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JCUnit is a project to provide a general purpose Java testing framework based on combinatorial testing technique.

The product is able to test various products from libraries to applications and various phases from unit testing to system testing. But product specific features and phase specific features are not in focus of it and they should be provided outside this product, e.g., Log collection mechanism, which will be useful for system testing, or adapters for web applications will not be included in this product. Please refer to Design policy for more detail.

This work was presented at ICST2017(IEEE International Conference on Software Testing 2017) and paper about it is found here.

Release plan

As a convention, development releases are versioned n.{odd number}.x, where various enhancements and specification changes incompatible with a previous stable version can happen (, author tries to keep JCUnit compatible with it, though). While n.{even number}.x are stable ones, where only bug fixes will be made. But 0.8.x ones are development versions.

Version Release item Target date
1.0.x Stable versions 1.0.0 - Nov/2017
0.8.x Development versions 0.8.12+ - as needed
0.7.x Development versions 0.7.0 - Aug/2016
0.7.1+ - as needed
0.6.x Stable versions
- 0.6.0 - Coverage report #10 Dec/2015 -> Feb/2016 -> Early Mar/2016 -> Mar/3/2016(done)
- Generated test suite reusability #19
- "Smart" negative test generation feature #49
0.5.x Development versions Continually released
- 0.5.5 - See release history Oct/25/2015(done)
- 0.5.4 - See release history Oct/5/2015(done)

Revised on Aug/30/2017.

Release history


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