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Version 0.7.0
- Added websocket support to testeefi-rest
Version 0.6.1
- Classpath entry merging for IntelliJ IDEA 2017.2.3
Version 0.6.0
- Hibernate support
- Custom params for @TestData methods can be contributed via TestDataSetupAccessorFactories now
- Using JUnit 5 final now
- Experimental JMS testing
Version 0.5.3
- Fixed issue with globally enabled interceptors and mocks
Version 0.5.2
- Fixed classpath entry merging issues with Gradle 4 (found and fixed with 4.1)
- Using Gradle 4.1 for build
Version 0.5.1
- Support for @ApplicationPath values without leading '/'
Version 0.5.0
- Fixed issue with mocks for interfaces that are not in bean archives
- Fixed issue when @Injecting session beans via non-annotated interfaces
- Fixed injection of EJBs in base classes of EJBs
- Fixed issue when injecting EJBs with @EJB via one of their interfaces
- Vastly improved mocking
- Improved shutdown behavior when Cucumber test init fails
- Support for serving static resources via HTTP
Version 0.4.3
- Fixed issue in fi.testee.spi.base.BeanReplacementManager where new EJBs were instantiated on each call when being injected with @Inject
Version 0.4.2
- Fixed injection into fields with inherited classes / interfaces when using @ResourceRef
Version 0.4.1
- Fixed NPE when using @NoPostConstructFor plugin with JUnit 5
Version 0.4.0
- Vastly improved bean lifecycle management
- More usage of CDI internally
- Interceptors for @PostConstruct and @PreDestroy
- Using bytebuddy for proxying
- Support for @NoPostConstructFor method annotation for JUnit 4 & 5
- Support for @ResourceDef members
Version 0.3.0
- Improved bean lifecycle management
- Switched to using @PreDestroy for connection factory cleanup
- Testing of JAX-RS REST resources
Version 0.2.1
- Fixed issue where JARs with only entities would not be recognized as EJB archives
- Added changeLogFile property to @Liquibase annotation
Version 0.2.0
- Interceptor support
- Groovy for expressions now optional
- Cucumber JVM integration
- Fixed issue with mocking and @Produces methods
- Now invoking @PostConstruct methods of EJBs
- Injecting dummy instance for @Resource EJBContext
- Injection of @PersistenceContext into EJBs
- Upgraded to org.mockito:mockito-core:2.8.47
Version 0.1.0
- initial release