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A small collection of my configuration files and Emacs/Vim plugins

Tango terminal colors are recommended with a dark background. Unicode is used, so hopefully your terminal supports it.

See the images directory for an example of what some of the stuff looks like.

ZSH randomness:

A random prompt pet is chosen, export PROMPT_PETS=("a" "b" "c" ...) to specify a list, or set PROMPT_PET explicitly to use that pet.

Instructions for using the Emacs stuff (requires Emacs 24):

  1. Move .emacs.d to ~/.emacs.d
  2. Rename ~/.emacs.d/hinmanm to ~/.emacs.d/
  3. find .emacs.d/elpa -name "*.el" | awk '{print "(byte-compile-file \"" $1 "\")";}' >> ~/runme.el
  4. find .emacs.d/ -name "*.el" | awk '{print "(byte-compile-file \"" $1 "\")";}' >> ~/runme.el
  5. emacs -batch -l ~/runme.el -kill
  6. ???
  7. Profit!
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