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(ns clojars.web.user
(:require [clojars.config :as config]
[clojars.db :refer [find-user group-membernames add-user
reserved-names update-user jars-by-username
find-groupnames find-user-by-user-or-email
rand-string split-keys]]
[clojars.web.common :refer [html-doc error-list jar-link
[clojure.string :refer [blank?]]
[hiccup.core :refer [h]]
[hiccup.element :refer [link-to unordered-list]]
[hiccup.form :refer [label text-field
password-field text-area
[ :refer [form-to]]
[ring.util.response :refer [response redirect]]
[valip.core :refer [validate]]
[valip.predicates :as pred])
(:import [org.apache.commons.mail SimpleEmail]))
(defn register-form [ & [errors email username ssh-key pgp-key]]
(html-doc nil "Register"
[:h1 "Register"]
(error-list errors)
(form-to [:post "/register"]
(label :email "Email:")
[:input {:type :email :name :email :id
:email :value email}]
(label :username "Username:")
(text-field :username username)
(label :password "Password:")
(password-field :password)
(label :confirm "Confirm password:")
(password-field :confirm)
(label :ssh-key "SSH public key:")
" (" (link-to
"what's this?") ")"
(text-area :ssh-key ssh-key)
[:p.hint "Entering multiple SSH keys? Put them on separate lines."]
(label :pgp-key "PGP public key:")
(text-area :pgp-key pgp-key)
(submit-button "Register"))))
(defn conj-when [coll test x]
(if test
(conj coll x)
(defn valid-pgp-key? [key]
(and (.startsWith key "-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----")
(.endsWith key "-----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----")))
(defn valid-ssh-key? [key]
(every? #(re-matches #"(ssh-\w+ \S+|\d+ \d+ \D+).*\s*" %) (split-keys key)))
(defn update-user-validations [confirm]
[[:email pred/present? "Email can't be blank"]
[:username #(re-matches #"[a-z0-9_-]+" %)
(str "Username must consist only of lowercase "
"letters, numbers, hyphens and underscores.")]
[:username pred/present? "Username can't be blank"]
[:password #(= % confirm) "Password and confirm password must match"]
[:ssh-key #(or (blank? %) (valid-ssh-key? %))
"Invalid SSH public key"]
[:pgp-key #(or (blank? %) (valid-pgp-key? %))
"Invalid PGP public key"]])
(defn new-user-validations [confirm]
(concat [[:password pred/present? "Password can't be blank"]
[:username #(not (or (reserved-names %)
(find-user %)
(seq (group-membernames %))))
"Username is already taken"]]
(update-user-validations confirm)))
(defn profile-form [account & [errors]]
(let [user (find-user account)]
(html-doc account "Profile"
[:h1 "Profile"]
(error-list errors)
(form-to [:post "/profile"]
(label :email "Email:")
[:input {:type :email :name :email :id
:email :value (user :email)}]
(label :password "Password:")
(password-field :password)
(label :confirm "Confirm password:")
(password-field :confirm)
(label :ssh-key "SSH public key:")
(text-area :ssh-key (user :ssh_key))
[:p.hint "Entering multiple SSH keys? Put them on separate lines."]
(label :pgp-key "PGP public key:")
(text-area :pgp-key (user :pgp_key))
(submit-button "Update")))))
(defn update-profile [account {:keys [email password confirm ssh-key pgp-key]}]
(let [pgp-key (and pgp-key (.trim pgp-key))]
(if-let [errors (apply validate {:email email
:username account
:password password
:ssh-key ssh-key
:pgp-key pgp-key}
(update-user-validations confirm))]
(profile-form account (apply concat (vals errors)))
(do (update-user account email account password ssh-key pgp-key)
(redirect "/profile")))))
(defn show-user [account user]
(html-doc account (h (user :user))
[:h1 (h (user :user))]
[:h2 "Jars"]
(unordered-list (map jar-link (jars-by-username (user :user))))
[:h2 "Groups"]
(unordered-list (map group-link (find-groupnames (user :user))))))
(defn forgot-password-form []
(html-doc nil "Forgot password?"
[:h1 "Forgot password?"]
(form-to [:post "/forgot-password"]
(label :email-or-username "Email or username:")
(text-field :email-or-username)
(submit-button "Send new password"))))
(defn ^{:dynamic true} send-out [email]
(.send email))
;; TODO: move this to another file?
(defn send-mail [to subject message]
(let [{:keys [hostname username password port ssl from]} (config/config :mail)
mail (doto (SimpleEmail.)
(.setHostName (or hostname "localhost"))
(.setSslSmtpPort (str (or port 25)))
(.setSmtpPort (or port 25))
(.setSSL (or ssl false))
(.setFrom (or from "") "Clojars")
(.addTo to)
(.setSubject subject)
(.setMsg message))]
(when (and username password)
(.setAuthentication mail username password))
(send-out mail)))
(defn forgot-password [{:keys [email-or-username]}]
(when-let [user (find-user-by-user-or-email email-or-username)]
(let [new-password (rand-string 15)]
(update-user (user :user) (user :email) (user :user) new-password
(user :ssh_key) (user :pgp_key))
(send-mail (user :email)
"Password reset for Clojars"
(str "Hello,\n\nYour new password for Clojars is: " new-password "\n\nKeep it safe this time."))))
(html-doc nil "Forgot password?"
[:h1 "Forgot password?"]
[:p "If your account was found, you should get an email with a new password soon."]))
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