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Alexa Skills List

A complete list of all available Alexa Skills

Total Skills Available: 5817

Digital Warhound

There are no example interactions for this skill.


'We Are' Cheer

Alexa, start the We Are cheer

Alexa leads you in the iconic 'We Are' cheer.

"Coffee and Daisies" Trivia

Alexa, open Coffee Talk Trivia

Test your knowledge of fun trivia from this awesome hit show.

"Rub & Miri" Trivia

Alexa Open rub n. miri trivia

A trivia of Rub & Miri for Alexa


Alexa Ask Frontpage top six

Ask Trending on Reddit for the top ten titles from the front page


There are no example interactions for this skill.



Alexa ask 1-800-Flowers to order Becky flowers

Quickly order flowers for contacts in your 1-800-Flowers account.

1-Minute Mindfulness

Alexa, Ask Mindfulness for a minute meditation.

1-Minute Mindfulness from Walking Affirmations is a skill that allows you to take a break from the world around you & enter into a one minute sound meditation.

10 Facts about Germany

Alexa, open germany facts

This skill contains 10 facts about Germany

13 Month Cal

Alexa, ask 13 Month Cal for the date

Get today's date on the 13 Month Cal!

15-122 Queue Times

Alexa, ask the queue, what is the average wait time?

Ask Alexa about the average wait time on the CMU 15-122 Office Hours Queue.

1980s Movie Quotes

Alexa, launch movie quotes and tell me a movie quote

Provides a 1980s movie quote

1990s Movie Quotes

Alexa, ask nineties movie quotes to tell me a movie quote

Provides 1990s movie quotes

2000s Movie Quotes

Alexa, ask Millenium Movie Quotes for a movie quote

Provides a 2000s movie quote

2016 Swimming Trials Standards

Alexa, ask swimming trials what is the time standard for the 200 free

Ask Alexa what the 2016 Swimming Trial Standards are for athletes competing to participate in Rio.

21 Blackjack

Alexa, open black jack

Compete with the dealer to score 21 points in this classic card game

21 Dayz

Alexa, start 21 Dayz

As the saying goes, it takes at least 21 days to build a habit. Use 21 Dayz to help guide you in your journey to developing new business or personal habits.

24G Holiday Trivia

Alexa open 24 G Holiday Trivia

test your holiday trivia knowledge with our quick five question game

25 Facts about Christmas

Alexa, ask christmas facts to give me a fact

25 Random facts about Christmas

3 Minute Hero song lyrics

Alexa open three minute hero and tell me a lyric

Ask Alexa to tell you a lyric from a 3 Minute Hero song

3-Dharma Inspirations

Alexa, launch dharma inspirations

3-Dharma Inspirations dispenses 3 sayings of the Buddha with one request. It is insightful & inspirational each time.

3D printing facts

Alexa, open three d. printing facts and tell me something

short and quick facts about 3d printing


Alexa, Ask For A Fart

The best reason yet to own an Echo! Have all the fun of a fart without any of the smell!

4D Checker

Alexa ask four d. to check number one two three four

Check results for 4D Magnum, Toto and Damacai games. Just ask "Alexa, ask Four D to check number [1234]"

4D Results Singapore - AsiaOne

Alexa ask four D. results

Winning 4D numbers skill brought to you by AsiaOne, Singapore Press Holdings

5 Hot Trends

Alexa, ask Hot Trends for the top five keywords.

This skill gives what are the top 5 trend keywords that are mostly asked by people now.


Alexa ask sixty d. b. to play

60dB brings you today's best short audio stories – news, sports, entertainment, business and technology, all personalized for you.

7-Minute Workout

Alexa, start seven minute workout.

Are you ready to lead a happier, healthier life? Get your heart moving and reduce stress in only seven minutes a day! To start, say 'Start 7-Minute Workout.'

70s Music Quiz

Alexa, start seventies music quiz

70s Music Quiz is a fun trivia game about music from that era.


Alexa, ask 7 Sigma for my update.

Get concise updates on all elements of your operation and infrastructure based on combined data from multiple sources.

80's Movie Trivia

Alexa, open eighties movie trivia

If you say "Alexa play 80's Movie Trivia" you will be presented with 5 questions, each with a choice of 5 answers. Answer using the corresponding number.

80s Trivia

Alexa, start eighties trivia

80s Trivia

9 Times Table Flash Cards

alexa open nine times table and start game

flash cards for 9 times table

99 Bottles

Alexa, Open Ninety Nine Bottles

Want to know more about beer? 99 Bottles will give you a random fact about beer each time you open the app.

9Cookies GmbH

There are no example interactions for this skill.


A Cloud Guru

Alexa, open A Cloud Guru.

Are you studying for an Amazon Web Services Certification exam? This Skill helps you study by asking you practice exam questions for your AWS Certifications.

A Cloud Guru Professional DevOps Quiz

Alexa, start A Cloud Guru Professional

Are you studying for your Amazon Web Services Professional DevOps Engineer exam? This Alexa app will help you study by asking you practice exam questions.

A compliment please

Alexa Open a compliment please

Some words to make your day better.

A fan's trivia about the San Francisco Giants

Alexa, ask giants trivia

A fan's trivia app covering the San Francisco Giants since the mid 80's.

A Magic Trick

Alexa, magic trick

Have Alexa play an amazing guess-the-number trick.

A Scout Is

Alexa, ask a scout is about a law

Boy Scout Laws (including explanation)

A Yo Mama Joke

Alexa, open Yo Mama Joke

This skill will randomly pick from over 2,000 Yo Mama Jokes.

Aaron Redmond

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Abe Facts

Alexa open abe facts

Abraham Lincoln Facts Skill

Abe Lincoln

Alexa Abe Lincoln

Abe Lincoln gets Buff with Quotes & Facts & Zingers

ABFM Board Review

Alexa, ask board review questions.

Prepare for the Family Medicine boards! Your Alexa device will now ask you board review questions. From the American Board of Family Medicine.

Ability Trivia for League of Legends

Alexa, launch league trivia

Do you know ultimate abilities as well as the pros do? Perfect for shoutcaster training!


Alexa Tell abode that I am leaving

Control your abode home security system with Alexa voice commands. Ask Alexa to arm your system, get the status of your doors, or determine your system status.


alexa ask audacy tell me some facts

Little fun facts about Audacy Corp ( from vision, products and technology inside.


Alexa start Akinator

Abra is a character-guessing game. Think of a character, real or fictional, and Abra will ask you questions and figure out who it is.

According to Bob

Alexa, play According to Bob

"According to Bob" is a fun trivia game that tests your knowledge of Bob Dylan's prose.


Alexa, ask Accutracking, where's my car?

Get the location of your car equipped with an Accutracking GPS tracker.


Alexa, start AccuWeather.

Stay connected to the latest in weather forecasting with AccuWeather. Ask for weather forecasts up to 15 days, for global locations, to better plan your life.


There are no example interactions for this skill.



There are no example interactions for this skill.


Acoustic Chord

Alexa, ask Acoustic Chord to play D seventh

TsaTsaTzu's presents Acoustic Chord, for handsfree help playing chords. Keeping your hands on your instrument you can check your chords and all variant tabs.

Acoustic Metronome

Alexa, open metronome

TsaTsaTzu presents a handsfree metronome for the Alexa. For the tempo-minded soul within.

Acoustic Tuner

Alexa, open acoustic tuner

TsaTsaTzu's presents Acoustic Tuner for hands free, accurate, instrument or vocal tuning. For help tuning your instrument mid-song.

acronym trivia

Alexa, start acronym trivia

a trivia game that asks the player to solve the words to a acronym

activity finder

There are no example interactions for this skill.

find a fun activity to do if you are bored

Activity Selector

alexa open activity selector

help select an activity for the day

Activity Tracker

Alexa, ask activity tracker how many miles did I run today?

Keep up with your running activities on Strava. Ask Alexa how many miles you ran yesterday or check in on your total monthly or weekly milage.


"Alexa, ask calorie counter to log food apple"

Use ActualCalorie to keep track of you calories.

Adam Pippert Fact Skill

Alexa, ask Adam Pippert Facts to tell me trivia

Alexa knows about Adam Pippert

Adam's Brain

Alexa ask Adam's Brain what the square root of pi is

Adam knows a few things and forgets the rest. Ask Adam a question, but expect that he doesn't know the answer.

addition practice

Alexa open addition practice

Practice Adding Numbers

Adhaan Times

Alexa ask Prayer Times to get prayer times for new york

Get muslim prayer times for cities in USA. Prayer times use ISNA method, Hanafi school and one seventh latitude adjustment

Adjudicator DiceBot

Alexa ask DiceBot to roll 2 d 6

Roll any number of dice of any type


"Alexa, tell my admirer to make me smile."

Make your day better with a compliment!

"Alexa, tell my admirer to give me a compliment."

Adulate Me

Alexa Start Adulate Me

Make yourself feel better!

Advent Calendar

Alexa Open Advent Calendar

Let Advent Calendar read you the verse of the day during the holiday season.

Advent Calendar

Alexa, open advent calendar

A virtual advent calendar. Have Alexa read you the daily advent verse leading up to Christmas.


Alexa, open adventure and play dave of doom.

The Adventure skill enables you to interact with stories and change their ending!

advertising technology quiz

alexa, start advertising technology quiz

Advertising technology terms multiple choice quiz

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Aether Air Quality Reporter

Alexa, ask Aether about Minneapolis.

Tells you the current air quality in most major U.S. cities. Alexa, ask Aeather about Minneapolis.

African American Facts

Alexa open African American Facts

African American Facts gives you the information you need to know.

Age Calculator

Alexa, ask Age Calculator, how old is someone born on June 12, 2015?

The Age Calculator helps calculate age between a given date and now.

Aggie Facts

Alexa, ask Aggie Facts for a fact

Ask Alexa for facts about Texas A&M University and anything Aggie related.


Alexa, ask aggie facts to tell me a fact

Quick facts about Texas A&M University


Alexa, ask aggie jokes to tell me a joke

Who doesn't like a good aggie joke. Here is a random aggie joke at your command!

Agile Assistant

alexa Ask Agile Assistant What are the core agile values

This is an assistant to help you remember your core agile values and principles

Agog Reader

Alexa, ask Agog Reader for Barack Obama.

Listen to Tweets


Alexa, ask Aikido Facts to tell me an Aikido fact

Ask Alexa for facts about Aikido. Have fun :) Osu!

Air Boss

Alexa, launch Air Boss

I feel the need ... the need for speed! Are you a Top Gun pilot? "Alexa, open Air Boss" to find out if you're Maverick, Goose, or just a wingman.

Air Quality

Alexa, ask air quality to get me the report for 07753

This skill reports the air quality index for US zip codes

Air Quality

Alexa, Ask Air Quality For Air Quality in New York

This skill queries the national weather service to figure out the air quality in a US City. Currently only New York City is supported.

Air Quality

Alexa ask Air Quality is it worth going to Paris

Find out the air quality, some recommendations and information about air pollutants using the Air Quality Alexa skill.

Air Quality Meter

Alexa, launch Air Quality Meter

Real time air quality rating for major U.S. cities. Alexa, launch Air Quality Meter

Air Quality Report

Alexa, ask air quality report for zip code nine eight one zero nine

Get air quality report for 5-digit US ZIP codes

Air Time

Alexa ask air time how long the wait is at SJC

Check the wait times at any airport in the country.

Air Traffic Control

Alexa, open air traffic control

Gives information about the lowest aircraft for a given location.


Alexa, open air horn

You want air horn? We've got air horn!

airplane fact genius

Alexa, ask airplane fact genius to tell me an airplane fact.


Airplane Facts

Alexa, launch airplane facts.

Airplane Facts

Airport Info

Alexa, ask airport info for delay information at SFO

Get flight delay information for US airports

Airport METAR Reader

Alexa, ask airport weather to get Cincinnati

Reads aloud succinct weather reports (METARS) from airport weather stations, formatted to sound like ATIS.

Airport Report

Alexa ask Airport Report about SFO

Airport Delay Info

Airport Security Wait Times

Alexa, ask airport security for the wait at SFO

Check security wait times at major US airports.

Ajmani Poker facts

Alexa, start poker fun facts

100s of Poker fun facts including pre-flop and post flop probabilities and odds


There are no example interactions for this skill.


Al Bundy smarts

Alexa ask bundy smarts to say something

Alexa will have Al Bundy's attitude and try to cheer you up with some funny quotes from Al Bundy

Alabama Facts

Alexa, ask Alabama Facts to tell me an fact about Alabama.

Learn interesting facts about the State of Alabama.

Alabama Facts

Alexa open Alabama Facts

Get interesting facts about good ole' Sweet Home Alabama

Alan Drinks

Alexa, ask Alan Drinks how can I make a Margarita

Alan Drinks is a skill that gives you the ingredients for a few popular cocktails

Alan Perlis Quotes

Alexa, ask computer geek for a quote.

Alan Perlis Quotes

Alan Turing Quiz

Alexa open alan turing quiz

A short quiz on the history of Alan Turing made by someone who admires his work.

Alexa, tell Alarm Dot Com to turn on the lights.

Control your system with your voice.

Albert Einstein

Alexa, ask Albert Einstein for a quote

Ask Albert Einstein to tell you one of his famous quotes

Albert Einstein Facts

Alexa, Ask Albert Einstein Facts to tell me a fact

Albert Einstein Facts is a skill that tells a fact about Albert Einstein.

Alec facts

Alexa, ask Alec Facts for a fact about Alec

Have Alexa tell you facts about Alec, the random guy who created this skill!

Alexandre Nicol

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Alexandria Guide

Alexa, open Alexandria Guide

Plan you next visit with the Alexandria Guide. Whether this is your first trip or you are a returning visitor there is always something interesting to explore.

Alfa Bravo Charlie

Alexa ask Alfa Bravo Charlie to start a game

A fun quiz game to test your knowledge of the phonetic alphabet used by NATO and aviation professionals around the world. Can you get a perfect score?

Algerian Facts

Alexa, Open Algerian Facts

Funny facts about the Algerian culture and history

Alibro Ltd

There are no example interactions for this skill.


All Knowing Eight Ball

Alexa, ask the 8 ball whether the Cubs will ever win the World Series

The All Knowing 8 Ball can answer life's vexing questions for you, without all that shaking and blue dye getting everywhere.

All States of America

Alexa, start united states

This skill will tell you a random state in the United States of America

Alliant Credit Union

Alexa Ask Alliant about credit union

Alliant Credit Union Information


Alexa, open Allrecipes.

The cooks you trust, recipes you love, and step-by-step instructions you need to prepare more than 60,000 dishes from the world’s #1 food site - all hands free.


Alexa,open almanac info

Get the inauspicious time of the day based on the Indian Vedic Almanac.


Alexa, tell Almond to enable Guest Wi-Fi

Almond brings to Alexa, Wi-Fi and SmartHome features such as Parental controls, Guest Networks, Scenes and Modes. Assume supreme commander of your SmartHome.

Almond for Smart Home

There are no example interactions for this skill.

Almond and Alexa work together to make your home smarter. Enable this skill to control the switches, lights and thermostats connected to your Almond.

ALOP Pilates Class

Alexa, start pilates class

Take traditional Pilates mat classes from with Amazon Echo. Let Alexa guide you through a series of Pilates exercises. Get ready to feel great

Alphabet Food

Alexa, ask Alphabet Food for foods that start with the letter A.

This skill provides a list of foods for any letter in the alphabet.


There are no example interactions for this skill.



There are no example interactions for this skill.



There are no example interactions for this skill.


Amazing Brain

Alexa ask amazing brain for a fact

Amazing Brain facts

Amazing Facts

Alexa, ask Amazing Facts to tell a fact

Amazing Facts

Amazing Facts

Alexa, ask Amazing Facts to tell me an amazing fact

Amaze yourself with these surprising and entertaining facts.

