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  • so far just for vim, managed by vundle
  • there is also a distinct Haskell development bias


  • For managing all of this
    • vundle
  • General vim goodness
    • ctrlp
    • nerdtree
    • nerdcommenter
    • syntastic
    • vim-surround
    • vim-colorschemes
    • vim-airline
    • vim-gitgutter
  • For great haskell
    • vim2hs
    • haskellFoldIndent
    • neco-ghc
    • ghcmod-vim

There are also various plugins used as dependencies of the above. The .vimrc file has the details.



bash .vim/bundle/

which will install various dependencies and build the fragments of the vim plugins that require compilation.

This assumes that you have cabal installed. It's probably a good idea to review the script before running it.

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