query_write.c: Add expression
support for STRLANG, STRDT, IF, URI, IRI and BNODE.
(rasqal_expression_clear, rasqal_expression_visit,
rasqal_expression_write, rasqal_expression_print,
rasqal_query_write_sparql_expression): Added cases for new
expressions. rasqal_op_labels and rasqal_sparql_op_labels gain
labels for new tokens.
(rasqal_expression_evaluate): Added dummy support for these
expressions, causing a fatal error.
* src/sparql_lexer.l, src/sparql_parser.y: Added SPARQL
lexer/parser for STRLANG, STRDT, IF, IRI, URI and BNODE.
* src/rasqal.h: Added operations for IF, URI, IRI, STRLANG, STRDT
and BNODE expressions.
2010-03-22 Lauri Aalto <>
* utils/roqet.c: Ported to raptor2 git head.
raptor_parser_get_option_count() -> raptor_option_get_count()
2010-03-06 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal.h: Note datetime does not write to literal value
* src/rasqal_internal.h: Added prototypes for
rasqal_xsd_date_check and rasqal_xsd_date_string_to_canonical
* src/rasqal_datetime.c: Adjust normalized xsd:date - no trailing
* src/rasqal_datetime.c: Fix
rasqal_xsd_datetime_parse_and_normalize_common() for dates. Add
(rasqal_xsd_datetime_parse_and_normalize_common): Handle day in
common code and allow xsd:date to terminate on Z or +/- timezone.
(rasqal_xsd_date_to_string): Terminate in Z Add test framework for
xsd:date and adjust dateTime tests to check timezones with dates
that canonicalize to a different date.
* src/rasqal_datetime.c:
(main): Rename d var to dt for dateTime
* src/rasqal_datetime.c:
Add rasqal_xsd_date and xsd:date check,
normalization functions rasqal_xsd_date added based on y/m/d from
(rasqal_xsd_date_parse_and_normalize): Added calling
rasqal_xsd_datetime_parse_and_normalize_common and copying the
result fields over on success.
(rasqal_xsd_date_to_string): Added.
(rasqal_xsd_date_string_to_canonical): Added.
(rasqal_xsd_date_check): Added.
* src/rasqal_datetime.c:
Start letting rasqal_xsd_datetime_parse_and_normalize_common()
handle date
(rasqal_xsd_datetime_parse_and_normalize_common): Renamed from
rasqal_xsd_datetime_parse_and_normalize and takes is_dateTime
boolean arg. If set, checks hour, mins, secs and fractions of
secs, otherwise sets that to 12:00:00.00 for
(rasqal_xsd_datetime_parse_and_normalize): Call
rasqal_xsd_datetime_parse_and_normalize_common with flag set.
* src/rasqal_datetime.c: code style
2010-03-04 Dave Beckett <>
* NEWS.html,, src/rasqal.h:
Bumped version to 0.9.20
* tests/sparql/bugs/352-result.ttl, tests/sparql/bugs/352.rq,
tests/sparql/bugs/352.ttl, tests/sparql/bugs/,
tests/sparql/bugs/manifest.ttl: Add tests for bug 352
* docs/tmpl/section-general.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-literal.sgml:
Update doc tmpls
* docs/rasqal-sections.txt:
Add rasqal_world_set_log_handler
* tests/sparql/.gitignore, tests/sparql/bugs/354-result.ttl,
tests/sparql/bugs/354.nt, tests/sparql/bugs/354.rq,
tests/sparql/bugs/, tests/sparql/bugs/manifest.ttl: Add
sparql bugs dir
*, tests/sparql/ Add bugs test area and
test for Issue#0000354
* src/rasqal_xsd_datatypes.c: code style
* src/rasqal.h, src/rasqal_format_json.c,
src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c, src/rasqal_format_sv.c,
src/rasqal_literal.c, src/rasqal_query_results.c,
src/rasqal_query_write.c, src/rasqal_xsd_datatypes.c:
Added literal type RASQAL_LITERAL_INTEGER_SUBTYPE to let subtypes
of xsd:integer work.
rasqal_literal_type gains (internal)
RASQAL_LITERAL_INTEGER_SUBTYPE to handle literals that are
sub-types of xsd:integer - so their parent is always
RASQAL_LITERAL_INTEGER and for all other purposes, act as integer.
