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Version 0.7
DONE - \x33\x55 etc, done - decode hex now supports this automatically
DONE - Allow encode/decode to work on files instead of just a textstring
DONE - From Scholar: IP->ASN mapping, a module (ip2asn)
DONE - From Scholar: IP->ASN mapping, a command (ip2asn)
DONE - Upgrade revision of pcapparser library (support flags)
DONE - 'print' command should print TCP flags using newer revision of pcapparser library
SEMI-DONE - From Scholar: Some way to extract a list of IPs from a pcap (iplist)
DONE - Change "run" so you can use "run aimsnarf" to run the aimsnarf module without toggling, etc
DONE - Path error for modules when relative path is used, the full path to a file is now used (Grzegorz)
DONE - add 'iplist' command to get a list of IP addresses, sorted by numbers
DONE - Add yahsnarf module (extract yahoo IM conversations)
DONE - Need pipes into commands and files, this includes but is not limited to: > < >> | (All except for < are done)
DONE - Pipe redirection requires an extra enter to get a prompt, figure out why and fix it.
DONE - Tempfile problems with gzip'd pcap files, use a regular file instead
DONE - Add encoding method of just "hex" instead of hex_LSB and hex_MSB
DONE - 'decode hex' should work on space delineated strings
DONE - Default encode/decode for 'binary' is little-endian
DONE - geek00l committed bro-ids-connection information module
DONE - Automatic updating over SVN of NSM-Console
Version 0.6
DONE - rot13 encode/decode
DONE - Fix error with an alias handling arguments
DONE - Add 'dump' command, similar to print, dump binary payload of packet(s) to a file
DONE - Warning when file doesn't exist
DONE - Harimau attempts to use wget if it can, since it's about 10 times faster than Net::HTTP
DONE - Argus rdns lookups were killing the speed. Added '-n' so it doesn't do that by default
DONE - checkip tried to use wget if it's installed, should be much much faster
DONE - tcptrace doesn't do rdns lookups because it was dying, -n is the default now
DONE - fixed a typo in urlescape (en|de)coding, thanks John!
DONE - Add clamscan module
DONE - Use rawpacket's tcpxtract.conf instead of the regular one. (extract many many more types)
DONE - Add foremost module
DONE - let the clamscan module select which extraction dir it wants to look in (foremost? tcpxtract?)
DONE - Need to add "color on", instead of just off and toggle
DONE - Auto gunzip pcap files on the fly (only for .gz extensions) (doesn't work for directories)
DONE - Clean up the autogunzipping
DONE - Create the temp file in the NSM-Console directory, file is cleaned up on exit
DONE - Directories support gzip'd files for modules, print and dump
DONE (N/A)- dump doesn't like temp files, fix this -- doesn't matter any more, since gunzip the file once by default
DONE - gunzip once, not every time, silly me.
DONE - Separate the bro alarms and extracting the bro contents
DONE - Update Snort rules (community and emerging)
DONE - add "-f" tag to dump command to allow for full dumping of selected packets
DONE - Add the trace-summary module (
DONE - Fixed a serious bug with argument parsing for dump -f
Version 0.5
DONE - Alias command!
DONE - Change license of pcapparser
DONE - Add flowtime module
DONE - Make 'help' more readable
DONE - Allow 'help' to take argument so you specify help for what you want
DONE - Redirect error output to STDERR
DONE - Read ~/.nsmcrc much quieter :)
DONE - Alias handles concatinating of arguments (bugfix)
DONE - Add license to header in nsm file
DONE - Add aliases to tab completion without killing current completion
DONE - (bugfix) Aliases without arguments casting nil to string
DONE - Integrate IP checking with Mel's inline (instead of scriptable)
DONE - Add the 'checkip' command (check the Harimau watchlist)
DONE - Add harimau module
DONE - Make checkip command use Ruby modules (Net::HTTP) instead of wget
DONE - Give bro-ids option for user-settable cfg file
DONE - Make bro-ids do more things (like actually produce alerts :P)
DONE - Add some modules to better categories
DONE - Toggle handle space-separated module names
Version 0.4
DONE - uuencode/decode
DONE - Octal (just decoding so far)
DONE - Char # encoding
DONE - 'print #' shows packet # in tcpdump -X format, specify range, etc lots of options
DONE - print support directories
DONE - Fix "~" support (file support ~)
DONE - 'output' command support ~ also
DONE - Color terminal text whee!
DONE - Read .nsmcrc on startup
DONE - Fixed ^C usable for long packet prints works
DONE - Finally caught ^C at the command line, so it doesn't die like crazy
DONE - print supports commas: p 1,20-25,101
DONE - Add tcptrace module
DONE - 'color' command to toggle color on and off
DONE - Add tcpick module
DONE - Screencast: creating a module for nsm-console
Version 0.3
DONE - Strip whitespace from the end of the command
DONE - Allow "set" to handle whitespace between words/characters
DONE (NoMethodFound error caught)- Better handling of "Command not found"
DONE - Ability to specify a different log file
DONE - Category dies completely if it can't read the file (fix this)
DONE (I think) - Better error catching
DONE - Fix 'help' command spacing
DONE - "exec" command logs
DONE - "exec" command will do replacement for ${PCAP_FILE}, ${PCAP_BASE}, ${MODULE_DIR} and ${OUTPUT_DIR}
DONE - Add iploc module
DONE - fl0p module
DONE - Add website reference to each module's info file
DONE - Log regular nsm-console commands
DONE - Add "history" command
DONE - Transition into a more OO-based structure to promote future development
DONE - Log exit status of modules running
DONE - Do replacement in outputdir (so ${PCAP_FILE} can be used)
DONE - Add 'argus' module with many ra commands from the flow
DONE - Snort emerging-threats rules? Should I replace the community rules with these?
DONE - Default output ${PCAP_BASE}-output
DONE - Licensing BSD vs GPLv2, BSD
DONE - Add "e" command as shortcut for exec
DONE - Add eval command to eval line of ruby
DONE - Add encode/decode methods to tab completion
DONE - Add PCAP_* to tab completion
DONE - Add 'credits' command :)
DONE - "encode" command
DONE - "decode" command
DONE - base64
DONE - md5
DONE - sha256
DONE - url escape
DONE - hex? LSB and MSB
DONE - binary? LSB and MSB
Version 0.2
No changelog before this