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2004-12-31 Dave Beckett
* ruby/README.txt: 1.8.2 tested
* ruby/test/test_node.rb: require 'rdf/redland'
* ruby/test/test_model.rb (test_parse_and_merge):
Require memory HashStore to get contexts.
* ruby/test/test_model.rb (test_parse_and_merge): Requires store
with contexts.
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland.rb: require log4r require more load shared
* ruby/test/, ruby/ Less -I
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/uri.rb: don't require 'uri'
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/stream.rb: re-add util
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/stream.rb: require less
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/store.rb: require 'rdf/redland'
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/statement.rb: no need for util
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/resource.rb: include Redland
* ruby/test/ tidy args
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/serializer.rb: require 'rdf/redland'
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/resource.rb (Resource.add_property):
default to nil context.
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/constants.rb: Use Redland:: for Namespace
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/model.rb (Model.create_resource):
default to nil context.
2004-12-30 Edd Dumbill <>
* csharp/Util.cs: (StringToHGlobalUTF8 ()): marshal .NET string to
(UTF8PtrToString ()): marshal unmanaged UTF-8 to .NET string
* csharp/Model.cs, csharp/Node.cs, csharp/Parser.cs,
csharp/Query.cs, csharp/QueryResults.cs, csharp/Serializer.cs,
csharp/Storage.cs, csharp/Uri.cs: replace calls to
StringToHGlobalAuto with StringToHGlobalUTF8
* csharp/Errors.cs, csharp/Node.cs, csharp/QueryResults.cs,
csharp/Statement.cs, csharp/Uri.cs: replace calls to
PtrToStringAuto with UTF8PtrToString
* csharp/examples/EncodingTest.cs: unit test for round tripped
encoding methods
2004-12-30 Dave Beckett
* ruby/test/ Note test/unit.rb is in 1.8.0+
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/parser.rb: tidy
* ruby/ fix RUBYLIB
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/schemas/foaf.rb, ruby/lib/rdf/redland/dc.rb:
require 'rdf/redland'
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland.rb: require resource Delete uri_hash - not
needed at this level.
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/statement.rb: fix requires
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/query.rb: Tried to fix syntax errors,
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/schemas/foaf.rb: Update from
by Dan Brickley
2004-12-22 Dave Beckett
* python/test/ Use RDFXMLSerializer explicitly
* python/ (class Serializer): Added more docs.
(Serializer.__init__): More docs.
(class NTriplesSerializer): Added
(class RDFXMLSerializer): Added
* python/ (Parser.parse_into_model, Parser.parse_string_into_model, Serializer.serialize_model_to_file):
Try to promote base_uri strings
to RDF.Uri
2004-12-20 Dave Beckett
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ doc fix
2004-12-12 Dave Beckett
Added REDLAND_VERSION_VERBOSE separate from REDLAND_VERSION, the former for printing
2004-11-26 Dave Beckett
2004-11-25 Dave Beckett
* Substitute @REDLAND_VERSION@
2004-11-09 Dave Beckett
* python/
Use Redland_python.librdf_python_unicode_to_bytes to turn any
passed-in Python Unicode into UTF-8 strings for Redland API calls.
(Node.__unicode__, Statement.__unicode__, Model.__unicode__,
URI.__unicode__): Added to return Unicode representations,
* python/redland-post.i: Added a copyright header.
(librdf_python_unicode_to_bytes): Added, to turn a Python Unicode
string like u"foo" into the UTF-8 string equivalent. Uses raptor's
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ (new): better docs
* csharp/Query.cs: Query (World world, string s, Uri uri, string
query_language): Gains another argument, query_uri and the first
uri becomes base_uri as originally defined.
* python/ (Query.__init__):
Added query_uri argumetn and use base_uri correctly.
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ (new): Add base_uri argumemt
*, RELEASE.html, NEWS.html:
2004-11-04 Dave Beckett
* ruby/test.rb, ruby/example.rb:
swap example.rb/test.rb so that example.rb uses the rich interface
* docs/objc.html: Objective-C/Cocoa for OSX (shipped externally)
2004-11-03 Dave Beckett
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland.rb: remove log4r, not part of standard ruby
* ruby/README.txt: updated
* ruby/, ruby/test.rb: Added test.rb
* Check redland version matches this package version.
* more ruby fixes
* ruby/lib/rdf/, ruby/lib/rdf/redland/,
ruby/lib/rdf/redland/schemas/ update rubydir
* ruby/test/README, ruby/test/triples.rdf, ruby/test/
Ignore test failures since Test::Unit seems old
* Fixes for updated Ruby rdf-redland
* ruby dir updated to rdf-redland
* Added redland-ruby
* Bumped version to
2004-11-02 Dave Beckett
* Snapshotted redland-bindings_0_9_19_1 for release
* perl/ Added to_string tests
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ (serialize_model_to_string):
* perl/ Added model->to_string check
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ (to_string):
Added to serialize to a string.