Amazing India

Alexa ask Namaste

To Know about India and India's History and amazing facts about India.

Amazing Word Master Game

Alexa, ask Word Master to play a game

Word Master is an interactive way to learn and challenge yourself with words, while having fun with competing scores. Score higher to win!

Amazon Restaurants

Alexa, order pizza from Amazon Restaurants.

Reorder food delivery with the Amazon Restaurants skill. You must be a Prime member in an eligible location and have placed an Amazon Restaurants order before.

Ambient Noise: Ocean Sounds

Alexa, open ocean sounds

Ambient noise of small ocean waves to help you focus, sleep, or relax.

Ambient Noise: Rain Sounds

Alexa, open Rain Sounds

Ambient noise of light rainfall to help you focus, sleep, or relax.

Ambient Noise: Thunderstorm Sounds

Alexa, open Thunderstorm Sounds

Ambient noise of a thunderstorm to help you focus, sleep, or relax.

American Basketball Trivia

Alexa, ask american basketball trivia

Alexa added skill to ask American Basketball Trivia

American Elections

Alexa ask American Elections

Information about American Elections Process

American History Master

Alexa launch American History Master

Test your knowledge of American History...

American History Quiz

Alexa ask american history quiz

This test asks basic facts about the United States of America.

American History Quiz

Alexa, launch American History Quiz

History Quiz

American Presidential Election Trivia Quiz

Alexa, Open election trivia

Use this game to test your knowledge on topics relating to election day.

American Presidents Game

Alexa, launch American Presidents

American Presidents Trivia game is a fun skill to help students master basic trivia about American Presidents.

American Prison Facts

Alexa, ask American Prison facts to give me an american prison fact.

A skill that will recite facts about American prisons.

American Trivia

Alexa, Open American trivia

Use this game to test your knowledge on topics relating to the history of America.


Alexa, ask American history to tell me something

Have fun with American history facts


Alexa, launch amino acid quiz

Amino Acid Quiz is a game to test your knowledge of amino acid symbols.

Anatomy Facts

Alexa, open anatomy facts

Fun Anatomy Facts!

Anchorage Guide

Alexa, open Anchorage Guide

From city to summit, your journey beings in Anchorage.

Ancient China Facts

Alexa, launch ancient china facts

some facts on ancient China

Ancient Faith Radio Podcasts

Alexa, ask Ancient Faith Radio to play The Path podcast.

"Alexa, ask Ancient Faith Radio to play The Path podcast"

Ancient Greek History Quiz

Alexa, launch Greek History Quiz

Let's not forget the Ancient Greeks

Andrew Lau

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Andrii's Facts

Alexa Open Andrii's Facts

Facts about Andrii Shchavinskyi

Andy Henderson

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Andy K.

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Andy K.

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Andy K.

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Andy K.

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Angry Bard

Alexa, ask Angry Bard for a burn.

This skill provides on-demand insults from Shakespeare's plays.

Angry Quotes

Alexa, open angry quotes

Angry Alexa

Angular Trivia

Alexa, start angular trivia

A quiz for angular developers about the architecture.

animal facts

alexa start animal facts

interesting animal facts

Animal Facts

Alexa, open animal facts.

A list of irreverent animal fact, some true, some not so true, can you tell which ones?

Animal Facts

Alexa Open Animopedia

Get Interesting Animal Facts with Animpoedia

Animal Game

Alexa, start Animal Game

Play the guess-an-animal game with Alexa. Think of an animal and Alexa will guess it by asking questions.

Animal Letters

Alexa, open animal letters

Alexa and you take turns guessing the names of animals beginning with a letter of the alphabet that Alexa randomly selects.

Animal Master

Alexa, start Animal Master.

Play an animal guessing game with Alexa!

animal quiz

Alexa, start animal quiz

animal quiz

Animal trivia

Alexa, play animal trivia

Animal trivia game

Animal Trivia

Alexa, open Animal Trivia

This skill asks animal trivia questions.


Alexa, ask animal facts

Amazing Animal Facts


Alexa start animal quiz

Animal Quiz: simple quiz about animals


Alexa launch animal trivia

Animal Trivia is a trivia game created to test your knowledge of animals, both wild and domestic.

Animation Technology Trivia

Alexa, launch animation technology trivia

Animation technology trivia

Anime Shows

alexa, open anime shows

Anime List

Anime Trivia

Alexa, launch Anime Trivia

Anime Trivia is a game for anime fans to test their knowledge of both popular and less known series.

Ankuoo REC

There are no example interactions for this skill.

Ankuoo REC

annoying acronyms

alexa, launch annoying acronyms

flashcards for acronyms that are common in today's world


Alexa, open another fact

Fun and novel random

Ansgar Schmidt

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Ansgar Schmidt

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Ansgar Schmidt

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Ant facts

Alexa, ask ant queen a fact

Learn various facts about Ants

ant jokes

Alexa, open ant jokes

This skill tells you ant jokes!

Anthony Relle

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Anthony Sibley

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Anthony Sibley

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Anti Jokes

Alexa ask Anti Jokes Give me an anti joke

Listen to some Anti Jokes!


Alexa, open Anti-Joker

Want to hear the unfunniest jokes around? Check out Anti-Joker now!

Antonym Scalia

Alexa ask antonym finder what is the opposite of fast

A Antonym lookup for Alexa providing antonyms when ever you need them. Look wicked smart without breaking your stride.

AnyMote Smart Remote

Alexa, ask AnyMote to pause my Sonos.

Turn your voice into a real universal remote! Alexa, tell AnyMote to power on my TV.


Alexa, ask AOL for the top headlines

AOL provides you the information that you need to know to stay informed and up to date covering these categories: news, sports, finance, entertainment

AP US History quiz

Alexa ask quiz master to start the quiz

A quizlet that tests the important dates in US history as in the AP US History curriculum

Apache Trash Day

Alexa, ask Trash day when is the next trash day

Tells you when the next trash and/or recycle day is in the neighborhood

Apex Facts

Alexa launch apex facts

Apex, North Carolina random facts


Alexa ask a. p. history to tell me a trivia

Study aid for the AP History Exam that lists facts aloud.


There are no example interactions for this skill.



Alexa open applause

Get a round of applause in any situation with the Alexa Applause Skill.

Apple facts

Alexa, open apple fact

A skill that delivers a random fact about apples

Appsherpas Limited

There are no example interactions for this skill.



Alexa, use APRS and locate kilo victor six mike dash seven

Locate APRS stations

Arabic Phrases

Alexa, ask Arabic Phrases to translate "Hello"

Practice common Arabic phrases.

Arbonne My Office

Alexa, ask My Office, what is my volume at the Area level?

Ask about your Arbonne Independent Consultant volume metrics and team status

Architect Study Quiz

Alexa Open Architect Quiz

A skill to help you study for the AWS Associates Solutions Architect test.

Area Code

Alexa, ask Area Code where is eight six zero

Area Code Lookup

Area Code Skill

Alexa, ask area code finder to lookup area code for seven zero four

Looks up Region associated to telephone area code

Argentina Facts

Alexa Open argentina facts

Fun and interesting facts about Argentina.


Alexa, open Quiz Mathematics

A quiz game with a difference. Take your learning to the next level by training with a mega hard maths game involving lists!

Arizona Facts

Alexa start Dry Heat

Arizona Facts: Learn some new facts about the State of Arizona.

Arizona Facts

Alexa, open Arizona facts.

Learn interesting facts related to Arizona with this Alexa skill.

Arlington Voter Facts

Alexa, ask arlington voter facts to tell me how old I have to be to vote

Arlington County Voter Facts for the 2016 Election

Arlington Voter Guide

Alexa, ask arlington voter guide where do I vote in Clarendon

Arlington Voter Guide tells you addresses of local poll stations, current general election poll numbers, and who's on the ballot.

Armen Facts

Alexa, open Armen Facts

Facts about Armen.

Armenian Recipes

Alexa open Armenian Recipes

Armenian Recipes


Alexa, Ask Aromatherapy for a recipe for focus.

Aromatherapy is a skill that can help you with some common diffuser recipes for use with your essential oils collection.


Alexa, Ask aromatherapy for a recipe for focus.

Aromatherapy is a skill that can help you with some common diffuser recipes for use with your essentials oils collection.

Arrayent DevKit

Alexa, ask Arrayent DevKit to turn off the green light

Use this skill with the Arrayent Development Kit (DevKit). The Arrayent IoT platform enables consumer brands to quickly & easily develop connected products.

Art Facts

Alexa, ask Art Facts to give me an art fact

Quick and Fun Art Facts

Art of War

Alexa, ask Sun Tzu to give me a quote

Get inspired by a hand-selected quote from the master of The Art of War, Sun Tzu.

Art of War

Alexa, start The Art of War

Hear the wise sayings of Sun Tzu.

Art of War Quotes

Alexa, start Art of War

Inspiration: Art of War

Art Quiz

Alexa, open art quiz

Art quiz, paintings and art facts.

Art Quotes

Alexa, ask Art Quotes for a quote.

Hear a random, art quote! Looking for a art quote to inspire and motivate? Ask Art Quotes!


Alexa, open art cards

Flashcards to study the work of famous artists.

Article XII

Alexa, what is Article Twelve?

A guide to Article XII of the U.S. Constitution.

Articles of Faith (Unofficial)

Alexa Open articles of faith

Will speak an Article of Faith at random. Useful for memorization or as a thought for the day.


Alexa, talk to Artie

Meet our new intern! He's so excited to be working at imperson that he can't stop talking about it...

Artie's World

Alexa, start Artie's World

Have you ever wanted to get to know Arturo on a deeper level? With Artie's World, your dreams become a reality!

Artist Quotes

Alexa, open artist quote

Artist Way Quotes is a collection of inspirational quotes about rediscovering your creativity - quotes are from the book The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron.


Alexa, ask Artsy about Andy Warhol

Ask Artsy about artists and current shows.

Arty Smartie

'Alexa, open Arty Smartie'

This is a fun trivia quiz about art and artists.

ASCII Converter

Alexa, ask Ascii Converter to convert character A.

A simple skill to convert characters to ASCII codes and back


Alexa, start ASCII Geek

An Alexa skill that recites a random ASCII code

Ashley Medway

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Ask Cloud Ninja

Alexa, ask Cloud Ninja What's New

The Cloud Ninja is your guide to Amazon Web Services, including helping you keep up to date with recent AWS news.

Ask Daddy

Alexa, ask Daddy for a hug.

Ask Daddy provides comic relief as it realistically responds to questions asked by his child.

Ask Earthquakes

Alexa, Ask earthquakes what's shakin'

Recent earthquake information

Ask Grandmom

Alexa, ask Grandmom for candy.

Ask Grandmom provides comic relief as it realistically responds to questions asked by her grandchild.

Ask Hermione

Alexa, ask Hermione Info who is Harry Potter

Ask Hermione anything you wan to know about Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films.

Ask My Buddy

Alexa, ask My Buddy to help me get started

You can't predict when you'll need help, use Ask My Buddy to send a 'check on me' text message, voice call, and an email to any or all of your contacts

Ask Purina

Alexa, ask Purina.

Use Purina’s guided search to learn more about dog breeds and help narrow down what type of dog might be right for you and your family.

Ask the TDLG

Alexa, ask the TDLG for legal advice.

Ask the TDLG (Technology & Digital Law Group) for legal advice and receive a tongue-in-cheek response. Novelty purposes only.


Alexa, ask Trump how do you feel about china

Ask Donald Trump a question

Astro Tracker

Alexa ask Astro Tracker who's in space

Provides the current astronauts that are in space.


Alexa, launch AstroBot

Get your head out of the clouds, and launch up into orbit with AstroBot.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

alexa ask astro pic for the picture

Do you love space? Then check out the Astronomy Picture of the Day. Check back daily for new pictures!

AT&T Send Message

Alexa, ask AT&T to text Mike

With the AT&T Send Message skill, you can send text messages to up to 10 preconfigured contacts. Once contacts are entered, start by saying “Alexa, open AT&T”.


Alexa, ask Daily Prayers for prayer times in Seattle

Athan provides the Islamic Prayer Times in a given city.

Atheist Trivia Quiz

Alexa start Atheist Trivia

A trivia game for the non-religious.


Alexa, ask Atlas to find Boston, Massachusetts

Finds the latitude and longitude of US cities.


Alexa ask world atlas what is the capital of united states of america

This skill answers the capital cities of the countries


Alexa, ask atmo what's the temperature?

Retrieve temperature, humidity and other measurements from your Netatmo personal weather station.

Atomic Weight Trivia

Alexa, open atomic weight trivia

Atomic Weight Trivia


There are no example interactions for this skill.


ATX Dillo

Alexa, ask Dillo to dig me up a happy hour.

The Dillo will dig you up a happy hour or event around Austin, either tonight or a day within the next week.

Auckland Trivia

Alexa, open Auckland Trivia

Test your knowledge of Auckland City across a range of questions. Learn something new or show off your trivia of the City of Sails (thats a hint)

Audio Battleship

Alexa, start Audio Battleship

Single player game of battleship. Exercise your memory by playing paperless!

Audio Goal

Alexa, ask Audio Goal for a goal

Celebrate a goal - or anything else - with a classic audio "GOOOOOL" sound.

Audio Hangman

Alexa, start Audio Hangman

Single player game of hangman. Exercise your memory by playing paperless!

audio player

Alexa launch apple

This skill plays the favorite music from predefined list

Audio Skill

Alexa launch orange

Some of the predefined audio samples will be played

August Home

Alexa, ask August to list my locks.

Control your August Home Smart Locks and check their status.

Auron Media Ltd

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Aussie Facts

Alexa, Open Aussie Fact

Learn about the exciting continent in the south called Australia.

Aussie Facts

Alexa, ask aussie facts to give me some information about Australia

Learn some really interesting facts about Australia you didn't know before!

Austin Facts

Alexa open Austin Facts

Austin, Texas Facts

Austin School Lunches

Alexa open school lunch

Elementary school lunch menu for the Austin Independent School District.

Austin Transit

Alexa, ask Austin Transit when the next bus 20 departs from stop 2643.

Get live information on Capital Metro bus status.

Austin Trivia

Alexa, open Austin Trivia

Test your Austin, Texas, knowledge with this simple trivia game.

Australia Public Holiday Calendar

Alexa open Australia Calendar

Australia Calendar is an alexa skill designed to always keep you up to date on nationally celebrated public holidays, by state and territory in Australia.

Authentic Digital Marketing Tips

Alexa, ask Authentic for a daily tip

Give your digital marketing an authentic boost one tip at a time. Just ask Alexa for today' Authentic tip.


Alexa, ask Automatic where my car is.

Find out where your car is parked, how much gas you have left, or how far you've driven recently. This skill requires an Automatic adapter.

Automobile Geek.

Alexa Open Automobile Geek

Automobile Geek. tells the user random facts about automobiles.


Alexa, launch car helper


Availability for Pokemon GO

Alexa, ask Poka Available for Macau

Ask Alexa if Pokémon GO is available in your country of region.

Avalon Reader

Alexa, start Avalon reader

An unofficial reader for the Avalon game

Aviation Weather Brief

Alexa, ask Aviation Weather what is the metar for KSMO

Aviation Weather METAR's & Flight Rules


There are no example interactions for this skill.



Alexa, ask Awair about air quality

Awair tells you about your indoor air quality

Awesome Dad Jokes

Alexa launch dad jokes

Dad Jokes will tell the user a dad joke that may or may not make people laugh...

awesome hair tips

Alexa, ask awesome hair tips for a hair tip

Ask awesome hair tips for tips on the best ways to care for your hair.