(rasqal_literal_set_typed_value): If type is
RASQAL_LITERAL_INTEGER_SUBTYPE, do not rewrite the datatype URI
based on the literal type, but assume URI already there and parent
type are correct.
(rasqal_xsd_datatype_uri_to_type): Recognize when a type URI is
found that is a subtype of xsd:integer, set literal type to
(rasqal_xsd_datatype_is_numeric): Accept
(rasqal_xsd_datatype_parent_type): Return RASQAL_LITERAL_INTEGER
Update all literal type switches to use
* src/rasqal_xsd_datatypes.c:
code style
2010-03-02 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/rasqal.h, src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c,
src/rasqal_general.c, src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_query.c,
Ported to raptor2 git head while retaining support for raptor1.
rasqal_query_set_error_handler, rasqal_query_set_warning_handler):
Flagged out for raptor2. Use rasqal_world_set_log_handler()
(rasqal_world_set_log_handler): Added new API function for raptor2
(rasqal_rowsource_sparql_xml_context): Flagged out error_handlers.
Not needed with raptor2.
(rasqal_query_results_get_rowsource_sparql_xml): No need to init
error_handlers. raptor2 raptor_new_sax2() takes a raptor_locator*,
not error_handlers containing raptor_locator*.
(rasqal_world_open): Flagged out error_handlers magic.
(rasqal_log_error_varargs): Support raptor2 raptor_log_messages and
(rasqal_log_error): Removed unused internal function declaration.
(rasqal_world_s): Flagged out error_handlers. Added support for
(roqet_log_handler): Added.
(main): Use raptor2 log_handler in roqet.
2010-02-28 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_query_results.c: Check for limit and offsets when
reading incremental query results
(rasqal_query_results_ensure_have_row_internal): When calling the
execution factory get_row() method, check the query result limit
and offsets are met and select a subsequence of the returned
Intended to address Issue#000352 but may also be better done with
other changes to QE1 to remove it's duplicate limit/offset
checking in favour of this check.
2010-02-23 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_internal.h: Declare
rasqal_escaped_name_to_utf8_string with printf format arg.
2010-02-22 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/rasqal_general.c, src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rdql_lexer.l,
src/sparql_lexer.l: raptor2 raptor_unicode_utf8_string_put_char(),
2010-02-21 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c,
src/rasqal_general.c, src/rasqal_query.c, src/rasqal_query_test.c,
src/rasqal_raptor.c, src/rasqal_row.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_triples.c, src/rasqal_xsd_datatypes.c,
src/rdql_lexer.l, src/rdql_parser.y, src/sparql_lexer.l,
src/sparql_parser.y, tests/algebra/convert_graph_pattern.c,
tests/engine/rasqal_triples_test.c, utils/roqet.c: raptor2
raptor_new_uri() with preprocessor macro for raptor1 compatibility
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_graph_pattern.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_literal.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource.c, tests/algebra/convert_graph_pattern.c,
utils/roqet.c: raptor2 raptor_new_iostream_to_file_handle() with
preprocessor macro for raptor1 compatibility
* src/rasqal_format_json.c, src/rasqal_format_sv.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_literal.c,
src/rasqal_query_write.c, src/sparql_parser.y: raptor2
raptor_string_ntriples_write() with preprocessor macro for raptor1
raptor_iostream_write_string_ntriples() compatibility
* src/rasqal_feature.c, src/rasqal_general.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_xsd_datatypes.c: raptor2
raptor_new_uri_from_uri_local_name() with preprocessor macro for
raptor1 compatibility
* src/rasqal_expr.c, src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_query.c,
src/rasqal_query_results.c, src/rasqal_query_transform.c,
src/rdql_parser.y, src/sparql_parser.y: raptor2
RAPTOR_LOG_LEVEL_WARN with preprocessor macro for raptor1
* src/rasqal_general.c, src/rasqal_internal.h:
raptor_unicode_decode_utf8_char() ->
2010-02-19 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_expr.c,
src/rasqal_format_json.c, src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c,
src/rasqal_format_sv.c, src/rasqal_format_table.c,
src/rasqal_general.c, src/rasqal_graph_pattern.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_literal.c,
src/rasqal_query_write.c, src/rasqal_rowsource.c,
src/rasqal_triple.c, src/rasqal_variable.c, src/sparql_parser.y,
Ported to raptor2 git head.