*, LICENSE.html, NOTICE, README.html,, LICENSE-2.0.txt, MPL.html: LGPL / Apache
2.0 license - remove MPL MPL.html add Apache2 LICENSE-2.0.txt NOTICE
* Switched to LGPL / Apache 2.0 license in the sources
CVS tags before: redland_bindings_license_lgpl_mpl,
and after: redland_bindings_license_lgpl_apache2
* php/redland_wrap.c.patch: update patch
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ docs
* csharp/AssemblyInfo.cs: Less boilerplate
2004-10-26 Dave Beckett
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/, perl/lib/RDF/Redland/
Don't do $uri=$uri->{URI} to ensure object ref lives.
2004-10-22 Dave Beckett
* based on redland 0.9.19
2004-10-21 Dave Beckett
* python/
General python fix. Do not do uri = uri._reduri where uri is an
RDF.Uri() since that causes Python to delete the RDF.Uri object,
making the redland uri object useless.
* python/ Added serialize example
2004-10-20 Dave Beckett
* python/ (Model.to_string): Added.
(Model.__str__): Added.
2004-10-09 Dave Beckett
* ruby/, python/, php/,
perl/, java/ Remove use of $< with
@REDLAND_SWIG@ since BSD make sucks^w doesn't support it.
2004-10-01 Dave Beckett
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ (load) Added using librdf_model_load
2004-10-01 Edd Dumbill <>
* csharp/World.cs: (World ()): assign logging delegate to private
member to stop it being prematurely GC'd
2004-09-29 Dave Beckett
* php/redland_wrap.c.patch: updated
* php/redland-typemap.i: typemaps for php
* php/ Added redland-typemap.i
* php/test.php: url typo
2004-09-24 Dave Beckett
* python/
Use PYTHON_LDFLAGS for OSX/rest of world shared library flags
* python/ (Node.__init__):
document 'language' for literal language, while
allowing xml_language to continue working.
(Node.literal_value): document keys of the dictionary.
2004-08-25 Dave Beckett
* demos/ Made 'box' param a checkbox.
Added 'hide' into a checkbox param to not print out the content.
Tidy messages to be more strident.
2004-08-13 Dave Beckett
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ (execute):
Wrap any return object as a perl QueryResults
* perl/README.txt: Removed. Described 2 year old API update
* perl/ Remove README.txt for old api update
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ doc typo
* docs/perl.html: link to POD QueryResults.html correctly.
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ Update documentation.
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/
Fix example, use $results->bindings_count
2004-08-12 Dave Beckett
* python/ update to final 0.9.18 redland query api
2004-08-11 Dave Beckett
* Look in $JAVA_HOME for the JDK. Duh!
* Don't muck about with the PATH (for OSX fink in
this case). This might make things fail to build later when
programs found on the customised path aren't available. Users
should edit the PATH before calling configure.
2004-08-10 Dave Beckett
* --with-jdk with an ARG now looks for the
includes/headers subdir using the existing search code.
Use head -n 1
2004-08-05 Edd Dumbill <>
* csharp/TODO: * TODO: remove completed tasks.
2004-08-03 Dave Beckett
* Bumped version to
* Snapshotted redland-bindings_0_9_18_1 for release
* Bumped version to
* Snapshotted redland-bindings_0_9_17_1 for release
* java/ Add run-java to dist
2004-07-28 Dave Beckett
* move 'rm's inside loop
* Ensure subdirs get config.guess, config.sub
* php/ maint clean the orig file
* perl/lib/RDF/ Added links to Query and QueryResults
2004-07-27 Dave Beckett
* php/
Oops, use -DREDLAND_INIT_I to get init of redland world by PHP
* php/redland-post.i: declare static function prototypes
* php/ Added redland_wrap.c.patch to dist
2004-07-26 Dave Beckett
* bindings in html
* ruby/README.txt: grammar
2004-07-23 Dave Beckett
* AUTHORS: Dominic Sisneros email
* python/test/, python/,
perl/lib/RDF/Redland/, perl/,
perl/, java/, java/,
java/, csharp/examples/example4.cs,
csharp/examples/example2.cs, csharp/examples/example1.cs,
csharp/test.cs, csharp/Parser.cs: Replace parser name "raptor"
with "rdfxml"
2004-07-20 Edd Dumbill <>
* csharp/Node.cs: Added my name to header.
2004-07-20 Dave Beckett
* php/
redland-pre.i wasn't helping remove multiple defines warnings
* php/redland-pre.i: undef things via command line
* tcl/ Use TCL_DIR to remove use of backticks
* Added TCL_DIR to remove use of backticks in a makefile
* ruby/ Use RUBY_LIB, RUBY_DIR to remove use of backticks
Added RUBY_LIB, RUBY_DIR to remove use of backticks in a makefile
* php/
Use PHP_EXTENSION_DIR to remove use of backticks in a makefile
Added PHP_EXTENSION_DIR to remove use of backticks in a makefile
* ruby/, python/, php/,
perl/, java/, csharp/examples/,
csharp/ Re-added REDLAND_RUN for running tests when
compiling against librdf in source (not installed) form.