AWFUL Space Facts


AWFUL space facts!

A perfect way to get some AWFUL space facts. . . These facts are from a whole new world and will BLOW. YOU. AWAY. with how awful they are!

Axelisys Limited

There are no example interactions for this skill.



Alexa Open Axolotl Facts

A skill that provides facts on the magnificent axolotl

Aykut Çevik

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Ayurvedic Snacking

Alexa, ask ayurvedic snacking to recommend one

An ayurvedic snack recommendation app.


Alexa, ask Azimo for a rate for Poland

Get the most recent currency rate from Azimo.

Azure Status (Unofficial)

Alexa, open Azure Status

The Azure Status (Unofficial) skill provides you with up to the minute service status information for the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

B and O Trivia Game

Alexa, start Daily Trivia

B and O trivia is a game which provide endless fun. It ask random questions in every possible subject you can imagine.

Baby Animals

Alexa, open Baby Animals

Test your knowledge of the names of baby animals in our fun quiz. Ask your Amazon device: "Alexa, open Baby Animals" to play a quick, family-friendly game.

Baby Logs

Alexa tell baby logs to keep logs for Mary

Baby Logs is the perfect app for parents with newborns to toddlers to keep track of the child's naps, feedings, and dirty diapers.

Baby Name

Alexa ask Baby Name a girl name

Skill That Helps Parents find a good name for their new baby

Baby Namer

Alexa, ask Baby Namer for a baby name

Provides random names from a list of over 33,000 names given to children in the United States.

Baby names

Alexa,ask baby names to pick a baby name

Suggest a baby name

Baby Names

Alexa, open Baby Names.

Ask about the popularity of names in the US going back to 1880!

Baby Names

Alexa, start Baby Names

Baby Names can help you find the perfect name for your baby. You can select boy or girl names. Just ask Baby Names for the number of names you want to hear.

Baby Shot

Alexa, Ask baby shot vaccination recommendation for twelve months

Baby Shot is your one stop immunization or vaccine guide for kids in United States.

Baby Stats

Alexa tell baby stats she pooped again

Baby stats is a skill that counts stats for your baby (feeding, stool, wet, weight, or others). You can then view them online, or on a mobile app.

Baby Trivia

Alexa, start baby trivia

Baby trivia!


Alexa, ask Baby Names

Tells you baby names that begin with a letter of your choice.

Bach facts

Alexa, ask bach facts for a fact

Some facts about the composer J.S. Bach

Backgammon Helper

Alexa, ask Backgammon Helper How do I play backgammon ?

Backgammon Helper skill describes the rules of the game backgammon,strategies, game setup etc. Use this skill to get an in depth understanding of the game.

Bacon Dude

Alexa, ask the bacon dude for a fact

Do you love bacon? Do you think you know enough about bacon? Here are more facts about bacon to turn you from casual bacon consumer into bacon master!

Bacon Facts

Alexa, ask Bacon Facts to give me a bacon fact.

A skill that will recite facts about bacon.

Bacon Trivia

Alexa, it's bacon time

A few trivia questions about man's favorite meal: the bacon

Bad Dad Jokes

Alexa ask Dad Joker to tell me a joke

Selects from a random list of groan worthy bad dad jokes!

Bad Jokes

Alexa open Bad Jokes


Badminton Facts

Alexa, start badminton facts.

tells badminton facts

Baker Street Experience

Alexa, play Baker Street Experience

The Bakerstreet Experience Players Present “Two Days Later: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery” an interactive radioplay for Amazon Echo developed by Schell Games LLC.

Banana Anna

Alexa, ask Banana Anna to tell me a fact

Banana Anna increases your knowledge and appreciation of bananas by telling you a random fact about bananas when asked.

Banana Facts

Alexa, open Banana Facts

A fun skill with some neat facts about one of the healthiest fruits there is.

Banana Slug Facts

Alexa, ask Banana Slug Facts to tell me a fact.

This skill gives a random fact about Banana Slugs.

Banana Trivia

Alexa, Open Banana Trivia

This is a trivia game on bananas! Bananas are actually America's #1 fruit so play and learn about this fascinating fruit!


Alexa, tell me a fact from BananaGeek.

Want to know more about bananas? Add BananaGeek to Alexa to learn about them!

Banjo Quiz

Alexa, ask banjo quiz

A quiz about banjos.

Bank A.T.M. finder for New York State

Alexa, ask bank a. t. m. finder

Find bank institution atm's in New York State. By County, City or Zip Code. to get started simply say Alexa, ask Bank A. T. M finder

Bar 137

Alexa, open bar one three seven

This skill will test your knowledge of Bar 137, a small neighborhood establishment in the suburbs of Chicago.

bar jokes

Alexa, open bar jokes

Alexa tells a random walk-into-a-bar joke

Bar Trivia Fun

Alexa open bar trivia

A simple bar trivia skill to test your knowledge on some basic drinks.

Barcelona Quiz

Alexa, ask Barcelona Quiz to start

Barcelona Quiz. A fun way to prepare for your holidays!

Bard Geek

Alexa, ask Bard Geek for a fact

This skill will provide you with interesting facts about everyone's favorite bard, Shakespeare.

Bargain Buddy

Alexa, ask Bargain Buddy for the Woot.

Find out the daily deal from merchants like Woot and Meh by asking Alexa.


Alexa, ask BarJoker for a joke about a giraffe.

Hear a 'walks into a bar' joke based on a word or phrase.

BART Control

Alexa, ask BART Control when the next Fremont train arrives

BART Control provides information such as arrival times, fare prices, advisories, and parking costs.

BART Status

Alexa, open BART Status

Gets current BART service advisories

BART Times

Alexa, open BART Times.

BART Times provides the times of the next trains between your home and destination stations and gives live Service Advisories and Elevator status information.

Baseball Archive

Alexa, ask Baseball Archive about Willie Mays

Get information and statistics for any player in the history of Major League Baseball. A sample request: "ask Baseball Archive about Willie Mays."

Baseball Facts

Alexa, ask Baseball Nerd for a fact

Baseball Facts is a simple skill to generate baseball facts.

Baseball Facts

Alexa ask Baseball Facts to give me a fact

Ask baseball facts for an interesting fact about baseball.

Baseball Facts

Alexa, open Baseball Facts

A skill that gives you interesting facts related to baseball.

Baseball Flash Cards

Alexa, open Baseball Flash Cards.

Test your MLB knowledge with an entertaining flash card game!

Baseball Fun Fact

Alexa, open baseball fun fact

This alexa app tells the user some fun baseball facts

Baseball Live

Alexa, ask Baseball Live who is pitching for the Phillies today?

Detailed information about current major league baseball games and teams

Baseball Reference

Alexa, ask Baseball Reference who led the league in doubles.

A baseball statistics app that returns the names of players based on your request. You can specify the statistic request by year, league and rank.

Baseball Schedule

Alexa, ask Baseball Schedule for the Chicago Cubs

Baseball Schedule

Baseball Scores

Alexa, ask baseball scores who is leading the Mariners game

This skill is not sponsored in any way by Major League Baseball, but provides scores for MLB games on request.

Baseball Trivia

Alexa play Baseball Trivia

Baseball Trivia about the history of baseball in Boston.

Baseball Trivia

Alexa Launch Baseball Trivia

This is a quiz on baseball history.

Baseball Trivia

Alexa, open Baseball Trivia

Baseball trivia game with 200+ MLB and baseball history questions

Baseball Trivia App

Alexa, open baseball trivia

Test your knowledge of Baseball.

Baseball's Colorline Quiz

Alexa ask baseball colorline questions

A short quiz to teach the names of the pioneers who broke baseball's color line.

Basic Fortune Cookie Generator

Alexa, ask fortune cookie to tell me a quote

Quote Generator version 0.1

basic hindi tutor

Alexa, ask basic hindi tutor.

basic Hindi language tutor

Basic Measurements Trivia

Alexa Open basic measurements trivia

Simple trivia game about basic US measurements

Basic Physics Laws

Alexa, ask alpha particle what is ohm's law

States basic laws of physics

Basic Statistics Terms

Alexa, ask basic statistics terms to tell me a term

Random basic statistics terms

Basket Savings

Alexa, ask Basket if whole milk is on sale near Arlington, VA.

With Basket, it's easier than ever to find local sale prices for your favorite grocery items.

Basketball Association facts

Alexa, open basketball facts

nba facts

Basketball Facts

Alexa, ask basketball facts to tell me a basketball fact

Basketball Facts

Basketball Facts

Alexa, ask basketball facts to give me a basketball fact

Ask Alexa about basketball!

Basketball Fun Fact

Alexa, open basketball fun fact

This lists basketball fun facts

Basketball Player Points

Alexa, ask basketball points how many points Russell Westbrook scored.

An Alexa skill that tells you how many points an NBA player scored in their most recent game.

Basketball quiz

alexa ask basketball quiz to start game

Quiz on basketball facts

Basketball Schedule

Alexa, open Basketball Schedule

Basketball Schedule

Basketball State Trivia

Alexa, open Basketball State Trivia

Basketball State Trivia is great way to test your knowledge about the states NBA teams call home.

Basketball Statistic

Alexa, open basketball statistic and tell me about basketball.

Get a 2016 NBA Statistic

Basketball Trivia

Alexa, start basketball trivia

Basketball trivia game

Basketball Trivia

alexa ask basketball trivia

Basketball Trivia Game


Alexa, start basketball flash cards

A basketball flash card game on the 2015-16 NBA season

Bat Facts

Alexa, open bat facts

Bat Facts

Batman Fan Facts

Alexa, start batman fan facts

This skill lets Alexa tell you a few bits of trivia about 'Batman'. This a fan made skill, not endorsed by the owners of Batman IP.

batman nerd

Alexa, ask batman nerd start game.

Batman Nerd will test you knowledge of Batman.

Battery State of Charge

Alexa, ask battery state of charge 12 point 5 volts

Convert a measured battery voltage (number) into a state of charge percentage.


Alexa, ask battery boot where to buy it?

Everything you need to know about the Battery Boot which is the best and only battery Boot for your Echo.

Bay Area Surf Bot

Alexa ask Bay Area Surf Bot how are the waves at Mavericks

Check the wave, tide and wind conditions at top surf spots near San Francisco, including Mavericks, Ocean Beach and Pacifica.

Bay Area Transit for Caltrain

Alexa, ask Bay Area Transit for the next 3 trains from San Francisco to Palo Alto.

Alexa knows when Caltrain and BART are leaving next. Ask for multiple trains at once or for trains leaving some time in the future.

BBN info

Alexa, ask BBN for some info

BBN info will give you some information about the Gospel. BBN is a Christian Broadcasting International Ministry. For more details visit us:

BCD Style Recommender

Alexa, ask b. c. d. recommender what style bcd I should buy

BCD Style Recommender


Alexa open c.c.l. helper

Simulation of how to book a cruise

Be Mindful

Alexa, Ask Be Mindful for a two minute meditation

Mindfulness meditations lasting 1, 2 3, or 5 minutes. These are guided meditations.

beagle fact

Alexa, ask beagle fact to tell me a fact.

Basic and interesting facts about beagles

Beagle Facts

Alexa, tell beagle facts to tell me a beagle fact

Fun facts about the Beagle dog.

Bean Jar - family rewards system

Alexa, tell Bean Jar to add ten points to Gryffindor

Manage a family or group rewards system, keeps track of points like a virtual "bean jar" for motivation. See

Bean Stock

Alexa, ask Bean Stock for the price of Chevron

A simulated stock environment for polishing your trading skills based on real companies, real prices and real market movements.

Beanie Boos Birthdays

Alexa, ask Beanie Boos when is Pippie's birthday?

Want to know when a Beanie Boo's birthday is? Ask Alexa!


Alexa, ask how many beans make five

This skill is an absolute must have for anybody who is unsure how many beans make five. An old English phrase passed down through generations of cultured Brits.


Alexa ask Boat Hand to Open Lights

Boat Hand helps you command Bearcat's features through Alexa Enabled Devices.


alexa launch beard trivia

Test your knowledge of beards with this fun and factual beard trivia game!

Beat Cylinder

Alexa, launch Beat Cylinder

Alexa shows off her beat-boxing skills. Ask for a beat by name ("phat", "old school", "electronic", etc.) or "random".

Beat The Dealer

Alexa, ask the dealer to deal the cards.

Beat the dealer in this game of Blackjack.

Beatles Facts

Alexa, open Beatles Facts

Beatles Facts provides facts about everybody's favorite fab 4

Beatrice Nebraska News 68310

alexa ask beatrice news what's new?

Local news, events, and happenings from Beatrice Nebraska and the surrounding area.

Becca's Sloth Facts

Alexa open sloth facts

Love sloths? Listen to all the sloth facts your heart can handle.


Alexa, open bed time.

Find out when to go to sleep to get the best rest.


Alexa, ask bee facts for a fact

Generate honey bee facts.

Beeline's Hiring Assistant (unofficial)

Alexa, ask My Hiring Assistant about latest trends on Data Scientist

Beeline's Hiring Assistant (unofficial) lets managers relay hiring needs & get insights on the temp talent they need to fill with Beeline's VMS.

Beer Advisor

Alexa, tell Beer Advisor I'm drinking a Coors Light

Beer Advisor comments on your frosty brew!

Beer Bot

Alexa, open Beer bot

Looking for a locally crafted beer? Not sure what style is right for you? This skill helps find you the right tasty beverage as well as locations to try out.

Beer Facts

Alexa ask beer facts

Random beer facts!

Beer Geek

Alexa, ask beer geek to tell me a beer fact!

Ask beer geek for a beer fact!

Beer Genius

Alexa, ask Beer Genius about Pliny the Elder

A skill that will quickly tell you about beer given the beer name

Beer Goggles

Alexa, start Beer Goggles

Should you have another beer? Just ask Beer Goggles!

Beer Lover

Alexa, ask beer maid for a beer

Beer inspiration, quotes, and facts for lovers of brew.

Beer Meister

Alexa, open Beer Meister and surprise me.

Randomly suggest a beer from a specific style of beer. (21+)

Beer Style

Alexa, ask Beer Style can you describe a Cream Ale

Gives the user basic information about different styles of beer. Short descriptions, alcohol levels and countries of origin.

Beer Styles

Alexa open beer styles

Searches the BA beer styles to give description and specifications of beer styles. (skill is not associated with Brewers Association)

Beer Trivia

Alexa, launch Beer Trivia

Think you know beer? Crack open a cold one and test your beer and brewing knowledge with Beer Trivia! DISCLAIMER: Beer trivia may not be suitable for all ages.


Alexa ask beer bot

This skill uses BeerBot to answer any questions about beer. This skill may not be suitable for all ages as it contains information about alcohol.


Alexa, start beer buzz

Prove your mastery of all things beer. Cheers!


Alexa ask beer geek

An alexa skill made to inform you all about the world of beer.


Alexa, ask bee facts to tell me a bee trivia

Tells facts about bees

Before the Knot

Alexa, ask wedding topics for a marriage topic

Are you ready for marriage? This skill will help you find out by suggesting conversation topics you will want to discuss before taking the big step.

Beginners Method Cube Solver

Alexa, start cube solver

Steps to solve Rubik's Cube using beginners method

Belch Me

Alexa, open belch me

Alexa, Belch Me

Belfast Facts

Alexa, open Belfast Facts.

Some interesting facts about Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Belfast Facts

Alexa open belfast facts

An app that gives the user random facts about Belfast when requested

Believe-It-Or-Not Cat Facts

Alexa, ask cat facts to tell me a cat fact.

Believe-It-Or-Not Cat Facts will surprise you with interesting facts about cats!

