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2011-12-14 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c:
(rasqal_query_remove_empty_group_graph_patterns): Only for GROUP
2011-12-13 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_datetime.c:
Size of xsd:Date prefix is 6 not 7
2012-02-13 Lauri Aalto <>
require automake 1.11.2+ for -Wextra-portability
2012-02-11 Dave Beckett <>
Report raptor version in build summary
2012-02-09 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_digest_md5.c, src/rasqal_digest_sha1.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h: Added RASQAL_BAD_CAST RASQAL_GOOD_CAST
after raptor
Added it to MD5 and SHA1 calls where a len turns into a size_t
* build/.gitignore: ar-lib
Add automake option -Wextra-portability and
AM_PROG_AR to make it happy
2012-02-05 Dave Beckett <>
* INSTALL.html, LICENSE.html, NEWS.html, README.html,
RELEASE.html, TODO.html: 2012
* src/, src/rasqal_datetime.c,
src/rasqal_format_html.c, src/rasqal_format_json.c,
src/rasqal_format_rdf.c, src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c,
src/rasqal_format_sv.c, src/rasqal_literal.c,
src/rasqal_query_results.c, src/rasqal_query_write.c,
src/rasqal_xsd_datatypes.c: Added RASQAL_LITERAL_DATE for xsd:Date
rasqal_literal_type gains RASQAL_LITERAL_DATE but it is
unfortunately not in the FIRST_XSD to LAST_XSD range so needs it's
own handling.
(rasqal_new_xsd_date): Fix call to rasqal_xsd_datetime_parse() to
unset isDateTime flag.
(rasqal_xsd_check_date_format): Added. Add xsd:date to recognized
datatype URIs in XSD module.
(rasqal_xsd_datatype_uri_to_type, rasqal_xsd_datatype_type_to_uri)
(rasqal_xsd_datatype_check, rasqal_xsd_datatype_parent_type): Add
date support as an XSD type that is not in the FIRST..LAST range.
(rasqal_new_numeric_literal): Handle RASQAL_LITERAL_DATE via
(rasqal_free_literal): Updated for date Updated many other methods
to pretty much do the same thing as RASQAL_LITERAL_DATETIME for
(rasqal_literal_compare): Use new rasqal_xsd_date_compare
(rasqal_literal_equals_flags): Use new rasqal_xsd_date_equals
(rasqal_literal_cast): Allow casting string to date and date to
2011-12-04 Dave Beckett <>
* src/, src/rasqal_xsd_datatypes.c: Eliminate never
used code in rasqal_xsd_datatypes.c Removed empty test code
* docs/rasqal-changes.tsv, docs/rasqal-sections.txt,
src/, src/rasqal_datetime.c, src/rasqal_internal.h: Add
rasqal_xsd_date for XSD:Date
(rasqal_new_xsd_date, rasqal_free_xsd_datetime): Added constructor
and destructor
(rasqal_xsd_date_to_counted_string, rasqal_xsd_date_to_string)
(rasqal_xsd_date_equals, rasqal_xsd_date_compare): Added core
2011-12-03 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_query_results.c: Fix blank node generation for
(rasqal_literal_to_result_term): Added, pulled out of
rasqal_query_results_get_triple(). Rewrite blank node IDs to be
prefixed by the result number, only if the original value was a
blank node from the CONSTRUCT otherwise leave it alone.
(rasqal_query_results_get_triple): Use above to turn rasqal values
into raptor terms and constrain to the RDF rules.
2011-11-20 Dave Beckett <>
* search for AWK and use it
2011-11-18 Dave Beckett <>
* src/ this is rasqal
2011-11-17 Dave Beckett <>
* NEWS.html, RELEASE.html,
Bumped version to 0.9.29
* Snapshotted rasqal_0_9_28 for 0.9.28 release (GIT
2011-11-16 Dave Beckett <>
Make sure raptor is new enough or fail configure
2011-11-15 Dave Beckett <>
* .gitmodules,,, libmtwist,
src/, src/mtwist_config.h, src/rasqal_random.c: Add
libmtwist as a submodule to implement random
* RELEASE.html: 0.9.28
* src/ Made git-version.h a non-distributable source
2011-11-14 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_general.c:
(rasqal_log_error_varargs): Use raptor_vasprintf for raptor >= 2.0.5
2011-10-24 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_mt_rand.c: Remove rasqal includes
* src/rasqal_mt_rand.c: multiple code style fixes.
2011-10-23 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_mt_rand.c: RASQAL_MT_MATRIX_A
* src/, src/rasqal_mt_rand.c, src/rasqal_random.c:
Mersenne Twister functions
*, src/rasqal_random.c: Use GNU MP random routines if
GMP was configured
* src/rasqal_random.c: Do not cast int to double, let arithmetic
promote it
* src/rasqal_random.c:
(rasqal_new_random): Set initial seed from system
* src/rasqal_expr.c, src/rasqal_expr_numerics.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_random.c: Rename random methods;
add double function
(rasqal_random_seed): Renamed from rasqal_random_srand
(rasqal_random_irand): Renamed from rasqal_random_rand
(rasqal_random_drand): Added returning a double Updated callers to
use new names.
2011-10-23 Dave Beckett <>
* INSTALL.html,
Make random approach configurable
Added --with-random-approach=ALGO to select from the choices
It is still an error to have nothing, since rand() is always
available in POSIX.
2011-10-19 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_random.c: RASQAL_RANDOM_STATE_SIZE
* src/rasqal_random.c: fixes for initstate_r and random_r
* src/, src/, src/rasqal_expr.c,
src/rasqal_expr_numerics.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_query.c, src/rasqal_random.c: Switch random to an
object and add tests rasqal_random: added new structure with RNG
(rasqal_random_get_system_seed): Takes a world pointer.
(rasqal_new_random): Renamed from rasqal_random_init
(rasqal_free_random): Renamed from rasqal_random_finish
(rasqal_random_rand): Document range is 0..RAND_MAX inclusive.
(rasqal_new_evaluation_context): Create RNG object.
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_rand, rasqal_query_prepare): Use RNG
object to set seed and get a number.
2011-10-19 Nicholas J Humfrey <>
* src/rasqal_format_sv.c: Added W3C Format URIs for SPARQL 1.1
Query Results CSV and TSV Formats.
Added See Also URIs for CSV format.
2011-10-18 Dave Beckett <>
*, src/, src/rasqal_random.c: Add support
for glibc random_r() and prefer re-entrant random routines
random_r() is a glibc extension
Prefer the re-entrant random number generators in order:
random_r(), rand_r() then the portable but not so safe: random()
and rand().
2011-10-17 Dave Beckett <>
* src/, src/rasqal_expr.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_random.c: With initstate(), save old state
rasqal_evaluation_context gains a field old_random_state
(rasqal_random_init): Altered to be an initializer
(rasqal_random_finished): Added to be a finisher
(rasqal_random_srand): Renamed from rasqal_random_init.
Updated callers
2011-10-16 Dave Beckett <>
*, src/, src/rasqal_expr.c,
src/rasqal_expr_numerics.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_query.c, src/rasqal_random.c: Update random support to
enable use of BSD random() and prefer it
rasqal_evaluation_context gains a buffer for BSD random to use.
configure checks for srandom() and initstate() and if both are
present, prefers that over rand_r and rand for a RNG.
(rasqal_random_get_system_seed): Now takes rasqal_evaluation_context
(rasqal_random_init): Added to init the random state with seed.
(rasqal_random_rand): Added to get the random number from the RNG.
(rasqal_evaluation_context_set_rand_seed): Now just calls
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_rand): Now calls rasqal_random_rand().
2011-10-13 Nicholas J Humfrey <>
* src/rasqal_format_json.c: Added URI for W3C Working Draft to
SPARQL JSON Result Format.
* src/rasqal_format_json.c, src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c: Added
W3C Format URIs to the JSON and XML SPARQL result formats.
2011-10-12 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_regex.c: POSIX regex implementation of replace
(rasqal_regex_match): Set extended regex syntax.
(rasqal_regex_replace_posix): Rewrote based on
rasqal_regex_replace_pcre approach.
(rasqal_regex_replace): Add an extra outer capturing ()s for POSIX
regexes so that we always know what was matched.
2011-10-11 Lauri Aalto <>
* utils/roqet.c:
(main): Remove obsolete -w from roqet --help.
Already removed from code in
Fixes Issue 0000474
2011-10-09 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_regex.c: Use UTF-8 for pcre matching and set compile
and exec options correctly
(rasqal_regex_match, rasqal_regex_replace): Split regex compile
and regex exec options. Set UTF-8 mode for compiling PCRE regexes
so that characters are matched not bytes.
* src/rasqal_expr_strings.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_replace): Copy lang and datatype to
* src/rasqal_regex.c: Implement replace all for
rasqal_regex_replace (PCRE)
(rasqal_regex_replace_pcre): Replaced with a looping construct
that replaces all matches with the replacement.
(main): Add tests for PCRE with above
* tests/algebra/convert_graph_pattern.c:
(file_read_string): prevent gcc stack size warning in test code
* src/sparql_parser.y:
(main): prevent gcc stack size warning in test code
* src/rasqal_regex.c:
doc comments
* src/rasqal_expr.c, src/rasqal_expr_strings.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_literal.c, src/rasqal_regex.c,
src/rasqal_variable.c: Move all regex code to rasqal_regex.c
(rasqal_regex_match): Added.
* src/rasqal_expr_strings.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
(rasqal_regex_replace*): Renamed to match module name
* src/rasqal_regex.c:
(rasqal_string_replace): reset default posix flags
* src/rasqal_expr_strings.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_strmatch): reset default posix flags
* src/rasqal_regex.c:
(rasqal_string_replace): rc is only used for posix regex
* src/, src/rasqal_expr_strings.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_regex.c: Move replace regex code
to new rasqal_regex.c module
* src/rasqal_expr_strings.c:
(rasqal_regex_get_ref_number): Added
* src/rasqal_expr_strings.c:
(rasqal_string_replace_pcre, rasqal_string_replace_posix): set
* src/rasqal_expr_strings.c:
Tidy rasqal_string_replace internals
(rasqal_string_replace_pcre, rasqal_string_replace_posix): Added.
Pulled out of rasqal_string_replace
* src/rasqal_expr_strings.c: PCRE compile fixes
* src/rasqal_expr_strings.c:
(rasqal_string_replace): Added pulled out of
* src/rasqal_expr_strings.c: actually set options
2011-10-07 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_expr_strings.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_replace): Partial REPLACE implementation
2011-10-04 Dave Beckett <>
* src/, src/rasqal_expr.c, src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c,
src/rasqal_expr_strings.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_query_write.c, src/sparql_lexer.l, src/sparql_parser.y:
rasqal_op gains new tokens RASQAL_EXPR_STRBEFORE,
Add parsing for STRBEFORE (2 args), STRAFTER (2 args) and REPLACE
(3 or 4 args)
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_strafter): Add expression evaluation
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_replace): Add skeleton code to
evaluate RASQAL_EXPR_REPLACE - currently always fails.
* src/, src/rasqal_expr.c: Support builtin functions
with up to 4 arguments rasqal_expression gains arg4 for 4th
expression argument
(rasqal_new_4op_expression): Added to construct 3/4-arg
2011-09-13 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_literal.c, src/rasqal_xsd_datatypes.c: Clear errno
before calling strtol() and checking the result
2011-09-12 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_query_write.c:
(rasqal_query_write_sparql_20060406): Correct output of LIMIT,
2011-09-11 Dave Beckett <>
* src/sparql_parser.y: Switch language 'sparql' to SPARQL 1.1
* Use strtod() to convert runtime environ name that
can't be optimized away.
* Need stdlib for atof() in test
2011-09-08 Dave Beckett <>
* Use 0.000 to get a 0 exit code
* Improve ceil, floor and round configure test
Use a more comprehensive configure build and run test for ceil(),
floor() and round() to prevent GCC optimizing it away and getting
the wrong answer when checking whether to link with -lm
2011-09-05 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/rasqal_result_formats.c:
(rasqal_world_guess_query_results_format_name): Fix for compiling
* src/rasqal_general.c, src/rasqal_result_formats.c:
rasqal_world_register_query_results_format_factory): Fixes for
compiling with RASQAL_DEBUG > 1
Fixes Issue #0000471
2011-08-30 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c: Handle <literal></literal> as
empty literal in reading XML results
2011-08-28 Dave Beckett <>
* src/, src/rasqal_datetime.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/snprintf.c: Remove all use of snprintf for xsd:datetime and
xsd:date formatting.
(rasqal_format_integer): Added like snprintf() args but with
options for width and padding.
(rasqal_xsd_datetime_timezone_format): Now returns bytes or <0 on
(rasqal_xsd_format_microseconds): Added to format microseconds as
fractions of a second with no trailing 0s.
(rasqal_xsd_datetime_to_counted_string): Use
rasqal_format_integer() and rasqal_xsd_format_microseconds() to do
the formatting here and remove a loop calling snprintf() twice
with a NULL arg first.
(rasqal_xsd_date_to_string): Use rasqal_format_integer().
(rasqal_xsd_datetime_get_tz_as_counted_string): Use updated
calling convention of rasqal_xsd_datetime_timezone_format().