* Added REDLAND_RUN with a space
* convert an internal REDLAND_CONFIG into an
absolute path
2004-07-20 Edd Dumbill <>
* examples/StreamTest.cs: (ParseAsStream ()): fix for streams.
(IterateModel ()): fix for iterators.
(FindStatements1 ()): fix for iterators.
(FindStatementsWithContext ()): fix for iterators.
* Iterator.cs: (MoveNext ()): handle case where iterator is empty.
* Stream.cs: (MoveNext ()): handle case where stream is empty.
* Uri.cs: (Uri (IntPtr)): add internal constructor to build Uri
from a Redland URI.
* Node.cs: (Uri): add property to get underlying Redland URI.
* Errors.cs: (RedlandError): new constructor with no log messages.
* Node.cs: Add NodeType enumeration.
(Type): add new property to get type
(IsResource ()): return true if resource.
(IsLiteral ()): return true if literal.
(IsBlank ()): return true if blank.
2004-07-20 Edd Dumbill <>
* Stream.cs: (GetEnumerator ()): Implement IEnumerable.
(MoveNext ()): Properly implement: at start, position should be
before the first element, not on it.
* Iterator.cs: (GetEnumerator ()): Implement IEnumerable.
(MoveNext ()): Properly implement: at start, position should be
before the first element, not on it.
* test.cs: Fix to work with iterator fixes.
2004-07-19 Dave Beckett
* core docs in all packages
no need to configure loads of redland things
no need to make install librdf
*, remove
* full package names
* fix package names
* redland-bindings spec
*, added redland-bindings.spec
* zap man_MANS
* php/, python/ backticks
* python/, ruby/, ruby/test/,
tcl/, csharp/, csharp/examples/,
docs/, java/, perl/Makefile.PL,
perl/, php/, ChangeLog,, redland-bindings fixes
* AUTHORS, redland-bindings
* java/run-java: run java test programs in source tree
* ruby/README.txt: Point to rdf-redland at RubyForge
2004-07-14 Dave Beckett
* csharp/Serializer.cs:
(Serializer (World world, string name, string mime_type, Uri
type_uri)): Replace cast to Object with use of Uri.operator==
* csharp/Uri.cs (Equals, operator ==, operator !=, GetHashCode): Added.
* csharp/Statement.cs:
(Statement (World world, Node subject, Node predicate, Node obj)):
Removed casts to Object and allow calls to Node.operator!=
* csharp/Node.cs (operator ==, operator !=):
Added tests for null using Object.Equals
written by Edd Dumbill.
* csharp/Redland.cs, csharp/MemoryStorage.cs, csharp/Iterator.cs,
csharp/IWrapper.cs, csharp/HashStorage.cs, csharp/URI.cs: Added
CVS IDs to the header.
2004-07-14 Edd Dumbill <>
* csharp/examples/example2.cs:
write to console when Exiting: helpswith debugging GC snafus.
* csharp/
ensure MONO_PATH=. for running the test prog
* csharp/Uri.cs:
general indenting fixes.
uri: initialise to IntPtr.Zero
(Dispose): added, implemented IDisposable.
* csharp/Stream.cs:
general indenting fixes.
Implement IDisposable.
stream: init to IntPtr.Zero.
(Current): remove tmp var, add FIXME note.
(MoveNext): remove tmp var dance.
(End): remove tmp var.
(CurrentStatement): Added, which is (Statement) Current.
* csharp/Storage.cs:
general indenting fixes.
Implement IDisposable.
storage: init to IntPtr.Zero
* csharp/Statement.cs:
general indenting fixes.
stm: intialise to IntPtr.Zero
(Subject, Predicate, Object properties): added get accessors.
(Statement (IntPtr)): copy underlying statement with
(~Statement): test for IntPtr.Zero
(Dispose): Renamed from ~Statement(). Implement IDisposable.
* csharp/Serializer.cs:
Implement IDisposable.
serializer: init to IntPtr.Zero.
* csharp/QueryResults.cs:
general indenting fixes.
query_results: init to IntPtr.Zero;
Implement IDisposable.
(MoveNext): remove tmp var.
(End): remove tmp var.
(AsStream): remove tmp var, add FIXME note.
(BindingValue): remove tmp var.
(BindingValueByName): remove tmp var.
Implement IEnumerable.
(QueryResults): remove need to pass original query, make
constructor internal.
* csharp/Query.cs:
general indenting fixes.
Implement IDisposable.
query: init to IntPtr.Zero.
(Query (Word, string, Object, string)): init iuri to IntPtr.Zero,
not null. Change third parameter to Uri type, not Object.
(Query (string)): use constified name for RDQL.
(Execute): adjust to new form of QueryResults ctor.
* csharp/Parser.cs:
general indenting fixes.
Implement IDisposable.
parser: init to IntPtr.Zero
(Parser (World, string, string, Uri)): remove ability to construct
with null World.
(ParseIntoModel): add FIXME note.
(ParseAsStream): add FIXME note.
(ParseStringAsStream): add FIXME note.