Bell Quotes

Alexa, open Bell Quotes

Gets a random Funny Bell Quote

Bellingham Activities

Alexa, launch bellingham activities

Get suggestions or tips on great locations for common activities in Bellingham, WA.


There are no example interactions for this skill.



There are no example interactions for this skill.



There are no example interactions for this skill.


Ben Facts

Alexa, open ben facts

Benjamin Franklin Facts Skill

Ben Pearson

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Benchmark WOD by WIKIWOD

Alexa, ask WIKIWOD benchmarks what is Chelsea?

Benchmark and Hero series workouts from WIKIWOD database.

Benjamin Franklin Quotes

Alexa Open franklin quotes

Quotes from Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Kleine

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Benjamin Kleine

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Benjamin Kleine

There are no example interactions for this skill.



There are no example interactions for this skill.


Berlin Fact

Alexa, open Berlin fact.

Get a random fun fact about Berlin

Berlin Facts

Alexa, ask Berlin Facts to tell me something.

Berlin Facts

Berlin Facts

Alexa Open Berlin Facts

This will give you some facts about Berlin in Germany

Berlin Quiz

Alexa, start Berlin Quiz.

Put your knowledge about Berlin to the test!

Bernie Geek

Alexa, start bernie geek

Fun and quick facts about Bernie Sanders

best age of marriage

Alexa, open Best Age of Marriage

A quick quiz to tell you what is the best age for you to get married.

Best Movies

Alexa, ask best movies to search movies in nineteen eighty five

Best Movies ever

Best Picture Oscars The Last 30 Years

Alexa, start Best Picture Oscars.

Best Picture Oscars: The Last 30 Years

Best Recipes

Alexa, open best recipes.

Don't just stare at the fridge. When you know you're hungry, but you don't know what to make, just pick 3 ingredients. The Best Recipes skill will do the rest.

Best Sellers

Alexa, ask Best Sellers

Get lists of the New York Times best selling titles by categories and get a list of the Best Selling Categories. Book details and Reviews.

Best Time of Day to Workout Recommendation

Alexa, ask workout recommendation what is the best time to go running today

This application uses historical workout data to recommend the time of day where you are most likely to maximize workout intensity.

Betta Status

Alexa, open Betta Status

Quickly check the current status of your favorite developer tools like Twitter, Digital Ocean, and GitHub.

Better Life tips for modern living

Alexa start better life

Better Life - tips for modern living

Better With Bacon

Alexa open Better Bacon

The music of Better with Bacon


Alexa Ask Better Rates What are todays rates for California

Find out what is the mortgage interest rates for today!

BF Helper

Alexa, ask Basic Fantasy to roll a Thief.

A companion Skill for Basic Fantasy RPG players.


There are no example interactions for this skill.



There are no example interactions for this skill.



There are no example interactions for this skill.



Alexa, ask the Bible App to read John 3 verse 16

The Bible App for Alexa can read Bible verses and chapters to you in your favorite Bible version.


Alexa, ask Bible Verses what does John 3:16 say?

Ask Alexa to read you a Bible verse by giving her a reference

bible characters

alexa, open bible characters

Gets information for a person named in the bible

Bible Facts

Alexa Open biblebee

A wonderful skill called BibleBee which tells you amazing unknown facts about THE GREATEST BOOK - THE HOLY BIBLE

Bible Game

Alexa, Play the Bible Game

Bible Study Game

Bible Glossary

Alexa, open bible glossary and search for the word Jehovah

Welcome to the Bible Glossary

Bible Hope

Alexa, ask Bible Hope to give me a bible verse

Do you read the Bible? Bible Hope gives you hope inspiring bible verse to read.

Bible Quiz

Alexa, start bible quiz

Bible quiz

Bible Quiz - Old Testament

Alexa play Bible Quiz

Test your knowledge of the Old Testament with this simple, multiple-choice bible quiz.

Bible Readings

Alexa, ask bible reading what's todays reading

Bible Reading provides the readings for today and tomorrow.

Bible Seeds and Such

Alexa, ask Bible Seeds for seeds

Learn a few selected Bible passages (about 20). I have memorized these, and they act as seeds, allowing the messages to grow within.

Bible Trivia

Alexa play Bible Trivia

Bible Trivia

Bible verse

Alexa, open bible verse and a new Verse

Bible Verse

Bible Verse

Alexa, open Bible Verse

Get a random bible verse

Bible Verse

Alexa, start bible verse

Recite a bible verse

Alexa, ask Bible Talk what I should teach Sunday

Have Alexa tell you the latest or most popular content added to or even have her tell you a what you should teach.


Alexa, ask bible verse to tell me a bible verse.

Listen to bible verses!

Big Data Skills

Alexa, open big data

Big Data facts (Predictive analytics) Quiz

Big Game Ultimate Trivia Quiz

Alexa, start Big Game

It's the 50th anniversary of football's biggest game. Test your Big Game knowledge with the ultimate Big Game trivia quiz!

Big O Buddy

Alexa, ask Big O Buddy what is the complexity for the heapsort algorithm

Big O Buddy tells you the time and space complexity of some of the most popular data structures and algorithms.

Big Sky

Alexa, open Big Sky.

Get hyper-local weather, hourly forecasts for your address using the Dark Sky API.

Works with international addresses!

Big Slap

Alexa, Ask Big Slap To Reset The Names

The Big Slap game is designed to reach through the Alexa and into your home for loads of laughs and fun family nights!


Alexa ask Big band trivia to start

Trivia about big bands, both what their signature song was (according to the band) and what they got to be known for, which weren't always the same thing.


Alexa, ask BigML to load the latest model

The BigML skill integrates with your BigML account and makes it possible to load a predictive model and make predictions using only voice control.


Alexa, ask big words trivia to start game

GRE synonyms test

Bike Finder

Alexa, ask Bike Finder how many bikes are available

Ask Alexa if there are bikes available at your favorite bike share station!

Bike Safety Tips

Alexa, ask bike safety for a fact.

Ask Bike Safety Tips for facts about riding safely on the road.

Bike Share

Alexa, ask Bike Share to add an address

Quickly find the closest bike share station with available bikes. Currently supports Citibike in NYC.

Bikes Facts

Alexa Open bikes facts

Are you interested in bikes? Jus use Bikes Facts to Know about the bikes.

Biking Facts

Alexa open Biking Facts

This skill provides biking related facts for places in the continental USA

Biking Wizard

Alexa, ask The Biking Wizard if I should go biking in Whistler today

Biking Wizard can tell you if the weather is right for a bike ride!

Billy the Random Number Goat

Alexa ask Billy Goat for a number.

Billy the Random Number Goat will provide you with a random number. If you don't provide a range, Billy Goat will choose a number between one and one hundred.

Bin Buddy

Alexa, ask Bin Buddy where to put envelopes.

Bin Buddy helps San Francisco residents know what goes in what bin.


There are no example interactions for this skill.



There are no example interactions for this skill.


Binary Clock

Alexa, ask Binary Clock what time it is

Alexa knows the time in binary!

Binary Converter

Alexa, ask Binary Converter to convert thirty one.

Quickly convert numbers into binary.

Bingeable TV Shows

There are no example interactions for this skill.

Ask me to suggest shows to binge watch!


Alexa, open Bingo.

With the Bingo skill, Alexa will call the numbers for you. Each number is repeated and sent to the Alexa app as well. Get a free Bingo card at

Bingo Facts

Alexa open bingo facts

Learn interesting facts about Bingo, the popular family-friendly game enjoyed around the world.


There are no example interactions for this skill.


Biology Facts

Alexa, open biology facts

Random facts about biology

biology test

Alexa, launch biology game

A simple biology game

Biology Trivia

Alexa, open biology trivia

Test your biology knowledge

Biology: Cell Organelles

Alexa, start biology flashcards

Flashcards to learn biology.

Biomes Facts

Alexa, open biomes facts and give me a fact

Have fun learning about the biomes we live in with.


Alexa, open BioRhythm.

The BioRhythm skill will calculate your natural biorhythm for today for entertainment purposes. Alexa, ask BioRhythm for a reading for birthday November 2, 1993

Bird Fact

Alexa, open bird fact

Learn facts about birds

Bird Facts

Alexa ask bird facts a fact

Bird facts skill gives you interesting facts about our fine feathered friends.

Bird Facts

Alexa, ask bird keeper a bird fact

This skill helps you learn some interesting facts about Birds.

Bird Fetcher

Alexa, ask Bird Fetcher for birds near Binghamton

Calls the eBird API to retrieve the 10 most recent bird sightings in a specified city.

Bird Quiz

Alexa ask bird quiz to start game

A fun bird quiz.

Bird Song

Alexa, ask Bird Song for a blackbird

Plays a variety of beautiful bird songs and calls -- over 260 and growing! Includes a Name That Bird game plus a few hidden Easter eggs to keep things fun.

Bird Songs

Alexa, ask Bird Songs

Bird Songs plays the songs of the most common North American bird species.

Bird Trivia

Alexa, open Bird Trivia

Simple, fun bird trivia game.

Birthday Register

Alexa, ask birthday finder to get the names of famous people born on January twelfth

Find the names of famous people born on any given date

birthday reminder

Alexa open birthday reminder

Remember and remind you about the birthday of your friend, family and relatives. You can never forget your precious person's birthday!

Bit Exchange

Alexa, ask bit exchange what the current rate is

Bit Exchange keeps you up to date with the current bitcoin exchange price.

Bitcoin Blockchain Facts

Alexa, open bitcoin blockchain facts

Bitcoin+Blockchain Facts is an introduction to digital currency and the Blockchain technology.

Bitcoin Exchange

Alexa, open bitcoin exchange

Bitcoin stock exchange rate and currency converter

Bitcoin Geek

Alexa, open Bitcoin Geek

Bitcoin Geek

Bitcoin Info

Alexa, ask bitcoin info for the latest bitcoin price

Get the latest price of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Price

Alexa, ask Bitcoin Price for the current price

Get the current price of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Price Checker

Alexa, open Bitcoin Price Checker.

Ever wanted to check the Bitcoin exchange rate on your Amazon Echo? Now you can!

Bitcoin Price Finder

Alexa, ask Bitcoin Price what is the price of a bitcoin

BTC Price Finder

Bitcoin Rate

Alexa, open Bitcoin Rate

Bitcoin Rate provides the current value of 1BTC in your preferred base currency, along with useful Bitcoin market data.

Bitdog Voice

Alexa, ask Bitdog Voice for help

This skill enables you to control and query your Bitdog Z-Wave and other IoT devices.

Bites & Snacks

Alexa, ask bites and snacks for a snack

An Amazon Alexa skill to get a healthy snack idea to complement your daily nutrition plan.

bitTRA.DE Bitcoin Price

Alexa Open BitTrade

bitTRA.DE Bitcoin Price


Alexa Ask BizTalk to tell me about google

Get instant updates on the most recent business news and information from the best business source - BizTalk Radio.

Black Friday Calendar

Alexa ask Black Friday Calendar for Walmart hours

Black Friday Calendar can tell you when major retailers start their Thanksgiving and Black Friday deals

Black History Facts

Alexa, ask Black History Facts to tell me a fact

This skill provides facts, first, and information about African Americans.

Blackjack Basic Strategy

Alexa, ask Basic Strategy what should eleven do against dealer ten

Provides a recommendation for a Blackjack hand based on Basic Strategy ("the book").

Blackjack Coach

Alexa, launch Blackjack Coach

Brush up on your Blackjack skills with this interactive, voice based blackjack coach. New scenarios added weekly! This skill may not be suitable for all ages.

Blackjack Dealer

Alexa, open Blackjack Dealer

Play the game of Blackjack with Blackjack Dealer as the dealer.

Blackjack Strategy

Alexa Open blackjack strategy

A simple skill to get strategic advice on various Blackjack hands


There are no example interactions for this skill.


Blink for Home

Alexa ask Blink to arm my Home system

Blink is the one-of-a-kind, ultra-affordable, battery-powered, HD home security and video monitoring system. Learn more at

Block World Trivia

"Alexa ask Block World Trivia."

Ask Alexa to help you show off your crafting skills by answering over 30 different multiple choice questions.

Blockchain Ticker

Alexa, ask block chain ticker what's the price of bitcoin

Have an interest in the booming crypto-currency markets? Block chain ticker lets you check the price and market cap of many of the popular cryptos.

Blog Helper

Alexa, ask Blog Helper for my notifications.

Blog Helper allows you to check your notifications, moderate pending comments, and save blog post ideas as drafts -- no typing required.

Blood Pressure Log

Alexa, ask b. p. log to save my blood pressure as one twenty over eighty

The Blood Pressure Log saves your Blood Pressure and gives you an average BP Reading.

Bloomberg Market Data and News

Alexa, open Bloomberg

The Bloomberg skill delivers security quotes, indices updates and the latest episode of Bloomberg Market Minute at your command.


Alexa ask city geek to tell me about bangalore

Some Facts about Bangalore

Blow My Mind on Water

Alexa, ask Blow My Mind on Water to tell me a fact about water.

Provides users a fun fact about water

Blow My Mind Space

Alexa, ask Blow My Mind Space to tell me a fact about space.

Provides user an amazing fact about space.


Alexa, launch Blow My Mind

Gives users a mind-blowing fact.

Blue Jeans

Alexa, ask daily denim what jeans should i wear?

Looking for denim advice? Daily denim knows all about the best jeans.

Blue Steel IT Ltd

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Bluetip Software

There are no example interactions for this skill.



Alexa, tell Blue moo to press Watch TV

Make your voice a simple and powerful universal remote control. Change channels, hear show descriptions and press any remote button. iOS Only


Alexa, ask blue player to skip this song

The skill allows you control your Bluesound HiFi system with your voice.

BMI Calculator

Alexa, open bmi calculator

BMI Calculator

BMW Connected

Alexa, open BMW.

Lock your BMW’s doors, prepare for your next trip, and more.

BMW Technology Group

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Bo's Resume

Alexa launch candidate Bo

Bo's Resume

Board Game Guide

Alexa, open Board Game Guide

Answer a series of questions to discover the perfect board game to play!

Board Gamer

Alexa, ask Board Gamer to choose a game

Get a random board game from your board game collection

Board Games Answers

Alexa, ask board games how many people can play Monopoly

Get answers to common board game rule questions.

Boat Facts

Alexa, ask Boat facts, give me a fact

Get fun facts about boats!

Boat War

Alexa, launch Boat War

Measure yourself to Alexa in Boat War!


Alexa, ask bodhisattva quiz to start game

A quiz game for Steely Dan lyrics. Hear the lyric, you match it up to the correct song.

body facts

Alexa, ask body facts to tell me a fact.

This skill provides fun facts about the human body.

Body Facts

Alexa Open Body Facts

Alexa tell me a body fact

Bodybuilding Geek

Alexa, Ask Bodybuilding Geek for a bodybuilding fact

A Skill that provides a random bodybuilding fact.

Bodybuilding Trivia

Alexa, open Body building Trivia

Bodybuilding Trivia


Alexa, open Bodybuilding Facts

Bodybuilding Facts


Alexa, open Body Geek

Body Geek is a collection of fun and unusual facts about the human body.

Bogan bot

Alexa, ask bogan bot for a quote

Bogan bot is as fair dinkum as a wigwam for a goose's bridle

Bollywood Insider

Alexa, ask Bollywood Insider what are the upcoming movies

Bollywood insider skill will help you find what are the upcoming movies. Or it can also provide information about movies released this week.

Bollywood Movie Trivia

Alexa, launch bollywood movie trivia

Bollywood Movie Trivia

Bollywood Quiz

Alexa start bollywood quiz

Bollywood Quiz

Bollywood Trivia

Alexa, launch Bollywood Trivia

Trivia about Bollywood

Bollywood Trivia

Alexa, open Bollywood Trivia

Bollywood Trivia is a fun-filled trivia game to test your knowledge on the Hindi film industry.