* src/rasqal_datetime.c:
(rasqal_xsd_date_to_string): Remove use of snprintf
2011-08-27 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_datetime.c:
(rasqal_xsd_datetime_timezone_format): Remove one snprintf()
2011-08-25 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/algebra/check-algebra, tests/rdql/testsuite/check-rdql,
tests/sparql/check-sparql: Set DIFF envariable for check tests to
allow use off GNU Diff
Thanks to Peter O'Gorman (pogma) for the patch
Fixes Issue#0000467
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_general.c, src/rasqal_graph.c,
src/rasqal_query_transform.c, src/rasqal_raptor.c,
src/rasqal_result_formats.c, src/rasqal_row.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_triples.c, src/rasqal_variable.c,
src/rasqal_xsd_datatypes.c: Code style: use calloc(type, count,
size) form on one line
* src/rasqal_row.c:
Do not calloc with 0 count - not portable
(rasqal_new_row_common): Add a condition around the if using code
from patch in bug. Thanks to Peter O'Gorman (pogma)
Fixes Issue#0000466
* src/sparql_lexer.l, src/sparql_parser.y: debug level doc
2011-08-24 Dave Beckett <>
* utils/check_query.c: Use rasqal_literal_string_to_native to just
make it work
* utils/check_query.c: Use rasqal_query_results_sort() to sort
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_query_results.c: Added
internal function to sort saved rows by some function
(rasqal_query_results_sort): Added calling
rasqal_query_results_execute_and_store_results if there is a
factory and no results sequence. Sorts the internal results
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_row.c: Added
rasqal_row_compare() internal function for sorting
2011-08-23 Dave Beckett <>
* NEWS.html, RELEASE.html,
Bumped version to 0.9.28
* INSTALL.html: ws
* Snapshotted rasqal_0_9_27 for 0.9.27 release (GIT
* docs/rasqal-changes.tsv, docs/rasqal-sections.txt,
docs/tmpl/section-variables-table.sgml, src/,
src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_query.c, src/rasqal_variable.c:
Added rasqal_variables_table_contains to the public API
(rasqal_variables_table_contains): Added, renamed from the
internal function rasqal_variables_table_has().
* Do not enable debug messages by default for
This now requires the extra --enable-debug option to configure or
* Added --with-gmp option to configure for GMP
* README.html, RELEASE.html: Document rassqal 0.9.27 requires
raptor 2.0.4 or newer
* RAPTOR_MIN_VERSION is now 2.0.4
2011-08-23 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/rasqal_algebra.c:
(rasqal_algebra_extract_aggregate_expressions): Do not attempt to
traverse NULL projection->variables
2011-08-22 Dave Beckett <>
* RELEASE.html: 0.9.27
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c: Enable evaluation debugging only if
* src/
Add rule so git-version.h is always checked/built
This is found in cases such as a fresh GIT checkout (or a make
distclean). During compilation gcc will add the .deps files that
ensure the complete dependencies are recorded.
* .gitignore, src/, src/rasqal_general.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h: Build a git-version.h in maintainer mode
and add to string version
* Define -DMAINTAINER_MODE when in maintainer mode
2011-08-21 Dave Beckett <>
* src/gettimeofday.c: header
* src/timegm.c:
(rasqal_timegm): Add a Windows version using _mkgmtime()
* src/ Undefine DELETE, IN, GROUP tokens
for windows
*, src/, src/gettimeofday.c,
src/rasqal_general.c, src/ Add
gettimeofday() for windows
* src/
Add timeval definition and round()
* src/rasqal_rowsource_graph.c:
(rasqal_graph_rowsource_read_row): Remove temporary assert; not
* src/rasqal_rowsource_graph.c: Revert previous commit
(rasqal_graph_rowsource_read_row): Input row size is correct, do
not lose last input row var.
* src/rasqal_rowsource_graph.c:
(rasqal_graph_rowsource_read_row): Copy correct number of input
row vars
* ChangeLog, NEWS.html, RELEASE.html: 0.9.27
* src/rasqal_format_sv.c: use eol_str as parameter
* src/rasqal_format_sv.c: Generate CRLF for TSV and LF for CSV
following draft
* src/rasqal_format_sv.c:
Generate CSV/TSV following draft SPARQL
1.1 CSV/TSV results format
* src/rasqal_rowsource_union.c: More row debug printing
* src/rasqal_rowsource_join.c: Made join properly reset when doing
extra rows
(rasqal_join_rowsource_reset): Start at JS_START More row debug
* src/rasqal_rowsource_graph.c: Handle GRAPH ?g returning an empty
when there is just the default graph.
(rasqal_graph_rowsource_init): Do not pass on finished flag state
to result of init, it is not an init error to finish now.
2011-08-20 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/sparql/check-sparql: fix graph compare with dup triples
* src/rasqal_query_results.c: Handle skipping unbound variables in
CONSTRUCT properly
(rasqal_query_results_get_triple): Use
rasqal_query_results_next_internal to not fail check and Reset
skipped flag.
* src/rasqal_query_results.c: Do not duplicate code for moving to
next result (unchecked)
(rasqal_query_results_next_internal): Added
(rasqal_query_results_next): Use
rasqal_query_results_next_internal() after verb check
(rasqal_query_results_next_triple): Use
rasqal_query_results_next_internal so that CONSTRUCT does not fail
after first result row when this check happens.
* src/rasqal_rowsource_join.c: Fix bogus join test to test natural
and left correctly
It was bad because the join variable 'b' had a full match between
left and right tables. Now the natural join returns 2 rows wheras
the left join returns 3 since there are no values for b='green' in
the right table.
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_join.c:
project all variables in group and optional sub-GPs
(rasqal_query_graph_pattern_build_variables_use_map_binds): Pass
GROUP and OPTIONAL through the binding also done for UNION using
the existing rasqal_query_union_build_variables_use_map_binds()
(rasqal_join_rowsource_read_row): Requires a change here to
prevent generating too many rows in a left join when rows are not
compatible. Not entirely clear why yet.
2011-08-20 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_rowsource_join.c:
(rasqal_join_rowsource_read_row): Bind variables when a row is
* src/rasqal_rowsource_join.c:
(rasqal_join_rowsource_read_row): Code tidy - no semantic changes.
2011-08-19 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_rowsource_distinct.c:
(rasqal_distinct_rowsource_init): do not set unused var con
2011-08-18 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_rowsource.c: rowsource class
implements saving rows when required
Added internal flags when the rowsource class must do the work
RASQAL_ROWSOURCE_FLAGS_SAVE_ROWS - in process of saving rows
RASQAL_ROWSOURCE_FLAGS_SAVED_ROWS - have saved rows for replay
(rasqal_rowsource_read_row): When saving, store the rows in
rowsource rows_sequence (and keep a reference). When replaying,
read them out and make a new reference. When using read_all_rows
to implement read_row, copy the entire sequence. When the last
row is seen, set the RASQAL_ROWSOURCE_FLAGS_SAVED_ROWS flag and
reset he RASQAL_ROWSOURCE_FLAGS_SAVE_ROWS flag. Adjust messaging
to note when a saved row is being returned
(rasqal_rowsource_read_all_rows): Implement saving for entire
sueqneces of rows copying the entire sequence and copying it again
to replay.
(rasqal_rowsource_reset): If the rowsource does not implement
reset and the rows are saved, reset the offset.
(rasqal_rowsource_visitor_set_requirements): When resets are
required but the rowsource does not implement it, set the
RASQAL_ROWSOURCE_FLAGS_SAVE_ROWS flag so this module does the
* src/sparql_parser.y: word
* src/sparql_parser.y: Add syntax support for CONSTRUCT WHERE {
triples }
* src/rasqal_graph_pattern.c: docs
2011-08-16 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_rowsource_slice.c: Reset slice rowsource properly and
use result numbers (offsets) from 1
(rasqal_slice_rowsource_init): Added to set initial result offset
to 1.
(rasqal_distinct_rowsource_reset): Reset result offset to 1.
(rasqal_slice_rowsource_read_row): Some debug messaging
* src/rasqal_rowsource_distinct.c: Reset distinct rowsource
properly; empty map and zero offset
(rasqal_distinct_rowsource_init_common): Added
(rasqal_distinct_rowsource_init): Added to call above to make it
clear; with calloc()ed memory this is not actually necessary.
(rasqal_distinct_rowsource_reset): Call above.
2011-08-15 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_rowsource.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_join.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_union.c: Allow
rowsources to set requirements on inner rowsources.
(rasqal_rowsource_set_requirements): Added to do the visit using
Added flag RASQAL_ROWSOURCE_REQUIRE_RESET to indicate requiring
the ability to do rasqal_rowsource_reset() on an inner rowsource.
* src/rasqal_format_rdf.c, src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_rowsource.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_distinct.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_empty.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_filter.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_graph.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_groupby.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_having.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_join.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_project.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_rowsequence.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_slice.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_sort.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_triples.c,
Replace unused rowsource set_preserve method with set_requirements
Delete all rowsource implementations of the unused set_preserve
method and all calls to rasqal_rowsource_set_preserve() that did
* src/rasqal_rowsource_triples.c: Remove unused
preserve_on_all_finished from triples rowsource
* src/rasqal_rowsource.c:
(rasqal_rowsource_visit): Allow truncation of recursive visits.
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_row.c:
(rasqal_row_sequence_copy): Added
2011-08-14 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_rowsource_graph.c: Store number of data graphs
rasqal_graph_rowsource_context gains a dg_size field.
(rasqal_graph_rowsource_reset): Calculate dg_size once.
* src/rasqal_rowsource_join.c: Remove reading rows from join
rowsource init Label enum states with JS_prefix.
Add state JS_INIT for once-only setup.
(rasqal_join_rowsource_init): Set initial state to JS_INIT and
delete setup that reads rows
(rasqal_join_rowsource_read_row): Handle JS_INIT. Rename states
with JS_ prefix.
(rasqal_join_rowsource_reset): Rename state with JS_ prefix.
* src/rasqal_rowsource_join.c: Make rasqal_join_state an enum
* src/rasqal_rowsource_join.c: Use FINISHED not 2 for state
* src/rasqal_rowsource_graph.c: Do not call reset in graph init
(rasqal_graph_rowsource_init): Inline and just call
* src/rasqal_raptor.c: Save and use which parts of triples are
bound and reset those vars
rasqal_raptor_triples_match_context gains bind_parts field
(rasqal_raptor_next_match): Add debug print when matches end
(rasqal_raptor_init_triples_match): Save parts that are bind and
then use it to reset variables we are about to bind to NULL, to
ensure that the triples match gets the proper NULL values.
* src/rasqal_rowsource.c:
(rasqal_rowsource_reset): Debug warning when reset cannot be done
* src/rasqal_engine_sort.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_rowsource_sort.c: Make
rasqal_engine_rowsort_calculate_order_values not use query fields
(rasqal_engine_rowsort_calculate_order_values): Add order_seq arg
rather than use rasqal_query_get_order_conditions_sequence().
(rasqal_sort_rowsource_process): Pass in order sequence to
* tests/algebra/convert_graph_pattern.c: Use
rasqal_algebra_query_add_orderby with projection arg.
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_engine_algebra.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h: Pass order sequence and distinct flag to
algebra nodes
rasqal_algebra_node: Add distinct field.
(rasqal_new_orderby_algebra_node): Add distinct flag and store it.
(rasqal_algebra_query_add_orderby): Renamed from
rasqal_algebra_query_add_modifiers since it only does ORDERBY and
DISTINCT. Add projection arg to get distinct info. Use it to get
distinct flag for calling rasqal_new_orderby_algebra_node()
(rasqal_algebra_select_graph_pattern_to_algebra): Use
rasqal_algebra_query_add_orderby with projection arg for distinct.
(rasqal_query_engine_algebra_execute_init): Pass in projection arg
to rasqal_algebra_query_add_orderby.
* src/rasqal_engine_algebra.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_rowsource_sort.c: rasqal_new_sort_rowsource gets
order/distinct from args not query fields
rasqal_sort_rowsource_context: Add order_seq and distinct fields.
(rasqal_sort_rowsource_init): Get order seq from context not
direct from query object.
(rasqal_new_sort_rowsource): Add order seq and distinct args and
store them.
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_engine_algebra.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h: Implement slice algebra node
rasqal_algebra_node: Renamed slice fields to limit, offset
(rasqal_new_slice_algebra_node): Added
(rasqal_algebra_algebra_node_write_internal): Adjust for field
(rasqal_algebra_select_graph_pattern_to_algebra): Apply slices in
(rasqal_algebra_query_add_slice): Added
(rasqal_algebra_slice_algebra_node_to_rowsource): Added.
(rasqal_algebra_node_to_rowsource): Call above to handle
* src/, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_rowsource_slice.c: Add slice rowsource
(rasqal_new_slice_rowsource): Added.
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_query_results.c: Pull
limit/offset checkint out of rasqal_query_check_limit_offset()
(rasqal_query_check_limit_offset_core): Added with just limit and
offset parameters.
(rasqal_query_check_limit_offset): Now calls above with fields
from query.
