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Matahari provides QMF Agents that can be used to control and manage various pieces of functionality, using the AMQP protocol. The Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) is an open standard application layer protocol providing reliable transport of messages. QMF provides a modeling framework layer on top of qpid (which implements AMQP). This in…
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Matahari Agents Build and Install Instructions

Building from source

Step 1 - Install Build Dependencies

Matahari has build dependencies on the following packages:

  1. pcre-devel
  2. glib2-devel
  3. qmf
  4. qmf-devel
  5. qpid-cpp-client
  6. qpid-cpp-server
  7. qpid-cpp-client-devel
  8. qpid-cpp-server-devel
  9. sigar
  10. sigar-devel

Matahari requires that the following packages are installed at runtime for certain pieces of functionality to work:

  1. puppet, version 2.6.6 or above, required for the sysconfig agent
  2. dmidecode, required for the host agent

These packages may be available in your distribution. In Fedora 14, they can be installed via the yum command.

Step 2 - Build Matahari

user% make
user% cd
user% make
root# make install

Installing on Fedora 14 or later

Matahari is pre-packaged for Fedora 14 and later.

root# yum install matahari

Windows instructions

On your Fedora box first:

yum install mingw32-matahari

copy the /usr/share/matahari*/*iso to Windows machine.( or burn iso )
load iso/cd; run setup

Please see:

If you get stuck

Join the appropriate mailing lists for help with building or installing Matahari:

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