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(ns cheshire.custom
Methods used for extending JSON generation to different Java classes.
Has the same public API as core.clj so they can be swapped in and out."
(:use [cheshire.factory])
(:require [cheshire.core :as core]
[cheshire.generate :as generate])
(:import ( BufferedWriter ByteArrayOutputStream StringWriter)
(java.util Date SimpleTimeZone)
(java.text SimpleDateFormat)
(java.sql Timestamp)
( SmileFactory)
(com.fasterxml.jackson.core JsonFactory JsonGenerator
JsonGenerationException JsonParser)))
;;;;;; DEPRECATED, DO NOT USE ;;;;;;
;; date format rebound for custom encoding
(def ^{:dynamic true :private true} *date-format*)
;; pre-allocated exception for fast-failing core attempt for custom encoding
(def ^{:private true} core-failure (JsonGenerationException.
"Cannot custom JSON encode object"))
(defprotocol JSONable
(to-json [t jg]))
(defn encode*
(^String [obj]
(encode* obj nil))
(^String [obj opt-map]
(binding [*date-format* (or (:date-format opt-map) default-date-format)]
(let [sw (StringWriter.)
generator (.createJsonGenerator
^JsonFactory (or *json-factory* json-factory) sw)]
(when (:pretty opt-map)
(.useDefaultPrettyPrinter generator))
(when (:escape-non-ascii opt-map)
(.enable generator JsonGenerator$Feature/ESCAPE_NON_ASCII))
(if obj
(to-json obj generator)
(.writeNull generator))
(.flush generator)
(.toString sw)))))
(def encode encode*)
(core/copy-arglists encode encode*)
(defn encode-stream*
(^String [obj ^BufferedWriter w]
(encode-stream* obj w nil))
(^String [obj ^BufferedWriter w opt-map]
(binding [*date-format* (or (:date-format opt-map) default-date-format)]
(let [generator (.createJsonGenerator
^JsonFactory (or *json-factory* json-factory) w)]
(when (:pretty opt-map)
(.useDefaultPrettyPrinter generator))
(when (:escape-non-ascii opt-map)
(.enable generator JsonGenerator$Feature/ESCAPE_NON_ASCII))
(to-json obj generator)
(.flush generator)
(def encode-stream encode-stream*)
(core/copy-arglists encode-stream encode-stream*)
(defn encode-smile*
(^bytes [obj]
(encode-smile* obj nil))
(^bytes [obj opt-map]
(binding [*date-format* (or (:date-format opt-map) default-date-format)]
(let [baos (ByteArrayOutputStream.)
generator (.createJsonGenerator ^SmileFactory
(or *smile-factory* smile-factory)
(to-json obj generator)
(.flush generator)
(.toByteArray baos)))))
(def encode-smile encode-smile*)
(core/copy-arglists encode-smile encode-smile*)
;; there are no differences in parsing, but these are here to make
;; this a self-contained namespace if desired
(def parse core/decode)
(core/copy-arglists parse core/decode)
(def parse-string core/decode)
(core/copy-arglists parse-string core/decode)
(def parse-stream core/decode-stream)
(core/copy-arglists parse-stream core/decode-stream)
(def parse-smile core/decode-smile)
(core/copy-arglists parse-smile core/decode-smile)
(def parsed-seq core/parsed-seq)
(core/copy-arglists parsed-seq core/parsed-seq)
(def decode core/parse-string)
(core/copy-arglists decode core/parse-string)
(def decode-stream parse-stream)
(core/copy-arglists decode-stream core/parse-stream)
(def decode-smile parse-smile)
(core/copy-arglists decode-smile core/parse-smile)
;; aliases for encoding
(def generate-string encode*)
(core/copy-arglists generate-string encode*)
(def generate-string* encode*)
(core/copy-arglists generate-string* encode*)
(def generate-stream encode-stream*)
(core/copy-arglists generate-stream encode-stream*)
(def generate-stream* encode-stream*)
(core/copy-arglists generate-stream* encode-stream*)
(def generate-smile encode-smile*)
(core/copy-arglists generate-smile encode-smile*)
(def generate-smile* encode-smile*)
(core/copy-arglists generate-smile* encode-smile*)
;; Generic encoders, these can be used by someone writing a custom
;; encoder if so desired, after transforming an arbitrary data
;; structure into a clojure one, these can just be called.
(defn encode-nil
"Encode null to the json generator."
[_ ^JsonGenerator jg]
(.writeNull jg))
(defn encode-str
"Encode a string to the json generator."
