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2002-12-28 Dave Beckett
* python/, perl/lib/RDF/Redland/,
java/org/librdf/redland/ Updated Stream, Iterator
classes with context methods returning a Node
2002-12-22 Dave Beckett
* Added acconfig.h to dist - some automake versions
don't do this automatically such as 1.4-p5 which comes with Redhat
* java/org/librdf/redland/, java/ is not for dist
* perl/ Fix for 5.8 install
2002-12-12 Dave Beckett
* java/ die, extra ;
* php/ _ not -
* perl/lib/RDF/ (DESTROY): call librdf_perl_world_finish
at exit.
* php/ Tidy clean
* php/test.php, php/ PHP updates. Still not working
* php/php.ini: testing php.ini config
* tcl/example.tcl: fix stream typo
* tcl/test.tcl: comment out non-working serializer test
* python/ fix arg
* python/ Added serializer code
* tcl/ tidy clean
* python/ consistency things
* python/ Added yet more pydoc
* python/ Added more pydoc
* docs/fix-python-xhtml: Fix exceptions.html
* docs/ Added pydoc and pydoc/RDF.html
* docs/fix-python-xhtml: Fix pydoc output to be xhtml
* docs/fix-pod-xhtml: minor changes
* python/ Fixed for stream updates
* docs/ Added perl POD Serializer
* perl/ Tidy, add serializer example.
* perl/ clean test-out.rdf
* java/ More javac fixes
* java/ Tidy up
* java/ Build redland-java.jar for tests and
-classpath to use it.
* java/ Replaced finalize() method with finished() that
apps should call to release resources since Java never guarantees
it is.
* java/ Added Serializer
* java/org/librdf/redland/,
java/org/librdf/redland/ Replaced finalize() method
with finished() that apps should call to release resources since
Java never guarantees it is.
* java/ free uri after finishing with it
* java/ Added lots of bodges to get around SWIG
1.3.15+ broken Java API. sed editing of the generated files to
remove the stupid coreJNI class.
* java/org/librdf/redland/ (add - literal): Use
* java/org/librdf/redland/ Updated for stream changes
* java/org/librdf/redland/ Updated for iterator
2002-12-11 Dave Beckett
* python/ More docs.
* python/ More docs
* python/ Big update, lots of new docucomments, encouraged
by pydoc.
* python/ Added build target for RDF.html; should work
if pydoc is around.
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ (add_typed_literal_statement):
Replacing add_string_literal_statement.
* perl/ now in t/* tests dir.
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ Updated node types
* python/test/ add some more output messages
* python/ tidy cleanfiles
* perl/t/test1.t: Test updates, fixes.
* perl/t/, perl/t/test1.t, perl/t/test2.t,
perl/t/test3.t: perl test split into t/test1-3.t
2002-12-10 Dave Beckett
* python/test/ test Serializer class
* python/ Add clean for serializer output
* python/ Serializer class fix
* java/org/librdf/redland/ Added
* java/org/librdf/redland/ Java Serializer class
* python/ Added Serializer class (not tested)
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ call
librdf_serializer_serialize_model_to_file properly
* python/ When building sequences from iterated nodes, copy
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ method serialize_model now
* docs/ Deleted old parsers: libwww, java
sirpac-stanford, java sirpac-w3c
2002-12-09 Dave Beckett
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ (properties_with_ns_prefix): Updated
* perl/ More playing, still incomplete.
2002-11-24 Dave Beckett
* perl/lib/, perl/lib/ removed as
2002-11-21 Dave Beckett
* ruby/example.rb, tcl/test.tcl, tcl/example.tcl,
python/test/, python/, python/,
perl/lib/RDF/Redland/, perl/lib/RDF/Redland/,
perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ Updated for stream and iterator
method changes.
* perl/, perl/ Updated for stream method
2002-11-20 Dave Beckett
* php/test.php, php/example.php: Do nothing
* php/ Run test (does nothing so far apart from import
* docs/ Added php.html (no API in release though)
2002-11-12 Dave Beckett
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ (inchannel): Delete; never part of
RSS 1.0
2002-11-11 Dave Beckett
* perl/lib/RDF/, perl/lib/RDF/,
perl/lib/RDF/, perl/lib/RDF/, perl/lib/RDF/,
perl/lib/RDF/, perl/lib/RDF/,
perl/lib/RDF/, perl/lib/RDF/,
perl/lib/RDF/ Removed old perl namespaced modules
2002-09-30 Dave Beckett
* php/ PHP interface
* Added php interface
2002-09-27 Dave Beckett
* perl/ Updates to make swig re-run and build
lib/RDF/Redland/ when it is needed.
* python/ Check for == None as well as == "NULL" as return
from SWIG methods.
