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2012-10-23 Dave Beckett <>
* Allow Redland 1.0.15+ or newer. Warn SWIG 2 is
going to be required.
2012-08-31 Dave Beckett <>
Warn when swig is OLDER than recommended
2012-08-31 Dave Beckett <>
*, Update and via
* Added -Wall to aclocal and autoconf
2012-07-07 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/
Update rdoc files for ruby 1.9 rdoc output
* docs/, docs/fix-rdoc-xhtml, ruby/ Update
ruby rdoc building
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/model.rb, ruby/lib/rdf/redland/parser.rb,
ruby/lib/rdf/redland/query.rb, ruby/lib/rdf/redland/serializer.rb,
ruby/lib/rdf/redland/store.rb, ruby/lib/rdf/redland/stream.rb,
ruby/lib/rdf/redland/uri.rb: Fix ruby -w warnings - commenting out
Fixes Issue #0000243
* ruby/test/test_model.rb: Remove duplicate test test_delete
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/schemas/foaf.rb: Remove duplicate method
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/queryresults.rb: Remove duplicate method
* Add --with-ruby-install-dir-variable to set
non-arch ruby install var
Fixes Issue #0000480
* ruby/.gitignore, ruby/test/.gitignore: ignore more
* ruby/test/test_model.rb, ruby/test/test_parser.rb: Test fixes
for ruby 1.9
* php/
Tidy php makefile
*, ruby/.gitignore, ruby/,
Update ruby build approach after PHP
Set the ruby build suffix at configure time and add an option to
make it configurable with --with-ruby-linking taking values so,
dylib, bundle
Cleans up ruby Makefiles to remove conditionals
Intended to fix Issue #0000444
2012-07-07 Dave Beckett <>
* ruby/redland-pre.i: Add STR2CSTR macro for ruby 1.9
* Add ruby arch include dir if it exists. Removed
configure --with-ruby-header-dir-variable
* ruby/ -UHAVE_CONFIG_H for compiling while including
Default to ruby 'rubyhdrdir' for ruby headers
* Update ruby configuration for newer 1.9 config
Add --with-ruby-header-dir-variable to set the variable to use for
the headers, defaults to sitehdrdir
Check for ruby headers in the dir from the above and default to
the old away in the RUBY_ARCHDIR. Report the result in the
configure output and where the header came from.
Use ruby RbConfig:: instead of deprecated Config::
* ChangeLog, NEWS.html, RELEASE.html:
* NEWS.html, RELEASE.html,
Bumped version to
2012-06-26 Dave Beckett <>
* EXTRA_DIST: Remove ChangeLog NEWS since they are in
dist by default
* updates
- Abort run if a configuring program fails.
- Generate NEWS with old timestamp if missing so automake can run
- small doc and message updates
2012-06-21 Dave Beckett <>
* python/ fix """
* Support NOCONFIGURE variable, like Lib{XML2,XSLT}
2012-05-20 Dave Beckett <>
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/parser.rb:
(Parser.parse_string_into_model): Call parse_string_as_stream
* ruby/test/test_query.rb: Convert all old rdql queries to sparql
* python/ Query language defaults to sparql
* python/ Remove RDQL tests