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This app shows 2019 Australian Federal Election information.
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Australian Federal Election 2019

Hosted Version

A hosted version of this project can be found at

Information Gathering

The application scans and collates publically available information in an attempt to make it easier to display. While every effort has been undertaken to generate accurate information, the nature of the types of systems used and the ever-changing internet can sometimes lead to errors. You should corroborate information here (and anywhere else) with other sources.

aus-ballot Application

The app is written in React with Typescript. It displays 2019 Australian Federal Election information including:

  • Candidates, parties and ballot positions for each electorate
  • Results for the last election, where apropriate.

aus-ballot Ingest

The ingestion machine is written in Node with Typescript. It reads information from multiple sources and compiles it into static JSON files for the app.

The information has been gathered from:

aus-ballot github

The application is open source, view it on github.

aus-ballot Author

This app was written by Dale Blackwood for with the desire to make it easier to find information about each electorate. He has no affiliation with any political party.

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