- raptor_iostream_*()
- raptor_uri_write()
- raptor_new_qname_from_namespace_local_uri()
Use preprocessor defines to maintain compatibility with raptor1.
2010-02-18 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/rasqal_literal.c:
(rasqal_literal_print): DRY: Use rasqal_literal_write().
(rasqal_literal_print_type): DRY: Use rasqal_literal_write_type().
(rasqal_literal_write): raptor2
raptor_iostream_write_string_ntriples() ->
* utils/roqet.c:
updated roqet.c to compile on raptor2 git head
* src/sparql_parser.y:
raptor2 raptor_iostream_write_string_ntriples() ->
* src/rasqal_format_json.c, src/rasqal_format_sv.c:
raptor2 raptor_iostream_write_string_ntriples() ->
* src/rasqal_query_write.c:
raptor2 raptor_iostream_write_qname() -> raptor_qname_write(),
raptor_iostream_write_string_ntriples() ->
* src/rasqal_raptor.c:
(ordinal_as_uri): Flagged out function needed only with raptor1
* src/rasqal_raptor.c:
(rasqal_raptor_new_triples_source): raptor2 raptor_parse_uri() ->
2010-02-16 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/rasqal_result_formats.c:
(rasqal_query_results_formatter_write): NULL base_uri is valid.
* src/fix-bison: Removed fix-bison %destructor hack. Was required
to get the raptor_world* param to raptor_free_uri() - no longer
2010-02-15 Dave Beckett <>
* Snapshotted rasqal_0_9_19 for 0.9.19 release
* NEWS.html, RELEASE.html,, src/rasqal.h: 0.9.19
Restore Requires: raptor ...
* README.html: GIT
2010-02-14 Dave Beckett <>
* Snapshotted rasqal_0_9_18 for 0.9.18 release
* utils/ Add -lraptor to internal linking of utility
and example programs.
Added -lraptor to linking roqet, srxread and srxwrite so that on
systems where indirect library symbols (here in libraptor) are not
automatically found by looking up the base library (here
librasqal), the programs work. This should not affect user
programs that link with rasqal since they use
pkg-config rasqal --libs
rasqal-config --libs
both of which add -lraptor.
See also
Fedora bug 564885 for rasqal
Fixes Issue#0000347
2010-02-13 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal.h:
reorder to put query results methods together
* src/rasqal_general.c: 2010
2010-02-12 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal.h:
reorder to group query_results functions
* src/rasqal_literal.c:
(rasqal_literal_as_node): Return NULL rather than reswitch and die.
* src/rasqal_literal.c: autodocs
* src/rasqal_literal.c:
(rasqal_literal_as_node): Let reswitch - variable values return
a NULL value for an unbound variable.
* src/sparql_lexer.l:
(sparql_copy_string_token): copy language NUL
* src/sparql_lexer.l: code style
* src/rdql_lexer.l: code style
* src/rasqal_prefix.c: add includes
* src/ Add rasqal_prefix.c to lib
* src/rasqal_result_formats.c: code style
* src/rasqal_expr.c, src/rasqal_prefix.c: Move rasqal_prefix
class to rasqal_prefix.c
* src/, src/rasqal_data_graph.c, src/rasqal_expr.c:
Move rasqal_data_graph class to rasqal_data_graph.c
* src/, src/rasqal_expr.c, src/rasqal_triple.c:
Move rasqal_triple class to rasqal_triple.c
* ChangeLog, ChangeLog.7, Add ChangeLog.7 for 2009
* .gitignore: do not ignore ChangeLog
2010-02-12 Lauri Aalto <>
* .gitignore: ignore *.stackdump files
* src/rasqal_general.c: raptor2 compatible rasqal_log_level_labels
* src/rasqal_query_results.c:
(rasqal_query_results_get_triple): break out of switch properly
with raptor2.