* tests/algebra/convert_graph_pattern.c:
(main): Update call to rasqal_algebra_query_add_distinct
2011-08-13 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_algebra.c:
(rasqal_algebra_query_add_distinct): Handle NULL projection
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c:
Walk sub-SELECT graph pattern once.
(rasqal_query_graph_pattern_build_variables_use_map_binds): Do not
bind SELECT inner GP multiple times; skip the sub-GP loop.
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c:
More debugging of vars scope
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c:
(rasqal_query_dump_vars_scope): Added for debuggin vars scope
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c: DEBUG_FH
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c: Make
rasqal_query_build_variables_use_map_binds take a graph pattern
(rasqal_query_build_variables_use_map_binds): Add gp arg like the
use function rasqal_query_build_variables_use_map() does.
(rasqal_query_build_variables_use_map): Update call to above.
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_engine_algebra.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h: Use projection to get distinct flag
(rasqal_algebra_query_add_distinct): Add projection arg for
distinct flag.
rasqal_query_engine_algebra_execute_init): Update callers
* src/rasqal_algebra.c:
(rasqal_algebra_select_graph_pattern_to_algebra): Implement
2011-08-11 Dave Beckett <>
* RELEASE.html: 0.9.27
* src/rasqal_query.c: word
* src/rasqal_query.c:
(rasqal_query_set_variable): set named variables like old behaviour
* src/rasqal_query.c:
(rasqal_query_has_variable): autodocs - any type
* docs/rasqal-changes.tsv, docs/rasqal-sections.txt,
docs/tmpl/section-variables-table.sgml, src/rasqal_query.c: docs
for 0.9.27 new functions
* src/
Edit header not generated header
* src/, src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_query.c,
src/rasqal_query_results.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_groupby.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_project.c,
src/rasqal_variable.c: Use variable name with type to distinguish
_:foo / ?foo in same query
(rasqal_query_has_variable2): Added with type arg deprecating
rasqal_query_has_variable(). Note warning about use of
(rasqal_query_has_variable): Deprecated for above. Lookup by any
(rasqal_query_set_variable2): Added with type arg deprecating
rasqal_query_set_variable(). Note warning about use of
(rasqal_query_set_variable): Deprecated for above. Lookup by any
(rasqal_variables_table_get_by_name): Added with type arg.
(rasqal_variables_table_has, rasqal_variables_table_set): Internal
functions for var lookup get type args.
(rasqal_variables_table_add_variable): pass on type to lookup
(rasqal_query_add_variable): Always lookup a named variable since
this is projection.
(rasqal_query_results_get_binding_value_by_name): Get named
variables since this is in results and thus projected/binding
named vars.
(Various unit tests): Lookup named vars.
Fixes Issue #0000459
2011-08-11 Nicholas J Humfrey <>
* tests/sparql/bugs/459-result.ttl, tests/sparql/bugs/459.rq,
tests/sparql/bugs/459.ttl, tests/sparql/bugs/,
tests/sparql/bugs/manifest.ttl: Added a test for bug number 459 -
selecting a variable with the same name as a bnode
2011-08-09 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_expr_strings.c: Use raptor_unicode_utf8_strlen and
raptor_unicode_utf8_substr for raptor 2.0.5+
* src/rasqal_expr_strings.c: Update utf8 strlen call to match code
in raptor2 GIT HEAD
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_engine_algebra.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h, tests/algebra/convert_graph_pattern.c:
Split CONSTRUCT projection out of SELECT/projection option
(rasqal_algebra_query_add_projection): Just do projection, no
construct or peeking into query structure.
(rasqal_algebra_query_add_construct_projection): Add a projection
of all mentioned variables for CONSTRUCT.
(rasqal_query_engine_algebra_execute_init): Call correct function
above depending on query verb.
(convert_graph_pattern main): ditto
2011-08-08 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/algebra/convert_graph_pattern.c: Update calls to
* src/rasqal_query_write.c: Add
rasqal_query_write_sparql_projection to write a formatted
(rasqal_query_write_sparql_projection): Added.
(rasqal_query_write_sparql_20060406): Use above and fix else if
sequence for DESCRIBE that probably never worked
* src/rasqal_algebra.c:
(rasqal_algebra_query_prepare_aggregates): Use projection for debug
* src/rasqal_algebra.c: Pass projection to
(rasqal_algebra_extract_aggregate_expressions): Add projection arg
and use that to get list of projection variables. Lose check for
query verb; the projection should be enough
(rasqal_algebra_query_prepare_aggregates): Call above with
* src/rasqal_algebra.c:
(rasqal_algebra_query_add_having): check modifier
* src/rasqal_algebra.c: docs
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_engine_algebra.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h: When constructing order by, pass in
modifier arg
(rasqal_algebra_query_add_modifiers): Add modifier arg.
(rasqal_query_engine_algebra_execute_init): Call above with
modifier arg.
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_engine_algebra.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h: When constructing projection algebra node,
use projection as arg.
(rasqal_algebra_query_add_projection): Add projection arg.
(rasqal_query_engine_algebra_execute_init): Call above with query
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_engine_algebra.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h: When computing HAVING, use modifier as an
(rasqal_algebra_query_add_having): Add modifier arg.
(rasqal_query_engine_algebra_execute_init): Call above with query
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_engine_algebra.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h: When computing aggregation, use projection
and modifier as args
(rasqal_algebra_query_prepare_aggregates): Add projection and
modifier args.
(rasqal_query_engine_algebra_execute_init): Declare and set
projection and modifier vars from query structure. Call
rasqal_algebra_query_prepare_aggregates() with those.
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_engine_algebra.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h: Use modifier as arg when transforming
algebra GROUP BY
(rasqal_algebra_query_add_group_by): Add modifier arg; do not look
into query->modifier.
(rasqal_query_engine_algebra_execute_init): Pass in
2011-08-07 Dave Beckett <>
* utils/check_query.c: options update and help fixes
* utils/roqet.c: order help so -d/--dump-query list appears after
* tests/sparql/check-sparql: Attempt at reading CSV and TSV
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_query.c, src/sparql_parser.y:
Do not mix query and graph pattern internals
(rasqal_query_store_select_query): Renamed from
rasqal_query_store_select_graph_pattern() and just stores args it
gets from the sparql parser
(SPARQL ReportFormat): Decode graph pattern fields and pass to
* src/rasqal_query.c:
(rasqal_query_store_select_graph_pattern): Approach ok here now
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c:
(rasqal_query_expand_wildcards): Do nothing with NULL projection
* src/, src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_query.c,
src/rasqal_query_transform.c, src/rasqal_query_write.c,
src/rdql_parser.y, src/sparql_parser.y: Eliminated query wildcard
rasqal_query loses wildcard field (now unused12)
(rasqal_query_set_wildcard): Added public API call
(rasqal_query_expand_wildcards): Gains a projection arg to use for
wildcard check.
(rasqal_query_get_wildcard): returns 0 for no projection.
(rasqal_query_store_select_graph_pattern): Use projection has
wildcard flag too.
(rasqal_query_write_sparql_20060406): Use projection and if not
NULL, check for distinct and wildcard flags)
(RDQL SelectClause): Use rasqal_query_set_wildcard
(rasqal_sparql_query_language_prepare): Pass in projection to
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c: kill last selects mentions
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c:
(rasqal_query_remove_duplicate_select_vars): Empty selection can
have no dups.
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c:
(rasqal_query_build_variables_use_map): Only check non-empty
* tests/improve: fail if there are no failures except expected
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_query.c,
src/rasqal_query_transform.c: Removed query selects field
rasqal_query loses selects and select_variables_count fields.
(rasqal_free_query): Remove freeing selects sequence.
(rasqal_query_add_variable): Remove adding to selects sequence.
(rasqal_query_remove_duplicate_select_vars): Gains projection arg.
Uses projection variables.
(rasqal_query_build_variables_use_map): Gains projection arg. Use it
to call rasqal_query_build_variables_sequence_use_map_row with
projected variables.
(rasqal_query_build_variables_use): Gains projection arg. Use it
to call rasqal_query_build_variables_use_map().
(rasqal_query_prepare_common): Use projection to call
rasqal_query_remove_duplicate_select_vars() and
(rasqal_algebra_query_prepare_aggregates): Use projection when
calling rasqal_query_build_variables_use()
(rasqal_query_store_select_graph_pattern): Set query projection.
query->wildcard remains a duplicate for now.
(rasqal_query_expand_wildcards): Use rasqal_query_add_variable()
rather than add to selects.
* src/rasqal_algebra.c:
(rasqal_algebra_query_add_projection): Use query projection to get
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_query.c,
src/rasqal_query_results.c, src/rasqal_query_write.c: Use
rasqal_query_get_bound_variable_sequence() for more query->selects
(rasqal_algebra_query_add_projection, rasqal_query_print)
(rasqal_query_write_sparql_20060406): Use rasqal
(rasqal_query_get_bound_variable_sequence): Return projection
* src/rdql_parser.y:
(RDQL Query): Use rasqal_query_add_variable to form projection.
* src/rasqal_query.c: Make rasqal_query_add_variable handle empty
select, vars cases
(rasqal_query_add_variable): Add variable if missing and add
query->selects if NULL.
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_query.c,
src/rasqal_query_results.c, src/rasqal_query_write.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_sort.c: Replace query distinct field with
query's projection object distinct
rasqal_query struct distinct field is now unused9
(rasqal_query_get_distinct): Get flag from projection object.
(rasqal_query_set_distinct): Set flag in projection object, creating
it if it does not exist.
(rasqal_algebra_query_add_distinct, rasqal_query_print,
rasqal_query_write_sparql_20060406, rasqal_sort_rowsource_init):
Use rasqal_query_get_distinct()
(rasqal_query_store_select_graph_pattern): Use
* src/rasqal_query.c:
(rasqal_query_add_variable): Move var reference taking next to
* src/rasqal_query.c:
(rasqal_query_add_variable): Add projected var to query projection.
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_query.c: Add projection field
to query object
struct rasqal_query_s gains projection.
(rasqal_query_get_projection, rasqal_query_set_projection): Added
* src/rasqal_query.c: Tidy docs to use projected only when it is
meant it in rasqal_query methods
(rasqal_query_get_variable, rasqal_query_has_variable): Return all
variables not just projected.
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_projection.c:
(rasqal_projection_add_variable): Added
* src/rasqal_query.c:
(rasqal_query_add_variable): Restore adding var to selects
* src/rasqal_query.c:
(rasqal_query_add_variable): Use rasqal_variables_table_add_variable
* src/, src/rasqal_variable.c:
(rasqal_variables_table_add_variable): Added to add an existing
* src/sparql_parser.y:
%type <graph_pattern> SelectQuery
* src/rasqal_query.c:
(rasqal_query_set_variable): Just use rasqal_variables_table_set()
* src/rasqal_query.c:
(rasqal_query_get_variable): Remove irrelevant check for
* src/sparql_parser.y:
(ReportFormat): Use rasqal_query_store_select_graph_pattern() to
store away incoming SELECT rasqal_graph_pattern as main query GP.
(SelectQuery): returns a SELECT rasqal_graph_pattern. Moved
storing logic to rasqal_query_store_select_graph_pattern()
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_query.c: Added
(rasqal_query_store_select_graph_pattern): Added to store a select
graph pattern as the query's top level graph pattern and write all
the old fields, pull apart projection and gp fields.
* src/rasqal_internal.h:
unsigned int distinct flag
* src/rasqal_graph_pattern.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/sparql_parser.y: Select graph pattern now can record an
optional data_graphs rasqal_graph_pattern gains data_graphs_field
(rasqal_new_select_graph_pattern): Added data_graphs arg. (SPARQL
SubSelect): Update to pass in NULL data graph
* src/rasqal_internal.h: unsigned int for distinct flag in
2011-08-05 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_result_formats.c,
src/rasqal_service.c: Rasqal service can return a read rowsource
(rasqal_query_results_formatter_get_read_rowsource): Added, pulled
out of rasqal_service_execute() that returns a rowsource from a
syntax, managing ownership of the intermediate iostream and data
via rasqal_new_iostream_from_stringbuffer().
(rasqal_service_execute): Refactored to call above.
* src/rasqal_format_rdf.c, src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h: Enable rowsource factory to own the
iostream. rasqal_query_results_get_rowsource_func function
pointer typedef gains an unsigned int arg Updated all rowsource
factory implementions of get_rowsource to store flag and if
present, close the iostream passed in when the rowsource is
struct rasqal_rowsource_rdf_context gains flags field.
rasqal_rowsource_rdf_finish): RDF rowsource adds flag arg, closes
iostr if set on finish. struct
rasqal_rowsource_sparql_xml_context gains flags field.
rasqal_rowsource_sparql_xml_finish); SPARQL XML rowsource adds
flag arg, closes iostr if set on finish.
