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Emacs minor mode for working with the python web framework pyramid
Emacs Lisp YASnippet
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Emacs minor mode for Pyramid

This package provides utilities for working with the python web framework pyramid.


You can install it from MELPA


  • Wrapper functions around the pyramid builtin p* scripts
    • pyramid-routes
    • pyramid-views
    • pyramid-tweens
    • pyramid-request
    • pyramid-distreport
    • pyramid-serve
    • pyramid-shell
  • Easily locate and jump to all your "pyramid things"
    • View definitions
    • Templates
    • Sqlalchemy models
    • Console scripts
    • Settings
  • Function to create a new pyramid project from cookiecutter templates
  • Run console scripts defined in your project
  • Add yasnippets for common pyramid tasks


pyramid-mode navigation

Use navigation features of pyramid-mode on a fresh tutorial project from the pyramid docs.

  • Find view
  • Find template
  • Find sqlalchemy model
  • Find settings

pyramid-mode pscripts

Show pyramid p*-script functions of pyramid-mode.

  • Show proutes (in tabulated list and jump to view)
  • Call ptweens
  • Select and call user console script
  • Call pserver


See the pyramid customization group for settings: M-x customize-group RET pyramid

To turn on pyramid-mode in all buffers that are pyramid projects use global-pyramid-mode. To detect if a file belongs to a pyramid project it's parent directories are searched for a file specified in the pyramid-settings variable which defaults to "development.ini".

For some actions (like getting a list of console_scripts and sqlalchemy models) pyramid.el needs to know the package name of the pyramid project so it can import modules from it. This is done by calling pyramid.paster.bootstrap which could be slow in some cases. To prevent this expensive call you can set the package name yourself with pyramid-package-name.


If you open file or directory related to the project, you should see Pyramid minor mode is activated for this buffer. Note, you should open project files over tramp method, if you use remote interpreter. For example, open /docker:root@container:/code/ instead of on the local host.

Project navigation

pyramid-keymap-prefix + uppercase letter is for the pyramid p... scripts like pserve, proutes etc.

pyramid-keymap-prefix + ! lets you select and run one of your personal scripts defined in your console_scripts entry point.

pyramid-keymap-prefix + lowercase letter is for navigation to quickly select and jump to views, templates, sqlalchemy models, etc.

Key Command
C-c ' D pyramid-distreport
C-c ' P pyramid-shell
C-c ' R pyramid-routes
C-c ' S pyramid-serve
C-c ' T pyramid-tweens
C-c ' V pyramid-views
C-c ' X pyramid-request
C-c ' ! pyramid-run-console-script
C-c ' c pyramid-find-console-script
C-c ' m pyramid-find-sqlalchemy-model
C-c ' s pyramid-find-settings
C-c ' t pyramid-find-template
C-c ' v pyramid-find-view


This package is inspired by and uses code from djangonaut. Check it out if you need a similar package for django.

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