* tests/algebra/convert_graph_pattern.c,
tests/engine/rasqal_triples_test.c: Ported test code to raptor2
git HEAD with RAPTOR_V2_AVAILABLE flagging.
* src/rasqal_algebra.c: raptor2 raptor_new_sequence()
compatibility in test code.
* utils/roqet.c: Ported roqet to raptor2 git HEAD with
* src/rdql_lexer.l, src/rdql_parser.y: RDQL parser/lexer:
raptor2 raptor_uri calls
* src/rasqal_raptor.c:
(rasqal_raptor_new_triples_source): raptor2 statement_handler,
generate_id_handler settings. Removed error_handler
(rasqal_raptor_statement_handler): Signature changed
to accept non-const raptor_statement for raptor2.
(rasqal_raptor_error_handler): Flagged out as unneeded with
* src/rasqal_raptor.c:
(rasqal_raptor_error_handler): raptor2 raptor_locator_format()
* src/rasqal_raptor.c:
(raptor_statement_as_rasqal_triple): raptor2 compatible variant
of the function
2010-02-11 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/rasqal_raptor.c:
(rasqal_raptor_new_triples_source): raptor2 raptor_new_parser()
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_expr.c,
src/rasqal_format_json.c, src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c,
src/rasqal_format_sv.c, src/rasqal_general.c, src/rasqal_query.c,
src/rasqal_query_test.c, src/rasqal_query_write.c,
src/rasqal_result_formats.c, src/rasqal_row.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_graph.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_rowsequence.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_sort.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_triples.c, src/rasqal_variable.c,
src/rasqal_xsd_datatypes.c, src/rdql_lexer.l, src/rdql_parser.y,
src/sparql_lexer.l, src/sparql_parser.y: Work-in-progress to make
rasqal compile with raptor2 git HEAD (with RAPTOR_V2_AVAILABLE
Changed function call args:
* raptor_uri calls
* raptor_print_locator() -> raptor_locator_print()
* raptor_new_sequence():
raptor_sequence_{free,print}_handler -> raptor_data_..._handler
* raptor_qname_string_to_uri()
* tests/.gitignore: ignore roqet.tmp in tests
2010-02-10 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_literal.c:
(rasqal_literal_divide): Make decimal division call
rasqal_xsd_decimal_divide() not add!
* src/, src/rasqal_formula.c, src/rasqal_literal.c:
Added rasqal_formula.c for rasqal_formula class code
* src/rasqal_variable.c: Revert
"(rasqal_new_variable_from_variable): Do not copy NULL expression"
This reverts commit 124173f9eddde4a57ed184ebd650418503d53e5b.
* src/rasqal_rowsource_join.c: Revert
"(rasqal_new_join_rowsource): Do not copy a NULL expr" This
reverts commit f9e92a72533cd8432c78175e0d65dce3392951da.
* src/rasqal_expr.c:
(rasqal_new_expression_from_expression): Allow NULL arg again for
the sake of code simplicity.
* src/rasqal_variable.c: Revert
"(rasqal_new_variable_from_variable): Do not try to copy NULL
literal pointer." This reverts commit
* src/rasqal_literal.c:
(rasqal_new_literal_from_literal): Allow NULL arg again for the sake
of code simplicity.
* src/rasqal_variable.c:
(rasqal_new_variable_from_variable): Do not try to copy NULL
literal pointer.
* src/rasqal_literal.c: More assertions for NULL args for literal
class. Tidied internal autodocs.
* src/rasqal_literal.c:
(rasqal_new_decimal_literal_from_decimal): Remove assertions
already checked in code
* src/rasqal_literal.c: casts for literal class arg checking
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_literal.c,
rasqal_new_formula() gains a world arg.
