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; Attempt to fetch the weather from
;<?xml version="1.0"?>
; <txt_forecast>
; <date>3:45 AM CST</date>
; <number>2</number>
; <forecastday>
; <period>1</period>
; <icon>partlycloudy</icon>
; <title>Today</title>
; <fcttext>Partly cloudy in the morning becoming mostly sunny. Scattered flurries in the morning. Highs in the upper 20s. Lowest wind chill readings 1 below to 9 above zero in the morning. West winds 10 to 15 mph.</fcttext>
; </forecastday>
; <forecastday>
; <period>2</period>
; <icon>nt_sunny</icon>
; <title>Tonight</title>
; <fcttext>Mostly clear. Lows 16 to 20...except in the lower 20s downtown. Light and variable winds in the evening becoming south around 10 mph after midnight. </fcttext>
; </forecastday>
; </txt_forecast>
;... many other things ...
(ns wunderground
(:use []
(:require [ :as zip]
[clojure.xml :as xml]))
(def *api* "")
(defn get-forecast
(let [url (str *api* zipcode)
feed (zip/xml-zip (xml/parse url))]
(xml-> feed :txt_forecast :forecastday :fcttext text)))
(defn get-now-forecast
(first (get-forecast zipcode)))
(defn get-later-forecast
(second (get-forecast zipcode)))
(get-forecast "80602")
(get-now-forecast "80602")
(get-later-forecast "80602")