* csharp/Model.cs:
general indenting fixes.
model: initialize to IntPtr.Zero.
(Dispose). Renamed from ~Model. Implement IDisposable, test for
(FindStatements): remove unneeded temp var.
(GetSources): add FIXME item.
(GetTarget): drop exception and make look like GetPredicate, GetSource.
(GetTargets): make look like GetSources, GetPredicates. Add FIXME.
(ToStream): add FIXME note.
(GetFeature): return null on failure, like GetSource and friends.
(QueryResults): add FIXME note.
(Model (World, Storage, string)): keep a reference around to the
storage, as we must not be GC'd before it is. Future thought: do
we really need Model and Storage to be separate classes?
(Execute): adjust to new form of QueryResults ctor (see ChangeLog)
* csharp/Node.cs:
general indenting fixes.
node: initialise to IntPtr.Zero
(~Node): test for IntPtr.Zero, not == null
(Node (IntPtr)): use librdf_new_node_from_node to copy underlying
(Dispose): Renamed from Move ~Node. Implement IDisposable.
* csharp/Iterator.cs:
general indenting fixes.
Implement IDisposable.
iterator: init to IntPtr.Zero.
(Current): remove tmp var, add FIXME note.
(MoveNext()): remove tmp var, add explanatory comment.
(End): remove tmp var.
Remove unused field pos.
(CurrentNode): Added, which is (Node) Current.
2004-07-13 Dave Beckett
* perl/ Added MAKE_PL_OPTS for "perl Makefile.PL"
* docs/ Added RDF::Redland::Query and QueryResults
perl docs
2004-07-12 Dave Beckett
* Install Redland.i in $(pkgdata)
* python/, ruby/, ruby/redland-pre.i,
ruby/redland-types.i, tcl/, tcl/redland-init.i,
tcl/redland-pre.i, php/, php/redland-decl.i,
php/redland-init.i, php/redland-post.i, php/redland-pre.i,
php/redland_wrap.c.patch, python/redland-decl.i,
python/redland-post.i, perl/, perl/redland-decl.i,
perl/redland-post.i, perl/redland-pre.i: Split SWIG bits into
general and language-specific parts
2004-07-09 Dave Beckett
* docs/ Dont ship old pictures overview.png overview.pdf
* csharp/ChangeLog: ChangeLog in CVS now
2004-07-09 Edd Dumbill <>
* csharp/World.cs:
Move logging to use the new librdf logging API.
(Messages property): Added, an array of LogMessages accumulated since
the last ClearLog call.
(LogLevel method): Added, for getting and setting the logging level.
* csharp/Parser.cs:
Use World.Messages as the basis of exceptions.
* csharp/Errors.cs: Added enums LogLevel and Facility.
Added class Locator to encapsulate locator part of a log message.
Added class LogMessage to encapsulate a returned log message from
Changed RedlandFault and RedlandError to store an array of
LogMessages instead of strings. (Edd Dumbill)
2004-07-08 Dave Beckett
* csharp/Parser.cs: Added ParseError, a RedlandError subclass.
(ParseStringIntoModel, ParseIntoModel, ParseStringAsStream): Check
for errors during parsing.
* csharp/World.cs: Added Errors, Warnings support
(ClearLog): Added to empty the errors and warnings lists.
(Enter): To lock world for gathering errors
(Exit): To unlock world after gathering errors
(setupHandlers): Use a delegate intErrorHandler (function pointer
in C) to register callbacks for errors and warnings.
(dispatchError, dispatchWarning): Added the error, warning
* csharp/Errors.cs, csharp/ Added Errors.cs
* docs/ Re-add query_results to DOC_CLASSES
* docs/ remove query_results
* docs/ added query_results to DOC_CLASSES
2004-07-07 Dave Beckett
* perl/lib/RDF/ Added
* perl/ Added Query and QueryResults test
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ working
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ Split into query and results
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ (query_execute): Added.
* perl/Makefile.PL: Added
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ QueryResults class
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ Added
2004-07-06 Dave Beckett
* csharp/QueryResults.cs: no need for first
* csharp/QueryResults.cs: Handle first result special, always
store current result.
* csharp/test.cs: print query results
* csharp/Node.cs: Destructor object checking works now, dunno why.
* csharp/test.cs: C# query test
* csharp/QueryResults.cs (Current): Return null when exhausted.
* csharp/Node.cs: Added destructor object checking. Comment it
out since it hangs mono and mono-debugger unless run mono -v.
* csharp/Iterator.cs, csharp/Statement.cs, csharp/Parser.cs: Added
destructor object checking
* csharp/Model.cs: Added destructor object checking
(Execute): Call librdf_model_query_execute
* csharp/Query.cs: Deleted no-args constructor - does not exist.
Fixed main constructor. Added destructor.
