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2005-12-21 Dave Beckett <>
*, updated urls
*, Added bindings.rdf
* DOAP for bindings
2005-09-11 Dave Beckett <>
* perl/ die if data file not found
2005-09-01 Dave Beckett <>
* python/ (testSPARQLQueryTwiceOverwriteVar): Added,
which fails now
* python/ (Model, Query): Remove use of self.been_run -
never used
* python/ Added testSPARQLQueryTwice
* python/ (Parser and Serializer convienience classes):
Remove mime_type="" and uri=None in params.
* python/ (Model.load): Document return is a boolean.
(Parser.parse_into_model, Parser.parse_string_into_model): Return
a boolean success/failure flag, document this.
* demos/ Add rdf: prefixes to examples Added REDLAND-NEWS
example Expand on not-implemented note
2005-08-23 Dave Beckett <>
* csharp/examples/ run nunit-console tests 1 at a time
to prevent crazy death
* csharp/examples/ clean *.mdb junk
* csharp/examples/ModelTest.cs, csharp/examples/SimpleGetsTest.cs,
csharp/examples/StreamTest.cs, csharp/examples/TemplateTest.cs,
csharp/examples/EncodingTest.cs, csharp/examples/GetsTest.cs,
csharp/examples/, csharp/examples/ModelGeneralTest.cs:
Update C# and nunit for Mono 1.8.x
2005-08-11 Dave Beckett <>
* update again
* Rewrite with functions, generalize to any redland
package. Add docs.
* - Define perl_sitearch, python_libdir,
ruby_dir and ruby_libdir at rpm build time. - Split build
requirements out and declare minimum versions - Use %configure and
2005-08-08 Dave Beckett <>
* ruby/test/test_query.rb: Added serializing tests:
test_model_query_serialize_ask and
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/serializer.rb (model_to_string): Added and
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/queryresults.rb (to_string): Debugged,
* docs/ Added ruby queryresults file
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/queryresults.rb: remove perl doc
* docs/ Redland/QueryResults for ruby
* ruby/test/ Added test_query.rb
* ruby/test/test_query.rb: test_query
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland.rb: Added queryresults
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/statement.rb: (==(other)) added
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/query.rb: Moved query results code into
queryresults.rb and class.
(Query.execute): Return QueryResults
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/model.rb (Model.query_execute): Added.
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/ Added queryresults.rb
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/queryresults.rb: queryresults class
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/parser.rb (Parser.initialize):
Use 'rdfxml' as parser name.
(Parser.ntriples): Use a NULL mime type (empty string)
(Parser.raptor): Use 'rdfxml' as parser name.
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/query.rb (Query.initialize):
librdf_new_query takes 5 args, so add a base_uri
arg to this.
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland.rb: Death to log4r
2005-07-13 Dave Beckett
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/
(to_string) return boolean as formats
2005-06-22 Dave Beckett
* csharp/AssemblyInfo.cs, csharp/Node.cs, csharp/Parser.cs,
csharp/Stream.cs: Patch for namespaces fixes from John Barstow.
* python/ win32 python setup
2005-06-17 Dave Beckett
* License not Copyright header
2005-06-10 Dave Beckett
* Bumped version to
* Snapshotted redland-bindings_1_0_2_1 for release
* perl/lib/RDF/ Use eval to ensure version gets
turned into a perl version thing like 1.00_02_01 and not a string
Addresses re-opened
Issue #0000034 -
2005-06-07 Dave Beckett
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/node.rb, ruby/lib/rdf/redland/resource.rb,
ruby/lib/rdf/redland/uri.rb, ruby/lib/rdf/redland.rb: Updates to
match newer SWIG. Move constants in rdf/redland.rb to later after
$world exists.
Fixes issue #0000031 -
based on attached patch from aredridel.
2005-06-06 Dave Beckett
* python/ (testSPARQLQueryAsString): Fix serializing
query results test to XML result2 format answer.
* python/, perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ Use result2
format by default in query results serializing
* Makefile.PL: Handle newer autoconf versions
Don't try to cd raptor or cd librdf
* perl/lib/RDF/
Moved $VERSION to RDF::Redland package, add _s and leading 0s
Fixes issue #0000034 -
* Make perl/lib/RDF/ from prototype
* perl/lib/RDF/, perl/lib/RDF/,
perl/lib/RDF/ Rename as
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/
Use ISA with 'URI' to catch several classes of perl URI.
(new_literal): Fix promotion of types, strings to a redland URI.
Fixes issue #0000033 -
2005-06-02 Dave Beckett
* Bumped version to
2005-06-01 Dave Beckett
* python/redland-post.i (librdf_python_reset_callback): Remove
unused vars
(librdf_python_logger_handler): use log_msg as arg name to remove
a warning.