[^String s ^JsonGenerator jg]
(.writeString jg (str s)))
(defn encode-number
"Encode anything implementing java.lang.Number to the json generator."
[^java.lang.Number n ^JsonGenerator jg]
(generate/encode-number n jg))
(defn encode-long
"Encode anything implementing java.lang.Number to the json generator."
[^Long n ^JsonGenerator jg]
(.writeNumber jg (long n)))
(defn encode-int
"Encode anything implementing java.lang.Number to the json generator."
[n ^JsonGenerator jg]
(.writeNumber jg (long n)))
(defn encode-ratio
"Encode a clojure.lang.Ratio to the json generator."
[^clojure.lang.Ratio n ^JsonGenerator jg]
(.writeNumber jg (double n)))
(defn encode-seq
"Encode a seq to the json generator."
[s ^JsonGenerator jg]
(.writeStartArray jg)
(doseq [i s]
(to-json i jg))
(.writeEndArray jg))
(defn encode-date
"Encode a date object to the json generator."
[^Date d ^JsonGenerator jg]
(let [sdf (SimpleDateFormat. *date-format*)]
(.setTimeZone sdf (SimpleTimeZone. 0 "UTC"))
(.writeString jg (.format sdf d))))
(defn encode-bool
"Encode a Boolean object to the json generator."
[^Boolean b ^JsonGenerator jg]
(.writeBoolean jg b))
(defn encode-named
"Encode a keyword to the json generator."
[^clojure.lang.Keyword k ^JsonGenerator jg]
(.writeString jg (if-let [ns (namespace k)]
(str ns "/" (name k))
(name k))))
(defn encode-map
"Encode a clojure map to the json generator."
[^clojure.lang.IPersistentMap m ^JsonGenerator jg]
(.writeStartObject jg)
(doseq [[k v] m]
(.writeFieldName jg (if (instance? clojure.lang.Keyword k)
(if-let [ns (namespace k)]
(str ns "/" (name k))
(name k))
(str k)))
(to-json v jg))
(.writeEndObject jg))
(defn encode-symbol
"Encode a clojure symbol to the json generator."
[^clojure.lang.Symbol s ^JsonGenerator jg]
(.writeString jg (str s)))
;; extended implementations for clojure datastructures
(extend nil
{:to-json encode-nil})
(extend java.lang.String
{:to-json encode-str})
;; This is lame, thanks for changing all the BigIntegers to BigInts
;; in 1.3 clojure/core :-/
(defmacro handle-bigint []
(when (not= {:major 1 :minor 2} (select-keys *clojure-version*
[:major :minor]))
`(extend clojure.lang.BigInt
{:to-json ~'(fn encode-bigint
[^clojure.lang.BigInt n ^JsonGenerator jg]
(.writeNumber jg (.toBigInteger n)))})))
(extend clojure.lang.Ratio
{:to-json encode-ratio})
(extend Long
{:to-json encode-long})
(extend Short
{:to-json encode-int})
(extend Byte
{:to-json encode-int})
(extend java.lang.Number
{:to-json encode-number})
(extend clojure.lang.ISeq
{:to-json encode-seq})
(extend clojure.lang.IPersistentVector
{:to-json encode-seq})
(extend clojure.lang.IPersistentSet
{:to-json encode-seq})
(extend clojure.lang.IPersistentList
{:to-json encode-seq})
(extend java.util.Date
{:to-json encode-date})
(extend java.sql.Timestamp
{:to-json #(encode-date (Date. (.getTime ^java.sql.Timestamp %1)) %2)})
(extend java.util.UUID
{:to-json encode-str})
(extend java.lang.Boolean
{:to-json encode-bool})
(extend clojure.lang.Keyword
{:to-json encode-named})
(extend clojure.lang.IPersistentMap
{:to-json encode-map})
(extend clojure.lang.Symbol
{:to-json encode-symbol})
(extend clojure.lang.Associative
{:to-json encode-map})
(extend java.util.Map
{:to-json encode-map})
(extend java.util.Set
{:to-json encode-seq})
(extend java.util.List
{:to-json encode-seq})
;; Utility methods to add and remove encoders
(defn add-encoder
"Provide an encoder for a type not handled by Cheshire.
ex. (add-encoder encode-string)
See encode-str, encode-map, etc, in the cheshire.custom
namespace for encoder examples."
[cls encoder]
(extend cls
{:to-json encoder}))
(defn remove-encoder
"Remove encoder for a given type.
ex. (remove-encoder"
(alter-var-root #'JSONable #(assoc % :impls (dissoc (:impls %) cls)))
(clojure.core/-reset-methods JSONable))
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