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readded nsm console rc file and fixed some zsh errors

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1 parent cc9d9ef commit e2ce986bdaf52c234e2fd2b6b3fb721a4b6be4dd @dakrone committed Nov 29, 2008
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  1. +1 −1 .nsmcrc
  2. +5 −12 .zshrc
2 .nsmcrc
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-set honeysnap HOST_LIST,,,
+#set honeysnap HOST_LIST,,,
# Aliases
alias ls = list
17 .zshrc
@@ -63,38 +63,31 @@ alias lr='ls -lR'
alias less='less -FRX'
alias grep='egrep -i --color=auto'
alias ..='cd ..'
-alias nsmc='cd ~/hex/hex/rawpacket-root/usr/home/analyzt/rp-NSM/nsm-console'
-alias archup='rsync -e "ssh -p 49007 -i /Users/hinmanm/.ssh/id_rsa_rawpacket -l rawpacket" -av archives'
-alias currup='rsync -e "ssh -p 49007 -i /Users/hinmanm/.ssh/id_rsa_rawpacket -l rawpacket" -av current'
+alias nsmc='cd ~/src/ruby/nsm-console'
alias serv='cat /etc/services | grep'
alias pg='ps aux | grep'
-alias nl='netstat -tlna | grep -v "stream|dgram"'
+alias nl='sudo netstat -tunapl'
alias dmesg='sudo dmesg'
-alias gv='cd /Volumes/VAULT/'
+alias gv='cd /media/VAULT/'
alias remhex='ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rawpacket dakrone@localhost -p 6666'
alias remblack='ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rawpacket hinmanm@localhost -p 7777'
alias scsetup='sudo socat -d -d TCP4-listen:6666,fork OPENSSL:hexbit:443,cert=host.pem,verify=0'
alias scsetup2='sudo socat -d -d TCP4-listen:7777,fork OPENSSL:blackex:443,cert=host.pem,verify=0'
-alias rbsync='rsync -artv "/Users/hinmanm/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music" /Volumes/ALTHALUS/Music/'
-alias msync='rsync -v -e "ssh" -r -d ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes\ Music/* hinmanm@dagger:~/Music/'
alias blackexprox='ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rawpacket -ND 9999 hinmanm@localhost -p 7777'
alias blackprox='ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rawpacket -ND 9999 hinmanm@black'
# aliases for MacVim
alias mvim='open -a MacVim'
-# use geektool-ps and geektool-network
+# use geektool-ps and geektool-network (only on Mac)
alias gps='geektool-ps'
alias gnw='geektool-network'
# use vim as a pager
alias vless=/usr/share/vim/vim72/macros/
# Don't resolv names in tcpdump
-alias tcpdump='tcpdump -n'
-# Use exuberant ctags
-#alias ctags='/usr/local/bin/ctags'
-# alias for starting synergy server
+alias tcpdump='tcpdump -ttttnnn'
### OPTIONS ###

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