Dakrone's custom light Emacs theme
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Dakrone’s Light Theme


This is my custom light theme, it’s a lot of blues, greens, and a bit of purple and brown. Feel free to open an issue if there’s a mode that looks ugly!

If you want to use it, it’s on MELPA, so you can use:

(use-package dakrone-light-theme
  :ensure t
  (load-theme 'dakrone-light t))

Or, to run from source, check it out somewhere and use:

(when (file-exists-p "/path/to/dakrone-light-theme")
  (add-to-list 'custom-theme-load-path
  (load-theme 'dakrone-light t))


Java https://cloud.githubusercontent.com/assets/19060/25566378/b9c12d3e-2d94-11e7-92e0-b0c82e9deb1e.png

Org-mode https://cloud.githubusercontent.com/assets/19060/25566380/b9c44a3c-2d94-11e7-996a-ccfb701a0684.png

Emacs Lisp https://cloud.githubusercontent.com/assets/19060/25566379/b9c410da-2d94-11e7-8498-521b4035c2bf.png

Haskell https://cloud.githubusercontent.com/assets/19060/25566382/b9c99eec-2d94-11e7-9ced-49a33d0d149d.png

Gnus https://cloud.githubusercontent.com/assets/19060/25566381/b9c77a0e-2d94-11e7-9051-1875ccdb0136.png