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daktak's gentoo overlay
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added purple-line dep

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layman authored
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app-admin/whack-run repoman updates
app-emulation/RemoteBox changes recommened by repoman
app-misc changed permissions
dev-php repoman updates
dev-python repoman updates
dev-util added purple-line
dev-vcs/githubup added githubup
games-misc/tobiassay modified tobiassay
gnome-extra/gnome-screensaver added gnome-screensaver
mail-client/davmail-bin davmail update
media-gfx/splashutils removed unmaintaned and outdated ebuilds
media-libs/libhashab seems sensitive to CFLAGS
media-plugins changes recommened by repoman
media-sound added rockboxutil
media-tv/kodi added kodi 15.1
media-video repoman updates
metadata added layout
net-im added purple-line dep
net-misc added new icaclient
net-nntp Change owner to sickrage /usr/share/sickrage
net-p2p added i2p
profiles changed permissions
www-apps newer portag
www-servers/woof changed permissions
x11-misc/dex fix for dex
x11-plugins added version
x11-themes/elegance-colors repoman updates
COPYING.txt changed perms added README
layman.xml added layman files
repositories.xml added layman files


This gentoo overlay is largley meant to work along side the soehest overlay and contains ebuilds relating to maintaining a gentoo based xbmc htpc.

Although I push updates to sabnzbd etc if I get impatient.

# layman -f -o -a daktak
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