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Make error message clearer when a Clojure source file does not begin with ns form #1

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I've been trying out lein-clojuredocs on many of the Clojure contrib libs, and found the exception printed when this condition occurs to be fairly cryptic.


The main repo is now clojuredocs/cadastre.


Opened issue on main repo clojuredocs/cadastre, and it has been merged and closed.

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Showing with 12 additions and 6 deletions.
  1. +12 −6 src/cadastre/analyzer.clj
18 src/cadastre/analyzer.clj
@@ -118,12 +118,18 @@
(let [ns-dec (ns-file/read-file-ns-decl f)
ns-name (second ns-dec)]
(p (str "[+] Processing " (or ns-name f) "..."))
- (require ns-name)
- {(str ns-name) (->> ns-name
- ns-interns
- vals
- (map meta)
- (map munge-doc))})
+ (if (nil? ns-dec)
+ (do
+ (p (str "Unable to parse " f
+ " because it did not begin with ns form."))
+ {})
+ (do
+ (require ns-name)
+ {(str ns-name) (->> ns-name
+ ns-interns
+ vals
+ (map meta)
+ (map munge-doc))})))
(catch Exception e
(p (str "Unable to parse " f ": " e))
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