2005-05-29 Dave Beckett
* Bumped version to
* Snapshotted redland-bindings_1_0_1_1 for release
2005-05-23 Dave Beckett
* php/test.php: Update sparql syntax, add an optional in order to
test null librdf_node* results. Add a result serializing test.
* php/redland_wrap.c.patch: Simplify, all functions returning
librdf_node* will automatically return PHP null.
* php/redland-typemap.i: Add librdf_node* to returning NULL
2005-05-18 Dave Beckett
* Bump version to for redland 1.0.1 (CVS)
Bugs to
2005-05-16 Dave Beckett
* python/ Update to split rdql / sparql and update
to new sparql syntax
* Search in list of dirs for redland sources with
* need swig 1.3.24 for known working python binding
2005-05-05 Dave Beckett
* php/redland_wrap.c.patch: Patch null return for
2005-05-04 Dave Beckett
* python/ Remove 'return' from __init__ constructors for
Storage, Parser and Serializer subclasses.
* python/ remove ;s
2005-04-17 Dave Beckett
* allow envariables to override the programs
2005-04-15 Dave Beckett
* python/ (Node.__eq__, Node.__ne__, Statement.__eq__,
Statement.__ne__): Do not assume in comparisons that the other
parameter is of the right type; check it first. Rewrite __ne__ in
terms of __eq__ (Daniel Larsson)
2005-04-13 Dave Beckett
* php/test.php: Test query result as a string
* php/test.php: Added sparql query test
2005-04-08 Dave Beckett
* perl/lib/RDF/ (set_log_handler, reset_log_handler):
Now public, document and prefer them.
* perl/lib/RDF/ Added perl convienence Node type
classes to see alsos
* docs/ Added perl convienence Node type classes.
* perl/Makefile.PL, perl/lib/RDF/,
perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ Add convienience Node subclasses
2005-04-06 Dave Beckett
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ (set_namespace): Remove
duplicate subroutine, keep PREFIX, URI order
2005-03-17 Dave Beckett
* docs/fix-rdoc-xhtml: Add links back to redland site only on
non-index files
* docs/fix-rdoc-xhtml: Add links back to redland sites outside of
the frames
2005-03-16 Dave Beckett
* docs/ Added fix-rdoc-xhtml and added rdoc output
* docs/fix-rdoc-xhtml: Fix RDoc xhtml output
* ruby/ Tidy rdoc generation, cleanup
* ruby/ rdoc-stamp
* ruby/ More rdoc fixes, added docs target
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland.rb: Ruby comment fixes for helping rdoc
plus syntax fix (Patch from Nikolas Coukouma)
2005-03-16 Dave Beckett
* docs/ Added fix-rdoc-xhtml and added rdoc output
* docs/fix-rdoc-xhtml: Fix RDoc xhtml output
* ruby/ Tidy rdoc generation, cleanup
* ruby/ rdoc-stamp
* ruby/ More rdoc fixes, added docs target
2005-03-15 Dave Beckett
* ruby/ rdoc rule attempt
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland.rb, ruby/lib/rdf/redland/resource.rb,
ruby/lib/rdf/redland/statement.rb, ruby/lib/rdf/redland/store.rb,
ruby/lib/rdf/redland/stream.rb, ruby/lib/rdf/redland/uri.rb,
ruby/lib/rdf/redland/util.rb, ruby/lib/rdf/redland/model.rb,
ruby/lib/rdf/redland/node.rb, ruby/lib/rdf/redland/parser.rb,
ruby/lib/rdf/redland/query.rb: Ruby comment fixes for helping rdoc
plus syntax fix (Patch from Nikolas Coukouma)
2005-03-14 Dave Beckett
* perl/ Use serializer->set_namespace
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ (set_namespace):
Added to set a prefix/namespace for output
* python/ Added serializer.set_namespace
* python/ (Serializer.set_namespace):
Added to set a namespace for output
2005-03-10 Dave Beckett
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/
(Serializer) Add set_namespace (Michael Nachbaur)
2005-03-07 Dave Beckett
* demos/ Added
* demos/ RDF query demo
2005-02-27 Dave Beckett
* Bumped version to
* Snapshotted redland-bindings_1_0_0_2 for release
2005-02-24 Dave Beckett
* python/ (Storage.__init__): More documentation.
* python/ (Storage.__init__): Fix documentation confusion
between storage_name and options.
* perl/ handle optionals in query results when testing.
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ (load):
Make ruri and rsyntax_uri from perl objects.
2005-02-22 Dave Beckett
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ (parse_into_model,
parse_string_into_model): Use set_log_handler, reset_log_handler
when $handler is given as a final arg.
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ (load): Use set_log_handler,
reset_log_handler when $handler is given as a final arg.
* perl/lib/RDF/ (set_log_handler, reset_log_handler):
* perl/t/test3.t (message): Take full log args.
* perl/lib/RDF/ (message): Take full log args.
Added Log_Sub
(set_log_handler): Added to set redland log handler callback.