* src/, src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_iostream.c:
(rasqal_new_iostream_from_stringbuffer): Added
2011-07-31 Dave Beckett <>
* utils/check_query.c:
Make help/usage/options string match code
2011-07-31 Dave Beckett <>
* utils/check_query.c:
2011-07-31 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_bindings.c,
src/rasqal_data_graph.c, src/rasqal_dataset.c,
src/rasqal_datetime.c, src/rasqal_decimal.c,
src/rasqal_engine_sort.c, src/rasqal_expr.c,
src/rasqal_expr_datetimes.c, src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c,
src/rasqal_expr_numerics.c, src/rasqal_expr_strings.c,
src/rasqal_format_rdf.c, src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c,
src/rasqal_format_table.c, src/rasqal_formula.c,
src/rasqal_general.c, src/rasqal_graph.c,
src/rasqal_graph_pattern.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_literal.c, src/rasqal_map.c, src/rasqal_prefix.c,
src/rasqal_projection.c, src/rasqal_query.c,
src/rasqal_query_results.c, src/rasqal_query_test.c,
src/rasqal_query_transform.c, src/rasqal_raptor.c,
src/rasqal_result_formats.c, src/rasqal_row.c,
src/rasqal_row_compatible.c, src/rasqal_rowsource.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_assignment.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_distinct.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_empty.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_filter.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_graph.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_groupby.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_having.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_join.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_project.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_rowsequence.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_sort.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_triples.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_union.c, src/rasqal_service.c,
src/rasqal_solution_modifier.c, src/rasqal_triple.c,
src/rasqal_triples_source.c, src/rasqal_update.c,
src/rasqal_variable.c, src/rasqal_xsd_datatypes.c,
src/rdql_lexer.l, src/rdql_parser.y, src/sparql_lexer.l,
src/sparql_parser.y, src/timegm.c,
tests/engine/rasqal_limit_test.c, tests/engine/rasqal_order_test.c:
Code style change and cleanup for alloc/free macros Code style: 1. var = RASQAL_CALLOC(type, nmem, size) Prefering: var = RASQAL_CALLOC(type, 1, sizeof(*var)) when nmem = 1 2. var = RASQAL_CALLOC(type, size) 3. RASQAL_FREE(type, var) The consequence here is allocs that mostly fit into 1 line without
so much boilerplate and duplication of types. The RASQAL_MALLOC and RASQAL_CALLOC now do the cast to the return
type. RASQAL_FREE takes the object type too but always casts arg to void
This certainly contains many wrong types to the arg but might be
used later in some kind of smart type-aware debugging allocator.
2011-07-30 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_service.c:
code style: len = strlen(); malloc(..., len+1) and memcmp(..., len+1)
* src/rasqal_raptor.c:
(raptor_statement_as_rasqal_triple): Use raptor blank and literal
length fields
* src/rasqal_row.c:
(rasqal_new_row_sequence): Handle long ints
* src/rasqal_literal.c:
(rasqal_new_literal_sequence_of_sequence_from_data): Handle long
2011-07-28 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_datetime.c:
(rasqal_xsd_datetime_to_counted_string): size_t for strlen result
* src/rasqal_datetime.c:
(rasqal_xsd_datetime_parse): Cast small ptr diffs to unsigned int.
* src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c:
(rasqal_rowsource_sparql_xml_process): Do not bother with locator
* src/rasqal_decimal.c:
(rasqal_xsd_decimal_abs): use fabs for decimal as double
* src/rasqal_literal.c:
(rasqal_literal_sequence_sort_map_compare): Use ptrdiff_t for ptr
arithmetic and then convert to int.
* Look for stddef.h
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_literal.c:
(rasqal_literal_as_floating): Added internal method.
* src/rasqal_expr_strings.c: Use rasqal_unicode_utf8_substr return
(rasqal_unicode_utf8_substr): Document return value 0 is failure..
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_substr): Check for 0.
* src/rasqal_general.c:
(rasqal_world_default_generate_bnodeid_handler): size_t length
* src/
Add RASQAL_API for rasqal_row functions (Win32)
2011-07-27 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/tmpl/section-literal.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-xsd.sgml:
update tmpls
* docs/rasqal-changes.tsv, docs/rasqal-sections.txt: Docs for
rasqal_new_numeric_literal_from_long and
2011-07-26 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_xsd_datatypes.c:
(rasqal_xsd_format_float): Use unsigned int for offsets not lengths.
* src/sparql_parser.y:
(main): use size_t read_len
* src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c:
(make_test_expr): Cast for c++
* src/rasqal_rowsource_groupby.c:
(main): Cast for c++
* src/rasqal_literal.c:
(rasqal_new_numeric_literal): return int if it will fit, otherwise
* src/rasqal_literal.c: Cast when assigning to unsigned int
* src/rasqal_rowsource.c:
(rasqal_rowsource_write_internal): use unsigned int for
* src/rasqal_raptor.c: rasqal_raptor_triples_source_user_data: use
size_t for mapped_id_base_len
* src/rasqal_internal.h: struct rasqal_query_s uses size_t for
* src/rasqal_format_html.c:
(rasqal_query_results_write_html_bindings): Use size_t len
* src/rasqal_query.c:
(rasqal_query_prepare, rasqal_query_get_genid): use size_t for
* src/rasqal_digest.c:
(rasqal_digest_buffer): Cast mhash arg calls/return sizes
* src/rasqal_random.c:
(rasqal_random_get_system_seed): Casts from time_t to uint32_t
* src/sparql_parser.y:
(PrefixDeclListOpt): cast prefix length; will fit into an int.
* src/rasqal_format_table.c: Use size_t for string lengths and
column widths
(rasqal_query_results_write_table_bindings): Replace several int
with size_t for string length computations.
* No -Wundef
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c:
(rasqal_query_print_triples_use_map): fix chars array for c++
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_engine_algebra.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h: Eliminate a strlen() from
(rasqal_algebra_node_operator_as_counted_string): Added to replace
rasqal_algebra_node_operator_as_string and return length.
(rasqal_algebra_algebra_node_write_internal): Use above. Replace
other calls.
* src/rasqal_decimal.c:
(rasqal_xsd_decimal_get_long): for mpfr
* src/rasqal_literal.c:
(rasqal_literal_as_floating): Call rasqal_literal_as_floating()
* src/rasqal_literal.c: make rasqal_xsd_decimal_get_long handle
overflow in decimal conversion.
(rasqal_literal_as_integer): Use rasqal_xsd_decimal_get_long() and
set error on overflow.
* src/, src/rasqal_decimal.c:
(rasqal_xsd_decimal_get_long): Added to convert decimal to long with
overflow error flag
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_raptor.c:
(rasqal_raptor_triple_match): parts arg is now unsigned int as xor
of #rasqal_triple_parts enum bits
Are using -Wmissing-noreturn
No -Wfloat-equal
* utils/roqet.c:
reduce stack size
* src/sparql_parser.y:
(sparql_parse): remove unused bufer var
* utils/roqet.c: Test stdin fread value.
* utils/roqet.c: Query string is now unsigned char*
(main): Casts for C++ and use fread() result as size_t
* src/, src/rasqal_service.c:
(rasqal_new_service): query_string arg now unsigned char*
* src/rdql_parser.y:
(rdql_parse): remove unused bufer var
* src/rasqal_dataset.c: rasqal_dataset_term_iterator_s field parts
is unsigned int not enum.
* src/rasqal_datetime.c: Casts for C++ in rasqal_xsd_datetime
(rasqal_xsd_datetime_get_timezone_as_counted_string): Casts of
malloc returns for C++
* src/rasqal_query.c:
(rasqal_query_variable_bound_in_triple): Cast for C++ (when
* src/rdql_lexer.l:
(rdql_lexer_fatal_error): Mark as RASQAL_NORETURN
* src/rasqal_internal.h:
* src/rasqal_expr_strings.c:
(rasqal_unicode_utf8_substr): Alter arg src_length to a size_t -
* src/rasqal_expr_strings.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_strlen): Use
* src/rasqal_expr_numerics.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_rand): Force double arithmetic a better
* src/rasqal_expr_datetimes.c: Do not try to fit a potentially
truncate a long int time_t into an int.
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_to_unixtime): Use
rasqal_new_numeric_literal_from_long() to avoid potential int
range truncation.
* src/, src/rasqal_literal.c:
(rasqal_new_numeric_literal_from_long): Added to make an integer or
decimal literal depending if it fits in range
* src/rasqal_algebra.c:
(rasqal_algebra_algebra_node_write_internal): Use unsigned int
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_bindings.c,
src/rasqal_data_graph.c, src/rasqal_general.c,
src/rasqal_literal.c, src/rasqal_query_write.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource.c, src/rasqal_service.c, src/sparql_parser.y:
Casts for C++
* Update compiler warnings like Raptor 2.0.4
2011-07-14 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_literal.c, src/rasqal_query_write.c: Handle returning
xsd:integer subtypes
(rasqal_literal_set_typed_value): Call
rasqal_xsd_datatype_type_to_uri only for atomic XSD types.
(rasqal_literal_as_node): Call rasqal_xsd_datatype_type_to_uri only
for atomic XSD types. Otherwise use the datatype from the source
(rasqal_query_write_sparql_literal): Handle writing non atomic XSD
types such as integer subtypes.
Fixes Issue #0000454
2011-07-09 Dave Beckett <>
* src/sparql_parser.y:
* src/rasqal_graph_pattern.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_query_transform.c: Add silent flag to graph pattern
rasqal_graph_pattern gains silent bit field.
(rasqal_graph_patterns_join): Copy silent flag.
(rasqal_graph_pattern_write_internal): Print silent flag.
* src/sparql_parser.y:
(ClearQuery, DropQuery): Handle NULL graph URI for default graph
2011-06-28 Dave Beckett <>
* Always check for where ceil(), floor() and round()
can be found.
* NEWS.html, RELEASE.html, Bumped version to 0.9.27
2011-06-27 Dave Beckett <>
* Snapshotted rasqal_0_9_26 for 0.9.26 release (GIT
* src/rasqal_format_rdf.c: Fix a bunch of lost term objects for
'rdfxml' formatter.
* src/rasqal_format_rdf.c:
(rasqal_rowsource_rdf_process): Fix leak of variable.
* src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c:
(rasqal_sparql_xml_sax2_start_element_handler): Fix leak of
* src/rasqal_service.c:
(rasqal_service_content_type_handler): Handle getting multiple
* src/rasqal_query_results.c:
(rasqal_query_results_get_count): Handle no query
* NEWS.html, RELEASE.html: 0.9.26
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c:
rasqal_graph_pattern_binds_variable): Removed unused functions
2011-06-26 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/sparql/check-sparql: Handle var=xsdstring(val) roqet
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c:
(rasqal_query_union_build_variables_use_map_binds): Restore outer
var scope each time.
* tests/sparql/warnings/ data is empty.nt
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c:
(rasqal_query_triples_build_variables_use_map_binds): Recalculate
triple BGP after selecting variables to bind
* tests/sparql/warnings/,
tests/sparql/warnings/warning-4.rq: Remove unsupported check for
multiple FROM
* tests/improve: count expected fails
* tests/improve: Handle countiing expecting failures
* tests/sparql/examples/
sparql-query-example-Testing-Values-bound (UNION) passes
* tests/sparql/survey/ test survey-3 UNION passes
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c: Calculate binds for BGPs correctly
(rasqal_query_triples_build_variables_use_map_binds); Bind s/p/o/g
if bit flag set not when ONLY that bit set. Update row to mark
bound here.
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c:
(rasqal_query_build_variables_use_map): Do not turn any SELECTed
variables that are never mentioned into binds
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_query_transform.c: Made
selecting an unbound a serious warning
(RDQL, SPARQL 1.0 require not-error) Added internal
*, tests/sparql/,
tests/sparql/warnings/, tests/sparql/warnings/empty.nt,
tests/sparql/warnings/warning-4.rq: Add warnings tests
* src/rasqal_general.c:
(rasqal_log_warning_simple): Invert test again
2011-06-23 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c: const qualified for const data
2011-06-22 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/rasqal_general.c: #docs
2011-06-20 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/sparql/check-sparql: Add -W/--warnings option to set
warning level (default none: 0)
* tests/sparql/check-sparql: Use perl to find any core dumps in
output portably.
* Really remove --with-redland-config and
--with-redland from configure
2011-06-18 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_algebra.c: nl
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c:
Expand sub-SELECT * to variables
(rasqal_graph_pattern_mentions_variable): Added
(rasqal_graph_pattern_tree_mentions_variable): Added using above
to return if a GP tree mentions a variable
(rasqal_query_select_build_variables_use_map): Expand sub-SELECT *
into list of variables during use_map walk.
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c:
(rasqal_graph_patterns_join): Handle select GP merging
* src/rasqal_graph_pattern.c:
(rasqal_graph_pattern_write_internal): Handle sub-SELECT *
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c:
(rasqal_query_select_build_variables_use_map): Do not scan sub-GPs
* tests/sparql/check-sparql:
look for core dump
2011-06-17 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c:
(rasqal_graph_pattern_promote_variable_mention_to_bind): Add bind
flag Should stop some of the unused variable warnings.
2011-06-16 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_variable.c:
(main): use rc [clang]
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c:
(rasqal_query_triples_build_variables_use_map_binds): Remove
unused gp_offset var.
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c:
(rasqal_query_triples_build_variables_use_map_binds): Remove
unused row var.