* src/rasqal_literal.c: Code style: use var = ... calloc ( ...
sizeof(*var) )
* docs/tmpl/section-row.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-variables-table.sgml: doc words
* docs/rasqal-docs.xml, docs/rasqal-sections.txt,
docs/tmpl/section-query_results.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-row.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-variables-table.sgml: Update docs to add row and
variables-table sections and new functions
* src/rasqal_query_results.c:
(rasqal_query_results_add_row): This is public. autodocs and
check params
2010-02-10 Lauri Aalto <>
* .gitignore: ignore .libs, *.exe
* src/rasqal_raptor.c: raptor_uri
* src/rasqal_query_results.c:
(rasqal_query_results_get_triple): Construct raptor_statement
using v2 raptor_terms.
(rasqal_new_query_results): Init static
(rasqal_free_query_results): Free terms owned by static
2010-02-09 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_engine.c,
src/rasqal_engine_sort.c, src/rasqal_expr.c, src/rasqal_feature.c,
src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c, src/rasqal_format_table.c,
src/rasqal_general.c, src/rasqal_graph_pattern.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_literal.c, src/rasqal_map.c,
src/rasqal_query.c, src/rasqal_query_results.c,
src/rasqal_query_transform.c, src/rasqal_query_write.c,
src/rasqal_raptor.c, src/rdql_lexer.l, src/sparql_lexer.l:
Work-in-progress to make rasqal compile with raptor2 git HEAD (with
(rasqal_escaped_name_to_utf8_string): Changed internal function
signature to be compatible with both raptor1 and raptor2.
(rasqal_query_results_get_triple): Construct raptor_statement
using v2 raptor_terms.
(rasqal_new_query_results): Init static raptor_statement.
(rasqal_free_query_results): Free terms owned by static
Changed function call args:
* raptor_new_namespaces()
* raptor_new_xml_writer()
* raptor_new_qname(), raptor_new_qname_from_namespace_local_name()
* raptor_qname_string_to_uri()
* raptor_error_handlers_init()
* raptor_new_sax2()
* raptor_new_iostream_to_string(),
* raptor_uri calls
* raptor_print_ntriples_string()
* raptor_new_sequence(),
raptor_sequence_{free,print}_handler -> raptor_data_..._handler
* src/rasqal_general.c, src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rdql_lexer.l,
(rasqal_escaped_name_to_utf8_string): Changed internal function
signature to be compatible with both raptor1 and raptor2.
2010-02-09 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_expr.c:
(rasqal_new_prefix): Allow NULL prefix
* src/rasqal_graph_pattern.c:
(rasqal_new_graph_pattern_from_sequence): Allow NULL
graph_patterns seq.
* src/rasqal_variable.c:
(rasqal_new_variable_from_variable): Do not copy NULL expression
* src/rasqal_expr.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate): Allow locator arg to be NULL.
* src/rasqal_rowsource_join.c:
(rasqal_new_join_rowsource): Do not copy a NULL expr
* src/rasqal_expr.c, src/rasqal_graph_pattern.c,
src/rasqal_result_formats.c: Add a lot of assertions for
validating parameters are not NULL.
* src/rasqal_feature.c, src/rasqal_general.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_query.c,
src/rasqal_query_results.c: Add a lot of assertions for validating
parameters are not NULL.
* tests/.gitignore: Ignore test output junk
* utils/.gitignore: Ignore example exes
* src/rasqal_format_json.c:
(rasqal_query_results_write_json1): Work when query is NULL and
take world from query results.
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_query_results.c: Add
* utils/ Add examples target
* utils/ Added srxwrite example to create a query
results via API and write it
* utils/srxwrite.c: Added srxwrite example to create a query results
via API and write it
* src/rasqal_query_results.c: (rasqal_query_results_get_binding_name):
Use variables table to get projection order if there is no query
* src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c, src/rasqal_row.c: Change
rasqal_row_set_value_at semantics to copy the passed-in literal.
(rasqal_row_set_value_at): Free any existing literal and copy the
literal given. Update all callers to above semantics.
* src/rasqal.h, src/rasqal_row.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_assignment.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_graph.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_join.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_project.c: Give
row construct a world parameter like other constructors
(rasqal_new_row_for_size): Gains world param.
