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SystemVerilog linter
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SystemVerilog linter

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Download binary

Download from release page, and extract to the directory in PATH.


You can install from snapcraft

sudo snap install svlint


You can install by cargo.

cargo install svlint



First of all, you must put a configuration file .svlint.toml to specify enabled rules. Configuration file is searched to the upper directory until /. So you can put configuration file (.svlint.toml) on the repository root like .gitignore.

The example of configuration file is below:

exclude_paths = ["ip/.*"]

non_ansi_module = true
wire_reg = true

The complete example can be generated by svlint --example

[option] section

exclude_paths is a list of regular expression. If a file path is matched with the list, the file is skipped to check.

[rules] section

By default, all rules are disabled. If you want to enable some rules, true can be specified.

Configuration update

If svlint is updated, .svlint.toml can be updated to the latest version by svlint --update.


All rules are here. Suggesting a new rule through Issues or Pull requests is welcome.


svlint supports rule plugin. A sample project is below:


svlint supports filelist like major EDA tools. The following features are supported.

  • Substitute environment variables
  • Specify include directories by +incdir
  • Define Verilog define by +define
  • Include other filelists by -f

An example is below:
-f other.f


svlint 0.2.12

    svlint [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] <files>...

        --example    Prints config example
    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -s, --silent     Suppresses message
    -1               Prints results by single line
        --update     Updates config
    -V, --version    Prints version information
    -v, --verbose    Prints verbose message

    -c, --config <config>           Config file [default: .svlint.toml]
    -d, --define <defines>...       Define
    -f, --filelist <filelist>...    File list
    -i, --include <includes>...     Include path
    -p, --plugin <plugins>...       Plugin file

    <files>...    Source file
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