* src/rasqal_graph_pattern.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_query.c, src/rasqal_query_transform.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_triples.c: Replace triples bound_in with more
accurate triples_use_map
Removes assumption that a variable can be only bound in one triple.
struct rasqal_query: array triples_use_map replaces variables_bound_in
(rasqal_graph_pattern_variable_bound_in): Use the variables_use_map
to calculate result.
(rasqal_free_query): Free triples_use_map replacing
(rasqal_query_variable_is_bound): Added to partially replace
(rasqal_query_variable_bound_in_triple): Added to replace rest of
(rasqal_query_get_bound_in_column_for_variable): Deleted
(rasqal_query_graph_pattern_bgp_build_bound_in): Deleted
(rasqal_query_graph_pattern_build_bound_in): Deleted
(rasqal_query_build_bound_in_triples): Deleted.
(rasqal_query_check_unused_variables): Use
rasqal_query_variable_is_bound() and simplify.
(rasqal_query_build_variables_use): Remove call to deleted
(rasqal_query_graph_build_variables_use_map): Added to build
variables use in a GRAPH GP.
(rasqal_query_select_build_variables_use_map): Add width and gp
args. (rasqal_query_graph_pattern_build_variables_use_map): Call
above for GRAPH GP. Update call to
rasqal_query_select_build_variables_use_map() for changed args.
(rasqal_graph_pattern_mentions_variable): Deleted
(rasqal_graph_pattern_promote_variable_mention_to_bind): Add
vars_scope arg and use it to test and set scope flag.
(rasqal_query_triples_build_variables_use_map_binds): Added to
mark variables bound in a triple/basic GP. Rewrote body to use
scope and calculate mention, use and handle cases where a triple
pattern binds the same variable more than 1 time.
(rasqal_query_triples_build_variables_use_map_binds): Added to
bind variables for triples/basic GP.
(rasqal_query_graph_pattern_build_variables_use_map_binds): Added
pulled out of older
rasqal_query_build_variables_use_map_binds. Use
rasqal_query_triples_build_variables_use_map_binds() and
rasqal_query_union_build_variables_use_map_binds(). Bind sub
graph patterns after doing variables at head (such as UNION) so
that binding is in query document order.
(rasqal_query_build_variables_use_map_binds): Added to wrap
(rasqal_query_print_triples_use_map): Added debug function to
print triples variable use map.
(rasqal_query_build_variables_use_map): Allocate triples_use_map.
Use rasqal_query_build_variables_use_map_binds(). Print triples
use map after binding is done.
(rasqal_query_graph_build_variables_use_map_binds): Make bound
variables in GRAPH gp.
(rasqal_query_let_build_variables_use_map_binds): Add vars_scope
(rasqal_query_select_build_variables_use_map): Add width and gp
(rasqal_query_select_build_variables_use_map_binds): Added to bind
sub-SELECT patterns using an inner scope. Mark projected
variables into outer scope.
(rasqal_query_union_build_variables_use_map_binds0: Added to bind
UNION patterns with inner scopes for each sub-graph pattern.
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_internal.h)
(src/rasqal_query_transform.c: Switch short maps to unsigned short
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_internal.h)
(src/rasqal_query_transform.c: Switch short maps to unsigned short
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c: Build variable scoping in two pass
USE and BIND scans
Remove all binding code from the rasqal_query_graph*_use_map
Add new binding marking approach; pass down an array of in-scope
variables in current context and mark first variable unseen as
binding it. UNION and sub-SELECT introduce new scopes.
FIXME: bound_in code still does a separate and wrong calculation
that assumes a variable can only be bound in one GP; that is no
longer true and never has been as long as UNION existed.
(rasqal_query_graph_build_variables_use_map): Added to mark
variables mentioned in GRAPH GP (zero one one)
(rasqal_query_graph_pattern_build_variables_use_map): Call above
for GRAPH gp and adjust call to
(rasqal_graph_pattern_promote_variable_mention_to_bind): Add
vars_scope param to know when to bind; does nothing if variable
passed in is already bound in scope.
(rasqal_query_graph_pattern_build_variables_use_map_binds): Added
based on older rasqal_query_build_variables_use_map_binds() to
perform the binding approach as above moving most code into per-GP
type functions. Move binding sub graph patterns to AFTER binding
variables in the GP itself; so GRAPH ?var etc. works.
(rasqal_query_build_variables_use_map_binds): Made a skeleton
around above function.
(rasqal_query_build_variables_use_map): Call
(rasqal_query_graph_build_variables_use_map_binds): Use vars
(rasqal_query_let_build_variables_use_map): Use vars scope.
(rasqal_query_select_build_variables_use_map): Scan
selected / projected variables for mentions.
(rasqal_query_select_build_variables_use_map_binds): Added to use
vars scope, make an inner scope for the sub-SELECT and mark
project variables for binding if unbound in outer scope.
(rasqal_query_union_build_variables_use_map_binds): Added to use
vars scope and and make a new scope for each sub-UNION GP tree.
2011-06-14 Dave Beckett <>
* Add --enable-debug option like raptor has
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c: Lose the .
2011-06-11 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/tmpl/section-general.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-unused.sgml:
Update tmpls
* docs/rasqal-sections.txt: Add support_feature to unused section.
* src/rasqal_general.c: autodocs
* INSTALL.html,, src/rasqal_general.c,
src/rasqal_redland.c: Remove redland triples store that has not
worked for some time.
configure: Remove --with-triples-source and --with-redland-config
Removed src/rasqal_redland.c module.
* src/rasqal_raptor.c: Allow no data graphs in the query
* src/rasqal_general.c, src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rdql_parser.y,
src/sparql_parser.y: Adjust warning levels so 50 does not warn
strict. Invert tests so that 0 does nothing
* docs/rasqal-changes.tsv, docs/rasqal-sections.txt,
src/, src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c,
src/rasqal_expr_strings.c, src/rasqal_general.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_query_results.c,
src/rasqal_query_transform.c, src/rasqal_service.c,
src/rdql_parser.y, src/sparql_parser.y, tests/sparql/check-sparql,
utils/getopt.c, utils/roqet.1, utils/roqet.c: Add
rasqal_world_set_warning_level() and use with roqet -W LEVEL
(rasqal_world_set_warning_level): Added to set warning level in
0...100 range where 0 is no warnings, 50 is the default and 100 is
all warnings.
roqet gains a -W LEVEL argument check-sparql: use roqet -W 0
2011-06-06 Dave Beckett <>
*, src/, src/rasqal_datetime.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h, src/timegm.c: Add portable version of
timegm when not present
Fixes Issue#0000438
2011-06-05 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_xsd_datatypes.c: Check for int overflow in strtol()
and turn into a decimal.
(rasqal_xsd_check_integer_format): Check for overflow when checking
string and return failure for integers that are too large.
* src/rasqal_literal.c: Check for int overflow in strtol() and
turn into a decimal.
(rasqal_literal_set_typed_value): Check for overflow when
converting a string to int and if resulting long won't fit in an
int, turn it into a decimal.
Fixes Issue#0000436
* Check for limits.h and error.h
Add cross-compile case to AC_RUN_IFELSE
* Use AC_RUN_IFELSE to actually run ceil, floor,
round test
* Add tests for ceil, floor and round that look in
libc or libm
Fixes Issue#0000446
* src/rasqal_service.c: warning text
2011-06-04 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/sparql/check-sparql: skip both types of
* tests/sparql/check-sparql: Ignore update tests
* utils/roqet.c: tidy help
* utils/roqet.1: Document -W and -E
2011-06-03 Nicholas J Humfrey <>
* Added -W and -E command line options to ignore warning and
errors respectively.
Made the roqet error log handling behave more like rapper.
2011-05-24 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/ Remove README from CLEANFILES.
2011-05-22 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/ Restore README to CLEANFILES after
* src/rasqal_literal.c:
Fix rasqal_literal_string_compare [CLANG]
(rasqal_literal_string_compare): Simplyify calling convention; no
need to ever return incomparable. Adjust logic to match
raptor_term_compare() order.
(rasqal_literal_compare): Protect error_p assignment [CLANG] Call
rasqal_literal_string_compare to get result - no error arg.
* src/rasqal_literal.c: Fix rasqal_literal_array_compare with
(rasqal_literal_array_compare): Remove duplicate NULL compare code
and return NULL literal results earlier.
* src/rasqal_literal.c: Fix rasqal_literal_sequence_compare
literal NULL case [CLANG]
(rasqal_literal_sequence_compare): calculate equality result earlier
if both are NULL literals in the sequence.
* src/rasqal_literal.c: Fix rasqal_literal_equals_flags with
(rasqal_literal_equals_flags): In RASQAL_LITERAL_VARIABLE case,
break case when result is calculated rather than fallthrough.
This can never have worked; this case may have always been handled
before calling this internal function.
* src/rasqal_xsd_datatypes.c: Fixes [CLANG]
(rasqal_xsd_check_double_format, rasqal_xsd_check_float_format)
(rasqal_xsd_check_integer_format): Cast unused results to void and
remove assignment to unused vars.
* src/rasqal_rowsource_triples.c:
(rasqal_triples_rowsource_init): Remove unused 'con' var [CLANG]
* src/rasqal_rowsource_project.c:
(rasqal_project_rowsource_init): Remove unused 'con' var [CLANG]
* src/rasqal_rowsource_having.c:
(rasqal_having_rowsource_init): Remove unused 'con' var [CLANG]
* src/rasqal_rowsource_filter.c:
(rasqal_filter_rowsource_init): Remove unused 'con' var [CLANG]
* src/rasqal_random.c:
Fixes [CLANG]
(rasqal_random_get_system_seed): Removed un-necessary final
variable calculations and assignments that never get used
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c:
Fixes [CLANG]
(rasqal_query_graph_pattern_build_variables_use_map_binds): Remove
bad error freeing of 'var_is_bound' array that is never allocated
before this point.
* src/rasqal_query_results.c: Fixes [CLANG]
(rasqal_query_results_execute_and_store_results): Remove unused
'query' var
* src/rasqal_format_table.c:
(rasqal_query_results_write_table_bindings): Return rc [CLANG]
* src/rasqal_digest_sha1.c: Fixes [CLANG]
(SHA1Transform): Removed useless zeroing out locals at end of
scope (SHA1Final): Removed usless assignment to i
* src/rasqal_algebra.c: Fixes [CLANG]
(rasqal_algebra_algebra_node_write_internal): Remove useless final
(rasqal_algebra_query_add_having): Removed useless 'modified'
variable that always has the same value in the debug message.
* src/ Add analyze target for maintainer to run clang
on sources
* src/.gitignore: Ignore clang .plist files
2011-05-20 Dave Beckett <>
* src/sparql_lexer.l: Do not report failure twice for
(sparql_copy_name, sparql_copy_qname): Report failure to decode
once and end
* utils/roqet.c:
(roqet_log_handler): Handle output with no locator nicer
* src/rasqal_general.c:
(rasqal_world_set_log_handler): Set raptor log handler too.
2011-05-19 Dave Beckett <>
* src/sparql_lexer.l: Make lexing failing a regular error, not
fatal with abort().
Adjust flex error returns as much as possible to return a regular
log error event and setjmp / longjmp to start of lexing.
(sparql_lexer_log_error): Renamed from sparql_lexer_fatal_error
and takes a log level. Use YY_FATAL_ERROR_EOF in lexing failures
to return an error and then yyterminate() the lexing. No abort.
That mostly leaves fatal errors in out of memory situations or
when the lexer is jammed. Hard to fix futrher without
post-processing the flex generated C.
2011-05-14 Nicholas J Humfrey <>
* src/rasqal_format_json.c: Added the
'application/sparql-results+json' mime type, as specified in
2011-04-15 Nicholas J Humfrey <>
* docs/ Moved rasqal-fake.i from CLEANFILES to
2011-04-06 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/tmpl/section-xsd.sgml: datetime and decimal
2011-03-13 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c: Fix mention / bind walking to
handle single triple BGPs that are not in a Group GP
(rasqal_query_graph_pattern_build_variables_use_map_binds): Split
recursive walk and walk to bind vars. Use utility functions to
make code more readable. Rename 'seen' to 'var_is_bound' to match
the variable use. On second round of binding if the query graph
pattern is a BGP, bind the variables now.
(rasqal_query_build_variables_use_map): After calculating map, if
there are variables SELECTEd but never bound, mark them as bound
in the verb so that no error is reported.
2011-03-13 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c:
(rasqal_graph_pattern_promote_variable_mention_to_bind): Added
utility function to turn a mention into a bind.
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c: Add utility functions to test var
bound / mentioned in GP tree
(rasqal_graph_pattern_mentions_variable): Added to test if a
variable is bound/mentioned in this GP, not any sub-GP
(rasqal_graph_pattern_tree_binds_variable): Added to test if a
variable is bound in this GP or any lower sub-GP.
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c: Split variable mention and binding
marking into 2 steps
(rasqal_query_graph_pattern_build_variables_use_map): Remove
binding marking.
(rasqal_query_graph_pattern_build_variables_use_map_binds): Added,
doing recording of variables that bind. For basic graph patterns
(BGPs), do that work in the group that surrounds them, which
leaves just single BGPs to do.
