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Docker Drupal Redis Sentinel
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Docker Drupal Redis Sentinel

Installing and running “redis” seem to be enough to run Drupal with it - but sometimes you want to scale Redis for HA.

Tool named “redis-sentinel” provides “redis” services such as:

  • Monitoring: It can check master or slave services whether is working correctly and healthy or not.
  • Notification: It can notify when a service goes down.
  • Automatic Failover: It starts a failover scenario and assigns one of slaves as a master when master service goes down.
  • Configuration Provider: It can configure and share master service information when a new service is added to cluster.

Redis Sentinel Drupal Docker

What do I get with this Repo?

Following services are created using Docker:

  • Redis master: Master Redis Server
  • Redis slave: Slave Redis Server
  • Redis sentinel: Sentinel Server
  • Nginx: For Drupal
  • PHP: PHP FPM for Drupal
  • MySQL: For Drupal DB

Setup Drupal + Redis + Sentinels locally

Get this repo

git clone {this_repo}

Get Drupal

Composer install Drupal

Composer install Drupal into subdir called drupal.

composer create-project drupal-composer/drupal-project:8.x-dev drupal --no-interaction

Drupal Config


Run all services locally

Get it up

docker-compose up --build -d

Scale up Redis slaves & Sentinels

docker-compose scale slave=2 sentinel=3
Creating docker_redis_sentinel_slave_2 ... done
Starting docker_redis_sentinel_sentinel_1 ... done
Creating docker_redis_sentinel_sentinel_2 ... done
Creating docker_redis_sentinel_sentinel_3 ... done

Is it up?

docker-compose ps
              Name                            Command               State           Ports
docker_redis_sentinel_db_1 mysqld      Up>3306/tcp
docker_redis_sentinel_master_1 redis ...   Up      6379/tcp
docker_redis_sentinel_php_1        docker-php-entrypoint php-fpm    Up      9000/tcp
docker_redis_sentinel_sentinel_1                    Up      6379/tcp
docker_redis_sentinel_sentinel_2                    Up      6379/tcp
docker_redis_sentinel_sentinel_3                    Up      6379/tcp
docker_redis_sentinel_slave_1 redis ...   Up      6379/tcp
docker_redis_sentinel_slave_2 redis ...   Up      6379/tcp
docker_redis_sentinel_web_1        nginx -g daemon off;             Up>80/tcp


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