Bollywood Trivia

Alexa Open Bollywood Trivia

Discover rare and awesome Bollywood facts and trivia!

Bollywood Trivia Game

Alexa, ask bollywood trivia to start game

This is the Bollywood Trivia Game. Want to test your knowledge about bollywood movies, stars etc. or want to have just fun, this skill is for you.

Bomb Diffuser

Alexa, open bomb diffuser

Your goal is to cut the colored wires that diffuse the bomb. If you cut the wrong wire, it will explode. Guess correctly and you will save the day.


Alexa ask boo

Someone told a bad joke? Let them know with the Alexa boo Skill.

Boo Boo Statistics

Alexa launch boo boo statistics

A Toy Science Fiction Trivia Quiz.

Book Buddy

Alexa, open Book Buddy

Find the author, description, and rating for your favorite books.

Book Events

Alexa open Book Events

Book, signing & author event finder - provides events and venues for upcoming popular book events!

Book Finder

Alexa ask Book Finder to find me a book

Need help finding a good book? Use Book Finder to discover the latest best-sellers in various genres.

Book of John

Alexa, open book of john

The Book of John tells you random, fun tidbits about the creator's semi-interesting life.

Book of Proverbs

Alexa open book of proverbs and give me a verse

Proverbs from the bible.

Book of Psalms

Alexa, ask Book of Psalms to recite Psalm twenty-three.

The Book of Psalms, made available via Echo.

Book of Wisdom

Alexa, open The Book of Wisdom

Get advice from the Book of Wisdom

Book Suggester

Alexa, ask book suggester to give me a book

This skill suggests a good book for you to read.

Boom Boom

Alexa, start boom boom

Tells you funny and interesting one lines


Alexa open boom test

Interesting facts

Boomer Sooner

Alexa, i say boomer

When you really need a Sooner for your Boomer, Alexa will be there for you!

Booze Trivia

Alexa, launch Booze Trivia

Fun trivia about alcohol to impress your friends

Bored tasks

Alexa, open bored tasks

Bored tasks

Boredom's Thoughts

Alexa Ask Boredom's Thoughts for a joke

Random thoughts

Boricua Family Quotes

Alexa, ask Boricua Family Quotes to tell me something

Collection of quotes from Pacheco/Marquez/Otero family members.


Alexa, open best yellow character

A set of 4 statements about Bort, the best cameo character from The Simpsons.

Borussia Dortmund GmbH & Co KGaA

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Boston Facts

Alexa, ask Boston Facts for a Boston fact

Boston Facts will tell you wondrous, glorious facts about the City of Boston! Use "Alexa, ask Boston Facts for a Boston Fact".

Boston Facts

Alexa, ask boston buddy a fact

This skill tells some interesting facts about Boston, MA.

Boston T-time

Alexa, Ask Boston T-time when the next sixty nine bus will arrive at stop one four one nine

Use Alexa to find then next MBTA bus at your stop. Stop ID can found on the Bus-stop road sign.

Boston Transit

Alexa, ask Boston Transit when the next train to South Station gets in to Kendall

Find out the status of MBTA public transit (subway, Silver, and commuter line status, as well as real time predictions for trains).

Boston Trivia

Alexa open boston trivia

A fact skill giving trivia about Boston City


Alexa, Ask Bourbon helper how can I build a doctor seven

Bartenders Helper

Bowel Movement Facts

Alexa, open bowel movement facts

Bowel Movement Facts

Bowling Facts

Alexa ask bowling fact to tell me a fact

Bowling Facts

Bowling Facts

Alexa, open Bowling Facts

This skill gives you a random fact about 10 pin bowling.

Bowling Trivia

Alexa, open Bowling Trivia

A trivia game to test your knowledge of bowling.

Box of Birds

Alexa, open the Box of Birds

This box houses hundreds of birds, including an occasional surprise. Just say, "Alexa, open the Box of Birds" and your Echo will play a random bird sound.

Box of Cats

Alexa, open the box of cats

Open up a box of cats! Who knows what you might find in there! (spoiler alert: it's most likely a cat, who will proceed to meow loudly at you.)


Alexa, ask Box Office what's the rating of Titanic

This skill helps to find movie ratings. It tells you rating on a scale of 10. Where 10 is the highest and 0 is the lowest score ratings can have.

Boy Friend

Alexa open boy friend

Your sweet Boy Friend who is polite and romantic and always listening

Boy Names

Alexa, ask Boy Names to say a name

Get a boy name from Alexa

Brad Pitt Facts

Alexa, play Brad Pitt facts

Facts about the actor Brad Pitt

Brain Cage

Alexa, ask brain cage

Ask Cage for advice, questions, or words to live by

Brain Facts

Alexa, ask brain facts to tell me a brain fact

Facts on human brain

Brain of Things Control

Alexa, tell brain of things to open the curtains

Control your Brain of Things enabled home.

Brain Teaser

Alexa, ask brain teaser

Exercise your head muscles with Brain Teaser.

Brain Teasers!

Alexa, launch Brain Teasers

A quick fun trivia game to test your common knowledge and quick thinking ability.

Brainy Bee

Alexa Ask Brainy Bee

Brainy Bee is the most comprehensive Maths and Science Quiz skill on Alexa today. Its fun and engaging. Happy Quizzing!

Brand Haiku

Alexa, open Brand Haiku.

Brand Haiku plays 57 thoughtful and concise bits of brand wisdom. Enjoy!

Brand Quiz

Alexa, ask Brand Quiz to start new game

This skill quizzes users on famous brand slogans. Are you brand aware?

Brand Trivia

Alexa, Open brand trivia

Brand Trivia

Brandify Knowledge

Alexa, start brandify knowledge

A short little question game to get to know more about Brandify.

Bravelocation Software Ltd.

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Breath Analyzer

Alexa, open breath analyzer

By blowing into your device -- Alexa can determine your blood alcohol level. Disclaimer: There is no breath analyzer in your device, this is a joke skill


Alexa, start deep breathing

Breathe is a breathing coach for Alexa

Bremen information

Alexa Ask bremen information for a fact

Information about Bremen

Bremer Tageszeitungen AG

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Bremer Tageszeitungen AG

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Brent Hunter

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Brewers Table

Alexa, ask brewers table what goes with Kolsh

An Amazon Alexa app to discover new food pairings to enjoy your beer.


There are no example interactions for this skill.



There are no example interactions for this skill.



There are no example interactions for this skill.



Alexa, ask BrickBot to get available sets in twenty sixteen

Crazy about collecting LEGO® sets? Get the latest updates on available sets, set details, themes, and sub-theme from Brick Bot. Try it out now!

brightpeak financial

Alexa ask brightpeak for savings advice

The brightpeak financial skill allows you to ask brightpeak for advice on key money topics like debt, insurance, savings and retirement.

British History Quiz

Alexa, play British History Quiz

Trivia game providing multiple choice answers on key dates, figures, and events that have shaped British History.

Broadway By Year

Alexa ask broadway baby to start game

Broadway musical year quiz. Guess the year of the show.

Broadway Trivia

Alexa, open Broadway Trivia Game.

The Broadway Trivia Game tests your knowledge of Broadway history.

Broadway Trivia

Alexa, let's play Broadway Trivia!

Trivia for some of Broadway and film's greatest musicals. See how many you can get right!

Brooklyn Basketball

Alexa, open brooklyn basketball

Facts related to the history of Brooklyn Basketball.

Brownie Points Skill

Alexa, Ask Brownie Points to add David to the chart

This skill can track a points or star chart for individuals. You can give points to people and track progress towards a goal.

Bruce Lee Quotes (Fan Made)

Alexa launch lee quotes

To hear quotes by Bruce Lee just say "Alexa launch lee quotes"


Alexa, launch bryans hockey trivia

This is a trivia game with a random set of hockey questions.

Bryant Housewise Thermostat Control

There are no example interactions for this skill.

Control your Bryant Housewise thermostat using your Amazon Alexa.


Alexa, open my advisor

A silly but helpful advisor

BSD Fortune

Alexa, ask b. s. d. fortune to read to me

Fortunes and Quotes from the BSD fortune files.

Bucket List

Alexa ask bucket list to give me a good idea

Bucket list will suggest a bucket list item for you today.

Buddha Quotes

Alexa, ask Buddha Quotes to give me some calm

Get a peaceful Buddha quote on the go and on demand

Buddha Says

Alexa open Buddha Says

Get wise Buddha quotes now on your Alexa device

Buddy for Destiny

Alexa, ask my ghost what's Xur selling

Buddy for Destiny provides useful information like Xur inventory and weekly activities to destiny players.

Buddy the Dog

Alexa, ask buddy the dog what does my dog want

Ask what your dog wants.

Buegton Trivia

Alexa, start Jen and Ian Trivia

Trivia about the world's most amazing couple! You cannot live without this skill!

Buffalo Facts

Alexa open Buffalo Facts and give me a fact

Buffalo Facts is an Alexa skill about, what else, Buffalo, NY.

Buffalo Trivia Game

Alexa, open Buffalo Trivia Game

Buffalo has a rich history of victory and defeat, agony and joy. This trivia game gives the user insight into the mix of emotions that fill the sports world.

Bug Tracker

Alexa, ask Bug Tracker what is the status for ticket CAMEL 1099?

An integration between Alexa and the Atlassian Jira tracking system. Using Jira restful API, gets the most up to date information of a Jira ticket.

Bugle Notes

Alexa Ask Bugle Notes How many lights in Cullum Hall

Bugle Notes - The Handbook of the United States Corps of Cadets (West Point Plebe Bible)

Building Facts

Alexa, ask Building Facts for a fact

Curious about buildings - learn more with Building Facts


Alexa, open building link

BuildingLink Aware. Making residential buildings intelligent — one smart sensor at a time.


Alexa ask BUILTER LABS for the daily news

BUILTR Daily news updates from AEC industry, by BUILTR Labs

Bulletin Board

Alexa, ask Bulletin Board to start a new board.

Leave short messages for the people around you!

Bulls and Cows game

Alexa, tell Bulls Cows to start a game

Bulls and Cows game as described here


Alexa, ask Buoy how much water I used today

Get realtime information about your household water use

Burrito Facts

Alexa, open burrito facts

Hear great facts about everyone's favorite Mexican entree.

Burrito Facts

Alexa, open burrito facts

Burrito Facts


Alexa, ask Butterfly Demo for events from today.

Gives you the events Butterfleye demo camera has on a particular day. For example you can ask: "Alexa, ask Butterfly Demo for events from today".

Butterfly Facts

Alexa ask butterfly facts to give me some information

This skill provides random facts about butterflies.

Buttery - Beer, Wine & Liquor Delivery

Alexa, open Buttery

Craft beer, wine & spirits delivered to you in 60 mins or less.


Alexa open buzz game

Buzz is a single-player game based on the factor counting game fizz buzz. It includes many combinations and difficulty levels.

by staRpauSe

Alexa, ask staRpauSe for a haiku

Recite poetry by staRpauSe, who has been crystalizing his consciousness in haiku since being introduced to the Japanese poetry form in grade school.

C. I. C. Facts

Alexa, ask C. I. C. facts to tell me a fact.

This skill will give you various facts about the Connecticut Invention Convention

C# Quiz

Alexa, open C Sharp Quiz

A quiz game designed to enhance and reinforce your knowledge of C#, .Net, and Object Oriented Programming principles


Alexa, ask calculator for nine plus five.

Let your echo help you do the calculation, it is cool and you won't make mistake.

Calendar for Hillbrook School

Alexa, run Hillbrook bear

Hear what's happening on the published Hillbrook School calendar: A-F days, free dress, early dismissal, and other events.

Calendar Week

Alexa, launch calendar week

Calendar Week is a simple skill to deliver the current week number.

California Facts

Alexa, ask california facts to give me a fact about California.

Learn about the state of California.

California fun facts

Alexa, ask cali fact for a california fact

Get the facts about California state.

California Native Facts

Alexa, ask California native facts to tell me a fact

California Native Plants facts

California Trivia Game

Alexa, launch California Trivia

California Trivia is a fun and educational multiple choice trivia game covering facts about the state of California.

Calling the Hogs

Alexa START calling the hogs

Have Alexa call the hogs by saying: "Alexa, Start Calling the Hogs". Alexa will then call the hogs: "woo pig sooie"

Calorie Checker

Alexa, Open calorie checker

Ask for a type of food, and it will tell you the calories of it.

Calorie Steps

Alexa, ask Calorie Steps to get calories for mozzarella

Get calorie information for common foods and then find out how many steps are needed to burn off those calories.


Alexa Start CalPal

A tool that helps you convert calories to time exercise.


There are no example interactions for this skill.

CameraGW is an Alexa Skill for connecting Smart Home Z-wave Camera with Amazon Smart Home Skill.

Campbell's Kitchen

Alexa, ask Campbell's Kitchen what's for dinner

Your kitchen just got a whole lot smarter. Make dinnertime easy with a daily Top-5 list of triple-tested recipes, selected for your tastes and time preferences.

Camping How To

Alexa, ask learn camping to teach me to make a fire

This skill gives brief instructions on how to perform a number of activities around a campsite.

Camping Trivia

Alexa, play Camping Trivia

This Alexa App gives a random set of questions related to camping an parks.

can i still eat it

Alexa open can i still eat it

Alexa Can i still eat something i dropped on the floor?

Can I Use Skill

Alexa, ask browser features can I use video?

Ask Alexa about browser support for HTML, CSS and JavaScript features.

Canada Knowledge

Alexa, ask canada knowledge to tell me a fact

Fun facts aboot friendly Canada!

Candice Fact

Alexa ask, candice fact to tell me a fact

Candice Facts

Candidate Quote Quiz

Alexa, open Candidate Quiz

A quote-identifying trivia game starring the current and past candidates for the US Presidential Election 2016.

candle magic facts

Alexa, open candle magic facts.

Candle colors magic

Candy Facts

Alexa open candy facts

A set of facts about candy

Canine Facts

Alexa, start canine facts

Fun facts about dogs!!!

Canna History

Alexa ask Canna History some history

Mankind's strange history to Cannabis.

Caper Flashcards

Alexa, launch caper quiz

Cool quiz on my dog Caper

Caper Trivia

Alexa, ask Caper Trivia to tell me a fact

Give facts about stuff

Capital Cities Trivia

Alexa, start state capitals

Capital Cities of United States

Capital City Games

Alexa, open capital city games

Capital City Games is a game that will help you remember capital cities of the world.

Capital Flash Cards

Alexa, open Capital Flash Cards.

Learn the name of the capital of a country in the world. You will be given the name of a country and you provide the name of the capital.

Capital Of Countries Trivia

There are no example interactions for this skill.

Trivia questions to test your knowledge on capital names for the countries around the world.

Capital One

Alexa, Open Capital One

Use your Capital One skill to hear how much money you have, make credit card payments, keep up with your auto and home loans, and stay on top of recent charges.

Capital Quiz

Alexa, tell Capital Quiz to start practicing

Capital Quiz helps you practice and then quizzes you on the names of the capital cities of all 50 US states.

Capital Quiz

Alexa, open Capital Quiz.

A quiz game about country capitals

Capital Transit

Alexa, ask Capital Transit when the next train arrives at Metro Center

Need to know when the next train is arriving at your station? Just ask! Get station arrival times and service advisories for the DC Metro.

Capital Triva

Alexa, ask capital trivia

World Capital Trivia

Capital Trivia

Alexa, start Capital Trivia

A world capitals quiz


Alexa, open Capital Facts

Random world capitals

Capitals and Countries

Alexa launch capitals and countries

This trivia game tests your knowledge of capitals and countries of the world.

