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@dalboris dalboris released this Jan 7, 2020

New Features:

  • Layers
  • SVG import
  • Better support of HiDPI displays (e.g.. Mac Retina)

Release Notes:

  • Based on Qt 5.12.6.
  • Unlike VPaint 1.6, only 64bit versions of Windows are supported.
  • VPaint now uses QOpenGLWidget instead of the deprecated QGLWidget. This required to alter some parts of the OpenGL architecture, affecting performance and/or anti-aliasing. Depending on your system, this might be better than VPaint 1.6, or it might be worse, unfortunately :(
  • The look of the view settings was harmonized between macOS and Linux/Windows.
  • We now provide an AppImage for Linux! It was compiled on Ubuntu 16.04, so it should work on most recent Linux distros (but not on Ubuntu 15.10 or older).
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