Clojure support for java.nio.
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Clojure support for java.nio.

Extends’s input-stream, output-stream, and copy functions to java.nio classes.

Defines new coercion functions buffer, byte-buffer, char-buffer, double-buffer, float-buffer, int-buffer, long-buffer, short-buffer, channel, readable-channel, and writable-channel. These functions are implemented for many of the Classes you would expect.

Also defines a function mmap to memory map a file.

Additionally, there are three functions buffer-seq, buffer-nth, and buffer-to-array intended to make it a little easier to integrate java.nio classes into Clojure. Hopefully, these will become obsolete by rolling their functionality into the clojure.core.


The recommended way to use nio at the REPL is:

(require '[nio.core :as nio])

And similarly for your ns imports.

There are coercion functions for java.nio.Buffer and java.nio.channels.Channel types:

(nio/char-buffer (nio/byte-buffer (into-array Byte/TYPE [0 102 111 111])))
(nio/char-buffer "a string")
(nio/channel (io/file "/home/paul/.bashrc"))
(nio/readable-channel (nio/buffer (into-array Byte/TYPE [1 2 3])))’s functions work as you’d expect:

(io/input-stream (nio/channel "/home/paul/.bashrc"))
(io/input-stream (nio/byte-buffer (.getBytes "/home/paul/.bashrc")))
(io/copy (nio/channel "/home/paul/.bashrc") (nio/channel "/home/paul/.bashrc.bak"))

Memory mapping a file

(mmap "/home/paul/.bashrc")

You can also call mmap on a File or FileChannel. The File or FileChannel may be closed without affecting the mapping.


Copyright (C) 2012 Paul Stadig.


Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as