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Vrome --
######## Features
### Zoom
[count]zi zoom in
[count]zo zoom out
[count]zm zoom more
[count]zr zoom reduce
zz zoom reset
[count]zI Enlarge full zoom of current web page. Mnemonic: zoom in.
[count]zM Enlarge full zoom of current web page by a larger amount. Mnemonic: zoom more.
[count]zO Reduce full zoom of current web page. Mnemonic: zoom out.
[count]zR Reduce full zoom of current web page by a larger amount.Mnemonic: zoom reduce.
zZ Set full zoom value of current web page to 100%.
### Page
]] next page
[[ prev page
Y copy selected text
### Url
[count]C-a Increment last number in URL
[count]C-x Decrement last number in URL
[count]gu Go to the parent directory.
gU Go to the root of the web site.
gf view page source
o Open one or more URLs in the current tab,multiple urls can be separated with ", " Note that the space after the comma is required.
O Show an :open prompt containing the current URL.
t Just like :open but also uses a new tab for the first URL.
T Show an :tabopen prompt containing the current URL.
### Scroll
gg scroll to top
G scroll to bottom
0 scroll to first
$ scroll to last
[count]k scroll up
[count]j scroll down
[count]h scroll left
[count]l scroll right
[count]% scroll to percent [count]%
[count]C-f scroll to next page
[count]C-b scroll to prev page
[count]C-d scroll to next half page
[count]C-u scroll to prev half page
### Tab
r Tab.reload
R Reload all tabs
d Tab.close
[count]u undo closing of a tab
[count]C-p prev Tab
[count]C-n next Tab
[count]gt next Tab
[count]gT prev Tab
y copy current url
g0/g^ Switch to the first tab.
g$ Switch to the last tab.
C-^ Select the previously tab.
### History
[count]H History.back
[count]L History.forward
[count]C-o History.back
[count]C-i History.forward
### Hint
f start QuickHint mode
F start QuickHint mode,but open link in a new tab.
### Search
/ forward search
? backward search
[count]n find next ( out input box )
[count]N find previous ( out input box )
Enter find next ( in input box )
S-Enter find previous ( in input box )
* Search forward for the selected words
# Search backward for the selected words
[count]gi focus the first input box in the current page
C-z disable Vrome temporary
C-v pass through next key
[count]. Repeat the last command
### Insert Mode
Esc blur focus
C-[ blur focus
C-a move to first words or select all
C-e move to end
C-d delete forward char
C-h delete backward char
C-w delete backward word
M-d delete forward word
C-u delete backward to the beginning of the line.
C-k delete forward to the end of the line.
M-h move back a word
M-l move forward a word
M-j move back a char
M-k move forward a char
feel free to concact me to ask questions/ report bugs/ request features about Vrome.
You can find me here,
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