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Version 3 of 'Switch Lights When Not at Home' with Raspberry Pi This is a much extended version of the old switcher that was published in 2015. It acts as a IoT Gateway.

This documentation describes a Raspberry Pi gadget that is used to switch lights or other appliances on/off when not at home. Up to 5 power outlets are supported, mutiple on/off sequences for every switch per day are possible. Switcher 3 supports the older 433Mhz outlets as well as the more modern Wi-Fi enabled outlets (Smart Switches) used in Smart Home applications. The sequence is repeated every week. Switching times (ON/OFF) for every power outlet are defined in an XML file. This version 3 of the Switcher supports the adjusting of switch times according to the week of the year.
XML file is parsed at start time. A external toggle-switch known as the ‚At Home switch‘ is used to stop switching lights when at home. Manual switching of outlets is also supported thereby overriding and suppressing the automated switching. A Flask-based webserver allows remote control of switcher3 with responsive webdesign. permits updating the home page in real time. All Code in Python. New Version uses Python logging with RotatingFileHandler.

Documentation and code on GitHub. Documentation (pdf, >35 pages in Docu folder) is in German, with English Abstract.

Free to use, modify, and distribute with proper attribution. Frei für jedermann, vollständige Quellangabe vorausgesetzt.


Switch Lights when not at home (version 3)






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