* csharp/World.cs, csharp/Stream.cs, csharp/Storage.cs,
csharp/Statement.cs, csharp/Serializer.cs, csharp/Parser.cs,
csharp/Node.cs, csharp/Model.cs, csharp/Iterator.cs: Added
destructors for all classes
* formatting
* Added GACUTIL, SN, ILGAC and report ECMA CLI in
languages available
* csharp/ Typo
* python/ Use mkinstalldirs to make python install
* Added ilgac, gacutil, sn
* python/ Remove mkdir_p - automake 1.8 only.
Packaging can fix
2004-07-05 Dave Beckett
* csharp/QueryResults.cs: pos
* csharp/Model.cs: Added Execute method
* csharp/ Added Query.cs QueryResults.cs
* csharp/Query.cs, csharp/QueryResults.cs: redland csharp Query
* csharp/Model.cs: Added methods: GetContexts, GetFeature,
SetFeature, Load
* csharp/ typo
2004-06-30 Dave Beckett
* docs/ Added csharp.html
2004-06-29 Dave Beckett
* python/ debug msgs
* python/ (NS.node): Mint a new node each time, don't try to
2004-06-28 Dave Beckett
* python/ (message_handler): Invoke warnings.warn to try to
get a warning that doesn't disturb the program and shows something
like the right stack level.
2004-06-23 Dave Beckett
* python/ Remove
2004-06-22 Dave Beckett
* removed --with-libwww - has not been used for
anything for a long while.
* python/ Add AM_LDFLAGS to get MEM_LIBS
2004-06-17 Dave Beckett
* csharp/ added DESTDIR to install target
* csharp/test.cs: Redland namespace
* python/test/ test model.matches
* python/ (Node.__eq__, Node.__ne__, Statement.__eq__,
Statement.__ne__, Model.matches, Uri.__eq__, Uri.__ne__): Simpler
boolean return.
* csharp/Redland.cs, csharp/Serializer.cs, csharp/Statement.cs,
csharp/Storage.cs, csharp/Stream.cs, csharp/Uri.cs,
csharp/Util.cs, csharp/World.cs, csharp/examples/GetsTest.cs,
csharp/examples/ModelGeneralTest.cs, csharp/examples/ModelTest.cs,
csharp/examples/SimpleGetsTest.cs, csharp/examples/StreamTest.cs,
csharp/examples/example1.cs, csharp/examples/example2.cs,
csharp/examples/example3.cs, csharp/examples/example4.cs,
csharp/test.cs, csharp/HashStorage.cs, csharp/IWrapper.cs,
csharp/Iterator.cs, csharp/MemoryStorage.cs, csharp/Model.cs,
csharp/Node.cs, csharp/Parser.cs: namespace from Rdf to Redland
* csharp/examples/example3.cs, csharp/examples/example2.cs,
csharp/examples/example1.cs: Use new Rdf.Uri to make Uris for
* csharp/examples/StreamTest.cs (Contains): Make sure a Uri or
literal is used correctly.
* csharp/Node.cs: Added Node constructors with just a System.Uri -
making a URI node just a string - making a literal node Modified
is_wf_xml arg to be bool.
* csharp/Model.cs: (Contains) opt bool
* csharp/examples/example3.cs: don't use token as a name
* csharp/examples/example4.cs, csharp/examples/example3.cs,
csharp/examples/example2.cs: tidy test filenames
* csharp/examples/example1.cs: Use serializer.SerializeModel
direct to a file.
* csharp/examples/ tidy test filenames
* csharp/Util.cs: added fclose
* csharp/Serializer.cs (SerializeModel): Added overloaded method
taking a filename and using
librdf_serializer_serialize_model_to_file to avoid use of file
* csharp/examples/StreamTest.cs (Contains): actually test
* csharp/Serializer.cs, csharp/Parser.cs: Use (Object)foo == null
* csharp/Statement.cs: private Statement (World world, Node
subject, Node predicate, Node obj): Compare Node pointers for
nullness as Object to prevent trying to invoke
* csharp/Parser.cs: remove debug msg
* csharp/examples/StreamTest.cs (ParserStringAsStream): Remove
extra pairs of "s at start and end of rdf/xml string.
* csharp/Statement.cs: remove debug msg
* csharp/Parser.cs: debug msg
* csharp/Statement.cs: private Statement (World world, Node
subject, Node predicate, Node obj): Pass in Handles not C# object
* csharp/ dist contains
* csharp/ fix rule
* csharp/ Redland.dll public key
* csharp/ Add warning if rule is run
* csharp/ sign-mono rule not needed if AssemblyInfo.cs
* csharp/ DLL requires
* csharp/AssemblyInfo.cs: Redland.dll Assembly info
* csharp/ Ship (public key) Add scary
warnings for redland.snk, rules. Use public key to
* csharp/ Added AssemblyInfo.cs Added strong name and
signing for mono.
* csharp/, csharp/Util.cs: Renamed util.cs to Util.cs
* csharp/test.cs: use Serializer
* csharp/Node.cs (Print): Remove Console.WriteLine
* csharp/test.cs: added printing out results of stream, iterator
* csharp/test.cs: Remove world, now Redland.dll private.