* perl/redland-post.i (librdf_call_perl_message):
Update to handle full log args.
(librdf_perl_logger_handler): Added to take redland log message.
(librdf_perl_world_init): Set librdf_perl_logger_handler.
* python/redland-post.i: Another way to do error reports.
Use librdf_world_set_logger to grab structured log messages rather
than just warning or error strings.
If the callback handler is set, call a python callback with signature
def handler(code, level, facility, message, line, column, byte, file, uri)
and reset it afterwards.
Add set_callback and reset_callback to set/restore these.
(librdf_call_python_message): Restored, removing varargs use but
taking the args above.
(librdf_python_message_handler): Removed need for varargs.
(librdf_python_logger_handler): Use structured log messages and pass
on to python either via callback or delivering an exception/warning.
* python/ V1.1 another new error reporting method.
(Model.load, Parser.parse_into_model,
Parser.parse_string_into_model): Gain an optional 'handler' arg that
receives error callbacks with signature
def handler(code, level, facility, message, line, column, byte, file, uri)
2005-02-16 Dave Beckett
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ (to_string):
Correct serialize_model_to_string args order.
2005-02-10 Dave Beckett
* python/ Added redland-typemap.i
* python/ (message_handler, set_message_handler):
Obsolete; Use SWIG to throw exceptions.
* python/redland-post.i: Change the error/warning handling code.
Warnings are emited immediately. 1 error is stored and used with
%exception later; later errors are not handled and passed back.
* python/redland-typemap.i: Declare %exception
2005-02-08 Dave Beckett
* php/ Define REDLAND_BINDINGS_VERSION for use in
module info. Change patch rules so only maintainer makes them on
* php/redland_wrap.c.patch: Fix call to
zend_rsrc_list_get_rsrc_type to use TSRMLS_CC Change
PHP_MINFO_FUNCTION to report Redland loaded, redland librdf
version and redland php bindings version
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/,
perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ docs
* java/, perl/, php/,
python/, ruby/, tcl/,
csharp/ Remove linking to $(top_srcdir)../librdf -
that's not always right.
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ (new):
allow NAME, OPTIONS_STRING to be optional if undef
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ (as_stream):
Added to return graph results.
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ (to_string):
Added to write query results in a syntax.
(is_bindings, is_boolean, is_graph): Added boolean tests
of query results format.
(get_boolean): Added to get boolean query result.
2005-02-07 Dave Beckett
* python/ (Storage.__init__): docs fix.
2005-02-06 Dave Beckett
* Bumped version to
* Snapshotted redland-bindings_1_0_0_1 for release
2005-02-04 Dave Beckett
* python/ (testSPARQLQueryAsString): Added.
* python/ (QueryResults.to_file, QueryResults.to_string):
(Serializer.serialize_model_to_string): Added
things happier
* Add libtoolize and swig to the path search.
2005-02-02 Dave Beckett
* python/ (testRDQLQueryAsStreamDontWork):
Handle catching a bad format exception.
(testSPARQLQueryAsStream): Added, testing SPARQL CONSTRUCT.
(testSPARQLQueryAsk): Added, testing SPARQL ASK.
* python/ (class RDQLQuery): Added
(class SPARQLQuery): Added
(QueryResult.is_bindings, QueryResult.is_boolean,
QueryResult.is_graph): Added, testing type of query result
(QueryResult): Document more methods and raise errors when wrong
format result is asked for.
(QueryResult.get_boolean): Added, returning a boolean result.
2005-01-18 Dave Beckett
* python/ Update license to Apache style and for 2005
2005-01-04 Edd Dumbill <>
* csharp/Iterator.cs, csharp/Model.cs, csharp/Node.cs,
csharp/Parser.cs, csharp/Query.cs, csharp/QueryResults.cs,
csharp/Serializer.cs, csharp/Statement.cs, csharp/Storage.cs,
csharp/Stream.cs, csharp/Uri.cs: add a private member reference to
the World, which when assigned increments a refcount.
Corresponding refcount is decreased in Dispose(), ensuring world's
clients are counted. Also, move to HandleRef instead of IntPtr for
C-world pointers, which is more GC-safe.
* csharp/World.cs: take destruction of the C world out of the
destructor, and instead make it static depending on a ref count.
Ensure that the dynamic World, allocated in Redland.cs, also uses
this ref count so the world persists for as long as we run.
* csharp/test.cs: Fixed to use proper iterator syntax with query
* csharp/Iterator.cs: (End ()): removed from API, vestige of
extinct iterator usage
* csharp/Stream.cs: (End ()): removed from API, vestige of extinct
iterator usage
* csharp/examples/example1.cs: Fixed up to use proper iterator
* csharp/QueryResults.cs: (MoveNext ()): cleaned up iterator logic
so it works properly with foreach.
(End ()): removed from API, no longer needed
2005-01-03 Dave Beckett
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/
(new) docs - defaults to ntriples, not random.