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A 3d printable aeromod for your first gen Nissan Leaf (2011-2017)
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A 3d printable aeromod for your first gen Nissan Leaf (2011-2017)

alt text

Gone are the days of using tape to achieve an aero grille block!

Reduce the aero drag of your Nissan Leaf with this modular grille blocker! Lowers consumption, makes you go further on a single charge!

Confirmed working with 2013-2017 AZE0, should also work on 2011-2012 ZE0, please report back!

Printer notes: Tested with both PLA and PETG. Should also work well with ABS. Split into 4 sections, you need a printer capable of 18cm width

The hooks are extremely important, so use slow speed or really hot temp with PETG, there is a tradeoff with stringing/layer adhesion, but always prioritize adhesion on this component.

Always print in black for a stealthy look ;)

How to install after printing, sections are numbered alt text

Design by Dala's EV Repair

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