(Change to the SWIG calling convention in newer version)
2002-09-05 Dave Beckett
* python/ Use SWIG_PYTHON_ARGS
* Remove config.cache before running new configure
2002-09-04 Dave Beckett
* python/ Add some defensive checks for __str__ calls on
null nodes/statements
2002-09-03 Dave Beckett
* Fix swig check
* python/test/ test with raptor parser
* Require swig, min 1.3.10
* Move copying of local copies of config.guess,
config.sub to after automake, libtool to ensure it overwrides.
2002-08-19 Dave Beckett
* python/ Added Python message callback support - generate
raise on error or warnings.
* perl/lib/RDF/ fix docs
* perl/lib/RDF/ Move subroutines to documented package
* docs/fix-pod-xhtml: Fix relative URIs
* perl/lib/RDF/ Call new librdf_perl_world_init method
to init perl callbacks.
(message): Added, to dispatch callbacks.
(set_error_handler,set_warning_handler): Allow users to change
2002-08-16 Dave Beckett
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ (sources,arcs,targets): Use new
Iterator methods.
2002-08-13 Dave Beckett
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ (blank_identifier): Added to
get/set blank node ids
* perl/ More stuff
2002-08-11 Dave Beckett
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ (next): Replaced with get, next
* python/ Change iterator methods from get to get/next
2002-08-01 Dave Beckett
* docs/ added kernel-doc to the dist
2002-07-29 Dave Beckett
* ruby/ s/repat/raptor/
* ruby/example.rb: s/repat/raptor/ in instructions
* ruby/ use mkdir -p for installdir
2002-07-28 Dave Beckett
* docs/ Fix #comment in rule (portability)
* Fix use of srcdir/find
2002-07-26 Dave Beckett
* perl/ test pretty xml serializing code
2002-07-23 Dave Beckett
* Added aux dir
* perl/ Update perl literal calls
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ Fix docs
* ruby/ Fix cflags
* java/ Append to (Linux? only) dynamic lib search
* tcl/ Fix cflags
* tcl/test.tcl, python/ Update
librdf_node_set_literal_value calls
* java/org/librdf/redland/,
java/org/librdf/redland/, python/,
perl/lib/RDF/Redland/, perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ zap
former xml_space args entirely
* python/ Zap xml_space
2002-07-22 Dave Beckett
* zap ltconfig too - generated if needed.
2002-07-20 Dave Beckett
* python/ clean-python isn't good enough
* perl/Makefile.PL: Use redland-src-config --static-libs
* tcl/, ruby/, perl/Makefile.PL,
java/ Update for using ../redland-src-config
* zap 'finish' stuff
2002-07-16 Dave Beckett
* Moved redland-config to top dir
2002-07-14 Dave Beckett
* Added More rules to build
various things in subdirs, not really working yet.
* python/ Updates from Edd Dumbill:
(class RedlandError): Added, an Exception class
(class NodeTypeError): Added, an RedlandError exception class
(node_type): Added package function to turn a node name to a
(node_type_name): Added package function to get the node name for
a Redland node type
(_get_uri): Now throw an NodeTypeError exception if node has no
(is_resource): Added, returns true if node is a resource
(is_literal): Added, returns true if node is a literal
(class Storage, __init__): Raise exception if a null URI given to
2002-07-05 Dave Beckett
* Update CPPFLAGS, LDFLAGS, LIBS to have external,
internal versions and ones just for xml parsers (expat, libxml)
used by internal RDF/XML parsers
* Add more subdirs, tidy
2002-06-26 Dave Beckett
*, docs/ Updated for moved sources
* Remove raptor source hunting
* perl/MANIFEST: Added RDF::Redland::Serializer
* perl/ Added (comment out) serializer test
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ Added Serializer i/f
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ RDF::Redland::Serializer
* perl/lib/RDF/ Added RDF::Redland::Serializer
2002-06-19 Dave Beckett
* Import nearby fresh autoconf config.* files
2002-06-10 Dave Beckett
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/, perl/lib/RDF/Redland/,
perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ Remove deprecated methods
* docs/ For maintainer, don't clean generated sgml, do
that on distclean
2002-06-08 Dave Beckett
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ Updated node types; restrict
public ones to resource, literal, blank
* perl/lib/RDF/ Define some node type vars for legacy
2002-06-06 Dave Beckett
* perl/README.txt: Tidied. link to update script
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/
(serialize) Added, synonym for serialise method
* perl/MANIFEST: Added README.txt Removed duplicate
