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2006-11-19 Dave Beckett <>
* Snapshotted redland-bindings_1_0_5_1 for release
2006-11-18 Dave Beckett <>
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/resource.rb, ruby/lib/rdf/redland.rb:
Remove recursive include of Redland
2006-11-03 Dave Beckett <>
* python/ docs for Storage class
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ Allow undef args
2006-10-26 Dave Beckett <>
* NEWS.html, RELEASE.html: Updated for
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/parser.rb: Add constructor for turtle
2006-10-22 Dave Beckett <>
* Bump version to
2006-10-21 Dave Beckett <>
* csharp/, tcl/ Add before installing
Fixes Issue#0000126
* ruby/test/test_serializer.rb: fix uris to be legal
* ruby/example.rb: fix serializer puts
* ruby/test/ clean out*rdf
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/model.rb: (include?, parse_and_merge,
rewrite, find_canonical): Remove puts
(save): Works now when using default serializer not filename.
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/serializer.rb: (initialize): Default to
rdfxml, error out on failure
* ruby/example.rb: Added query and serializer test code
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/node.rb: Define bnode and anon to match docs
Fixes Issue#0000122
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/schemas/owl.rb: Added OWLNS
Fixes Issue#0000121
* python/ Subclass class Warning defined in C for making a
Fixes Issue#0000109
2006-10-05 Dave Beckett <>
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/store.rb: Do not echo storage options on
2006-08-27 Dave Beckett <>
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/node.rb: (Literal.from_node): Call Uri
constructor correctly
Fixes Issue#0000120
2006-08-20 Dave Beckett <>
* Track where programs are discovered.
2006-08-18 Dave Beckett <>
* Patch to remove un-necessary tests
for C++ or F77++ compilers that libtool stupidly insists on
2006-07-11 Dave Beckett <>
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/model.rb: doc
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/model.rb: (to_string): Added.
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/serializer.rb: (set_namespace): Switch to
more natural prefix, uri ordering
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/queryresults.rb: (bindings_count): Added.
(binding_value, binding_value_by_name): Handle nil values.
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/queryresults.rb: (to_string): Allow null
URIs and use redland uri objects in args
* ruby/test/test_query.rb: (test_model_query_serialize_bindings_json):
Added to test JSON output
2006-07-04 Dave Beckett <>
* java/org/librdf/redland/ (hasNext): Replace
with 1 line call.
* java/org/librdf/redland/ Removed started field
(next): Simplify to just 1 call without using started.
* java/ fix example running config
* java/ start counting from 0
2006-06-26 Dave Beckett <>
* INSTALL.html: Document --with-python-ldflags for working around
installing python in odd places.
* Added --with-python-ldflags for working around
installing python in odd places.
2006-06-22 Dave Beckett <>
* java/org/librdf/redland/ (add): copy the *object* not
the predicate twice.
2006-06-18 Dave Beckett <>
* java/org/librdf/redland/ (getSource, getArc,
getTarget): Return null rather than try to create a Node with null
* java/ Remove extra / that stopped Iterator getting
into the jar.
* csharp/Parser.cs: (Parser): 0 and 1-argument constructors were
broke; make them work again, defaulting to rdfxml parser in the
default case.
2006-06-04 Dave Beckett <>
* java/ Update for more java-like names
* java/org/librdf/redland/ more java-like names
* java/org/librdf/redland/ (serialize_to_string):
Added (setNamespace): Added
* java/org/librdf/redland/ (toString): Added,
defaulting to RDF/XML out
* java/ Updated to a complete example including
querying, getting string results from queries, triple results and
* java/ Clean test-out.rdf
* java/org/librdf/redland/ More java-like method
* java/org/librdf/redland/ More java-like method names
* java/run-java: Append to paths
* java/ Added Query and QueryResults classes
* java/ Added Query and QueryResults
* java/org/librdf/redland/ (Model.queryExecute): Added
* java/org/librdf/redland/ Added Query and QueryResults
* java/org/librdf/redland/,
java/org/librdf/redland/ Query and QueryResults
2006-05-05 Dave Beckett <>
* Snapshotted redland_bindings_1_0_4_1 for release
2006-05-03 Dave Beckett <>
* python/ (None.__init__): Default to xml_language=None
rather than "" which isn't strictly needed since the node
constructors will now accept both, but helps in the case of older
redland libraries.
Fixes Issue#0000082
2006-05-02 Dave Beckett <>
* tcl/redland-init.i: Nothing needed here now
* tcl/ Invoke swig with -pkgversion @REDLAND_VERSION@
* ruby/test/ do not ignore test failures
* ruby/test/test_query.rb: Updates for query results syntax changes
* perl/ update sparql
2006-05-01 Dave Beckett <>
* ruby/redland-types.i: Remove ruby param, it's only called in
ruby context
* ruby/redland-types.i: Added SWIGRUBY around typemaps
* java/org/librdf/redland/ (versionString,copyrightString):
Rename the SWIG accessor java functions for the constants.
2006-04-29 Dave Beckett <>
* Added ruby req
* python/ (NS): Rename method node and local vars to
__-prefixed names less likely to be used in a namaespace
2006-04-24 Dave Beckett <>
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/store.rb: (Redland.TripleStore.initialize):
Added lots more storage types. There should be a programatic way
to do this at run time.