(rasqal_new_row_common): Gains world parameter. Update all
2010-02-08 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_literal.c:
(rasqal_literal_string_to_native): Deleted error_handler, error_data
args from internal function - not used.
* src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c:
(rasqal_query_results_get_rowsource_sparql_xml): Removed redundant
call to raptor_sax2_set_characters_handler().
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_engine.c,
src/rasqal_engine_sort.c, src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c,
src/rasqal_format_table.c, src/rasqal_graph_pattern.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_map.c, src/rasqal_query.c,
src/rasqal_query_results.c, src/rasqal_query_transform.c:
raptor_new_sequence(), raptor_sequence_{free,print}_handler ->
* src/rasqal_literal.c:
* src/rasqal_literal.c:
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_literal.c:
(rasqal_literal_string_to_native): Deleted error_handler, error_data
args from internal function - not used.
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_graph_pattern.c:
* src/rasqal_expr.c, src/rasqal_feature.c,
src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c, src/rasqal_general.c,
src/rasqal_literal.c, src/rasqal_query.c, src/rasqal_query_write.c:
* src/rasqal_format_table.c:
* src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c:
(rasqal_query_results_get_rowsource_sparql_xml): Removed redundant
call to raptor_sax2_set_characters_handler().
* src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c:
* src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c:
* src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c:
* src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c:
* src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c:
* src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c, src/rasqal_query.c,
* src/rasqal_expr.c, src/rasqal_query.c,
src/rasqal_query_results.c, src/rasqal_query_transform.c:
* src/rasqal_internal.h: raptor_simple_message_handler ->
2010-02-08 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal.h, src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_variable.c: Export
rasqal_variables_table_add to public API.
* utils/srxread.c: Use only public API.
* src/rasqal.h, src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_query_results.c,
src/rasqal_row.c, src/rasqal_variable.c: Export to public API
functions and structs to allow creating standalone results
rasqal_variables_table added to public API (opaque struct)
rasqal_new_variables_table() and rasqal_free_variables_table() added
to public API to make a variables table and free it.
rasqal_query_results_type enum added to public API for use with
rasqal_new_query_results() added to public API to create a static
query result set.
rasqal_query_results_add_row() added to public API to add a row to a
static query result set. Adjust to return a failure status.
rasqal_new_row_for_size(), rasqal_free_row() and
rasqal_row_set_value_at() added to public API to make a row with
literal values. Add docs plus argument and offset checking to
* utils/srxread.c: #ws
* utils/srxread.c: Use rasqal_new_query_results_formatter2
* docs/rasqal-docs.xml, docs/tmpl/section-data.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-literal.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-prefix.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-triple.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-updates.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-variable.sgml: Updated doc templates. Added
section updates.
* src/rasqal.h: rasqal_update_operation - autodocs for flags
* src/rasqal_expr.c: rasqal_prefix_print - autodocs
* docs/rasqal-sections.txt: Add section-updates
* src/rasqal_query_results.c: autodocs
* src/rasqal.h, src/rasqal_query_results.c: Added query read and
write functions with name, mime type and format args.
(rasqal_query_results_write2, rasqal_query_results_read2): Added
with new name and mime_type args deprecating versions without the
2 suffix.
* src/rasqal_query_results.c: Use
rasqal_new_query_results_formatter2 in query results read/write
(rasqal_query_results_write, rasqal_query_results_read): Use
rasqal_new_query_results_formatter2 with NULL name and mime type
* utils/roqet.c, utils/srxread.c: Use
rasqal_new_query_results_formatter2 in utilities
* src/rasqal.h, src/rasqal_result_formats.c: Added
rasqal_new_query_results_formatter2 with format name, mime type
and URI args.
(rasqal_new_query_results_formatter2): Added
rasqal_new_query_results_formatter_by_mime_type): Deprecated for
the above.
* src/rasqal.h, src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_literal.c, src/rasqal_map.c: Add status return code for
literal, algebra node, map print methods.
