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This is a small library that produces grid papers. The resulting paper either contains actual grids or have dots at the vertices.

This is intended to be compiled into web assembly and used via a browser. A live version can be found at

The only dependency (apart from wasm-bindgen) is flate2, which is used to produce compressed pdf files. This dependency can be easily removed at the expense of large file sizes. The difference is somewhat significant when producing large dotted papers --- to produce an X by Y grid, we need to draw X + Y lines, but to produce the corresponding dotted paper, we need to draw XY dots.


Compiling requires cargo to be installed. Once it is installed, run

 $ ./

to compile. The compiled web assembly file will be written into dist/. The directory dist/ should then be served via a web server. Be sure to use a web server that uses the correct MIME type for webassembly files, e.g. emrun. To serve with Apache, add the following line to .htaccess.

AddType application/wasm .wasm


The pdf part of the code is based on rust-pdf

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