(rasqal_query_build_variables_use_map): Call
rasqal_query_graph_pattern_build_variables_use_map_binds() after
(rasqal_query_graph_build_variables_use_map_binds): Renamed from
(rasqal_query_let_build_variables_use_map): Renamed from
(rasqal_query_let_build_variables_use_map_binds): Added to do
binding for LET/BIND GPs.
(rasqal_query_select_build_variables_use_map): Renamed from
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c:
(rasqal_query_build_variables_use): Return number of errors
2011-03-12 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c: Use query->variables_use_map to
find unused, unbound or both vars.
(rasqal_query_build_variable_agg_use): Added.
(rasqal_query_build_variables_use): Call above and walk returned
list to find variables that are bound+not used, used and not bound
or neither used nor bound which is probably a parsing error.
2011-03-08 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/rasqal_format_html.c:
(rasqal_iostream_write_html_literal): Support writing additional
literal types.
Fixes issue #0000431
2011-03-08 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/rasqal_format_html.c:
(rasqal_iostream_write_html_literal): Fixed incorrect HTML
generated with unknown literal types.
Fixes Issue #0000430
2011-03-05 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c:
(rasqal_query_triples_build_variables_use_map_row): Set
2011-03-03 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c:
(rasqal_query_print_variables_use_map): Tidy formatting
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c: Generate bind flags for triple
pattern in query variables use-map
(rasqal_query_triples_build_variables_use_map_row): Set bound or
mentioned for variables for this triple pattern.
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_query.c,
src/rasqal_query_transform.c: Tidy query transforming code
building "bound-in-triple" array.
(rasqal_query_variable_bound_in_triple): Removed, unused
(rasqal_query_check_unused_variables): Use
rasqal_query_get_bound_in_column_for_variable() instead of
accessing query fields.
(rasqal_query_build_bound_in_triples): Renamed from
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c:
(rasqal_query_graph_pattern_bgp_build_bound_in): renamed from
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_query_transform.c:
(rasqal_query_triples_build_bound_in): Removed, unused
2011-03-02 Dave Beckett <>
* utils/srxread.c:
report error with failure to read format
2011-03-01 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_query.c, src/rasqal_query_transform.c: Remove unused,
2011-02-28 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_digest.c: Include mhash.h unconditionally for
2011-02-28 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/rasqal_digest.c:
(rasqal_digest_buffer): Fixed integer conversion warning
2011-02-28 Nicholas J Humfrey <>
* src/rasqal_format_html.c: Corrected incorrect string length in
rasqal_iostream_write_html_literal() that was causing it to
generate invalid HTML.
2011-02-27 Dave Beckett <>
* utils/roqet.c: Remove internal -g/ --engine NAME for selecting
query engine
* scripts/ caps names can have 0-9
* scripts/ caps names can have _
* docs/tmpl/section-expression.sgml: Updated tmpls
* docs/rasqal-changes.tsv: Added digest EXPRs for 0.9.26
*, src/rasqal_engine.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_query.c: Removed Query Engine V1
configure loses --with-query-engine-version option.
2011-02-26 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/sparql/check-sparql: exist check for output triples
* src/rasqal_expr_numerics.c, src/sparql_lexer.l,
src/sparql_parser.y: Lowercase hex needed for digest functions
* src/, src/rasqal_expr.c, src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c,
src/rasqal_expr_numerics.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_query_write.c: Implement SPARQL 1.1 message digest
rasqal_op gains RASQAL_EXPR_MD5, RASQAL_EXPR_SHA1,
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_digest): Added to evaluate the above
using rasqal_digest_buffer().
(rasqal_expression_evaluate2): Call above.
* src/rasqal_digest_md5.c, src/rasqal_digest_sha1.c: Include
* src/rasqal_expr_strings.c:
rasqal_expression_evaluate_set_case): Free l1
*, src/, src/rasqal_digest.c,
src/rasqal_digest_md5.c, src/rasqal_digest_sha1.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h: Add message digest support internally (MD5,
SHA1) or mhash (lots)
(rasqal_digest_buffer): Added internal function. Skeleton gcrypt
support also present, not yet enabled in configure.
2011-02-24 Dave Beckett <>
* NEWS.html: 0.9.25 release pointer
2011-02-23 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_decimal.c:
(rasqal_xsd_decimal_round): Work around lack of mpf_round() in GMP
2011-02-22 Dave Beckett <>
* NEWS.html, RELEASE.html,
Bumped version to 0.9.26
* Snapshotted rasqal_0_9_25 for 0.9.25 release (GIT
2011-02-21 Dave Beckett <>
* src/, src/, src/rasqal_expr.c,
src/rasqal_feature.c, src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_query.c,
src/rasqal_random.c: Add user API to set random seed for a query
rasqal_feature gains RASQAL_FEATURE_RAND_SEED for setting the seed
for use with rand() or rand_r().
(rasqal_evaluation_context_set_rand_seed): Added for setting seed
in a standalone expression evaluation context.
(rasqal_random_get_system_seed): Added as an internal function for
getting a seed from system sources.
* src/rasqal_internal.h: docs for internal query fields
* tests/sparql/check-sparql:
warnings for bad manifest data
* src/rasqal_algebra.c:
(rasqal_algebra_graph_pattern_to_algebra): Remove abort() in debug
* src/rasqal_query_transform.c:
(rasqal_graph_pattern_join): Handle join of var field (OK when
merging with empty GP)
2011-02-21 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/rasqal_query.c:
(rasqal_query_prepare): Fixed build without HAVE_RAND_R.
* src/sparql_parser.y: #comment typo
2011-02-19 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_decimal.c:
Fix MPFR floor, round, trunc
*, src/, src/rasqal_expr.c,
src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c, src/rasqal_expr_numerics.c,
src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_query_write.c,
src/sparql_lexer.l, src/sparql_parser.y: Added ABS, ROUND, CEIL,
FLOOR expression support and execution.
Update all expression callers.
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_abs, rasqal_expression_evaluate_round,
rasqal_expression_evaluate_floor): Added.
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_literal.c: Add abs, round,
ceil, floor methods to literal class.
(rasqal_literal_abs, rasqal_literal_round, rasqal_literal_ceil,
rasqal_literal_floor): Added.
* src/, src/rasqal_decimal.c: Add abs, round, ceil and
floor for decimal class
(rasqal_xsd_decimal_abs, rasqal_xsd_decimal_round,
rasqal_xsd_decimal_ceil, rasqal_xsd_decimal_floor): Added.
* Add test for stdint.h
* src/rasqal_xsd_datatypes.c:
(rasqal_xsd_format_double): Numbers with no trailing 0s no longer
2011-02-18 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_query.c:
Mix random seed sources for RAND()
(rasqal_query_prepare): Use mix public domain code from to mix processor
clock, wall clock time and process ID to get a better random seed.
This code should definitely be elsewhere rather than in query
* src/rasqal_query.c: syntax
* src/rasqal_query.c: autodocs
* src/rasqal_expr_numerics.c, src/rasqal_query.c: Init random seed
from some C standard function sources
* src/rasqal_expr_numerics.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_rand): Generate a double in range [0, 1)
* src/ fix rasqal_evaluation_context_set_base_uri
* src/, src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_engine.c,
src/rasqal_engine_sort.c, src/rasqal_expr.c,
src/rasqal_expr_numerics.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_query.c, src/rasqal_query_transform.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_assignment.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_filter.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_join.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_project.c: Turn
rasqal_evaluation_context into a simple class.
(rasqal_new_evaluation_context, rasqal_free_evaluation_context,
rasqal_evaluation_context_set_base_uri): Added. The constructor
takes the simple common args - world, locator and flags (none of
which are shared). Most fields such as seed can be set
directly (not referenced counted; shared).
The single method rasqal_new_evaluation_context_set_base_uri
manages the reference counted base URI.
Updated callers and initialise when a query is constructed in
* src/sparql_parser.y:
(Query): Move BindingsClauseOpt here to allow with any verb
* src/sparql_parser.y: docs
* src/sparql_parser.y: NOW() is part of SPARQL 1.1
* src/rasqal_expr.c:
(rasqal_expression_visit): Do not fail when visiting BNODE()
* src/, src/rasqal_expr.c: Support BNODE() with no
(rasqal_new_1op_expression): Allow BNODE() to have a NULL arg.
* src/sparql_parser.y: Use rasqal_new_0op_expression to make
* src/sparql_lexer.l, src/sparql_parser.y: Add SPARQL 1.1 BIND()
* src/rasqal_query_write.c: Add BIND to rasqal_sparql_op_labels.
* docs/tmpl/section-expression.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-literal.sgml: Update tmpls
2011-02-15 Dave Beckett <>
* utils/check_query.c: Find and print differences in query result
(new_compare_query_results): Add world parameter
(compare_query_results_compare): Check number of bindings match.
For each row, check values match for each binding and print out a
formatted message with the difference. Print an error message
once if there were any row differences. Tidy the other error
(main): Set executed query results to be stored/rewindable. Set
the expected results to be stored/rewindable.
2011-02-15 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_query.c:
(rasqal_query_set_store_results): Make this actually work after a
* utils/check_query.c: check rows are the same width
* src/rasqal_dataset.c: autodocs
2011-02-14 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_format_rdf.c: Do not emit rs:binding if there is no
* src/rasqal_format_table.c: Handle printing NULL values
* src/sparql_common.h, src/sparql_lexer.l, src/sparql_parser.y:
Update SPARQL """-quoted and '''-quoted strings to Turtle spec.
Now support @lang suffix and do not suffer from grabbing too much
(STRING_LITERAL): Removed token from lexer.
(STRING): Added as a simple lexer string
(HATHAT): Added lexer token for '^^'.
(RDFLiteral): Added to parser handling the string, lang string or
datatyped string alternatives. Uses STRING
(SeparatorOpt): Updated to use STRING.
(BindingValue, GraphTerm): Updated to use RDFLiteral.
(sparql_stringbuffer_append_sparql_string): Added based on
turtle_stringbuffer_append_turtle_string adding \f and \b escapes
and adjusting error handling to go direct to a rasqal function.
Fixes Issue#0000427
and Issue#0000428
* tests/sparql/update/,
tests/sparql/update/insert-data-4.rq: Add tests from Issue#0000427
2011-02-14 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/sparql_parser.y:
(ClearQuery): Quick fix to avoid raptor_uri_copy(NULL) assertion
failures and make tests pass.
* src/rasqal_expr_strings.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_strmatch): Fixed build with
2011-02-13 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/sparql_parser.y: Fix SPARQL 1.1 CLEAR
and DROP to allow optional SILENT
Add internal sparql_uri_applies typedef to hold the pair of URI
and applies destination enum.
(new_uri_applies, free_uri_applies): Added internal to sparql
(GraphRefAll): Returns a sparql_uri_applies value token. Merge in
the legacy GRAPH DEFAULT check here.
(ClearQuery, DropQuery): Simplify using GraphRefAll returning both
the optional graph URI and the applies enum.
* tests/sparql/check-sparql: fix GIT earl output
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_engine_algebra.c: Add support
for FILTER graph pattern execution on it's own.
Previously all FILTER GPs were merged with Basic GP and then
executed as part of the triples rowsource. This fails when FILTER
is used alone like ... ASK WHERE { FILTER ( TRUE ) } which returns
(rasqal_new_filter_algebra_node): May now take NULL node.
(rasqal_algebra_filter_graph_pattern_to_algebra): Added to use
above to make a FILTER over no node.
(rasqal_algebra_graph_pattern_to_algebra): Turn FILTER GP into
algebra with above function.
(rasqal_algebra_filter_algebra_node_to_rowsource): if the inner
node is NULL, use an empty rowsource to 'filter' over. This could
be optimized out in future but is sufficient and correct.
* src/rasqal_expr_datetimes.c, src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c,
src/rasqal_expr_strings.c: Guard all returns from
rasqal_expression_evaluate2() to check handle NULL value if not
* src/rasqal_rowsource_project.c:
(rasqal_project_rowsource_read_row): Ignore errors in project AS
Need to check this against the spec, but tests seem to require it
such as SPARQL 1.1 project-expression test 'Expression raise an
* src/, src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_literal.c:
Update literal type error returns.
(rasqal_literal_as_integer, rasqal_literal_as_floating): NULL
evaluated is a type error not an assertion failure/abort (debug
(rasqal_literal_as_counted_string, rasqal_literal_as_string_flags,
rasqal_literal_compare, rasqal_literal_as_boolean,
rasqal_literal_as_integer, rasqal_literal_as_floating): Alter
parameter names for error return to be error_p and update
* src/rasqal_literal.c:
(rasqal_literal_as_boolean): NULL evaluated is a type error.
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate2): Handle AND, OR literal error returns
2011-02-12 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_expr_datetimes.c, src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c,
src/rasqal_expr_strings.c: Replace literal NULL test with error_p
return tests
* src/rasqal_literal.c:
(rasqal_literal_value): Return NULL on NULL arg; tidy code
* src/rasqal_literal.c:
(rasqal_literal_compare): Return error on any NULL pointer arg
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_str): Return on success
* src/, src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_engine.c,
src/rasqal_engine_sort.c, src/rasqal_expr.c,
src/rasqal_expr_datetimes.c, src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c,
src/rasqal_expr_strings.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_query_transform.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_assignment.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_filter.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_join.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_project.c: rasqal_expression_evaluate2
updated to add an error pointer return arg.
