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import {sWorldUpdate} from "./World-Sinks-FRP";
import {S} from "utils/Utils";
import {Cell, TimerSystem, TimerSystemImpl, StreamSink, Operational, Stream} from "sodiumjs";
export interface Alarm {
cancel: () => void;
//tick on worker side is driven by requestAnimationFrame on the main side
export const sTick ={frameTs}) => frameTs);
//simple way to filter out functions that shouldn't fire until first tick
//currently just for local use in mapStreamTick but could have more purposes
const cMaybeTick =;
//Allows mixing in a timestamp to a stream
//Only fires after first tick (e.g. no bogus placeholder values)
export const mapStreamTick = <T>(sSource:Stream<T>):Stream<T & {ts: number}> =>
sSource.snapshot(cMaybeTick, (source, mTick) =>
(ts => Object.assign({}, source, {ts}))
.filter (S.isJust)
.map (S.maybe (undefined) (S.I));
//Creates a stream which fires after the seconds in cTime (if time is <0, it's not fired)
//Will re-fire when cTime changes
//Note that the actual time of firing is n, but it is filtered and mapped by frame tick
export const alarmUpdates = (cTime:Cell<number>) => {
const sSink = new StreamSink<{cancel: () => void}>();
let timerId = null;
const cancel = () => {
if(timerId !== null) {
timerId = null;
cTime.listen(n => {
if(n >= 0) {
timerId = setTimeout(() => sSink.send({cancel}), n);
return mapStreamTick(sSink);
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