Capitals Of Europe

Alexa start capitals of europe

Capitals Of Europe is a flashcard game for learning the capitals of all the European Countries

Capitals of The World Flash Cards

Alexa, launch World Capital flash cards.

Test your knowledge of the world capitals!

Capitals Test

Alexa, launch capital test

A nice trivia about US Capitals of the state. Enjoy doing this game with your family or with friends.

Capybara Facts

Alexa, open capybara facts

Capybara Facts

Car Engine Facts

Alexa ask engine facts for a fact

Car Engine Facts

Car Fact

Alexa, open car fact and tell me about cars.

Get Your Car Fact

Car Facts

Alexa, Open Car Facts

Fun and interesting fact about an everyday tool, your car!

Car Facts

Alexa, open car facts

Increase Your Knowledge About Car Facts

Car Facts

Alexa, Open Car Facts

Random facts about cars.

Car Facts

Alexa open car facts

Car Facts gives us cool info about cars.

Car Geek

Alexa, open car geek

Interesting car facts

Car Insurance Facts

Alexa, Ask Insurance Agent for an insurance fact

Car Insurance facts that outline coverage, discounts and dangers

Car Maker Quiz

Alexa, open car maker quiz.

Car Maker Quiz

car quiz

Alexa start car quiz

This is a Race Car Number Quiz

Car Quiz

Alexa, open car quiz.

Test your knowledge of car models

Car World

Alexa, open Car Shopper

Ever wondered which car you should by? This app is just for you!

Cardboard Box Facts

Alexa, ask unofficial cardboard box facts to tell me a fact.

Want to know more interesting facts about Cardboard Boxes

career choice

Alexa, ask career choice

Gives you general career options

Caribbean Trivia

Alexa, open Caribbean Trivia

Caribbean Trivia


Alexa, tell Carly I feel happy

Carly is a voice-activated coach for Amazon Echo that helps users understand their moods and thoughts

Carpool Helper

Alexa, ask Carpool Helper, am I driving carpool today?

This skill helps you remember when you are driving the carpool based on day-of-week.

Carrier Côr Thermostat Control

There are no example interactions for this skill.

Control your Côr thermostat using your Amazon Alexa.

Carsten Krebs

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Carsten Krebs

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Carsten Reinke

There are no example interactions for this skill.


CARVIS: Find the Perfect Ride

Alexa, ask car vis how much is a taxi from Marriott San Francisco to SFO airport

Get the average taxi fare from an airport to your hotel, and vice versa.

Caséta Wireless

There are no example interactions for this skill.

Control your Lutron Caséta Wireless lights from anywhere!

Cashew Craze

Alexa, ask cashew craze to tell me a cashew fact

This is a skill that tells you random cashew facts.


Alexa, ask casino game to bet on 5

Enjoy a bit of roulette with Amazon Echo

Castle Adventure

Alexa, open castle adventure

A short adventure game that allows you to try to escape a castle.

Casual Compliment Machine

Alexa start casual compliment machine

This skill provides you with a nice, sincere compliment whenever you are in need of one.

Cat Fact

Alexa, open Cat Fact.

Learn about cats with the Cat Fact skill

cat facts

Alexa, ask cat facts for a cat fact

cat facts

Cat Facts

Alexa, open Cat Facts.

Cat Facts is the premier skill for feline fun.

Cat Facts

Alexa, launch cat facts.

Hundreds of purrfect cat facts for any occasion.

Cat Facts

Alexa ask cat facts

This skill gives you fun facts about cats when you ask it!

Cat Facts

Alexa, ask Cat Fact to tell me a cat fact

True facts about cats.

Cat Facts

Alexa, open cat facts

Random Cat Facts

Cat Facts

Alexa, ask Cat Facts for a fact.

Tells a random cat fact.

Cat Facts

Alexa ask cat facts a fact

Gives a random assortment of facts about cats

Cat Facts

Alexa, start Cat Facts

This skill provides a random fun fact about cats.

Cat Facts

Alexa, ask cat facts to tell me a cat fact

Cat Facts

Cat Facts

Alexa, start super awesome cat facts

Interesting Cat Facts

Cat Facts

Alexa ask cat facts to tell me a cat fact

Cat facts

Cat Facts

Alexa, Ask Cat Facts for a fact

Provides fun facts about cat!

Cat Facts

Alexa, ask Cat Facts to tell me a cat fact

Love Cats? You found a perfect app to get the facts about Cats.

Cat Facts

Alexa, ask cat facts to tell me a fact

Learn random facts about cats!

Cat Facts

Alexa, open cat facts

Gives a random cat fact when asked.

Cat Facts

Alexa, ask cat facts to tell me a fact about cats

Get some facts about cats!

Cat Facts

Alexa, ask meow facts for a fact

This gives you facts about cats

Cat Facts

Alexa Open Cat Facts

Cat Facts!

Cat Facts

Alexa Open Cat Facts

Get a lot of interesting facts about cats.

Cat Facts

alexa, open cat facts

Learn something new about your favorite felines!

Cat Facts

Alexa, ask Cat Facts a fact

Ask Alexa for some awesome cat facts!

Cat Facts

Alexa, ask cat facts to give me a fact.

Learn random cat facts!

Cat Facts

Alexa, open cat facts and tell me a fact

This skill tells interesting facts about cats.

Cat Facts

Alexa, ask Cat Facts to tell me a cat fact

On command, this will tell you a cat fact.

Cat Facts

Alexa, ask Cat Facts to tell me a fact

Gives you random facts about cats

Cat Facts

Alexa Open Cat Facts

Cat Facts for Alexa. Because you need your hands to pet the cat.

Cat Facts

Alexa Open Cat facts

Get a cat fact whenever you need it!

Cat Facts

Alexa, ask cat facts to give me a fact

Cat Facts

Cat Feeder

Alexa ask cat feeder to feed my cats

This skill interacts with an built-it-yourself raspberry pi pet feeder to dispense food to your pets. You can get more information here:

Cat Geek

Alexa, ask cat geek for a fact.

random facts about cats little known by most people

Cat Genius

Alexa, open Cat Genius!

Cat Genius knows so many things about your family friend!

Cat Genius

Alexa, ask Cat Genius to give me a fact.

Do you love cats and facts about them? Cat Genius can tell you interesting facts about your favorite felines!

Cat Knock Knock Jokes

Alexa, ask cat knock knock to tell me a joke

Cat Knock Knock Jokes

Cat Lady

Alexa, ask cat lady for facts

Cat Lady is a skill that gives you interesting facts on cats.

Cat Names

Alexa Open Cat Names

Get a random cat name

Cat or dog

Alexa, ask cat or dog if cats are better

Determines whether cats are better than dogs or not

Cat Person

Alexa, ask cat person for a fact

this skill tells facts about cats.

Cat Raiser

Alexa, ask cat raiser how is my cat

Raise your e-cat living in Alexa!

Catch Me Out

alexa play catch me out

Test you nerve with a game of 'Catch me out' with Alexa! See how long you can last with out answering yes or no.

Catch Sports

Alexa, ask Catch Sports what channel the Florida State football game is on

Catch Sports is your digital personal assistant for live sports. We can tell you how to watch on your TV, phone or computer.


Alexa open cat facts

Cat Facts - All the facts you want to know about cats


Alexa, open cat facts

Facts about cats


Alexa, ask cat facts to start game

Cat Facts Trivia - test your knowledge of cat facts!

Catholic Daily

Alexa, ask Catholic Daily for today's readings

Hear the daily Mass readings from the convenience of your Alexa-enabled device. Pick today's date or any date you choose.

Catholic Pickup Lines

Alexa, launch Catholic Pickup Lines

Swooning love interest, the Lord's way

Cave Master

Alexa, Open Cave Master

Cave Master, a voice based adventure game.

Caves Under Thornhill

Alexa, ask Caves Under Thornhill to start a game.

Caves Under Thornhill is a classic maze and monster game.

CCS Insight

Alexa, tell c. c. s. insight to get me the latest content

CCS Insight provides market information, analysis and intelligence for companies focusing on the mobile and wireless sector around the world.


Alexa, ask Ceaseless who should I pray for today

Find out who to pray for each day and receive wisdom from the Bible with Ceaseless. Use it for daily prayer and devotion.

CEIVA HomeView

Alexa ask My Utility how much Electricity have I used today?

Homeview tells you exactly how much energy and water you’re using, lets you check your thermostat and can check for water leaks.

Celebrate Robot

Alexa, Open Celebrate Robot


Celebration Bar Review

Alexa, ask Celebration Bar Review for a tip

Get a study tip for the MBE.

Celebrity Deaths

Alexa, ask celebrity death a celebrity death fact

Randomly reads from a short list of the most notable celebrity deaths of 2016

Celebrity Page

Alexa, start Celebrity Page

Alexa will give updates about Celebrities who were on show recently

Census Data

alexa, ask census data, what is the population of maryland

Learn about the United States through data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Census Stats

Alexa, ask Census Stats, what is the population of Dallas, Texas

Learn about every city in the United States through data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Cerebral Digital

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Cerebral Digital

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Cerebral Palsy Facts

Alexa, open c.p. fact

Cerebral Palsy Facts

CF Acronyms by WIKIWOD

Alexa, ask WIKIWOD Acronyms what is "W-O-D"?

CrossFit Acronyms by WIKIWOD

CF1N Workout

Alexa, ask one nation what the workout is

Reads the WOD for CrossFit 1 Nation

CFD Facts

Alexa, Open CFD Facts

This skill talks about Computational Fluid Dynamics


Alexa, ask chack noris fan

tells a chack noris fan fun fact

Chameleon Facts

"Alexa, open Chameleon Facts."

Fun facts about Chameleons

champions league trivia

Alexa open champions league trivia

This is an Alexa trivia skill about the UEFA champions league.

Chanakya Says

Alexa ask chanakya says tell me fact

Chanakya , Indian philosopher

Chance Dice

Alexa, ask chance dice to roll a ten

Chance Dice Skill, roll the dice!

Channel Finder

Alexa, ask channel finder what is the channel number for comedy central?

Channel number finder for Sacramento region Dish Network

ChannelAdvisor E-Commerce Blog

Alexa, launch channel advisor

Get the latest ChannelAdvisor Blog

Chapman Trivia

Alexa play Chapman Trivia

Trivia Questions on the Chapman Family

Characters for Harry Potter

Alexa, Ask Potter Characters who Dumbledore is

Get the scoop on your favorite Harry Potter characters! Just say the name of any Harry Potter character and we'll get you the knowledge you need to know!

Charles Bukowski Quotes

alexa launch charles bukowski quotes

Hear quotes from Charles Bukowski and his writings.


There are no example interactions for this skill.



There are no example interactions for this skill.



There are no example interactions for this skill.


Chat Bot

Alexa, ask Chat Bot to insult me

Chat Bot lets you talk to it, you can say whatever you like and it will generate a random insult or compliment response! Hundreds of possible answers!

Chat Bot for Slack

Alexa, start Chat bot

Post to Slack using your Alexa device.


Alexa, ask chatShopper to show me dresses for women

chatShopper can show you different fashion products. Just say what you´re looking for "Alexa, ask chatShopper to show me sneakers for women"


Alexa open cheer lights

Find out what color the World feels like right now.


Alexa Ask Cheer lights to turn green

This skill allows you to set the CheerLights colour

Cheers Me

Alexa, open Cheers Me

Cheers Me is an entertaining way to toast to things that matter, giving you choices for whichever social environment you are in.

Cheese facts

alexa, open cheese facts

Cheese Facts

Cheese Facts

Alexa, Open Cheese Facts

Fun facts about cheese.

Cheetah for Runkeeper

Alexa, ask Cheetah Exercise how far did I run today

Cheetah for Runkeeper Activities


Alexa, ask Chef what I can use instead of two tablespoons of baking powder

Chef helps you in the kitchen! Find weights of various volumes of ingredients (useful for baking), as well as substitutions for all kinds of ingredients.

Chef Basil

Alexa, open Chef Basil

Cook your favorite recipes hands-free with the Amazon Alexa.

Chef Bridgette

Alexa Open Chef Bridgette

Get the Berkeley Carroll lunch menu from Chef Bridgette.

Chef Sheffey

Alexa, open Chef Sheffey.

Chef Sheffey helps you find and try one of 350,000 recipes.

Chefkoch GmbH

There are no example interactions for this skill.



Alexa, ask chef Thai to how do you cook chicken pad thai?

Chef Thai knows how to cook the most famous dishes in Thailand!

Chelsea Geek unofficial trivia

Alexa Open chelsea geek unofficial trivia

Interesting facts about Chelsea Football Club. Unofficial application. These facts have been written by Mayank Saxena.

Chem Geek

Alexa, open Chem Geek

Chemistry Facts!

ChemicalNames flashcards

Alexa, ask chemical names

Chemical Names

Chemistry Choice

Alexa Open Chemistry Choice

This stirring app was created by a high schooler. It's a mostly true story about my last day of freshman year. Please enjoy and comment if you want a sequel.

Chemistry Professor

Alexa, ask Chemistry Professor what Na is

Quickly get information about elements on the periodic table. Can't remember which element Na is? Just ask the Chemistry Professor.

Chess Facts

Alexa ask Chess Facts a chess fact

Chess Facts


Alexa, Open chess facts

Chess Facts


Alexa, open Chess Opening Helper

Help with remember chess openings.


Alexa, launch chess match

Channel your inner Bobby Fischer and put your skills to the test in this AI powered chess game.


Alexa, Open chess trivia

Basic chess trivia, with some current player questions.

Chicago Bike Share Status

Alexa, ask Chicago Bikeshare how many bikes are at the Ashland Avenue and Grand Avenue station.

Check the status of stations in the Chicago Divvy bike sharing system

Chicago Bikes

Alexa, ask Chicago Bikes for station info for Peoria Street and Jackson Boulevard

real-time station information on all Chicago shared bikes (Divvy Bikes)

Chicago Bus Stop

Alexa ask Chicago Bus Stop when is the next bus at stop 3766?

Get the arrival times for any CTA Bus Stop before you walk out the door.

Chicago Facts

Alexa open chicago facts

This skill tells an interesting fact about Chicago city.

Chicago Food Truck Finder

Alexa, ask Food Truck Finder what food trucks sell tacos

Discover what food trucks are at a location on a given day. Lookup information on a specific food truck.

Chicago Java

Alexa, ask Chicago Java when is my next Meetup.

Get information about the next Java events in Chicago!

Chicago Sports Trivia

Alexa, open Chicago Sports Trivia

Try to see how much you know about chicago sports with this trivia game.

Chicago Trains

Alexa ask Chicago Trains when is the next train from Big Timber to Chicago Union Station

Find out when the next Chicago Metra train is about to leave for a particular train route.

Chicago Trivia

Alexa, start Chicago Trivia

Test your knowledge of the city of Chicago with this trivia quiz. See how many questions you can get right!

Chicagoland Trivia

alexa, open chicagoland trivia

Offers interesting trivia about the Windy City of Chicago and its environs.

chicken facts

Alexa open chicken facts

Chicken Facts - Learn more about chickens, taken from

Chicken Geek

Alexa, Open Chicken Geek

Amazing facts about chickens and eggs

Chicken Nuggetry

Alexa, ask nugget haikus for a haiku

Love chicken nuggets? Listen to all the chicken nugget haikus your heart can handle.

Chili Pepper Nut

Alexa, ask chili pepper nut a pepper fact

Chili Pepper Nut is fun trivia about chili peppers.


Alexa ask spawn guide to search for shows

Ask Alexa if there is a show or a movie in Netflix.

Chilling Facts

Alexa, open Chilling Facts.

Horrifying, bone-chilling, and creepy facts.


Alexa, ask Chimani what are the ranger events today.