(rasqal_expression_evaluate2): Add an error_p pointer to an error
flag to return an error since NULL is a valid expression evalution
in some cases; like STRLANG() on non-simple literals.
Update all callers to set error_p on error/failure case.
(rasqal_engine_rowsort_calculate_order_values): Tidy cody when an
error happens.
(rasqal_expression_sequence_evaluate): Pass down error return.
(rasqal_expression_evaluate): If error is returned, pass on NULL.
(rasqal_expression_foreach_fold): If evaluation fails, break loop
and return error.
(rasqal_project_rowsource_read_row): Add failed cleanup. On
evaluation failure in loop, fail and return.
* src/rasqal_expr_datetimes.c, src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c,
src/rasqal_expr_strings.c: use goto failed on errors
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c: autodocs
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c: Rename expr_context to eval_context
* src/rasqal_expr_datetimes.c, src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c,
src/rasqal_expr_strings.c: Update internal autodocs for
rasqal_evaluation_context API change
* src/, src/rasqal_expr.c, src/rasqal_query.c:
(rasqal_evaluation_context_init): Renamed from
2011-02-11 Dave Beckett <>
*, src/, src/,
src/rasqal_expr.c, src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c,
src/rasqal_expr_numerics.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_query_write.c, src/sparql_lexer.l, src/sparql_parser.y:
rasqal_op gains RASQAL_EXPR_RAND
rasqal_world gains seed field. Check for rand_r and use it if
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_rand): Added TODO: Initialise seed
with srandom() or with assignment (if srand_r is present) and
provide API to do so too.
2011-02-10 Dave Beckett <>
* src/, src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_engine.c,
src/rasqal_engine_sort.c, src/rasqal_expr.c,
src/rasqal_expr_datetimes.c, src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c,
src/rasqal_expr_strings.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_query.c, src/rasqal_query_transform.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_assignment.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_filter.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_join.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_project.c:
Perform all expression evaluation with rasqal_evaluation_context
Added new typedef rasqal_evaluation_context to wrap context needed
for expression evaluation, adding an optional base URI.
rasqal_query gains a static rasqal_evaluation_context.
(rasqal_expression_evaluate2): Added taking just an expression and
an evaluation context. Deprecates rasqal_expression_evaluate().
(rasqal_expression_evaluate): Deprecated for above.
Change all expression evaluation code to use
rasqal_expression_evaluate() and pass around an expression
evaluation context eval_context.
(rasqal_query_prepare): Initialise the query eval_context field.
2011-02-09 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_rowsource_empty.c,
tests/sparql/syntax/result-0triples.n3: Alter empty rowsource to
return 1 row of no bindings.
(rasqal_empty_rowsource_read_row): Return a single empty row, then
(rasqal_empty_rowsource_read_all_rows): Return a seq with one
empty row
(main): Adjust tests to expect above. Alter syntax test
result-0triples.n3 to expect change.
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_strdt): Free l1 and l2 after done with
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c: Return no value for STRDT() and
STRLANG() on non-simple literals.
* src/rasqal_expr_strings.c: SPARQL 1.1 ENCODE_FOR_URI() does not
preserve language and datatype of input
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_encode_for_uri): Remove copy of
language and datatype URI
* src/, src/rasqal_datetime.c, src/rasqal_expr.c,
src/rasqal_expr_datetimes.c, src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c,
src/rasqal_query_write.c, src/sparql_lexer.l, src/sparql_parser.y:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_datetime_timezone): Tidy.
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_datetime_tz): Added, returning the
timezone string using
(rasqal_expression_evaluate): Evaluate RASQAL_EXPR_TZ
* src/rasqal_datetime.c, src/rasqal_internal.h: Add support
getting timezone string raw (not as day duration)
(rasqal_xsd_datetime_timezone_format): Added, pulled out of
Define #TIMEZONE_STRING_LEN for use throughtout the file.
(rasqal_xsd_datetime_to_counted_string): Call above.
(rasqal_xsd_datetime_get_ta_as_counted_string): Added to get back
the TZ string component.
* src/sparql_lexer.l: Add TZ as synonym for TIMEZONE. Until
otherwise informed.
* src/rasqal_expr_datetimes.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_datetime_timezone): Add
xsd:dayTimeDuration datatype to result.
* src/rasqal_datetime.c:
(rasqal_xsd_datetime_get_seconds_as_decimal): Correctly get
* src/sparql_parser.y:
Allow GROUP BY to have an optional AS ?var
(AsVarOpt): Added, pulled out of GroupCondition
(GroupCondition): Handle optional var, returning just an expression
2011-02-08 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_query.c:
rasqal_query_get_bound_in_column_for_variable autodocs
2011-02-08 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/rasqal_format_html.c, src/rasqal_format_json.c,
src/rasqal_format_rdf.c, src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c,
src/rasqal_format_sv.c, src/rasqal_format_table.c,
src/rdql_parser.y, src/sparql_parser.y: Removed remaining
raptor_syntax_description mime_types_count and uri_strings_count
initialization after commit e8d0043.
The counts are initialized by raptor_syntax_description_validate().
Changed mime_types/uri_strings arrays to be implicitly sized.
2011-02-06 Dave Beckett <>
* LICENSE.html: Make GPL V2 or newer explicit.
2011-02-03 Nicholas J Humfrey <>
* src/rasqal_format_html.c, src/rasqal_format_json.c,
src/rasqal_format_rdf.c, src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c,
src/rasqal_format_sv.c, src/rasqal_format_table.c,
src/rasqal_general.c, src/rasqal_result_formats.c: Use
raptor_syntax_description_validate() to check query result
descriptions and query syntax descriptions, instead of duplicating
2011-02-03 Dave Beckett <>
* NEWS.html, RELEASE.html,
Bumped version to 0.9.25
2011-02-01 Dave Beckett <>
* Rasqal using raptor2 attempt
2011-01-31 Dave Beckett <>
* INSTALL.html:
Update INSTALL notes for pkg-config help, remove --with-raptor
2011-01-31 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/sparql_parser.y:
(ClearQuery, DropQuery): Cast away enum-int conversion warnings.
2011-01-30 Dave Beckett <>
* Snapshotted rasqal_0_9_24 for 0.9.24 release (GIT commit
* tests/sparql/update/, tests/sparql/update/add-3.rq,
tests/sparql/update/copy-3.rq, tests/sparql/update/move-3.rq: Add
tests for ADD, COPY, MOVE with 2 DEFAULT args
* src/rasqal_update.c:
(rasqal_new_update_operation): Allow ADD, COPY, MOVE to have 2
NULL args.
* RELEASE.html, docs/rasqal-changes.tsv, src/
Documentation fixes for 0.9.24 Add ADD, MOVE, COPY notes about
source/dest graphs
Add rasqal_graph_pattern_get_flattened_triples and new enums to
API changes
2011-01-29 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_expr.c:
(rasqal_new_group_concat_expression): Add
* src/sparql_parser.y, tests/sparql/update/,
tests/sparql/update/multiple-1.rq: Support SPARQL 1.1 Update
(DeleteQuery): Add DELETE WHERE { } storing the triples in
Add and enable DELETE WHERE tests delete-where-1.rq and
delete-where-2.rq which were in GIT already but not called.
* src/sparql_lexer.l, src/sparql_parser.y,
Require ; between update operations
Add test for multiple operations in one update
Adjust tests to match new syntax: delete-data-2.rq insert-2.rq
Alter sparql lexer and parser test buffer size to 4K
* src/rasqal_literal.c:
(rasqal_free_literal): Free datetime datatype URI
* docs/tmpl/section-updates.sgml: Update tmpls
* src/rasqal_algebra.c:
(rasqal_algebra_extract_aggregate_expression_visit): Correct
variable references for aggregate work: give map a reference.
* src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c: autodocs
* src/rasqal_rowsource.c: autodocs
2011-01-28 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_algebra.c:
(rasqal_algebra_query_add_aggregation): Clean up ae if no
aggregation in query.
* src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c:
(rasqal_aggregation_rowsource_finish): Free con->expr_data
* src/rasqal_solution_modifier.c:
(rasqal_free_solution_modifier): Free having conditions
* src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_dataset.c, src/rasqal_engine.c,
src/rasqal_format_table.c, src/rasqal_formula.c,
src/rasqal_general.c, src/rasqal_graph.c,
src/rasqal_graph_pattern.c, src/rasqal_map.c,
src/rasqal_result_formats.c, src/rasqal_row_compatible.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource.c, src/rasqal_triples_source.c,
src/rasqal_update.c: Make all object destructors simply return on
a NULL object pointer
* src/rasqal_projection.c:
(rasqal_free_projection): Free if pointer NOT NULL
* src/rasqal_literal.c:
(rasqal_new_variable_literal): Only free variable if calloc fails
* docs/rasqal-sections.txt, src/,
src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_query_write.c,
src/rasqal_update.c, src/sparql_lexer.l, src/sparql_parser.y,
tests/sparql/update/, tests/sparql/update/add-1.rq,
tests/sparql/update/add-2.rq, tests/sparql/update/copy-1.rq,
tests/sparql/update/copy-2.rq, tests/sparql/update/move-1.rq,
tests/sparql/update/move-2.rq: Added support for SPARQL 1.1 Update
draft ADD, MOVE, COPY parsing.
rasqal_update_type gains new enum values RASQAL_UPDATE_TYPE_ADD,
Added new enum rasqal_update_graph_applies
rasqal_update_operation gains new applies field for CLEAR and DROP
to signify they apply to multiple graphs.
(rasqal_query_write_graphref): Added method for writing uri or
DEFAULT or Named or ALL
(rasqal_query_write_sparql_20060406): Write out new tokens and use
rasqal_query_write_graphref() for terms. Refactor. SPARQL
lexer/parser adds the new tokens ADD, MOVE, COPY and TO.
(AddQuery, MoveQuery, CopyQuery): Added.
(UpdateOperation): Add above alternatives to updates.
(SilentOpt): Added to return silent flag.
(CreateQuery, DropQuery, LoadQuery): Refactored to use above flag
and save several code blocks. Move around the warnings for
deprecated SPARQL 1.1 and LAQRS syntax.
(GraphRefAll): Added for Clear and Drop (excluding GraphRef)
(rasqal_new_update_operation): Add applies arg.
(rasqal_update_operation_print): Print new ops, document URI and
applies. Added tests for SPARQL 1.1 Update ADD, MOVE, COPY
* NEWS.html, RELEASE.html, Bumped version to 0.9.24
* src/rasqal_literal.c: Free a few more variable references
(rasqal_new_variable_literal): Free passed in variable on error
(rasqal_free_literal): Free variable if not NULL.
* src/rasqal_literal.c:
(rasqal_free_literal): Free reference-counted variables
* utils/roqet.c: Make tidy_query free the query
2011-01-27 Dave Beckett <>
* Snapshotted rasqal_0_9_23 for 0.9.23 release (GIT
* tests/sparql/Expr1/, tests/sparql/Expr2/
Mark 4 SPARQL 1.0 tests as passing after NULL literal comparison
Tests "OPTIONAL-FILTER" and "OPTIONAL - Outer FILTER" now pass
Tests "Test 'boolean effective value' - optional" and
"Test 'boolean effective value' - unknown types" now pass
* NEWS.html, RELEASE.html, src/rasqal_literal.c:
(rasqal_literal_equals_flags): Make comparisons with one or more
NULLs work.
Fixes Issue#0000417
2011-01-26 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_literal.c:
(rasqal_literal_array_compare): Sort NULLs earlier in SPARQL
Fixes Issue#0000407
* docs/tmpl/section-graph_pattern.sgml: Update tmpls
* scripts/ Sort by new version, newest first.
Put package title in section only. Handle multiple old/new version
* docs/ Rasqal name
* ChangeLog, ChangeLog.8, Add ChangeLog.8 for 2010
* docs/rasqal-changes.tsv, docs/rasqal-sections.txt: Add
* scripts/
Update to version from librdf
2011-01-25 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_query_write.c:
(rasqal_query_write_sparql_triple_data): Emit GRAPH lit { ... }
* src/sparql_parser.y:
(GraphTemplate): Tidy conditions and do cleanup
* src/sparql_parser.y:
(GraphTemplate): Apply GRAPH to triples sequence directly
* src/rasqal_query_write.c:
(rasqal_query_write_sparql_triple_data): Handle triples templates
* src/rasqal_graph_pattern.c:
(rasqal_graph_pattern_get_flattened_triples_visit): Handle empty
* src/sparql_parser.y: Return flat triples in update insert/delete
(GraphTriples, UpdateQuery): Use
rasqal_triples_sequence_set_origin() to expand BGP/GGP into a flat
sequence of triples for caller.
* src/rasqal_graph_pattern.c:
(rasqal_graph_pattern_get_flattened_triples_visit): Use
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_triple.c:
(rasqal_triples_sequence_set_origin): Added to set the same graph
URI origin for a sequence of rasqal_triple
* src/sparql_parser.y: Make update operations
insert/delete_template fields store seq of triples.
