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Prometheus exporter for SoftEther VPN server

Actions Status


Exported Metrics

metric description labels
softether_up The last query is successful hub
softether_online Hub is online hub
softether_sessions Number of sessions hub
softether_sessions_client Number of client sessions hub
softether_sessions_bridge Number of bridge sessions hub
softether_users Number of users hub
softether_groups Number of groups hub
softether_mac_tables Number of entries in MAC table hub
softether_ip_tables Number of entries in IP table hub
softether_logins Number of logins hub
softether_outgoing_unicast_packets Outgoing unicast transfer in packets hub
softether_outgoing_unicast_bytes Outgoing unicast transfer in bytes hub
softether_outgoing_broadcast_packets Outgoing broadcast transfer in packets hub
softether_outgoing_broadcast_bytes Outgoing broadcast transfer in bytes hub
softether_incoming_unicast_packets Incoming unicast transfer in packets hub
softether_incoming_unicast_bytes Incoming unicast transfer in bytes hub
softether_incoming_broadcast_packets Incoming broadcast transfer in packets hub
softether_incoming_broadcast_bytes Incoming broadcast transfer in bytes hub
softether_build_info softether_exporter Build information version, revision, rustversion
softether_user_transfer_packets User transfer in packets hub, user
softether_user_transfer_bytes User transfer in bytes hub, user

Query Example

Outgoing unicast packet rate of HUB1 is below.


Grafana Dashboard

SoftEther VPN


Download from release page, and extract to any directory ( e.g. /usr/local/bin ). See the example files in example directory as below.

File Description
example/softether_exporter.service systemd unit file
example/config.toml softether_exporter config file

If the release build doesn't fit your environment, you can build and install from source code.

cargo install softether_exporter


softether_exporter uses vpncmd or vpncmd.exe to access SoftEther VPN server. The binary can be got from SoftEther VPN Download.


softether_exporter 0.1.5

    softether_exporter [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] --config.file <config>

    -v, --verbose    Show verbose message
    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -V, --version    Prints version information

        --web.listen-address <listen-address>
            Address on which to expose metrics and web interface [default: :9411]

        --config.file <config>                   Config file

The format of <config> is below.

vpncmd = "/usr/local/bin/vpncmd" # path to vpncmd binary
server = "localhost:8888"        # address:port of SoftEther VPN server

name     = "HUB1" # HUB name
password = "xxx"  # HUB password

name     = "HUB2"
password = "yyy"