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misc configuration files
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.aria2 Aria2 config
.config update zsh stuff, irb and emacs config
.elinks Many many emacs things
.emacs.d Fix exec-from-path
.lein Don't use a snapshot version of lein-bikeshed
.ncmpcpp Add ncmpcpp bindings
.newsbeuter Fixes for Linux
.vim Remove eclim from vim stuff
.vimperator misc!
.zsh.d Add missing xanadu file
bin Add keyboard fixing script
docs Initial squid config doc
images add images so people can see what things look like
privoxy privoxy settings
.autotest added autotest file and env variable for rspec testing
.cmd-key-happy.lua Allow CMD-\ through cmd-key-happy
.conkerorrc add conkeror config
.gitconfig Update gitconfig
.gitignore Ignore things that should be ignored
.globalrc Add .clj and .cljs files to global config
.important_commands ZSH config, you should go on a diet!
.irbrc a whole lot of things emacs and vim related
.mpd.conf Use software volume for mpd so it can be changed on OSX
.nsmcrc readded nsm console rc file and fixed some zsh errors
.pylintrc pylintrc changes
.pythonstartup add python repl startup file
.screenrc misc stuff
.tmux.conf Rewrite tmux configuration
.tmux.master.conf Rewrite tmux configuration
.tmux.osx.conf Rewrite tmux configuration
.tmux.shared.conf Rewrite tmux configuration
.vimperatorrc fix silly vimperator issue with home dir on OSX
.vimrc minor screen size tweaks
.vromerc add vromerc and few tweaks.
.zshenv Fix sourcing for exec-from-path
.zshrc Fix sourcing for exec-from-path Update readme and gather script
bootstrap Bootstrap elinks config
gather Rewrite tmux configuration
pdnsd.conf pdnsd conf changes
pdnsd.plist Changes to pdnsd configuration and plist
polipo.conf Update polipo configuration

A small collection of my configuration files and Emacs/Vim plugins

Tango terminal colors are recommended with a dark background. Unicode is used, so hopefully your terminal supports it.

See the images directory for an example of what some of the stuff looks like.

Bootstrap the config

curl -s | zsh

ZSH randomness:

Put important commands in ~/.important_commands and they'll always be in your backwards search history.

Instructions for using the Emacs stuff (requires Emacs 24):

  1. Move the .emacs.d directory to ~/.emacs.d
  2. Run emacs

Much package installing will commence. If there are errors, just keep running it until all the packages are installed.

You might need to start it and run package-list-packages to update the package list the first time.


My emacs config uses mu4e for email, ERC for IRC, twittering-mode for twitter and all kinds of goodies for clojure development. It requires manually calling the method mail in order to start the mail functionality. For IRC I use ERC, which can be started with the start-irc function.

All of the settings are in ~/.emacs.d/, and are tangled and then loaded from init.el in the same directory. This (hopefully) makes reading the configuration a bit easier.

I recommend you install ag for searching also and gpg for crypto stuff to get the full benefit.

Emacs themes

I my custom Emacs theme called dakrone-theme for dark background, and leuven for light-colored backgrounds (working outside).

To swap between them, change the line at the beginning of ~/.emacs.d/ that looks like:

;; Currently using dark-colored theme
;;(defvar my/background 'light)
(defvar my/background 'dark)

Polipo + pdnsd caching proxy

Loosely based on:


  • install polipo
  • install pdnsd
  • copy polipo.conf where it's needed, change the data directory and log file location
  • copy pdnsd.conf where it's needed, create the directories needed (running pdnsd will complain about where they are if they don't already exist)
  • set DNS to
  • set HTTP proxy to, port 8118


There's also some stuff for privoxy in here. Proxies all over the place!

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