(GraphTemplate, ModifyTemplate): Now seq of
rasqal_triple (GraphTemplate): Use
rasqal_graph_pattern_get_flattened_triples() to turn a basic graph
pattern or one with GRAPH gp into a sequence of triples.
* src/, src/rasqal_graph_pattern.c:
(rasqal_graph_pattern_get_flattened_triples): Added to flatten
triple templates
* NEWS.html, RELEASE.html, Bumped version to 0.9.23
* src/rasqal_update.c:
(rasqal_new_update_operation): Correct internal docs
* src/ rasqal_update_operation docs
2011-01-21 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_expr.c:
(rasqal_expression_compare): Compare op to RASQAL_EXPR_UNKNOWN
2011-01-17 Dave Beckett <>
* src/sparql_parser.y: When language feature is not allowed, use
YYERROR to unwind stack and abort query cleanly
2011-01-12 Dave Beckett <>
* Snapshotted rasqal_0_9_22 for 0.9.22 release (GIT
* docs/librasqal.3: skeleton
* utils/ move check-query to EXTRA for now
* utils/roqet.1: formatting
* src/rasqal_general.c: 2011
*, src/.gitignore, src/,
src/win32_rasqal_config.h, src/
Substitute rasqal versions into src/ and
* pkg-config raptor2 only
* RASQAL_LIBTOOL_VERSION 3:0:0 causing soname bump
2011-01-11 Dave Beckett <>
* scripts/ Make changes generate 1 page per
changeset. Sort output by function, type or enum name
* docs/rasqal-changes.tsv: 0.9.22 changes
* src/ code style
* docs/tmpl/rasqal-unused.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-data.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-expression.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-general.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-literal.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-query.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-unused.sgml, docs/tmpl/section-variable.sgml,
docs/tmpl/section-xsd.sgml: Update tmpls
* src/ document rasqal_generate_bnodeid_handler.
Added enum rasqal_query_results_format_flags for bitflags
* docs/rasqal-sections.txt: Added rasqal_generate_bnodeid_handler,
rasqal_query_results_format_flags. Removed
* docs/rasqal-sections.txt: updated sections
2011-01-11 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/
rasqal_new_query_results_formatter_for_content): Added RASQAL_API
exports to public API functions.
2011-01-10 Dave Beckett <>
* src/ Removed raptor_message_handler
* docs/.gitignore, docs/, docs/rasqal-changes.tsv,
docs/rasqal-docs.xml, scripts/,
scripts/ Generate Rasqal changes doc sections
Generate the changes using an update version
from raptor V2 that can handle multiple sections for different
old/new versions as well as omitting sections that have no
* src/, src/rasqal_data_graph.c, src/rasqal_expr.c,
src/rasqal_general.c, src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_query.c,
src/rasqal_query_results.c, src/rasqal_result_formats.c,
src/rasqal_service.c, src/rasqal_variable.c, src/rdql_parser.y,
src/sparql_parser.y, tests/engine/rasqal_graph_test.c,
tests/engine/rasqal_triples_test.c, utils/check_query.c,
utils/roqet.1, utils/roqet.c, utils/srxread.c, utils/srxwrite.c:
Remove all deprecated functions and rename foo2() to foo()
rasqal_generate_bnodeid_handler takes a world object (was
takes a rasqal_generate_bnodeid_handler arg (was
Removed deprecated: rasqal_query_set_fatal_error_handler,
rasqal_query_set_error_handler, rasqal_query_set_warning_handler,
rasqal_new_data_graph, rasqal_new_coalesce_expression,
(rasqal_query_add_data_graph): Takes a data_graph arg instead of
uri, name and flags (renamed from rasqal_query_add_data_graph2)
(rasqal_query_results_write, rasqal_query_results_read): Take a
name, mime_type, format_uri, base_uri args instead of format_uri,
base_uri. (Renamed from rasqal_query_results_write2 and
rasqal_query_results_read2 respectively).
(rasqal_query_results_formats_check): Takes name, format URI,
mime_type flags instead of name, uri and type. (Renamed from
(rasqal_new_query_results_formatter): Takes name, format type,
format URI args instead of just name, format URI (renamed from
(rasqal_new_query_results_formatter_for_content): Replaces
rasqal_new_query_results_formatter_by_mime_type and takes optional
buffer with length and identifer.
(rasqal_new_function_expression): Added params and flags args to
handle aggregate expressions. (Renamed from
roqet: delete deprecated -w arg. Use -d structure instead.
* src/, src/rasqal_data_graph.c, src/rasqal_expr.c,
src/rasqal_query_results.c, src/rasqal_result_formats.c,
src/rasqal_variable.c: Add if !defined(RASQAL_DISABLE_DEPRECATED)
around remaining deprecated functions
2011-01-06 Dave Beckett <>
* src/, src/rasqal_expr.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_query.c: Added RASQAL_DISABLE_DEPRECATED macros around
things that are going away
2011-01-04 Dave Beckett <>
* INSTALL.html,,, src/,
src/rasqal_algebra.c, src/rasqal_dataset.c, src/rasqal_engine.c,
src/rasqal_engine_sort.c, src/rasqal_expr.c,
src/rasqal_format_rdf.c, src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c,
src/rasqal_format_table.c, src/rasqal_general.c,
src/rasqal_graph_pattern.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_literal.c, src/rasqal_map.c, src/rasqal_query.c,
src/rasqal_query_results.c, src/rasqal_query_transform.c,
src/rasqal_query_write.c, src/rasqal_raptor.c,
src/rasqal_result_formats.c, src/rasqal_row.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_aggregation.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_groupby.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_project.c,
src/rasqal_rowsource_rowsequence.c, src/rasqal_rowsource_sort.c,
src/rasqal_service.c, src/rasqal_variable.c, src/rdql_lexer.l,
src/rdql_parser.y, src/sparql_lexer.l, src/sparql_parser.y,
utils/, utils/check_query.c, utils/roqet.c: Kill
support for Raptor V1
2011-01-04 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/rasqal_expr_strings.c:
(rasqal_unicode_utf8_substr): Fixed integer conversion resulting
in change of sign
2011-01-03 Dave Beckett <>
* src/rasqal_expr_strings.c:
(rasqal_unicode_utf8_substr): End substr after length unichars
* RELEASE.html, src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c,
src/rasqal_expr_strings.c, src/rasqal_internal.h: Execute SUBSTR()
2 and 3-arg versions
(rasqal_unicode_utf8_substr): Added to do unicode UTF-8 substr
using 0-offset index.
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_substr): Added to implement SPARQL 1.1
draft SUBSTR() using above. Adjust XSD string 1-offset indexes.
(rasqal_expression_evaluate): Call above for RASQAL_EXPR_SUBSTR
* RELEASE.html, src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c,
src/rasqal_expr_strings.c, src/rasqal_internal.h: Execute
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_encode_for_uri): Added to implement
(rasqal_expression_evaluate): Call above for
* INSTALL.html, LICENSE.html, NEWS.html, README.html,
RELEASE.html, TODO.html, docs/rasqal-docs.xml: #2011
* docs/tmpl/section-query_results.sgml: Update tmpls
* utils/check_query.c: Raptor V1 support by importing V2 stuff.
* src/, src/rasqal_query_results.c:
(rasqal_query_results_get_row_by_offset): Added to access stored
query result rows
* src/rasqal_query_results.c:
(rasqal_query_check_limit_offset): negative offsets are errors
* src/rasqal_engine.c, src/rasqal_internal.h,
(rasqal_query_check_limit_offset): Renamed from
rasqal_query_results_check_limit_offset Renamed since this no
longer uses (reads/writes) any query result state Updated callers.
* src/rasqal_query_results.c:
(rasqal_query_results_check_limit_offset): Just check, do not set
finished flag
* src/rasqal_engine.c, src/rasqal_query_results.c: Adjust callers
of rasqal_query_results_check_limit_offset() to set finished flag
2011-01-03 Lauri Aalto <>
* src/rasqal_format_rdf.c: Eliminated initialized data - added
const to ptr that does not need to be modified
* src/rasqal_expr_strings.c, src/rasqal_query_results.c:
Init variables before using them
* src/rasqal_dataset.c, src/rasqal_query_results.c:
Fixed int-enum warnings
* src/rasqal_expr.c: fixed non-ascii comment
* src/rasqal_expr_strings.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_set_case): Fixed compiler warnings
2011-01-02 Dave Beckett <>
* utils/check_query.c:
(compare_query_results_compare): renamed to match code style
* src/, src/rasqal_query_results.c: Added rewindable
query results
(rasqal_query_results_rewind): Added.
(rasqal_query_results_execute_and_store_results): Calls above to
reset the state after execution of all rows. Adjust return to be
failure so that empty result sets are not an error.
(rasqal_query_results_get_row_from_saved): Return a copy of a row
from a sequence rather then use the raptor_sequence_delete_at to
allow rewinding to work.
* src/, src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_query.c:
(rasqal_query_set_store_results): Moved to public API. Resets to
unset after a prepare
* tests/sparql/check-sparql:
protect test for undef var
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_query.c,
src/rasqal_query_results.c: Alter rasqal_query_execute_with_engine
to allow storing query results
(rasqal_query_execute_with_engine): Construct a query result and
then call rasqal_query_results_execute_with_engine() to execute
it, passing in any query store_results flag directly.
(rasqal_query_results_execute_with_engine): Alter signature to
become a method query_results class, adding a store_results flag
argument and just do executing not construction and executing -
misnamed by code style. Result is now a success int value.
* utils/check_query.c:
Add query results comparison local class
(check_query_log_handler, check_query_error_handler): Tidy to
print nicer messages if there is no locator
(new_compare_query_results, free_compare_query_results,
compare_compare_query_results): Added skeleton of a query results
comparison class.
* utils/check_query.c:
(check_query_read_results): Added for code tidy.
* utils/check_query.c: Allow -F/--format to set parser or query
results format name.
* utils/check_query.c: Print out expected and actual bindings
* utils/check_query.c: Init ds to NULL
* src/rasqal_internal.h: Add V1 raptor_new_iostream_from_filename
* utils/check_query.c: Read expected result
* src/ raptor_uri
* src/rasqal_format_rdf.c, src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c: Add
query results recongising for 'rdf', 'turtle' and 'xml'
rasqal_query_results_xml_recognise_syntax): Added. All recognising
just a few suffixes.
* src/rasqal_internal.h: recognise not recognize
* src/, src/rasqal_internal.h,
src/rasqal_result_formats.c: Add query results format guessing.
(rasqal_world_guess_query_results_format_name): Added to guess
format based on format URI, mime type, some sample content or an
(rasqal_new_query_results_formatter_for_content): Added to use
above to construct a formatter from content.
Typedef rasqal_query_results_recognize_syntax_func added
rasqal_query_results_format_factory gains recognize_syntax
optional factory method.
* utils/roqet.c:
(roqet_init_query): Remove unused results variable
* utils/check_query.c: Use iostream and dataset to read graph
* utils/check_query.c:
(check_query_init_query): Added to pull init query code out of
* utils/.gitignore, utils/, utils/check_query.c: Add
start of check_query utility
* src/rasqal_query_results.c: Use rasqal_query_get_result_type in
query engine execution
(rasqal_query_results_execute_with_engine): Call
rasqal_query_get_result_type() to get expected type and use
* src/, src/rasqal_query.c:
(rasqal_query_get_result_type): Added to determine expected result
type from query structure Based on logic from
* src/ rasqal_query_results_type gains
* src/, src/rasqal_query_results.c:
(rasqal_query_results_get_type): Added
2011-01-01 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/tmpl/section-expression.sgml: Update tmpls
* tests/sparql/check-sparql: Handle file: URIs properly for
reading rdf results
* src/rasqal_literal.c:
(rasqal_literal_set_typed_value): Document l->string ownership for
* src/rasqal_decimal.c:
(rasqal_xsd_decimal_set_string): Strip leading '+' from decimal
string for MPFR and GMP
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_datatype): Free literal after getting
a reference to dt_uri
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate): Fix RASQAL_EXPR_DATATYPE return
* src/rasqal_format_sparql_xml.c, src/rasqal_general.c,
src/rasqal_query.c, src/rasqal_redland.c: Replace strcpy with
memcpy since strcpy() special features are not needed
* src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c, src/rasqal_expr_strings.c,
src/rasqal_format_rdf.c, src/rasqal_literal.c: Replace
rasqal_literal_as_string + strlen() on result with
rasqal_literal_as_counted_string() call
* src/rasqal_internal.h, src/rasqal_literal.c: Ensure true/false
literal strings have lengths set consistently
* src/, src/rasqal_literal.c:
(rasqal_literal_as_counted_string): Added to get the literal
string with length.
* src/rasqal_expr_datetimes.c: autodocs
* src/rasqal_expr_datetimes.c:
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_datetime_timezone): No need to use len
* src/rasqal_datetime.c:
(rasqal_xsd_datetime_get_timezone_as_counted_string): Remove
sprintf for small integers.
* src/rasqal_expr_datetimes.c, src/rasqal_expr_evaluate.c,
(rasqal_expression_evaluate_datetime_timezone): Added to execute
* src/, src/rasqal_datetime.c:
(rasqal_xsd_datetime_get_timezone_as_counted_string): Added to
turn a timezone into a duration string