Simple, portable HTTP server for .NET based on HttpListener.
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SimpleHTTP - HTTP server for .NET
Lightweight HTTP server for .NET written based on System.Net.HttpListener. Supports partial file streaming, file caching (ETag), simple templating, single-pass form parsing (no temp file).

Tutorial: CodeProject article

Why SimpleHTTP ?

  • Lightweight
    No dependencies.

  • Simple
    There is only one relevant method Route.Add which associates a route with an action. Other methods are extensions on HttpListenerRequest and HttpListenerResponse classes. Zero configuration.


The snippets below demonstrate the most common functionality. For a demonstration of the all functionalities check the sample.

//rq - request, rp -response, args - arguments
//Route.Add(...) serves "GET" requests by default

//1) serve file (supports video streaming)
Route.Add("/{file}", (rq, rp, args) => rp.AsFile(rq, args["file"]));

//2) return text with a cookie if a path matches a condition
Route.Add((rq, args)     => rq.Url.LocalPath.ToLower().EndsWith("helloworld"), 
          (rq, rp, args) => rp.WithCookie("myCookie", "myContent")
                              .AsText("Hello world!"));

//3) parse body (fields and files)
Route.Add("/myForm/", (rq, rp, args) => 
    var files = rq.ParseBody(args);

    //save files
    foreach (var f in files.Values)

    //write form-fields
    foreach (var a in args)
       Console.WriteLine(a.Key + " " + a.Value);

//run the server
Server.ListenAsync(8000, CancellationToken.None, Route.OnHttpRequestAsync)

Related Libraries

WebSocketRPC library

How to Engage, Contribute and Provide Feedback

Remember: Your opinion is important and will define the future roadmap.

  • questions, comments - Github
  • spread the word

Final word

If you like the project please star it in order to help to spread the word. That way you will make the framework more significant and in the same time you will motivate me to improve it, so the benefit is mutual.