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Paymo 3 Plus Linker for Linux
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Paymo3 Plus - Linux

Paymo 3 Plus Linker for Linux

An application developed for linking time to - just like how you would do on Windows OS by using Paymo Plus Time Tracker. The main purpose to build this application is for those who are using Paymo but working on Linux.

###Dependencies ######pymouse: However, the dependancy pymouse has is xlib, which you need to download from here

and then execute the following command to install

sudo apt-get install python-pip
sudo pip install python-xlib.tar.gz
sudo pip install pymouse

Once all dependancies are installed, you can start using the application.

Just start the "" by typing following command

Once you start the watcher, It will generate the timesheet CSV and will update automatically.

Once you finish the work, stop the watcher, and open the "index.html" - which is AngularJS application that communicate with Paymo through API. You will need the API key of your account from Paymo and timesheet generated by watcher.

Enjoy the application.

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