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Functional testing Java-EE applications
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Clone or download (as in "testify") is a lightweight functional testing framework for Java-EE applications.

By conveniently integrating a fully blown CDI implentation ( internally uses Weld, the CDI reference implementation) with much loved mocking frameworks like Mockito and EasyMock and proven database setup tools like Flyway and Liquibase it offers a natural way to write tests for your Java-EE application the same way you write your unit tests. And by integrating with test-runtimes like JUnit 4 & 5 or Cucumber JVM it allows you to run your tests directly from your preferred IDE and build tool - at speeds very close to unit-level testing.

Getting started

Getting started with is really easy. First you need to add to your project’s dependencies. In Maven this looks like the following snippet:


If you’re using Gradle, the snippet would look like this:

repositories {
dependencies {
	testCompile 'fi.testee:testeefi-junit4-all:0.6.1'
	testCompile 'ch.qos.logback:logback-classic:1.1.7'

All you need to do now is to annotate your JUnit 4 test case like this:

public class MyTest {
	private ExternalSystemBean externalSystem;
	private FacadeBean facadeToTest;
	public void runTest() {
		// Your test code

Introduction and tutorials

The series of blog articles "Functional testing Java-EE applications with" serves the purpose of introductory tutorials very well:

Example projects

There's also a number of example projects based on a Gradle build that demonstrate the usage of You can find them in a separate repository.

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