Stream-to-stream JSON string escaping
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Tigris provides a stream for escaping json strings as they're being read from a different stream. So stream-to-stream string encoding.

Only a single string though. It's pretty narrow-use.

It's written in Java with a tiny Clojure wrapper because the Clojure version is pretty complicated (and buggy!). And because testing Java sucks.


In project.clj

[tigris "0.1.1"]

Tigris provides one method: str-escaping-input-stream.

  (:require [ :refer :all]
            [tigris.core :refer :all]))

(def f (input-stream (file "/tmp/largestring.txt")))

(def json-stream (str-escaping-input-stream f))

(slurp json-stream)


Copyright © 2013 Matthew Lee Hinman

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.