* perl/ Added README.txt notes and
to dist
* perl/README.txt: Perl API notes
2002-06-04 Dave Beckett
* remove rdf_serializer_raptor.h
* Add raptor_uri.c to symlink mess
2002-06-03 Dave Beckett
* python/
(Node) __hash__ - return hash based on string representation
(Uri) __hash__ - return hash based on redland object (which is
same for same URI)
2002-06-01 Dave Beckett
* python/test/, python/ Changes for updated
python 2.2+ API
* python/ Improved python API by Edd Dumbill. Requires
python 2.2 Classes renamed e.g. RDF.node to RDF.Node
(some) set/get methods use python __getattr__ and __setattr__
Remove all user reference to world object
(RDF.Parser): parse_into_model method now has model as first
2002-05-29 Dave Beckett
* java/, java/ Add node constructor test
* java/org/librdf/redland/ Added some javadoc Amend
constructor taking a string to also build blank nodes; added extra
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ Added constructor
* docs/ Added serializer to api docs
2002-05-28 Dave Beckett
* Added rdf_serializer_test to TESTS
* Added rdf_serializer_test
* Added serializer modules
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ (new): Note that name is also
optional and if all fields blank, gives an application/rdf+xml
2002-05-23 Dave Beckett
* docs/ Add query, query_triples modules to the api
* Added query module - sources, headers and test
2002-04-27 Dave Beckett
* python/test/, perl/ Use any available rdf/xml
* python/ Update API to get add more python standard bits
such as __eq__ and __ne__ and generating python sequences
(node): Remove equals method, added __eq__, __ne__
(model) Added sources, targets, arcs methods returning python
(iterator) Various changes to get it working
(uri) Remove equals method, added __eq__, __ne__ Made method
feature handle string uris
* python/test/ Expanded to print out model, parse into it,
query model by statements and nodes and generally exercise most of
the API techniques
2002-04-26 Dave Beckett
* docs/ Added ruby.html
* ruby/example.rb: Use ARGV
* ruby/ Call test/example program with args
* ruby/example.rb: Added header. Fixed typo
* ruby/example.rb: Filled in the example and it now works (had to
hard code some arguments)
* ruby/ install-ruby copies the into
probably the right place
2002-04-25 Dave Beckett
* perl/lib/RDF/, perl/lib/RDF/,
perl/lib/RDF/, perl/lib/RDF/,
perl/lib/RDF/, perl/lib/RDF/, perl/lib/RDF/,
perl/lib/RDF/, perl/lib/RDF/ End modules with
2002-04-24 Dave Beckett
* really get ln -s right
* get ln -s right
* for syntax
* sh syntax
* Find and link in raptor sources when nearby
* docs/ Try to fix missing redland.3 problem for
2002-04-23 Dave Beckett
* ruby/ No README yet
2002-04-22 Dave Beckett
* python/README: Point to skeleton docs
* python/ Fixes for Python 2.2 due to change in __ meaning
(not tested much)
2002-04-03 Dave Beckett
* ruby/, ruby/example.rb: Initial ruby stuff from
danbri (not complete)
* Updates for ruby (not working)
2002-03-07 Dave Beckett
* docs/fix-pod-xhtml: Updates for pod2html changing Handle perl
module names changing, new POD dirs
* docs/ Added redland.3 (made from redland.pod via
pod2man) manual page Added redland.pod; mostly generated from
source files. Add manual pages to distribution.
2002-02-12 Dave Beckett
* perl/MANIFEST.SKIP, perl/MANIFEST: Updated for new files (old
api and new)
* perl/Makefile.PL: Updates for new perl module names Ghastly
hacks to get ExtUtils::MakeMaker to use RDF::Redland::CORE
* perl/ Updates for new perl module names Change to
build SWIG outputs here and move the generated perl to the right
place lower down the tree.
* perl/, perl/ Updates for new perl module
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ Added (from SWIG) to
distribution; clean it too.
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/, perl/lib/RDF/Redland/,
perl/lib/RDF/Redland/, perl/lib/RDF/Redland/,
perl/lib/RDF/Redland/, perl/lib/RDF/Redland/,
perl/lib/RDF/Redland/, perl/lib/RDF/Redland/,
perl/lib/RDF/ Updates for new perl module names
* perl/lib/RDF/, perl/lib/RDF/,
perl/lib/RDF/, perl/lib/RDF/,
perl/lib/RDF/, perl/lib/RDF/, perl/lib/RDF/,
perl/lib/RDF/, perl/lib/RDF/,
perl/lib/RDF/, perl/lib/ Trampoline modules for
old->new perl APIs Contains warning with a promise that these
files go away next version
2002-01-02 Dave Beckett
* perl/Makefile.PL: Pass -I and -L,-l flags to right config
* Added Makefile.PL to distribution
* Makefile.PL: Fake MakeMaker Makefile.PL - top level Makefile.PL
for Redland