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Emacs statusbar over the minibuffer with child frames
Emacs Lisp
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Emacs statusbar

Show a statusbar on the bottom right corner over the minibuffer area.

You can pull mode-line variables to be shown in the statusbar instead of the mode-line, display your own variables or show custom string.

If you use Emacs full-screen and have the frame split into multiple windows (or even use Emacs as your window manager with Exwm), the mode-line often shows information that's not specific to a certain window/buffer but yet are repeated every window and clutter the mode-line. E.g. org-mode-line-string, display-time-string, or battery-mode-line-string are such candidates.

statusbar removes them from your mode-line and only shows them once on the bottom-right over the minibuffer, which is most of the time empty anyway.


See the statusbar customization group for settings: M-x customize-group RET statusbar


statusbar defines a global minor mode and can be turned on and off with statusbar-mode.


This package is alpha and you certainly will find bugs. Please report issues on GitHub.

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