* csharp/examples/example4.cs, csharp/examples/example3.cs: write,
don't append
* csharp/Statement.cs: syntax
* csharp/Statement.cs: remove set_pointer Statement (World world,
Node subject, Node predicate, Node obj): copy nodes
* csharp/Node.cs: Added Node copy constructor
* csharp/examples/ clean just tests
* csharp/examples/ Require nunit-console.exe
* csharp/examples/StreamTest.cs: Use ../../data/dc.rdf
* csharp/examples/, csharp/ Remove dup
* csharp/examples/ Add CSHARPCFLAGS
install-mono, install-pnet
* csharp/ Switch to always using ' -' options not
mixture of that and ' /' options. Added install-mono target
* csharp/examples/ Make nunit-console.exe here
(maintainer mode) and ship it. Switch to always using ' -'
options not mixture of that and ' /' options.
* csharp/examples/AssemblyInfo.cs, csharp/examples/ConsoleUi.cs:
nunit-console source unchanged
2004-06-14 Dave Beckett
* csharp/examples/example4.cs: Use ../../data/dc.rdf
* csharp/examples/dc.rdf: deleted, use data copy
* csharp/Uri.cs, csharp/Storage.cs, csharp/Statement.cs,
csharp/Serializer.cs, csharp/Parser.cs, csharp/Node.cs,
csharp/Model.cs: For P/Invoke where a string is passed in or
return, switch to IntPtr and manage the strings with
Marshal.StringToHGlobalAuto and Marshal.FreeHGlobal.
* python/ (Statement._wrap_node): Protect from null rednode
(Statement.matches): Added to compare an incomplete statement with
None values against a complete one, using
* csharp/examples/ more CLEANFILES
* csharp/examples/ unittests depends on ../Redland.dll
* csharp/Uri.cs, csharp/Node.cs: Debug messages
* csharp/ Make Redland.dll right
* csharp/examples/ Unit tests fix
2004-06-13 Dave Beckett
* csharp/Statement.cs (Statement.Statement): Do not call
set_pointer with null pointers.
* csharp/Node.cs (Equals): Return false if o is null.
* Added csharp/examples dir
* csharp/examples/example2.cs, csharp/examples/example3.cs,
csharp/examples/example4.cs, csharp/examples/GetsTest.cs,
csharp/examples/, csharp/examples/ModelGeneralTest.cs,
csharp/examples/ModelTest.cs, csharp/examples/SimpleGetsTest.cs,
csharp/examples/StreamTest.cs, csharp/examples/TemplateTest.cs,
csharp/examples/dc.rdf, csharp/examples/example1.cs,
csharp/Parser.cs, csharp/README, csharp/Redland.cs,
csharp/Serializer.cs, csharp/Statement.cs, csharp/Storage.cs,
csharp/Stream.cs, csharp/TODO, csharp/Uri.cs, csharp/World.cs,
csharp/test.cs, csharp/HACKING, csharp/HashStorage.cs,
csharp/IWrapper.cs, csharp/Iterator.cs, csharp/LICENSE,
csharp/, csharp/MemoryStorage.cs, csharp/Model.cs,
csharp/Node.cs: Imported redland-csharp by Cesar Lopez Nataren
* Only muck about with removing -O2 from flags in
maintainer mode.
2004-06-02 Dave Beckett
* python/ Updated tests to match query to
query+query_results split and removal of run_as_bindings style.
* python/ (Model): Removed run_as_bindings. Replaced
run_as_statements with execute and wrapping of stream. Added
(Query): Removed __len__ Removed run_as_bindings. Replaced
run_as_statements with as_stream. Added execute.
(QueryResults): Renamed from QueryResultIterator Added more
methods from the librdf_query API: as_stream, finished,
get_binding_value, get_binding_name, get_binding_value_by_name,
get_bindings_count. Added __del__ to tidy up.
2004-06-01 Dave Beckett
* require Rasqal 0.9.1
2004-05-30 Dave Beckett
* python/ (set_message_handler): docs
* python/ Make this 1.0
* perl/t/test3.t, perl/lib/RDF/ (message): Return a
handled value
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ more missing ;s Use $self not
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ missing ;s
* python/test/ dc.rdf now in data
* python/ dc.ttl
* Add data to dist subdirs
* python/ Patch from Matt Biddulph adding unit
tests for the new Query class and the new NtriplesParser,
TurtleParser parsing classes. Amended to move the test data files
into ../data.
* python/ Patch from Matt Biddulph adding:
(Model.run_as_bindings): Added to run a querying giving variable
binding results.
(Model.run_as_statements): Added to run a querying giving triple
(TurtleParser, NTriplesParser): New convenience classes to create
parsers for the Turtle and N-Triples syntaxes.
(Query class): New class for querying using the new librdf_query
Redland class.
(QueryResultIterator class): New class for iterativing over
variable binding results.