This skill allows Alexa to tell you the ranger events happening the Chimani parks on a given date.

China History Game

Alexa, lanch China HIstory Game

China History Game is a simple set of questions about the history of the ancient and modern China. Say "Alexa, lanch China HIstory Game"!


Alexa, ask Chineasy for today's lesson.

Learning Chinese is easy with Talk Chineasy for Alexa. Learn a useful Chinese sentence, along with cultural insights and stories, in just 10 minutes every day.

Chinese Food

Alexa, ask chinese food for Chow Fun

Speak a Chinese food menu item, Alexa will tell you the detail

Chinese Zodiac

Alexa, ask the Chinese Zodiac to tell me the sign for people born on May 29th, 1977

There are 12 animal signs in the Chinese zodiac. Learn all about yours.

Chloe McMullan

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Chocolate Games

Alexa, launch chocolate games

A simple game all about chocolate.

Chocolate Trivia

Alexa, launch chocolate trivia

A fun trivia to test your knowledge in chocolate.

Choice Master

Alexa, ask Choice Master if I should call my ex.

Ask Alexa if you should do something or you shouldn't

Choose a European Vacation

Alexa open European vacation

Let Alexa help you choose somewhere in Europe to go on vacation!

Choose My Food

Alexa, open choose my food

Helps you select a food to eat

Chord Notes

Alexa, ask Chord Notes the notes in E major

Quick, hands-free, lookup of the notes in major, minor, 7th and augmented chords.

Chore Roulette

Alexa Open Chore Roulette

Chore Roulette is a simple game to inspire you to do your chores. Play by yourself or with others.

Christine Facts

Alexa, open Christine Facts

Facts about Christine

Christmas Caroler

Alexa, tell Christmas Caroler to spread holiday cheer.

Listen to Alexa and learn the lyrics to some yuletide favorites!

Christmas Checker

Alexa, ask Christmas Checker is it Christmas

Using advanced AI technology, this skill allows you determine whether the current day is Christmas.

Christmas Cheer

Alexa, start christmas cheer

This app spreads Christmas cheer with a song.

Christmas Countdown

Alexa, ask Christmas Countdown how much longer until Christmas

Tells the number of seconds until Christmas

Christmas Countdown

There are no example interactions for this skill.

This visionary skill tells you how many days remain until Christmas, and whether or not it's Christmas yet.

Christmas Countdown

Alexa, ask Santa Countdown how long until Christmas

A skill that allows you to ask how many days until the next Christmas!

Christmas cracker jokes from I am the Cold Man

Alexa, ask Christmas Dreams for a christmas joke

Folk duo 'I am the Cold Man' tell Christmas Cracker jokes to help you be your most merry self in the run up to Christmas!

Christmas Facts

Alexa, open Christmas Facts

Christmas Facts is the perfect skill for learning new interesting things about Xmas & showing off Alexa to coworkers, friends & family at the holiday party!

Christmas History

Alexa, ask Christmas History for a fact

Have fun with some Christmas Trivia!

Christmas Jokes

Alexa, ask christmas joke to tell me a Christmas joke

Christmas Jokes

Christmas Kindness

Alexa, Open Christmas Kindness

Christmas Kindness is an Alexa skill that provides you with a daily suggested act of kindness. Use this skill to be inspired to act kindly this holiday season.

Christmas Movies

Alexa, ask Christmas Movies for a fact

Random overlooked and underrated Christmas movies.

Christmas Trivia

Alexa, start christmas trivia

Come test your Yuletide knowledge with our Christmas Trivia game. With 22 random questions, keep the eggnog flowing and keep on guessing!

Christmas Trivia 2016

Alexa Open Christmas Trivia

Rudolf, Dickens, Harry Potter, and more! Test your Christmas knowledge with Christmas Trivia.

Christmas Trivia Game

Alexa Open Christmas Trivia

This is a game with lighthearted Christmas trivia.

Christmas Vacation Trivia

Alexa Open Christmas Vacation Trivia

A fun trivia game based on one of the Christmas movie classics.


There are no example interactions for this skill.



There are no example interactions for this skill.



There are no example interactions for this skill.


Christopher's Airplane Trivia

Alexa, ask Christopher for an airplane fact

Christopher's Airplane Trivia. Learn facts and trivia about a wide variety of aircraft, aerospace, and aviation!

CHS Quiz Bowl Challenge

'Alexa play Quiz Bowl'

Play through a set of fun and moderately challenging general trivia.

Chuck Facts

Alexa, begin chuck facts

Learn interesting facts about the legendary Chuck

Chuck Joke

Alexa, Open Chuck Joke

Jokes for Chuck!!

Chuck Jokes

Alexa, ask Chuck Jokes to tell me a joke

Listen to some famous Chuck jokes.


Alexa, ask ChuckFacts to tell me something about Chuck Norris

Hear some Chuck Norris Facts.


Alexa, ask chuck norris fan a joke

Ask chuck norris fan a joke and you will get a random joke from

This skill is not sponsored or endorsed by Top Kick Productions.

Churchill Quotations

Alexa ask Churchill Quotes for his thoughts

Produces random quotations from Winston Churchill

Cinci Guide

alexa open cinci guide

Cinci Guide


Alexa, ask movie guide where can I watch Interstellar

This skill provides a vast amount of movie information for all movie, lovers, including common movies between two actors.

Circuit Warz Level one

Alexa open circuit wars level one

Circuit Warz Level One Resistor Series Parallel Circuit


Alexa ask Circulator when the next bus is arriving on the Purple line at Fort Avenue.

Find the arrival times for upcoming buses on Baltimore's Charm City Circulator

Cities Game

Alexa, Play cities game

A word game where you take turns naming US cities. First letter of your city must be the same as the last letter of previously said city.

Citizen Pass

Alexa, open citizen pass

Citizen Pass is a game that helps US residents to prepare for the citizenship exam or anyone who is interested in learning more about American history.

Citizenship Game

Alexa, open citizenship game

Need to study for the Citizenship test? Let Alexa help you. She will ask you 10 questions directly from the U.S. Immigration and Neutralization civic test. The

City Cost

Alexa, Ask City Cost Where should I move to?

Quickly learn how expensive a city is, or get a random city to move to with cost.

City Driving

Alexa, ask City Driving

Find the distance and time to drive between 2 U.S. cities!

City Elevation

Alexa, ask City Elevation

Find the precise elevation of a U.S. city!

City Gripe

Alexa, tell City Gripe I'm sick of my commute because it is too long.

Welcome to City Gripe where you can complain to Alexa, about your love life, commute, or the weather.

City of Las Vegas Information

Alexa ask My Vegas when is the next council meeting?

Information about the city of Las Vegas

City Services

Alexa, open city services

Know when the next junk pickup is going to be in your area.

City Trivia

Alexa, play City Trivia

Play this trivia game to test how well you know U.S. cities.


Alexa, ask CivicMinding for the Democrat delegate count?

stay informed. get involved.

Civics Exam

Alexa, ask Civics Exam to start new game.

Study for the United States Civics Exam with this short knowledge test.

Civics Quiz

Alexa, open civics quiz

Fun quiz to test your US civics knowledge!

Civics Trivia

Alexa Open civics trivia

Civics Questions for the Naturalization Test

Civil War Buff

Alexa, Open Civil War Buff

Learn more about the Civil War with Alexa!

Civil War Facts

Alexa open civil war facts

Civil War Facts

Civil War Trivia

Alexa, launch Civil War Trivia

Test your knowledge of the Civil War with this trivia game.

Clash Royale fan facts

Alexa, open clash royal fan facts

Some facts about Clash Royale. This is a fan project.

Classic Book Authors

Alexa, Start Classic Book Authors

Gives a list of classic books with their authors

Classic Film Trivia

Alexa, open Classic Film Trivia

A simple trivia game about classic or iconic films.

Classic TV Catchphrases

Alexa Open classic catchphrase

Classic TV Catchphrases

Classical Study Music

Alexa, play Classical Study Music

Set the scene with delightful focus, featuring Bach's famous Goldberg Variations!

classroom management facts

Alexa, open Classroom Management Facts

Classroom Management Facts

Clean Jokes

Alexa, ask Clean Jokes to tell me a joke.

Clean Jokes that the whole family can enjoy!

Cleaning Buddy

Alexa, start cleaning buddy

Fully clean your home with step-by-by step cleaning tasks given to you by Alexa

ClearPass Info

Alexa, ask clearpass how many devices connected to the corporate network

The ClearPass Info skill allows you to interact with your ClearPass deployment to learn realtime session statistics on your Enterprise network.

cleveland facts

Alexa, ask cleveland facts for a fact

Cleveland facts

Clock Facts

Alexa, open clock facts

Clock Facts

Clock Trivia

Alexa, open clock trivia

Trivia game based on clocks and facts about time

Closet Cleanup

Alexa open clean up

Skill to help you decide what cloth to keep, donate or throw away.

Clothing Color Assistant

Alexa, ask clothing color assistant what color to wear

Help choose what color to wear

Cloud Acronym Quiz

Alexa, play Cloud Acronym Quiz

Test your knowledge of the many Amazon Web Services acronyms!

Cloud Cards

Alexa, Open Cloud Cards

Cloud flashcards allows you to get quizzed on questions about using cloud services.

Cloud Explorer Games

Alexa, open cloud explorer games

An Amazon Alexa skill to practice your knowledge about the culture of clouds.

Cloud Games

Alexa, start cloud games

AWS Cloud Trivia

Cloud News

Alexa, ask Cloud News for What's New?

Learn about announcements, launches, news, innovation and more from Amazon Web Services. (This Skill was not created or endorsed by Amazon.)

Cloud News

Alexa open cloud news

alexa cloud news reader - keep track of the cloud news everyday

Cloud Quiz

Alexa, play cloud quiz

Simple quiz that asks questions about Amazon web services.

Cloud Trivia

Alexa start cloud trivia

Cloud Trivia


Alexa get date time from cloud clock

Speaks Cloud time


Alexa, ask Cloud Cookbook what I should have for dinner.

Get recipe ideas or hear your favorite recipes read aloud while you cook.


Alexa, ask CloudStatus about all regions

CloudStatus alerts you to service disruptions in the AWS (Amazon Web Services) regions of your choice.



Alexa, open Cloud Trivia

Cloud related trivia for newbies


Alexa, open CNBC

Access fast, accurate and actionable business news, financial information and market data from CNBC.


Alexa, open CNN

List to the latest news and breaking news today from CNN

Coach Harbaugh

Alexa, ask Coach Harbaugh for a quote

For all Michigan fans - Go Blue. Hear inspiring quotes from Jim Harbaugh, play "The Victors," and ask the age old question: WHO'S GOT IT BETTER THAN US!?


Alexa, open COBOL Facts

Get a quick fact regarding the COBOL computer language.

Cockatiel Facts

Alexa, ask Cockatiel Facts to tell me a fact

This skill contains some known and lesser known facts about the wonderful cockatiels

There are no example interactions for this skill.


There are no example interactions for this skill.


Code Comments

Alexa open CodeComments

This Alexa Skill provides an explanation of how to comment in a user-supplied programming language

Code Geek

Alexa, ask Code Geek for a fact

Coding Trivia Facts created during the Alexa Skills 101 in Seattle

Code Geek.

Alexa, open code geek

My Code Facts

Code Phrase Generator

Alexa, ask for a code phrase.

Generate a code phrase for your next top secret project!


Alexa ask CodeBreaker to start a new game

Guess a four digit number in the fewest attempts

There are no example interactions for this skill.



Alexa, ask Code Cracker for an easy code

Puzzle game based on Mastermind.


Alexa, ask code name generator to generate a code name

Generates a random 2-word code name

Coding Fact

Alexa, launch coding fact.

Random Coding Facts - Fun for Programmers

Coding Thoughts

Alexa, open coding thoughts

Hear thoughts about coding!

Coffee Facts

Alexa, open coffee facts.

Coffee Facts is a simple skill aimed at teaching you random coffee facts.

Coffee Facts

Alexa, start coffee facts

This skill gives random coffee facts

Coffee Facts

Alexa, ask Coffee Facts a coffee fact

Random facts about coffee.

Coffee Facts

Alexa Open Coffee Facts

A range of different interesting facts about coffee.

Coffee Facts

Alexa Open coffee facts

Learn all about coffee through this fun trivia skill!

Coffee Geek

Alexa, ask coffee geek to give me a coffee fact

Random facts about coffee.

Coffee Local

Alexa, ask coffee local what is the list of all coffee shops

Coffee Local is a guide to the 50 best coffee shops in America;

Coffee Quotes

There are no example interactions for this skill.

Get a fresh coffee quote, while enjoying a cup.


Alexa, launch CoffeeFacts

Get a random fact about coffee.


Alexa ask Coffee Machine to make me Cappuccino

Control my Coffee Machine with your voice

Coin Flip

Alexa, ask Coin Flip to flip it

Need to resolve a dispute or help making a big decision? Call "heads" or "tails" and ask Coin Flip to flip it – Problem solved!

Coin Flip

Alexa, Ask Coin Flip to flip a coin.

Coin Flip is an interactive application to simulate flipping a coin. You simply ask Coin Flip to flip a coin and it will randomly return a heads or a tails.

Coin Flip

Alexa, tell coin flip to flip a coin

Configurable coin flipper

Coin Toss

Alexa, open toss a coin

This skill enables Alexa to toss a coin for you.


Alexa, open Coin Flip.

Flips a coin and randomly chooses heads or tails.


Alexa, ask coin watch what the price of Bitcoin is

Get current prices of various cryptocurrencies

Collablab Status

Alexa, open CollabLab status

Check whether the CollabLab is open

College Basketball Tournament Trivia

Alexa, launch College Hoops

Test your knowledge of the men's college basketball tournament!

College Basketball Trivia

Alexa, Open College Basketball Trivia

Test your College Basketball knowledge with a series of trivia questions surrounding the history of the Men's College Basketball Tournament.

College Facts

Alexa, open college facts and tell me about college.

Get a fact about college

College Football Roster Info

Alexa, ask College Football Info who wears number Two for Alabama.

Get roster info for all college football teams in the FBS.

College Football Trivia

Alexa, ask football trivia to kickoff

Think you know College Football? Think again! Try to score as many touchdowns as possible in College Football Trivia!

College Helper

Alexa, open College Helper

Best Colleges for majors!

College Knowledge

"Alexa, ask College Knowledge for the tuition at Boston University."

College Knowledge lets you find the tuition for U.S. colleges universities. Just say, "What is the tuition at ", followed by the name of your institution.

College Motivation

Alexa open College Motivation

Motivational and snarky phrases from Alexa to compel you to be productive at college

College Teams

Alexa, ask College Teams for Arizona

Quickly lookup the team names for over 900 American colleges and universities.

Colonial History

Alexa, ask Colonial History to Read me a Biography

Biographies of US Colonial Figures, Key Reference Documents, including Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence.

Color Convert

Alexa, ask Color Convert to convert hex F F 0 0 F F to rgb

Allows you to give Alexa a color in hex, rgb, or hsl format and have it converted to hex, rgb, or hsl formats.

Color Game

alexa open color game

Memorize the color order

Color Me Random

Alexa, ask Color me Random to give me a random color

Gives a random color

Color Mix helper

Alexa, ask color helper how to make orange.

Basic color mixing assistant.

Color Recipe

Alexa launch color recipe

Quickly see what are the correct colors that need to be mixed to get the color you want. "Alexa launch color recipe"

Color Wheel Facts

Alexa ask color wheel facts to tell me a color fact

Provides facts about the color wheel.

Colorado Geek

Alexa, ask colorado geek to tell me a fact.

Hey Colorado Locals! Colorado Geek is packed with fun facts about Colorado. Learn and have fun with Colorado Geek.

