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Nissan LEAF CAN bus messages (in .DBC format!)

This is an evolution of the spreadsheet found at

Proper CAN database files are also found in this repository along with the original excel spreadsheet. The .dbc files are easier to use when working with CAN messages. Please note that there are major differences between ZE0,AZEO and ZE1 LEAFs

Please fork the repo and make changes in your repo before creating a pullrequest, or message me if you have some CAN findings to share.

LEAF generations explained

  • Gen1 2010-2012, ZE0 (24kWh, electrical handbrake, EM61 motor, 24kWh LMO "Canary" chemistry 392V max charge)
  • Gen2 2013-2014, AZE0-0 (24kWh, foot operated handbrake, EM57 motor, LMO "Wolf" chemistry 396V max charge)
  • Gen2.5 2013-2014, AZE0-1 (24kWh, foot operated handbrake, EM57 motor, LMO "Lizard" chemistry 396V max charge)
  • Gen3 2016-2017, AZE0-2 (30kWh, foot operated handbrake, EM57 motor, NMC 396V)
  • Gen4 2018- , ZE1 (facelifted exterior, EM57 motor 110kW, 40kWh NMC 404V)
  • Gen5 2019- , ZE1 e+ (facelifted exterior, EM57 motor 160kW, 62kWh NMC 404V)

How to browse the database?

Download 'Kvaser Database Editor 3' With this tool you can open the .DBC files and explore the frames and the position of the data inside the frame. alt text

DBC files are also extremely useful for reverse engineering, if you playback a CAN log these files can be used directly for translating the data.

Some notes about CRC/CSUM/MPRUN

Nissan places a few error checking methods into the communication. This video explains the functions of these: IMAGE ALT TEXT HERE

What about active CAN-polling?

Actively asking the different control units for info is another thing. The database files here won't help you (those are for passive listening), but here is a list of the different control units query and response IDs. Please note that the availability of the control modules varies depending on model year (Only ZE0 has 'Shift' module for instance)

Control Unit ID Query ID Response
Consult3+ 0x7D2
VCM 0x797 0x79A
BCM 0x745 0x765
ABS 0x740 0x760
LBC(BMS) 0x79B 0x7BB
INVERTER/MC 0x784 0x78C
M&A (Meter) 0x743 0x763
HVAC 0x744 0x764
VSP 0x73F 0x761
EPS 0x742
TCU 0x746
Multi AV 0x747
IPDM E/R 0x74D
AIRBAG 0x752
CHARGER 0x792 0x793
SHIFT 0x79D 0x7BD
AVM 0x7B7

List on ZE1 (2018+) CAN polling:

Here's an example of a request, checking which gear is selected from the VCM:

Description: Gear position (1=Park, 2=Reverse, 3=Neutral, 4=Drive, 7=Eco). The fifth reply byte value is the gear value. In the example gear is 1.

Query: 0x797 03 22 11 56 00 00 00 00

Answer: 0x79A 04 62 11 56 01 00 00 00


LEAF CAN bus message decoding with proper database files







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