* python/ last change from Matt Biddulph
* python/ dc.rdf now in data dir Add RDF.Query test
* ruby/example.rb, ruby/, php/test.php,
perl/, perl/, perl/MANIFEST, java/,
java/ dc.rdf now in data dir
* data/ dc.ttl
*, Added data dir
2004-05-29 Dave Beckett
* Add --enable-maintainer-mode
* Made RASQAL_MIN_VERSION 0.9.0 Added
* Remove use of LIBRDF_LIBS - merge into
LIBRDF_EXTERNAL_LIBS and do not AC_SUBST. Always append to
LIBRDF_LIBS, LIBRDF_CPPFLAGS rather than prepend, append mixtures.
2004-05-28 Dave Beckett
* Look for BDB in /usr/local/BerkeleyDB.$version
* docs/ do not overwrite redland.3 if not in
maintainer mode
* Use automakefile conditionals MEMCMP and GETOPT
2004-05-18 Dave Beckett
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ Added
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ RDF query api
* perl/Makefile.PL, perl/lib/RDF/ Added
2004-05-13 Dave Beckett
* Turn assert enable options into positive form.
2004-05-11 Dave Beckett
* ruby/test/ Use stamp rule to ensure module is built.
* ruby/ Rename stamp rule to be indep of the package
* ruby/test/ echo failure line
* ruby/README.txt: words
* ruby/test/ical.rdf, ruby/test/triples.rdf: Ruby RDF test data
* ruby/test/ Move rdf example data here. Add clean
target. Tidy test running target.
* ruby/ Remove test.rb
* ruby/test/ Set -I paths right
* use = not == in test
* Make rasqal build internal and external. Add ruby
test, lib dirs.
* ruby/lib/rdfs/, ruby/test/,
ruby/lib/, ruby/lib/rdf/, ruby/
Import more of Ruby RDF for Redland
2004-05-07 Dave Beckett
* java/org/librdf/redland/ Added equals method.
* ruby/lib/rdf/statement.rb: Added == operator
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ Added equals method.
* python/ (Model.__eq__, Model.__ne__): Added for statement
equality, inequality.
* python/ Added tests for statement equality,
2004-05-06 Dave Beckett
* docs/ less doc classes; no real need for the
implementation classes.
* docs/ Added query_rasqal for docs
* python/ document using contexts
2004-05-05 Dave Beckett
* make PHP_INCLUDES even without --with-php (ie PHP)
* tcl/, ruby/, python/,
php/, perl/, java/,
csharp/ Apply CFLAGS, CPPFLAGS to pick up internal,
external includes and src/build dirs.
* assign rasqal_dir for SD_PRE
* Added ChangeLog.4
* SUBST raptor, rasqal min versions and use in
build, packaging files.
* SUBST with_rasqal
* report rasqal source in summary
* added rasqal
* Added rasqal
2004-04-28 Dave Beckett
* ruby/README.txt: README.txt
* ruby/test/test_serializer.rb, ruby/test/test_statement.rb,
ruby/test/test_store.rb, ruby/test/test_uri.rb,
ruby/lib/rdf/util.rb, ruby/lib/rdfs/class.rb,
ruby/lib/rdfs/property.rb, ruby/lib/rdfs/rdfs_resource.rb,
ruby/test/test_model.rb, ruby/test/test_node.rb,
ruby/test/test_parser.rb, ruby/test/test_rdf.rb,
ruby/test/test_rdfs_resource.rb, ruby/test/test_resource.rb,
ruby/lib/rdf/parser.rb, ruby/lib/rdf/resource.rb,
ruby/lib/rdf/serializer.rb, ruby/lib/rdf/statement.rb,
ruby/lib/rdf/store.rb, ruby/lib/rdf/stream.rb,
ruby/lib/rdf/uri.rb, ruby/lib/rdf/constants.rb,
ruby/lib/rdf/convert_owl.rb, ruby/lib/rdf/convertfoaf.rb,
ruby/lib/rdf/dc.rb, ruby/lib/rdf/foaf.rb, ruby/lib/rdf/model.rb,
ruby/lib/rdf/node.rb, ruby/lib/rdf.rb, ruby/rdf-redland.gemspec:
Import from rdf-redland-0.5.tgz from
2004-04-12 Dave Beckett
* python/ Apply local cppflags to building wrapper
2004-04-11 Dave Beckett
* python/test/ test model.load
* python/ (model.load): Added calling librdf_model_load
2004-04-08 Dave Beckett
* require raptor 1.3.0
2004-03-27 Dave Beckett
* tcl/ automake fixes for 1.7+ using newer macros
* Do not -Wall automake, override is needed in
language dirs. List specific warnings.
* ruby/, python/, php/,
csharp/ automake fixes for 1.7+ using newer macros
*, Use some AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE options.
Require automake1.7, which requires autoconf 2.54
2004-03-16 Dave Beckett
* php/test.php: Add some PHP 4.3 compatible defines, and use them
to find the right shared lib prefix, suffixes to load.
* php/php.ini: Use False for bool
* php/ try php -c .
2004-03-15 Dave Beckett
* php/ Use -c php.ini rather than -d
extension_dir=. which might prevent loading (wrong) global
2004-03-12 Dave Beckett
* python/ Added testParseStringAsStream
* python/ years
* python/ (Model.add_statements): Use
* python/ (parser.parse_string_as_stream): Add base_uri to
example - it's required.
