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; Index of Coincidence
(use '[ :only (reader file-str)])
(use '[clojure.contrib.str-utils2 :only (join)])
(defn ioc-base
"Returns the Index of Coincidence for a given shift and list of
numbers as a percentage."
[s n]
(let [pairs (partition s 1 n)
size (count n)]
;(println pairs)
(float (* 100 (/ (reduce + (map #(if (= (first %) (last %)) 1 0) pairs)) size)))))
(defn ioc-string
[shift string]
(ioc-base (inc shift) (partition 1 string)))
; Reading bytes
(defn bytes
"Returns all bytes from rdr as a lazy sequence."
(let [res (. rdr read)]
(if (= res -1)
(do (. rdr close) nil)
(lazy-seq (cons (str (char res)) (bytes rdr))))))
(defn ioc-file
"Prints the IoC for a given filename."
(print (str "The IoC of " filename " is: "))
(with-open [r (reader (file-str (str filename)))]
(println (ioc-string 1 (join "" (bytes r)))))) ;; hardcoded shift of 5
(if (not (empty? *command-line-args*))
(doseq [file *command-line-args*]
(time (ioc-file file)))
(println "Please specify 1 or more file(s)."))
; ./ioc.clj -- lipsum.txt