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2007-12-28 Dave Beckett <>
*, NEWS.html, RELEASE.html, Bump version
* Snapshotted redland-bindings_1_0_7_1 for release (SVN 13372)
* docs/README.html, docs/csharp.html, docs/java.html,
docs/objc.html, docs/tcl.html: Remove java, csharp, objc, tcl
*, Moved demos elsewhere
* demos: Move bindings/demos to demos trunk
2007-12-27 Dave Beckett <>
* NEWS.html: Removed Tcl, Java, C#
* Removed Tcl, Java, C#
* tcl: move bindings tcl dir to top level tcl trunk dir
* csharp: Move bindings csharp dir to top level csharp trunk dir
* java: Move bindings java dir to top level java trunk dir
* INSTALL.html,, README.html, RELEASE.html,, docs/ Removed tcl java csharp (and
mention of objc) as promised in
* php/ No need for all the -UPACKAGE_* since they are
in an (unused) bindings_config.h
* csharp/examples/ Use NUNIT_LIBS to set get rid of
* csharp/ Set MONO_SN
* Update AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE to add warnings
Generate a bindings_config.h header just in order to reduce
compile lines length.
Allow Mono to be found without 'sn' available since it's
maintainer only anyway.
Set NUNIT_LIBS here since $(shell) is a gnu makeism
* php/test.php: update to use null, not $nulluri
Load the dlls from a fixed list of names, not what PHP might tell us
* php/ Use PHP_* automake vars and loose hard-coded
darwin stuff
* php/redland-typemap.i: Add incoming typemaps for librdf_uri*,
librdf_node* to set real null objects. For PHP5, check for errors
after calling a function and throw an exception.
* php/redland-post.i: Add exceptions for PHP5
* php/redland-init.i: Put all init into librdf_php_world_init()
* php/redland-decl.i: Add librdf_php_get_null_node and
librdf_php_get_null_uri prototypes.
Add --with-php-linking=so/dylib/bundle option to pick some of these.
2007-12-24 Dave Beckett <>
* docs/ Use $(PERL) not perl
* ruby/test/test_query.rb: Update sparql results format expected
* NEWS.html, RELEASE.html, python/,
2007-12-12 Lauri Aalto <>
* python/ Fix SPARQL CONSTRUCT query form syntax in
python bindings test.
2007-12-07 Lauri Aalto <>
* perl/ Update SPARQL CONSTRUCT query form in
Fixes Issue#0000247
2007-11-30 Lauri Aalto <>
* Make program version getter
case insensitive on program name. E.g. "swig" will find the
version number from "SWIG Version x.y.z" output.
2007-11-26 Dave Beckett <>
* Update to handle OSX glibtoolize and optional ltdl
2007-09-26 Dave Beckett <>
* with perl version grep script
2007-08-24 Dave Beckett <>
* python/ (QueryResults.to_string): Call Serializer
constructor correctly
Fixes Issue#0000212
* python/ (testSPARQLQueryTriplesToString): Added
for testing
2007-08-22 Dave Beckett <>
* python/redland-post.i: fixme
* python/ GRDDL parsing with URI filtering
* python/ Docs
Added class TurtleSerializer
* python/ (class GRDDLParser): Added
* python/ (Parser.set_uri_filter): Added to set the URI
rejection filter.
* python/redland-post.i: (librdf_call_python_uri_filter): Added as
the librdf callback for URI filtering during parsing, invoking a
saved python callback in the user data.
(librdf_python_set_parser_uri_filter): Added to set the per-parser
URI filter to invoke librdf_call_python_uri_filter to call a user
callback function. librdf_python_methods: Added
set_parser_uri_filter method.
* python/ (testSPARQLQueryAsString): srx format
changed again
2007-08-18 Dave Beckett <>
* python/ (Parser.__init__): Do not set rdfxml as default
parser, let Redland figure that out.
2007-05-05 Dave Beckett <>
* Snapshotted redland-bindings_1_0_6_1 for release (SVN 12239)
* perl/ Call parser method namespaces_seen
* perl/lib/RDF/Redland/ Added namespaces_seen
2007-04-22 Dave Beckett <>
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/schemas/owl.rb: Apply patch from #0000121
again to fix issue
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland.rb: Do not run librdf_free_world
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/uri.rb: Add Uri finalizer
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/queryresults.rb: Add QueryResults finalizer
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/stream.rb: Add NodeIterator finalizer
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/model.rb, ruby/lib/rdf/redland/parser.rb,
ruby/lib/rdf/redland/query.rb, ruby/lib/rdf/redland/serializer.rb,
ruby/lib/rdf/redland/store.rb: Apply patch to comment out .info
Fixes Issue#0000170
* python/ (QueryResults.__len__): Return 0 when the count
is not 0
Fixes Issue#0000166
* python/ (Node.__init__): Convert literals from Unicode to
UTF-8 for redland n=RDF.Node(literal= u'this is unicode') now works
Fixes Issue#0000147
* python/ (Model.add_statement): raise error if adding
statement fails.
* python/ (Query): Raise error if construction fails.
(Serializer): Default to none name, mime_type. Raise error if
construction fails.
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/parser.rb,
ruby/lib/rdf/redland/serializer.rb: Replace>'value') with>value)
in feature calls. Replace def feature=(uri,value) with def
setFeature(uri,value). Fixes Issue#0000140
* Update
2007-03-10 Dave Beckett <>
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/stream.rb: (Stream.create_finalizer) free
stream, not model
2007-02-17 Dave Beckett <>
* ruby/lib/rdf/redland/serializer.rb,
ruby/test/test_serializer.rb: (serializer.model_to_string): Fix
null base_uri (Patch from Jeff Dutton)