2004-02-26 Dave Beckett
2004-02-24 Dave Beckett
* Bumped version to 0.9.17
* Snapshotted redland_0_9_16 for 0.9.16 release (on branch
2004-02-23 Dave Beckett
* Bumped version to 0.9.16
* Snapshotted redland_0_9_15 for 0.9.15 release
2004-02-16 Dave Beckett
* python/ (Node.__init__): Use ._reduri for datatype uri arg
2004-02-02 Dave Beckett
* perl/ fix test-perl
* perl/ delete first test-perl
* docs/ Add api.html and fragments
2004-01-31 Dave Beckett
* Bumped version to 0.9.16
* tcl/, ruby/, python/,
php/, perl/, java/,
csharp/ Use redland-src-config --run COMMAND to run
test programs with the shared libraries built in the source tree.
*,, Makefile.PL, docs/fix-python-xhtml,
docs/fix-pod-xhtml, docs/ Restore "Redland RDF
Application Framework" not "Library"
* Improve python includes, libs checking. Report
what's found.
2004-01-30 Dave Beckett
* docs/ Added storage.html
* python/ Make install dir
* python/ nn
* python/ hunt for redland-src-config
* python/ another -I
* python/ add a srcdir
* python/ uninstall
* python/ Install
* python/ gah!
* python/ more bits
* python/ Restore unittest to make check
* python/ Junk distutils.
* Get python_include, python_lib and substitute.
2004-01-29 Dave Beckett
* java/org/librdf/redland/ (findStatements): Added with
(getContexts): Added.
2004-01-25 Dave Beckett
* Added --disable-assert and
--disable-assert-messages to prevent (default) compilation of
assertion code and outputing of messages when the assertions fail.
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/, perl/lib/RDF/Redland/
(DESTROY): Remove debug message fixme.
2004-01-24 Dave Beckett
* Add Changelog.1-3 to dist
2004-01-21 Dave Beckett
* If /sw/bin, add to END of PATH for OSX
2004-01-17 Dave Beckett
* python/ Added FileStorage
* csharp/ touch stamp after build
* csharp/ Update clean
* csharp/ Update fakery
* perl/Makefile.PL: Stop perl linking to destdir
2004-01-15 Dave Beckett
* java/ More OSX-only things; the JNI libs install
with a different name!
* python/ (Model.get_contexts): Fix Iterator call.
* java/ Add DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH to try to make 'make
check' work on OSX.
* Add OSX dirs to JDK search guesses
* ruby/ Try to find the right libruby another way
* python/ Export NS class.
(Parser. parse_string_as_stream): Promote string URI to a Redland
2004-01-14 Dave Beckett
* help message consistency again
* help message consistency.
* php/redland_wrap.c.patch: Add librdf_php_world_finish() to
* php/test.php: Remove world startup/shutdown, now handled by the
module. use $world=librdf_php_get_world()
* php/ Ensure the .orig is around for patching.
2004-01-13 Dave Beckett
* java/org/librdf/redland/,
java/org/librdf/redland/ Updated
Model/Parser/Serializer get/setFeature methods to use Node not
* php/redland_wrap.c.patch: offsets
* python/ (Model.find_statements): Add optional context arg.
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ (find_statements): Add optional
CONTEXT arg and call librdf_model_find_statements_in_context if
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ Added contexts method.
* python/ (Model): Added get_contexts
* python/ (Model): Added get_feature, set_feature
(Parser): Updated get_feature, set_feature for using node values.
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ (feature) Added
* perl/Makefile.PL: Add CFLAGS to dynamic_lib to get -g when it is
* perl/Makefile.PL: CORE_PACKAGE must be in main namespace
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ (feature): Use/return nodes.
* check for getenv
2004-01-12 Dave Beckett
* MySQL store works with V3.23.58 and maybe others?
2004-01-07 Dave Beckett
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ (parse_string_into_model): Fix to
call the right function librdf_parser_parse_string_into_model
* Restore u64 tests
2004-01-05 Dave Beckett
* perl/ Don't pass on PACKAGE variable, Makefile.PL
doesn't use it
* perl/Makefile.PL: Don't use PACKAGE envariable; the name isn't
changing now! Hard code CORE name also.
* php/redland_wrap.c.patch: offsets again
2004-01-04 Dave Beckett
* docs/ correctly substitute version in redland.3
* docs/, Makefile.PL,, dates
* Make generated text files keep their links. Only
do the generation in maintainer mode.
* php/redland_wrap.c.patch: Updated
* php/ Put the patching rules in the Makefile,
maintainer mode
* perl/Makefile.PL: Perl 5.8 is $]=5.008
2004-01-03 Dave Beckett
* docs/fix-python-xhtml, docs/fix-pod-xhtml: TODO.html,
LICENSE.html, INSTALL.html: XHTML 1.0 strict and xhtml fixes
* Make TODO up to date