(rasqal_literal_print, rasqal_map_print,
rasqal_algebra_node_print): Return int status.
* src/rasqal_variable.c: autodocs
* src/rasqal_expr.c: autodocs
* src/rasqal_graph_pattern.c: autodocs
* src/rasqal_expr.c: autodocs
* src/rasqal_query_write.c: Update query writing for older laqrs
insert/delete forms.
(rasqal_query_write_sparql_20060406): Handles LAQRS INSERT/DELETE
experimental forms. Add comments for what SPARQL 1.1 (Draft)
Update forms are done.
* tests/sparql/update/ insert-2.rq and delete-data-2.rq
now pass
2010-02-07 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_query_write.c: Format SPARQL Update 1.1 output
(rasqal_query_write_sparql_triple_data): Added to help write
triple data blocks - GP known to contain just triples.
* src/sparql_parser.y: Set RASQAL_UPDATE_FLAGS_SILENT for CREATE /
* src/rasqal.h, src/rasqal_query.c, src/rasqal_query_results.c,
src/rasqal_query_transform.c: Delete RASQAL_QUERY_VERB_CLEAR /
* src/sparql_parser.y: Use RASQAL_UPDATE_FLAGS_DATA to mark INSERT /
DELETE DATA is using triples.
* src/rasqal.h: Add RASQAL_UPDATE_FLAGS_DATA to rasqal_update_flags
for triple data.
* src/sparql_parser.y: Add UpdateOperationList to allow sequences of
update operations
* tests/sparql/update/ delete-2.rq passes
* src/sparql_parser.y: (UpdateQuery): Use WhereClauseOpt to allow
optional WHERE
* tests/sparql/update/, tests/sparql/update/clear-1.rq,
tests/sparql/update/clear-2.rq, tests/sparql/update/clear-3.rq,
tests/sparql/update/create-1.rq, tests/sparql/update/create-2.rq,
tests/sparql/update/delete-1.rq, tests/sparql/update/delete-2.rq,
tests/sparql/update/drop-1.rq, tests/sparql/update/drop-2.rq,
tests/sparql/update/insert-1.rq, tests/sparql/update/insert-2.rq,
tests/sparql/update/load-1.rq, tests/sparql/update/load-2.rq:
Update tests from
* tests/sparql/update/,
tests/sparql/update/delete-data-2.rq: Add delete-data-2.rq from
* src/rasqal.h, src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_update.c,
src/sparql_parser.y: Each rasqal_update_operation can now do
inserts and deletes in one.
Remove update types insert, delete and merge into
Added enum RASQAL_UPDATE_FLAGS_SILENT for capturing SILENT from
SPARQL update.
rasqal_update_operation gains both an insert and delete set of
(rasqal_new_update_operation): Gains two templates args to replace
one and a flags arg. Update callers to create one
rasqal_update_operation instead of 1 or 2.
* src/sparql_parser.y: Moved WITH ... INSERT/DELETE ... WHERE query
into rasqal_update_operation form
* src/rasqal.h, src/rasqal_graph_pattern.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_update.c, src/sparql_parser.y: Added
(rasqal_new_basic_graph_pattern_from_triples): Added to create a
basic graph pattern form a sequence of triples.
* src/sparql_parser.y: improve error message for beyond SPARQL 1.0
* src/sparql_parser.y: Write update operations into query updates
Add update to lexer/parser union of type rasqal_update_operation.
Add destructor for GraphTriples as type rasqal_update_operation
Make all update queries return RASQAL_QUERY_VERB_UPDATE except for
previously used RASQAL_QUERY_VERB_INSERT and
RASQAL_QUERY_VERB_DELETE that are deprecated now.
(GraphTriples) creates and returns an update operation.
(InsertQuery, UpdateQuery, DeleteQuery, ClearQuery, DropQuery):
Create updates rather than store in query structure directly.
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_query.c: Remove query
graph_uri and document_uri fields in preference to updates field.
* src/rasqal_update.c: rasqal_new_update_operation args can be
* src/rasqal.h, src/rasqal_update.c: Sort rasqal_update_type and
fix labels