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0.6.x manual 06.Reusing a generated test suite

Hiroshi Ukai edited this page Mar 3, 2016 · 3 revisions

Reusing a generated test suite

Pairwise test generation can be very time consuming when there are many factors. If you have 100 factors, it is common to take 10 minutes to generate a test suite.

And JCUnit is designed to generate exactly the same test suite as long as the same factors and their levels are given.

Then, why don't we save test suite to a file and reuse it the next time?

If you set a system property jcunit.reusetestsuite to true, JCUnit reuses a generated test suite from the next time you run the same test class.

The file is stored under a base directory of JCUnit, which can be configured through another system property jcunit.basedir and its default is .jcunit/ right under current directory.

File name of the file looks like following.

   {jcunit.basedir}/testsuites/{FQCN of your class}/testsuite.dat


This feature is using Java's object serialization feature. FactorFields need to be Serializable types.

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