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Iain Crawford


    C++ Game Engine

    Updated May 30, 2016

    HTML 0 0

    Updated Aug 22, 2015

    JavaScript 0 0


    Oogaah is a relatively simple card game based on but with some modifications: each card now has a unique ability which adds another level of depth and strategy to the game.

    Updated Sep 8, 2013

    JavaScript 0 0


    Continuation (and improvement) of my game-off 2012 submission (

    Updated Jan 21, 2013

    JavaScript 1 1,371


    forked from github/game-off-2012

    Static Offensive - A TBS involving expendable worker units pushing and pulling immobile artillery units into firing positions with the ultimate aim of eliminating the enemy base. HTML5 Canvas and Javascript.

    Updated Dec 1, 2012

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