Colorado Joad

Alexa Open Colorado Joad

This skill allows users to find information on the next JOAD tournament in the Colorado Front Range area.


alexa ask colorhex to convert red

A tool for converting between color names and hex values.

Coloring Pages

Alexa open coloring pages

Want to color something? Just think of something you might want to color and ask Alexa to print it out on your home printer.

Columbus Bike Share Status

Alexa, ask Columbus Bikeshare how many bikes are at the Fourth Street and Rich Street station.

Check the status of stations in the Columbus CoGo bike sharing system


Alexa, open combat and hit the dragon with my sword

The Combat skill will allow you to engage in any sort of conflict with entertaining results!

Combinations Calculator

Alexa, ask Combinations Calculator to calculate 20 choose 3.

Combinations Calculator will calculate the number of ways an unordered subset of items can be obtained from a larger collection.

Comedy Dog

Alexa, open Comedy Dog.

Comedy Dog is here to entertain you with a series of excellent jokes.

Comic Book Character Quiz

Alexa open Comic Book Character Quiz

Alexa will say the name of comic book characters, you need to respond with the correct alias, e.g. Peter Parker's alias is Spider-Man.

comic book facts

Alexa Open Comic Book Facts

This skill lists out some interesting facts about comic books you might not have known.

Comic Book Guide

Alexa, ask Comic Book Guide who Batman is.

Comic Book Guide answers your questions about comic book characters, teams, locations, and objects!

Comic Book Trivia

Alexa ask Comic Trivia to tell me something

Let me tell you a quick fact about comic books!

Command Line Basics

Alexa, open command line basics.

Test your knowledge of the command line (linux). Tell Alexa what the command line command means in common (human) terms. Just answer the multiple choice.


Alexa, open command block

This skill is a quick efficient way to retrieve minecraft block ids to help speed up the process to find the block id in minecraft.

Common Misconceptions

Alexa, ask common misconceptions for a misconception

Some common misconceptions debunked


Alexa, ask common unit conversion unit digital

common unit conversion

Communication Styles

Alexa, open Communication Styles

What type of communicator are you?

Comp Sci Interview Facts

Alexa, launch comp sci facts

Comp Sci Interview facts is a random pool of the most popular data structure and algorithm complexity run times. Do you know your Comp Sci Interview Facts?

Company Facts

Alexa, ask company facts to give me a random company fact

Random Company Facts

complexity helper

Alexa, ask complexity helper to remind the complexity of hash table

This skill helps you remind the time complexities of any famous data structure and well-known algorithm.


"Alexa, open CompliBot"

CompliBot is your best bud. It wants nothing more than to make your day a little bit better.

Compliment Booster of the Day

Alexa Open ComplimentoftheDay

If you ask Alexa will compliment you, if you ask.

Compliment me

Alexa, open Compliment me

Boosts the listener's ego with positive comments

Compliment Me

Alexa, tell Compliment Me to compliment me.

Receive a compliment even if you don't deserve one! Compliments galore!

Complimenting Machine

Alexa, ask Self Esteem Machine to love me.

Self esteem machine allows users to receive praise from Alexa.


Alexa, ask Compliment giver to give me a compliment.

A skill to give you compliments.

Composer Facts

Alexa, open Composer Facts.

Alexa, ask Composer Facts for a fact.

Computer Acronyms

Alexa, open Computer Acronyms

Explains common computer acronyms.

computer facts

Alexa, ask computer facts to tell me a fact.

This skill provides fun facts about computers.

Computer Facts

Alexa, open computer facts

Computer facts told to you by a computer who could ask for more

Computer Facts

Alexa, launch computer facts

A skill set that provides interesting facts about computers.

Computer Facts

Alexa, open computer facts

20 facts about computer

Computer Facts

Alexa, open Computer Facts

Fun facts about computers

Computer Facts

Alexa ask computer facts for a fact

Asking Alexa for a fact.

Computer Facts

Alexa ask geek facts

Interesting facts about computer for all users.

Computer Facts

Alexa, Open computer facts

Ask Alexa to give you interesting computer facts

Computer Facts

Alexa, open computer facts

Facts about computers!

Computer Geek

Alexa, ask computer geek for a computer fact

This skill tells a fun fact about Computers

Computer Geek

Alexa, ask Computer Geek for a fact

Random Computer Facts

Computer Geek

Alexa, ask Computer Geek to give me a fact

Learn computer facts!

computer history buff

Alexa, ask computer history buff to tell me a computer history fact.

computer history buff

Computer History Facts

Alexa, ask computer history for a fact

Computer History will tell you an interesting fact and point you to the corresponding page of the Computer History Museum's website.

Computer History Trivia

Alexa, open Computer History Trivia

Learn some interesting computer history!

Computer Networking Facts

Alexa Open computer networking facts for a fact

Handy computer networking facts. What a great way to refresh your memory!

Computer Quiz

Alexa ask computer quiz

Quiz on Computers. Say "Alexa, Ask Computer Quiz to start.

Computer Science

Alexa, launch computer science

Computer Science is a quiz about computers and many more

Computer Science Fact

Alexa, open computer science fact

Computer science facts

Computer Science Flash Cards

Alexa, open Computer Science Flash Cards

Learn various Computer Science vocabulary with this flash card skill. You will be given 5 definitions and you provide the terms.

Computer Science Fundamentals

Alexa, ask computer buddy to start new game

Learn computer science fundamentals with this flashcard skill

Computer Terminology

Alexa, Start Computer Terminology

This skill will test your understanding of key computer terms.

Computer Trivia

Alexa, launch computer trivia

A game of trivia with questions on the topic of computers

Computer Trivia

Alexa launch fizz buzz

Are you are a developer looking to hone your software trivia skills to impress your coworkers?

Computers and Technology Trivia

Alexa, ask computer trivia to start new game

Computer Trivia!

Computers Storified in Viking History by Floki

Alexa, ask Floki to tell me something

Computer concepts illustrated through the Viking history.

Concarion Design Studios

There are no example interactions for this skill.



Alexa, ask conductor to get status for the 7 train

Get information on your commute. So far supports NYC subway/LIRR/MetroNorth status (NYC bus coming soon). 'Get status for 7 train'


Alexa ask Coney island gal to tell me a Coney Island fact

Gives facts about Coney Island

Conference Helper

Alexa, open Conference Helper

Tips for navigating your first conference

Conference Manager

Alexa, ask conference manager to start my call

A hassle-free way to call conferences. No need to remember long bridge numbers, meeting IDs and PIN. We will do the heavy lifting for you. You bring the coffee.


Alexa, ask confucious says for a quote

Get a quote attributed to Confucious

Confucius Jokes

Alexa ask Confucius Jokes for a quote

Confucius says: Do not take this skill seriously. Ask Confucius for a mostly-clean humorous quote to bring a smile to your face.

Confucius Quotes

Alexa, open confucius quotes

Random Confucius Wisdom to enlighten your day.

Congressman Information

Alexa, open Congressman Information

This skill lets you find your Congressmen by zipcode, as well as find their contact info.

Connecticut fact skill

Alexa ask Connecticut facts

Provides facts about the state of Connecticut

Connecticut Facts

Alexa, tell Connecticut Facts to tell me a fact

Random Connecticut Facts

Connecticut Facts

Alexa, open Connecticut Facts and tell me a fact

A skill that gives you facts about Connecticut.

Connecticut Facts

Alexa, open Connecticut facts

A fun skill with some neat facts about the Constitution State.

Connecticut Facts

Alexa ask connecticut facts to give me a connecticut fact.

This Alexa App provides fun facts about the great state of Connecticut.

Connecticut Trivia

Alexa Open Connecticut Trivia

Connecticut Trivia Questions

Connecticut Trivia

Alexa, open Connecticut Trivia

Connecticut fun facts trivia

Connecticut Trivia

Alexa, Connecticut Trivia

Connecticut Trivia tests your knowledge about important facts, people, and places in Connecticut.

Connector Schedule

Alexa ask Connector Schedule what's the next connector I can take

What time is the next connector?

Connie's Facts about Golden State Warriors

Alexa, start my warriors love

Personal Known Facts about Golden State Warriors

Connor Roast

Alexa, ask Roast Connor to roast Connor.

A small experimental skill that roasts(hardly) or compliments Connor.

Conserve Animalia

Alexa, open Conserve Animalia

Get relevant information about endangered species of the animal kingdom.

Constitutional Law Game

Alexa, start constitutional law game

A constitutional law quiz game


There are no example interactions for this skill.

Add Alexa voice control to your Control4 Smart Home to orchestrate lighting, comfort, and smart home scenes throughout your entire home.


Alexa, start Converge.

Converge fan? Keep up to date with the latest Converge news, and test your Converge knowledge with song and album challenges.

Conversation Starter

Alexa, open Conversation Starter

Conversation Starter is a great way to get suggested conversation topics for you and your friends.

Conversation Starters

Alexa, start a new conversation

Very simple skill with one purpose: encourage human interaction.

Conversation Starters

Alexa, ask conversation starters to give me a starter

Need a topic to talk about? Ask conversation starter

Conversation Topics

Alexa, conversation topics

A skill which recites a random conversation topic.


Alexa, ask Convrge, who's online

Find out who's online at in Convrge


Alexa, ask cook book how to make a burger

This skills allow users to find recipes - ingredients, cook steps, health info etc

Cookie Cutter

Alexa Open cookie cutter


cooking terms

Alexa, open cooking terms

Cooking Terms helps people know general cooking terminology.

Cooking Tips

Alexa, open cooking tips

A skill that gives you a cooking tip every time you call it.

Cool Developer

Alexa, ask cool developer a fact

Cool Developer facts

Cool Facts

Alexa, ask Cool Facts to tell me something interesting.

A simple fact skill with some interesting information.

Cool Slang

Alexa Open Cool Slang

Be hip and cool like the young millennials with these cool phrases

Cool Trivia

Alexa ask trivia time start

Trivia Games


There are no example interactions for this skill.



There are no example interactions for this skill.


COOLTOUCH smart switch control

There are no example interactions for this skill.

Cooltouch Smart Home device control. Device and Scenario are both controllable.


There are no example interactions for this skill.


Corgi Facts

Alexa, ask Corgi Facts to give me a corgi fact.

A skill that will recite facts about corgis.

Corgi Facts

Alexa, ask Corgi Facts to tell me a fact

Corgi Facts is a trivia skill that allows Alexa to tell you random facts about corgis. Just ask Alexa to tell you corgi fact!

Corgi Quiz

Alexa Corgi Quiz

This is a quiz about corgis, some of the answers may surprise you.

Cork Ornaments

Alexa, Ask Cork Ornaments What is the deal of the day

Find out the daily deals from

Cornhole Nuggets

Alexa, ask Pistol Pete to tell me a cornhole fact.

Ask Alexa for a Cornhole nugget/fact.

Corporate B.S. Generator

Alexa ask corporate b.s. generator to give me a quote

Create an awesome corporate catch phrase!

Cosmic Explosion

Alexa, launch Cosmic Explosion

Discover interesting facts about the observable universe.

Costa Rica News

Alexa open Costa Rica News

Feed of the latest news from Costa Rica in english

Alexa open ticonews


Alexa, ask Couch Potato if I should go outside in Hollywood?

Couch Potato knows when you should really just stay inside, like, really.

Counseling Exam

Alexa, open counseling exam

The Counseling exam skill provides review material study for the national clinical mental health exam (the NCMHCE) to become a licensed counselor.

Count ME

Alexa, ask count me to start

Count ME is a helper skill to simply count anything you want.

Counterpicks for Overwatch

Alexa, ask Counter Picks, what counters Tracer?

Suggests counterpicks for Overwatch heroes

Counterwatch (Unofficial Overwatch Hero Counters)

Alexa, ask Counterwatch for Winston's counters

Get counterpicks for Overwatch Heros

countries flashcards

Alexa, start countries flashcards

Flashcard that provides fun facts while quizzing about countries

Country Abbreviations

Alexa, Open Country Abbreviations

Learn two letter country abbreviations for corresponding country names with this fun flash card skill.

country capital

Alexa, open country capital

Ask Alexa facts about capitals of countries

Country Capital

Alexa ask country capital what is the capital of Australia

Ask Alexa the capital city of a country

Country Capital Quiz

Alexa, launch Country Capital Quiz

Test your knowledge of Capitals of various countries around the world!

Country Capitals

Alexa, open country capitals.

Country Capitals knowledge test

Country Capitals

Alexa, start country capitals.

This skill tells you random country names with their respective capitals.

country currencies flashcards

Alexa, ask country currencies

country currencies

Country Facts

alexa, open Country Facts

Let Alexa help you learn interesting facts about countries

Country Guru

Alexa, ask Country Guru to give me a fact

Country Guru gives you a varied set of country specific facts.

Country Nerd Trivia (CIA Factbook 2016)

There are no example interactions for this skill.

Are you a geopolitical know-it-all? Test and impress your family and friends with this trivia game using information from the 2016 CIA Factbook.

Coupland Trivia Skill

Alexa, open Coupland Trivia

Trivia about Coupland, the old man pomeranian who just doesn't learn.

Course Catalog for Miami Dade College

Alexa, ask My Course Catalog what is CHM 1025

Course Catalog for Miami Dade College provides information on courses, descriptions, pre/co-requisites, and credit counts of offerings at Miami Dade College


Alexa open Course Tracker

Course Tracker lets students manage their assignments through Alexa! Course Tracker can help students remember upcoming assignments and show what to work on.

Courtney Shek

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Courtney Shek

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Courtney Shek

There are no example interactions for this skill.


Coventry Fact Skill

Alexa ask Coventry facts

Facts about Coventry Connecticut

Covisint Trivia

Alexa, launch Cove Trivia

Covisint Trivia is a game that will test your knowledge about the Covisint company. Good luck.

Cowboys Fan

Alexa, Ask Cowboys Fan whats my flash briefing on the Cowboys?

Get unofficial to-the-minute stats & fun facts on the Steelers supplied by Fresh Digital Group. This is not sponsored or endorsed by the Dallas Cowboys.

Cowboys Suck

Alexa Ask Cowboys Suck why the cowboys are the worst team in the NFL

This is a skill designed to insult the Cowboys.

This skill is not sponsored or endorsed by Dallas Cowboys or anyone in their organization.

CoWorking Night Facts

Alexa, ask CoWorking Night Facts to tell me an fact about CoWorking Night.

Learn interesting facts about CoWorking Night.


Alexa, start c. p. r.

CPR in three simple steps.


Alexa, ask c.p.u. facts for a microprocessor fact

Some quick microprocessor history facts.

Craft Helper

Alexa, ask Craft Helper what's the recipe for a saddle.

Can't remember exactly how to craft an enchantment table or a dropper in Minecraft? Craft helper can give you the recipe fast, and all you need is your voice.

Crafter Quiz

Alexa Ask crafter quiz to start game

A quiz to test your Crafter knowledge, MineCraft that is.

Crafting Helper for Starbound

Alexa open craft bound

Unofficial Basic Crafting Helper for the Starbound PC Game.

Crafting Trivia

Alexa, launch crafting trivia

A crafting trivia game that'll test your knowledge on all things crafts.

Crater Moon Trivia

Alexa open crater moon

Crater of the Moon is a trivia game based on facts about the Crater of the Moon National Monument and Preserve located in the State of Idaho

Crazy Carrot

Alexa, ask crazy carrot to motivate me

The Crazy Carrot is designed to make you a better person.

Crazy Fact

Alexa, open Crazy Fact

Ask for a 'Crazy Fact' and Alexa will give a fact that can make you laugh or cry.

Crazy History Facts

Alexa, Open Crazy History Facts

Learn history facts that you learned in school!!!