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Nov 3 2010

  • need a xmpp conduit to re-enable xmpp support
  • will have to unify xmpp and irc pipelines

Nov 8 2010

  • real plugins, not developed in clojurebot
    • first attempt maybe agilezen (nice to have for work)
      • acutally maybe google plugin, since I have one in the clojurebot tree that works and it is super simple.
    • plugins need to be able to plugin into pipelines somehow
      • maybe a pipeline element that examines config and builds plugin pipes
    • how to load? if plugins live in a jar on the classpath, then not so nice for uberjar, can’t just java -jar clojurebot.jar
      • maybe give path in config, and use urlclassloader to load.
      • look in jars, or ??
      • what about plugin’s dependencies

Nov 9 2010

  • put all jars in plugin directory in URLClassLoader, then load plugin namespaces from that.
  • actually, maybe first try at a new plugin will be a hudson BUILD IT NOW plugin
  • build it now plugin for hudson done