Fixes Issue#0000076
* csharp/Stream.cs: (Stream.Current): Return null when raw_ret is 0
* csharp/QueryResults.cs: (Query.AsStream): Return null when
raw_ret is 0
* csharp/Query.cs: (Query.Execute): Return null when raw_ret is 0
* csharp/Model.cs: (Model.Dispose): Hack to use storage to prevent
a mono warning
(Model.FindStatements, Model.GetSource, Model.Sources,
Model.GetPredicate, Model.GetPredicates, Model.GetTarget,
Model.GetTargets, Model.ToStream, Model.GetContexts,
Model.Execute): Return null when raw_ret is 0
* csharp/Iterator.cs: (Iterator.Current): Return null when raw_ret is 0
2006-04-19 Dave Beckett <>
* python/ (World.__init__,World.__del__): Fix module
cleanup to ensure Redland.librdf_free_world lives till the end
2006-03-15 Dave Beckett <>
* Switched to Subversion version control.
CVS tag for redland bindings redland_bindings_1_0_3_1
Subversion revision ID for redland bindings r10629
2006-03-14 Dave Beckett <>
* Snapshotted redland-bindings_1_0_3_1 for release
* csharp/QueryResults.cs (MakeResultsHash): Zero test was backwards
* csharp/ clean up mdb cruft
* ruby/test/test_model.rb (test_parse_and_merge): Try to debug this.
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/parser.rb: remove one more puts
* csharp/QueryResults.cs (QueryResults.MakeResultsHash,
QueryResults.BindingValue, QueryResults.BindingValueByName): Do
not try to make a new Node over a IntPtr.Zero / C NULL.
* docs/php.html: works with 5.1.2
* update me
2006-03-10 Dave Beckett <>
* python/ (testSPARQLQueryTwiceOverwriteVar):
Disable as it requires rasqal changes
* python/ Add -DSWIG_PYTHON_SILENT_MEMLEAK to prevent
wrong python warnings
2006-03-09 Dave Beckett <>
* csharp/Util.cs: Remove unused DLLimport of strlen
* csharp/Iterator.cs:
Removed DllImport of librdf_iterator_end - never used.
* php/redland-post.i (librdf_php_world_finish):
Deleted, now inlined into %mshutdown
* php/redland-typemap.i (%mshutdown): Inline librdf_php_world_finish.
* ruby/,
Add LIBRUBYARG_SHARED to get the shared lib name.
2006-03-07 Dave Beckett <>
2006-03-05 Dave Beckett <>
* Updated many files for Copyright 2006, UB name and Turtle moving
2006-03-03 Dave Beckett <>
* php/, php/redland-typemap.i,
php/redland_wrap.c.patch: Insert phpinfo and module shutdown using
SWIG alone. Delete patch and patching process
* php/redland_wrap.c.patch: updated patch for swig 1.3.27
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ (
Patch from Kjetil Kjernsmo to improve storage options
handling by allowing a perl hash options as well as the current
string of redland options.
2006-02-28 Dave Beckett <>
* python/ (QueryResults.to_file, QueryResults.to_string):
Use default format with None.
* python/ Tweak old urls.
(testSPARQLQueryAsString): Update for latest syntax.
(testSPARQLQueryTwice): Simplify query - no need for prefix.
* python/redland-post.i (librdf_python_world_init): Get
RedlandError and RedlandWarning from the RDF module by importing
them properly. Fixes issue #0000068
* python/
(Parser.parse_string_as_stream, Parser.parse_string_into_model):
Convert a Python unicode string to UTF-8 bytes redland expects.
Fixes issue #0000061
* python/ (QueryResults.make_results_hash,
QueryResults.get_binding_value_by_name): Check for None value and
set it in the results. Fixes issue #0000059
2006-02-25 Dave Beckett <>
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/model.rb (get_resource): Handle find
returning nil Fixes issue #0000049
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/resource.rb (initialize): With a Uri
argument, use correct argument name 'arg' Fixes issue #0000048
* python/ (URI.__hash__): Use hash of str(self) to make a
working URI hash. Fixes issue #0000047
* python/ (World.__del__): Hack to prevent death if python
destroys the Redland module before RDF Fixes issue #0000044
2006-02-19 Dave Beckett <>
* python/ (testSPARQLQueryAsString): Update for
results syntax change.
* python/redland-post.i: Remove SWIGEXPORT macro, it breaks on
newer swigs and was a wrong usage.
2006-01-16 Dave Beckett <>
* use
2006-01-05 Dave Beckett <>
* demos/ added
* demos/ Redland RDF Parsing demo
* csharp/World.cs: take destruction of the C world out of the
destructor, and instead make it static depending on a ref count.
Ensure that the dynamic World, allocated in Redland.cs, also uses
this ref count so the world persists for as long as we run.
* csharp/test.cs: Fixed to use proper iterator syntax with query
* csharp/Iterator.cs: (End ()): removed from API, vestige of
extinct iterator usage
* csharp/Stream.cs: (End ()): removed from API, vestige of extinct
iterator usage
* csharp/examples/example1.cs: Fixed up to use proper iterator
* csharp/QueryResults.cs: (MoveNext ()): cleaned up iterator logic
so it works properly with foreach.
(End ()): removed from API, no longer needed
2006-01-03 Dave Beckett
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/
(new) docs - defaults to ntriples, not random.