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- More modules (always)
- Fix bugs (always :)
- Different logging levels
- morse code -.--...-.- .-- .-..-.. ---..-- encode/decode
- leet? Whoops, I mean "l337" encode
- NTLM v1 & v2 encode
- LANMAN? encode
- CHAP? encode
- Piglatin :P encode/decode
- Rainbow tables encode/decode (Enhanced is working on this)
- Ruby module for generating traffic graphs? (gruff)
- Blog post/tutorial: putting a module in a category for nsm-console
- Screencast: creating a command for nsm-console
- Context-sensative tab completion
- Create coherent code. Comment things (big project)
- Some kind of unified output structure (?)
N/A - Guti - run -h addition to help run (not doing this because 'help' command is enable in my opinion)
- make clamscan module do the tcpxtract itself, or write some way to include dependencies
- perhaps implement scruby integration? (or scapy, if nothing else)
- Add a class to handle option variables, like "NSM_Option", instead of using global variables
- Extend pcapparser to support ARP
- Extend pcapparser to support ICMP
- From Scholar: readline tab-completion for filenames
- Extend 'iplist' command to handle directories of files
- Perhaps add an additional option for what to do with the list? (ip2asn, harimau)
- Add 'stats' command for some generic pcap stats
- Piping something into 'less' gives a broken pipe when you exit
- Transition Argus modules to be 3, or 2, or both, 3 is preferred.
- SiLKtools integration (see below)
- Improve the prompt (show basename of the pcap being worked on)
DONE - pcapparser supports NULL ethernet types (thanks bsdjunkie)
DONE - Fix very serious p -x bug where hex output was truncated.
DONE - make 'update' work correctly
DONE - Add '-f' flag to print command to display full packet, not just payload
DONE - Fix p -x formatting on truncated strings
- Make EVERYTHING work on directories of files
- Ability to print arbitrary fields of packets (or a range thereof)
DONE - 'list' command can filter things out, like "list all" and "list enabled" and "list disabled" ('list en' and 'list dis' shorthand)
DONE - Add dnstop module
- Add unicode encoding support
DONE - Fix weird alias problem ("ll en" w/my ./nsmcrc)
DONE - Add ability to use -q to start nsm console quietly
DONE - Fix 'dump * file' (have to use "dump 1-* file" right now)
DONE - Abstract alias resolving to the NSM_Alias class
DONE - Abstract logging methods into Logger class
DONE - Small amount of code cleanup and reorganization to make code more readable
- Add "HOME_NET" declaration for modules that would support that sort of value.
- Make nsm-console work with ruby 1.8 and 1.9
DONE - vim modelines
DONE - "dump" command supports directories
- Allow "dump -f" to dump packets regardless of supported protocol or not
DONE - "iplist" command needs to support directories of pcap files
- Rewrite pcapparser to use Ruby's builtin BinData so it's easier to extend
DONE - Expand ~ for modload command
DONE - Make nsm-console "installable" to a different directory, rather than running it out of the distribution dir.
DONE - Fixed error in iplist where the ips were not listed due to uninitialized array.
- A copy of the run log (PLUS OUTPUT) should go in ${OUTPUT_DIR}. Use IO.popen to grab output
iplist mode, entered using an "iplist" command, so it would follow:
nsm> iplist
nsm (iplist)>
nsm (iplist)> cidr (to get cidr masks)
nsm (iplist)> list [file] (list them to stdout or a file)
nsm (iplist)> harimau (check against harimau)
nsm (iplist)> asn (map IPs to asn)
nsm (iplist)> stats (show rudimentary statistics)
nsm (iplist)> end
caching the list of ips generated using pcapparser, so that data could be exported to different
tools, without regeneration. Give optional filename to save to a file and also show on stdout.
P.S. This was/is Scholar's idea, he gets credit
For silktools integration, I propose a moded implementation, similar to the
iplist idea or IOS configure modes:
nsm> file data.pcap
... loads file ...
nsm> silk
Generating silk flow file...done.
nsm (silk)> stats
... print overall statistics ...
nsm (silk)> stats -sport 2
(rwstats -sport --percentage 2
... etc, etc, etc ...
nsm (silk)> end
Need to implement this in a unified fashion, so it makes conceptual sense. This
will probably also be difficult to implement. It should be separated so that
not having silktools installed will still allow all other functionality (other
than silk)
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